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Chapter 807: 807
Chapter 807: Ascending the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak

No matter if it was Ye Xiwen or the groups of extraterrestrial overlord forces, they could handle the awakening of the zombies and the calamity reasonably well . The zombies were all unable to retaliate under their attacks . However, it only happened because they were waking up one by one, which allowed them to dispose of those zombies that woke up freely . Otherwise, if all of them were to wake up at the same time, the situation would turn out to be too horrifying .

Everyone noticed the sudden change in the situation . After all, with so many zombies awakening, numerous horrifying auras were exploding one after another . It was impossible for them not to notice .

“What’s going on?”

“Why are these zombies suddenly waking up?”

The extraterrestrial overlords’ experts finally realized . They were all surprised and were muttering to each other . Although these zombies had regained their intelligence, they weren’t that scary . Even if it were one-on-one, it wouldn’t be a problem . After all, they were the elites within their sect . However, if the numbers were to increase to a considerable amount, even they would experience a headache .

“Don’t be afraid, everyone . These zombies don’t possess a complete intelligence . Since they’ve just woken up, that implies that they’re in their weakest state . It isn’t hard to deal with them when their conditions are like this . The Red Spider Lilies on their bodies are extremely beneficial!”

“Indeed . As long as we defeat them, the Red Spider Lily would end up in our hands!”

In such a situation, the first things the extraterrestrial overlord forces had to remain calm . The experts within these overlord forces had all experienced hundreds of battles and managed to survive despite being close to death’s door . Very swiftly, they calmed themselves down .

Hearing everyone’s shoutings, Ye Xiwen said coldly, “Idiots!”

If they wanted to escape now, they would still have the chance to do so . However, they were all blinded by the Red Spider Lilies . Ye Xiwen was decisive and wouldn’t hold any hesitation in running away .

Very quickly, Ye Xiwen could feel the lake water trembling violently . Waves after waves of tremble were being spread about from everywhere . These were the trembles of the attacks released by the experts when dealing with the zombies . In such a special place like the Yellow Springs, its river waters were more massive than water by a considerable margin . In fact, the fabrics of space were hard to tear apart due to how dense the Yellow Springs water was .

However, the ripples of the Transcendent realm experts’ attacks were exceptionally horrifying . Although they were quite some distance away from Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen could feel that a Great Sage would be oppressed if he were to get nearer to the ripples .

Ye Xiwen looked towards them and saw the dozens of Transcendent Realm experts being besieged by hundreds of zombies . For the time being, the situation entered a stalemate state . The zombies didn’t possess a completed form of intelligence . These zombies were incomparable to these martial warriors who veterans in battles . Besides, it was currently the time where the Red Spider Lilies were blooming . All of the zombies had their strength transferred towards the Red Spider Lilies, which meant they would be weak .

For the time being, even though it was one against two, the martial warriors were able to fend off the flood of zombies .

The four extraterrestrial overlords’ experts were also closing in on each other . They knew that relying on each other was much better than relying on the zombies .

Among them, the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder, Fu Buping, the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder, and the Meteor Sect’s elder were performing outstandingly . They had already cultivated to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak and even had a Transcendent Tool . Even among Transcendent Realm experts, they were considered top-notch, and their combat prowess was exceptional . The zombies were perishing one after another under their attacks .

They were currently in their high spirits and assumed that the zombies were merely capable of such feats .

“Don’t hit the Red Spider Lilies . If they are destroyed, then our efforts would be for naught!” yelled an expert . They remained here and went against the zombies solely for the Red Spider Lilies . If the Red Spider Lilies were shattered, they would have no reason to fight at all .

And yet, no one realized that more and more corpses were opening their eyes by the river bottom . They stood up and rushed towards the location of the battlefield .

Now, Ye Xiwen was already about to reach the surface of the lake . Hearing how they were still talking about the Red Spider Lilies, he couldn’t stop himself from snorting coldly . They’re genuinely blinded by the benefits laying in front of them . You’re all looking for troubles yourself!

“Splash!” With a splash, Ye Xiwen finally got out of the Yellow Springs . Upon exiting, he felt his entire body becoming lighter . The waters within the Yellow Springs were too dense, which made him feel exceptionally unnatural . He was unable to unleash his speed to the maximum .

He also didn’t need to consume his qi solely for activating the protective aura . He felt relaxed now .

He could feel the bloodbath by the bottom of the river that was still going on .

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Suddenly, the surface of the river started trembling violently . Just like water that had boiled, the waters on the surface were trembling violently . Laws that could be seen by the naked eye started enveloping the river’s surface, one after another . In almost an instant, it formed a massive formation . On top of the formation, horrifying auras were leaking everywhere .

Ye Xiwen was surprised and quickly left the area of the formation . He then frowned upon seeing the formation that managed to seal off the entire Yellow Springs .

He suddenly felt very lucky . If he was a little late, he might have been trapped within as well . If that happened, it would only result in his death .

However, he didn’t have the intention of leaving now . No matter if it were the extraterrestrial overlord experts or the zombies, they were all his enemies, especially the extraterrestrial overlord experts . After all, they would do anything to kill him . If these people weren’t taken care of cleanly, we would never be able to relax .

He decided to enter close cultivation by a nearby mountain . His main body had come out from the Tianyuan Mirror to protect the Star Beast Avatar .

Dozens of Red Spider Lilies were lined up linearly in front of the Star Beast Avatar . They were blooming exceptionally brightly . After being tainted by the aura of death and life force, it now looked incredibly delicate, while also being exceptionally creepy at the same time .

As he opened his mouth, a Red Spider Lily was crushed into fragments and entered his mouth . They were all transformed into energy upon being consumed . The efficiency was much faster compared to when his main body was consuming the Red Spider Lilies . During that time, his main body was merely in the Great Sage Realm . If he wanted to consume the Transcendent Realm energy within the Red Spider Lilies, he would have to be extremely careful . Otherwise, he might be bloated with the energy and end up exploding .

Contrary to his main body, the Star Beast Avatar was already in the Transcendent Realm a long time ago . There weren’t any difficulties in absorbing the flower . As the Red Spider Lily was consumed, he realized that his cultivation was rising upwards .

His stagnant cultivation was slowly increasing .

He quickly circulated the “People Observing Scripture” and continuously digested this surge of energy .

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He opened his eyes after a long time had passed . Star Beast Avatar digested Red Spider Lily’s energy entirely, and his cultivation rose by a considerable margin . However, he still wasn’t able to ascend to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak .

A single Red Spider Lily had already allowed his main body to ascend to the Half-step Transcendent Realm . If it was any other experts, they might have already ascended to the Transcended Realm Peak . However, the Star Beast Avatar was different . Its main body was already exceptionally enormous to begin with . Even among those in the same realm, there was barely anyone able to contend against the Star Beast Avatar . As such, the amount of energy required to ascend its cultivation realm far surpasses what one imagines .

However, although he was feeling discouraged, the effectiveness of the Red Spider Lily was still present . He opened his mouth once more, and a suction force enveloped another Red Spider Lily . After fragmenting it into energy, the energy surged into his body .

As time passed, Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar was gradually growing stronger . His majestic qis enveloped him in a circular shape and formed a light cocoon . It wrapped itself around the Star Beast Avatar, and no one could see what was happening within .

Ye Xiwen wasn’t feeling worried at all . After all, he was mentally connected to the Star Beast Avatar and was aware of what it was going through . When the light cocoon breaks apart, the Star Beast Avatar would then appear .

When that time comes, the Star Beast Avatar would be able to breakthrough to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak and truly become a top-notch combat prowess beneath the starry skies . It would be comparable to the Supreme School Master, or people like the Emergence School Leader . No matter how vast the world was, he would still be able to go anywhere he desired .

When that time arrives, he would become free without much concerns holding him back . Even if others were hunting him down, he didn’t have to run away anymore . Instead, he could turn the tables around and instead kill the people hunting him down .

It was tough for the Star Beast Avatar to ascend in cultivation . Ordinary people would be able to ascend to the peak with just one Red Spider Lily alone . However, it was far from enough for the Star Beast Avatar . Simultaneously, if it were to ascend in cultivation, its improvements would undoubtedly become top-notch . His main body’s ascension was much harder, but he could still fight against those with a higher cultivation realm . God is fair, after all . As long as there were efforts, rewards would be guaranteed .

The Wolf Cub was lying down by the mountain while feeling bored . It was waiting for the Star Beast Avatar to come out of seclusion .

“Those people must be dead by now, haha!” said the Wolf Cub, as he looked at the colossal formation that sealed the lake off in a gloating manner .

Ye Xiwen’s main body was sitting in a lotus position . He would occasionally open his eyes to look at the Wolf Cub and remained silent . He wanted to utilize every single time he had to cultivate . He was different from the Wolf Cub that could break through despite playing around . He didn’t possess such outstanding talents .

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However, a part of his spiritual senses was locked firmly on the surface of the river . Even if those people could escape, Ye Xiwen wanted to deal a deathly blow to them .

Half a day had already passed, and yet there were still no movements by the river bottom . Just as Ye Xiwen assumed that they were all buried under the river, the river’s surface started vibrating violently . The formation that locked the river’s surface seemed to have received a massive blow and was vibrating violently .

After a while, a loud sound resounded from the river . A tremendous amount of force blasted out from the formation and pierced through the skies . Around ten silhouettes ran out from the lake, with the elders of the four forces taking the lead – Fu Buping and the others . Behind them, people like Ran Chengtian and Wei Mingyang were following the elders . Compared to their previous energetic look, they were now in a sorry state . They escaped from the river in a flurried manner .

Behind them, hundreds of zombies were growling and were hunting them down . However, they seemed to be restricted by something . After the zombies reached the Yellow Springs’s shore, they weren’t able to advance any further .

The experts of the extraterrestrial overlord forces let out a sigh of relief . They had finally escaped the calamity .

At the same time, a crisp, clear sound of explosion resounded . The light cocoon, which had been enveloping the Star Beast Avatar, finally shattered .

“Your good luck ends here!”

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