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Chapter 799

“In that case, let’s forget about that and move on!” Huang Wuji didn’t intend to push the boundary . Anyway, there were already eleven Transcendent Realm masters . If there were no way to deal with this situation, then it would still be useless with the addition of Ye Xiwen .

After meeting Huang Wuji and others, Ye Xiwen pulled Xiao Ya aside and said, “The Dao Kong Mountains are dangerous . Although there are many opportunities, you still need to be careful . Don’t be reckless and follow your seniors . Got it?”

There were many Transcendent Realm and Sage Realm masters everywhere . After so many years of development, God knows how many transformed into zombies or resentful spirits . With the dangers lay inside, it lived up as the most dangerous place in the world .

In such a place, even if the Transcendent Realm masters entered, they must be cautious as they might be beheaded at any time, not to mention a Great Sage like Xiao Ya . If the eleven Transcendent Realm masters did not follow suit this time, he would not agree to let Xiao Ya enter .

Nothing ventured, nothing gained . If they didn’t risk it, how could they have many fortuitous meetings; how could there be a quick breakthrough in their cultivation; but that only applied for the average warriors . As for Xiao Ya, this was not the case . Her talent was enough to support her . Even if there were no fortuitous encounters, her cultivation speed would still be unparalleled .

“Understood!” Xiao Ya flickered her big eyes, which was a little foggy . It seemed that she was still sad in her heart for having to separate again with Ye Xiwen after finally meeting with him again . Although she was used to parting with Ye Xiwen so often over the years, and she also had masters and seniors, Ye Xiwen still held the most special place in her heart . He was the elder brother who brought her out of her homeless hardship .

Ye Xiwen caressed Xiao Ya’s head out of habit . However, he found out that Xiao Ya had grown to his chest’s height unbeknownst to him . It was quite different from the small child that she was previously .

The Fair Maiden Peak chief looked at the cold and pretty face and also felt some warmth . She could see that Ye Xiwen’s concern for Xiao Ya was from the heart . This made her very satisfied . She had long cultivated Xiao Ya as a disciple and even planned to train her to become the next Fair Maiden Peak’s chief, who would succeed her in the future .

The people at the True Martial School were not in a hurry . They waited for Ye Xiwen to warn Xiao Ya before they set off and rushed to Dao Kong Mountain .

After more than a month, various news spread . Even completely different and contradictory news came out, putting the crowd into confusion .

“This ancient battlefield is the first battlefield in this starry sky where we humans came . It is the land of our ancestors . I didn’t expect the battle state inside to be so intense!”

“But there are Divine Tools left everywhere inside . If we can pick up one or two of them, we can all make money . There are even many secret literacies in it, containing the ancestors’ supreme level of profundities . However, after this battle, it became extinct . We can all start a sect just by getting our hands on one of the lineages!”

“There is also the blood essence on the corpses of those masters, scattered on the battlefield . Now, countless years have passed, who knows what kind of medicinal ingredients were poured out . It’s spectacular!”

“Although there are many benefits in there, the danger within is obviously beyond our imagination!”

“Yes, the Sage Realm master corpses can be seen everywhere . These are some serious casualties on that battlefield . There is so much resentment that it is earth-shattering . Who knows how many ghosts and zombies are inside? There are countless opportunities, but there are even more people who died in it .  Ai, probably only the Transcendent Realm masters can deal with them . It is a pity that we are not disciples of such behemoths . It is impossible to have the protection of the Transcendent Realm masters!”

“Having the Transcendent Realm masters is not foolproof . Some time ago, a Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousands Beast Villa led the team and was ambushed by zombies . They were all slaughtered on the spot . Their flesh and blood were all consumed, and nothing was left!”

“It’s terrifying! If we encounter a zombie that can even tear apart a Transcendent Realm master, what should we do?!”

Everyone in the inn felt that their hair stood on end . It was terrifying . Monsters were running rampant in it . These warriors in the inn didn’t have enough powerful strength, and they were just like cannon fodder . They would lose their life before they could get their hands on those treasures!

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“The land of the ancestors; the Ragnarok .  Tsk tsk, how can I miss out on such an interesting place? Ye Xiwen, let’s go quickly!” Wolf Cub’s dark face showed a bit of excitement . During this period, he had long been holding back . If he weren’t waiting for Ye Xiwen, he might have rushed into the Dao Kong Mountains by himself .

“Go!” Ye Xiwen finally agreed this time without having to wait for his main body to attain a breakthrough . Anyway, with the Star Beast Avatar, he could handle a dangerous situation .

Going alone was safer . If he encountered any danger, he could directly activate the Demon Wings on him and escape .

Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub quickly left Dao Kong City and went to Dao Kong Mountain, which was less than a hundred miles outside of Dao Kong City .

On the way, masters appeared one after another, rushing to the Dao Kong Mountain Range . The news of that enormous ancient battlefield made a sensation in the world . The True Martial Domain masters and the extraterrestrial masters all rushed to the Dao Kong Mountain Range .

And with the examples of martial artists increasing in power from getting Divine Tools or scriptures from the surrounding ancient battlefield, countless people suddenly became crazy and rushed into Dao Kong Mountain .

There were many Sage Realm and even Great Sage masters . Even local Legendary masters came . Although they were all from the Legendary Great Perfection Realm, in the eyes of Wolf Cub, they were all going to die .

“These people are just going to die!” said Wolf Cub with contempt and disdain .

Legendary Realm couldn’t be regarded as anybody in the True Martial Domain, let alone the Legendary Great Perfection Realm . They still carried some weight . Usually, when Sage Realm masters were not sent out, they would be the masters to intimidate the opponent . However, numerous of such masters would serve as cannon fodder here .

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In the ancient battlefield recently discovered, they said that Sage Realm masters corpses could be seen everywhere . If anything happens, they would suffer heavy casualties .

They all knew this, but they couldn’t stop the temptation of martial instruments, scriptures, and other treasures . Because there was a constant spread of this kind of news where people that were initially unknown achieved meteoric success overnight and excelled after getting the treasures .

Typical disregard of life, greed, and obsession .

Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub were not in haste . Many people were already going there anyway . They were already late, so it didn’t even matter if they reached later .

What’s more? An ancient battlefield like this was dangerous, so it was better for more people to scout the path ahead first .

However, in addition to these Legendary and Sage Realm masters whom Wolf Cub believed were about to die, there were also Transcendent Realm masters . In addition to the Transcendent Realm masters from major forces, there were many individual cultivators . There were also masters from the Transcendent Realm that were cultivating . The news that these people received was not up to date . They arrived in a hurry at this time .

Unlike Ye Xiwen’s unhurried movements, they were extremely fast, rushing all the way, wanting to grab the first piece of the pie before everyone else . They were more cautious and different from those Legendary and Sage Realm masters .

They were rampant, possessing the strength of the Transcendent Realm .

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“Grab him . He has the Great Sage Tool from the ancient battlefield!” At this time, a figure flew out from the ancestral land’s depths, and a shout came from behind him .

This shout immediately attracted countless people’s attention, and many masters showed up in the sky that was initially empty instantly . They were all masters who had been hiding near here for a long time .

Suddenly countless martial instruments smashed over, and the flying figure was instantly smacked into minced meat . The scene was too shocking .

As for the martial instrument, it wasn’t seen at all . Who knows if it was destroyed or it was non-existent at all .

Ye Xiwen noticed these people a long time ago . Although they hid well, how could they escape from Ye Xiwen’s sight? The strongest was the Great Sage, and the weaker ones were the Sage Great Perfection Realm masters . They did not choose to enter but decided to ambush outside . Those who had benefited had to face their surprise attack as they came out .

They didn’t dare to do anything with those major forces’ teams, but for some scattered martial artists, they didn’t hesitate and directly attacked .

It was easy to take the fruits of other people’s struggles as your own, but later on, more and more people had the same idea . In the end, such a mighty scene appeared . If the person leaving the ancient battlefield had their martial instrument exposed, these robbers would probably have to participate in a brutal fight first .

For the individual cultivators without a sect or those from a small sect, this was their life . It was more cruel and cold than those famous sects, and it was not easy to survive .

But Ye Xiwen didn’t care . If these people weren’t wise and dared to rob him, they were about to die and kicked to the curb .

Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub quickly arrived at one of the Dao Kong Mountain Range’s gaps and rushed straight in .

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