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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:37:05 AM
Chapter 798

More and more news of Dao Kong Mountain was spreading out . With the gradual increase in the entrance of masters into the small world in the Dao Kong Mountain, the public knew more and more about it .

A piece of even more explosive news spread . A colossal battlefield was buried within this place for countless years . It was a massive battlefield for deities and demons . Corpses could be found at every corner in the battlefield . Sage Realm masters were lying everywhere like rubbish . Occasionally, Great Sage masters and even the Transcendent Realm masters could be found .

The entire battlefield was so vast that the edge couldn’t be seen at a glance .

No one knew when this terrifying ancient battlefield formed . A few days later, some legates of the ancient lineage appeared to verify the rumors . This battle was recorded in some ancient unfathomable books . After the human ancestors came into this world through the World Tree, a terrifying battle broke out with the Native Clan . No one knew the death count in that battle . What remained known was that most of the human ancestors were sacrificed with their corpses laid all over the battleground .

For the human ancestors, that battle was akin to Ragnarok . According to the legend, deities were omnipotent; they dominated the world; they were infinitely powerful; they were immortal . Even so, there were doomsdays for deities . The legends were passed down in the name of Ragnarok!

According to the legend, the deities would usher in a great battle after they had dominated the world for hundreds of millions of years . Numerous demons and evil deities sweep across all dimensions . The deities were forced to fight against these demons . All deities were wiped out in that single battle!

For the human ancestors who migrated over at that time, that battle was too tragic . That battle was the first battle between humans and the Native Clan for the right to survive, and it was also the opening battle . However, that battle was too tragic . It was so tragic that the surviving human ancestors were reluctant to mention it . Many ancient books did not record it . Over time, this battle was slowly forgotten . The trauma caused by this battle was gradually wiped out over time too .

Only some sects with the most ancient lineage might have seen this battle’s record in a fragmented or isolated classic .

As time went by, more and more parts of the battlefield were discovered and found, which further confirmed the rumors that there was a passage to the World Tree in Dao Kong Mountain . This passage could lead to the Ancient Barrens continent .

Thinking of this, countless masters suddenly went crazy and rushed towards it . Initially, they were probably only interested in those Transcendent Realm masters . Most people might not have the chance to enter the Transcendent Realm in their entire life . So, what did the barriers of the Transcendent Realm have to do with them?

As the saying goes, let things pass if they do not affect one personally .

But now it was different . If there was a vast battlefield inside, then it was a massive treasure for them . For the fallen masters, their bodies were the ultimate treasures . They could be made into medicinal ingredients, divine weapons, and others . What’s more? On the battlefield, they might be able to pick up Transcendent Tools at will . Although the Transcendent Tool would need to be cultivated, it was not impossible . It could still be temporarily activated through some special techniques .

Even if it didn’t work, it could be broken down into materials and be sold .

For a while, there was a stir among the entire True Martial Domain . This was a huge treasure .

The powerful forces in the world – the extraterrestrial overlords, the True Martial School, some other second-class forces in True Martial Domain, and the masters who think they were powerful, all went to the Dao Kong Mountain to get those legendary treasures . They all went nuts .

When Ye Xiwen was about to enter the Dao Kong Mountain, the True Martial School’s team finally arrived . After waiting for so long, the True Martial School, which was initially in the closed mountain, couldn’t help it . They wanted to follow suit and get a piece of reward .

Initially, the True Martial School was in close seclusion . Although it was related to the heavy losses suffered in the previous Emergence School’s invasion, it was also to a large extent to guard against the extraterrestrial behemoths that were eyeing covetously .

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But now that the extraterrestrial overlords have found their targets, they had all gone to Dao Kong Mountain . At this time, who would care about what True Martial School was doing?

Everyone finally understood why the extraterrestrial overlords seemed to hate the True Martial Domain’s big shots and wanted them eliminated . The reason might not be known before, but many people finally understood as this empty mountain range was discovered .

These extraterrestrial overlords knew what they were looking for, but they worked together to keep the secrets . One was to find a foothold in the True Martial Domain, and the other was to work together to have the Martial Domain’s local big shots that they considered as powerless cleared out first .

When the truth became clear, it was too late . The True Martial Domain had been hit hard . The destruction of more than a dozen local big shots was a massive blow to the True Martial Domain .

Those who had no strength or lousy luck were eradicated in those decades . They didn’t have the opportunity to witness what was happening today .

Although the extraterrestrial overlords were eyeing covetously, the True Martial School still sent many masters to come . Among them, the new School Master, Huang Wuji, came in person . In addition to him, the chief of the top ten lineages came as well . Currently, the Dangyang Peak Chief was replaced by another person . He was the former Supreme Elder of Dangyang Peak . When a Transcendent Realm master emerged in Dangyang Peak, he would hand over the position by default .

In addition to these eleven Transcendent Realm masters, elite legates from each peak in the Great Sage Great Mastery realm came too . They were the elites and talents cultivated by each peak . It was even possible that the future chief would be born among them . Even many among them attained Half-step Transcendent Realm . In that group, Ye Xiwen was familiar with Mu Shengjie and others .

The only exception was probably Xiao Ya . Now Xiao Ya had just attained Great Sage Late . She was the worst among everyone, but it could also be seen how much Fair Maiden Peak’s chief valued ​​her .

It also made Ye Xiwen thankful that he didn’t let Xiao Ya follow the wrong person .

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Seeing a group of people from the True Martial School, Ye Xiwen was not surprised at all . After all, they were also troubled by the Transcendent Realm barrier . They were eager to get rid of it .

The other Transcendent Realm masters did not come, presumably to guard the school and guard against any accidents .

“Senior Brother Supreme School Master, fellow chiefs!” Ye Xiwen took the lead to greet Huang Wuji and the other top ten lineages’ chiefs .

“Greetings, Elder Ye!”

“Elder Ye!”

After that, it was other disciples who greeted Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar had ascended the retribution and became a Transcendent Realm master in front of their eyes . Although he refused to become the Tibetan Star Summit chief, he still served as the Supreme Elder of the Tibetan Star Summit, becoming the youngest Supreme Elder in history .

He was a status higher than them in terms of status, and he was much more powerful than them in terms of strength . No matter how uncomfortable they were, they must first salute Ye Xiwen at this time .

“Senior Brother Supreme School Master, are you planning to go to the Dao Kong Mountain Range?” Ye Xiwen frowned and asked .

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“En, yes, it’s all rumors now . There is a passage to the legendary World Tree, giving access to the Ancient Barrens continent . We naturally want to see it too!” Huang Wuji said with his eyes gleaming . Although he became the Supreme School Master, he had not leveled his ambition in such a short period . He still had great interest and ambition for the legendary Ancient Barrens continent . “This time, we will also bring elite disciples together, hoping to hone them on the ancient battlefield . To be honest, in the training of a new generation of disciples, there is already a big gap between the extraterrestrial overlords and us . If we don’t take advantage now to make up for it as quickly as possible, our gap will only get bigger and bigger from one generation to the next!”

The other chiefs also nodded one after another . When the Emergence School invaded, extraterrestrial overlords invaded one after another, which greatly provoked them . The hidden power of the True Martial School was far above other giants . This led them to have some slack and complacency . However, as they truly realize the gap between themselves and the world’s first-class forces, they all felt a sense of crisis .

Naturally, they had to do everything possible to nurture the new generation of disciples . Their generation had fallen behind a lot, but the new generation of disciples was not too far behind and could make up for it . Especially with the rise of Huang Wuji and Ye Xiwen, they could see some hope .

“But if it’s that ancient battlefield, there should be a lot of danger . If you are not careful, there might be deaths . These are the elites of our school . If there are losses, it won’t be good!” Ye Xiwen frowned slightly and said .

“It’s not a problem . After all, we are also staying defensive . As long as we don’t delve too deep, I think it should be no problem!” said Huang Wuji . Although there were many dangers in the ancient battlefield, it did not mean that there was no chance to survive .

That being the case, Ye Xiwen had nothing else to say . However, Huang Wuji said again, “Junior Brother Ye, you happen to be here, so wouldn’t it be better to come with us? We can look after each other . With you joining us, we will have redoubled power!”

“No, my journey alone is not over yet!” said Ye Xiwen with a smile . He had so many secrets that he didn’t want to act with the school’s people, at least not right now .

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