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Chapter 797

Seeing how the middle-aged man was able to see through his identity, Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but be shocked .

After being surprised, Ye Xiwen said, “My name is not worth mentioning!”

“I never expected the Ye Xiwen that defeated four Transcendent Realm experts to have such a modest side to him!” said Li Feng with a loud laugh .

Ye Xiwen came to a realization .  As expected, he knew everything .  However, the middle-aged man didn’t seem to have any malicious intent . If he had any, he would have taken action long ago .

“How do you view the battle between humans and the Native Clan?” Li Feng suddenly asked .

“They’re merely competing for survival space!” replied Ye Xiwen after pondering for a moment .

“Haha!” Li Feng let out a loud laugh . After a while, his laughter finally came to a halt, “Great . There are not many people that think like you now!”

According to propagandas beneath the starry skies, the Native Clan was all viewed as vile people . Throughout the history of man, many outbreaks were related to the Native Clan . As such, humans harbored exceptional hate towards the Native Clan .

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t originate from this world . Most of the time, he would view something with an unbiased perspective . From his perspective, the two sides were merely fighting for survival . He had seen many similar things happening on Earth .

“Interesting, interesting . No wonder why you’re able to reach this cultivation in such a short amount of time . Your thoughts are truly outstanding!” said Li Feng as he laughed . “Sadly, most of the people in the world remain foolish . Very soon, the world would become lively . Take extra care to not join into the fray!”

Ye Xiwen was wondering what kind of fray Li Feng was talking about . However, before he even opened his mouth, Li Feng disappeared without a trace remaining . In an instant, he vanished into thin air .

Although the blazing sun was getting hotter, Ye Xiwen felt a chilliness deep within him . Although it was currently his original body moving around, it was still in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . And yet, Li Feng could disappear right in front of him . It made his goosebumps appear .

“Did you see how that man disappeared?” The fur of the Wolf Cub’s entire body was standing up .

Ye Xiwen could only shake his head . It was too weird . The middle-aged man was too strong, which far surpassed his imagination . The middle-aged man had disappeared without a single trace remaining . And yet, Ye Xiwen wasn’t able to notice it . He couldn’t even feel any ripples in space .

However, he didn’t overthink it . After all, the middle-aged man didn’t have any malicious intentions . Even if Ye Xiwen was suspicious of him, it was merely suspicions .

Li Feng’s appearance was merely a side story for Ye Xiwen’s journey .

When Ye Xiwen reached the first huge city of the Central Region – Dao Kong City, shocking news spread around .

A huge hole appeared by the Dao Kong mountain range located beside the Dao Kong City . However, what was found within weren’t the typical contents situated within a mountain . On the contrary, there was a vast hollow world within .

All of a sudden, numerous extraterrestrial overlord experts became crazy over it . A vast troop after another was fanatically stationing themselves within the area . Following the movements of the extraterrestrial overlords, rumors about this matter were finally spread around .

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The reason why the extraterrestrial overlords wanted to enter the True Martial Domain no matter what was because of a myth . According to the myth, there was an entrance within the True Martial domain . It was the entrance of the World Tree . Through the World Tree, they would be able to reach the mythical Heavenly Realm, the Ancient Barrens Continent . It was the place where a myriad of different races was fighting against each other .

According to the legends, the origins of the entire world was the World Tree . No matter if it was the domain like True Martial Domain or the Meteor Domain, they were like fruits hanging by the World Tree . As for the original body of the World Tree, it was located within the Ancient Barrens Continent .

Only by locating the tree branch of the World Tree would one be able to access the Ancient Barrens Continent . Moving to a much earlier version of the myth, the first ancestor of man to have arrived in the starry skies came here through the World Tree’s tree branch .

Even that wasn’t the essential part . Most importantly, laws were being suppressed beneath the starry skies . As such, the peak where one was able to cultivate to would only be the Transcendent Realm first level . No matter what, there weren’t any ways to breakthrough .

Many talented prodigies had broken through and ascended the Transcendent Realm first level when they were still very young . Then, they could only slowly await death . After all, no matter how much effort they put in, they could never ascend to the second level . There was absolutely no way for them to do so .

The experts and prodigies beneath the starry skies had thought of every possible solution and were still unable to breakthrough . After the rumors from an unknown source leaked the existence of the World Tree’s tree branch, the overlords couldn’t remain calm any longer . They quickly dispatched troops over to locate the World Tree’s tree branch .

Through the World Tree’s tree branch, they would be able to access the Ancient Barrens Continent . Only by entering the Ancient Barrens Continent would they have a chance to increase their cultivation .

The feeling of awaiting death even when they reached the peak of cultivation made them crazy . It’s been like this for many generations . They might have only spent one or two thousand years to ascend the Transcendent Realm, but what awaits them would only be death . They had no way around it .

Although one’s lifespan would be extended to ten thousand years after entering the Transcendent Realm, which seemed to be an abundance, it still had an end to it . If one could survive longer, who wouldn’t choose to do so?

Besides, it wasn’t that they weren’t capable of doing so, nor did they lack the talent . Instead, they were utterly oppressed and could never breakthrough .

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When such an opportunity arises, how could they let go of it?

Now, the World Tree’s tree branch was finally located . It was located within the Dao Kong Mountain . When this news was spread, numerous experts had their blood boiling, especially the Transcendent Realm experts that were unable to break through no matter how much effort they put in .

Only a month after the Dao Kong Mountain was discovered, there were already hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts who entered . These were just the mere stray Transcendent Realm experts . The Transcendent Realm experts within the extraterrestrial overlord forces weren’t included within . All of a sudden, the Dao Kong Mountain became the place where numerous Transcendent Realm experts were all rushing towards .

“So, it’s because of the suppression of the laws?” In an inn located within Dao Kong City, Ye Xiwen was listening to the discussion of others in his surroundings . Ever since the news was spread, numerous martial warriors had rushed here . There were huge batches of Sage Realm and Great Sage Realm experts here . What used to be a rare sight to behold was now everywhere . Anytime one turns their head, they would see a Great Sage passing by .

Beside him, the Wolf Cub was still sitting on the chair with its body straight . It laid down on the table and looked bored .

Ever since the Star Beast Avatar had entered the Transcendent Realm, Ye Xiwen could feel the presence of a barrier . The barrier was like a colossal container lid that was locking him within .

Although Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar had yet to reach the Transcendent Peak Realm first level, he could still feel the existence of this barrier . If he reached the Transcendent Peak Realm first level, he would be restricted by this barrier .

The barrier was merely something that he was feeling . And yet, it was already extremely horrifying . At first, he ignored it . He assumed it to be the barrier of the Transcendent Realm first level . After all, he had yet to enter the Transcendent Realm first level truly . Since he had no experience, he didn’t think that anything was wrong . After all, when his original body was breaking through from the Sage Realm to the Great sage Realm, there was an extremely horrifying realm barrier in between . He was even forced to consume pellets to breakthrough .

As such, he had the mental preparations for the realm barriers no matter how strong it might be .

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Only by now did he realize that the barrier wasn’t a realm barrier . It was the laws barrier .

“It seems so . The world’s laws had been distorted by someone as if a seal was laid down upon here . It prevented everyone from ascending to the second level Transcendent Realm . I wonder if everything happened naturally, or was done on purpose!” said Ye Mo as he carefully felt his surroundings . Now that he had recovered back into a Transcendent Tool, he was on the same level as a Transcendent Realm expert . He could already feel the suppression of laws .

It was fine if it happened naturally . If someone caused it, even Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine . There were so many worlds beneath the starry skies, and yet they were all sealed by someone . Not only would Ye Xiwen not be able to do so, but he also couldn’t even think of a way to do so . He wondered how one did it . After all, this was an unbelievable miracle .

Such an existence exists . Then, he must be the legendary God . Only Gods would have such powers to do so .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen had a heavy feeling in his chest .

There were too many strong characters whose strengths are unimaginable in the world .

Although he knew of the existence of the World Tree, Ye Xiwen wasn’t as excited as the other Transcendent Realm experts . First of all, he had yet to reach the Transcendent Realm first level . He couldn’t understand the lonely and fanatical feeling of not making any advancements for thousands of years .

Secondly, he could still go to the Demon Domain and go to the Ancient Barrens Continent through the Demon Domain . Although it was a considerable detour, it would still reach his destination . Before any actual news was spread, he didn’t feel like taking any risks . When the time comes, he might have to join the intense battle between hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts . The Star Beast Avatar had yet to reach the Transcendent Realm first level . He would suffer greatly if he were to join in the battle .

Since he had no reasons that forced him to go, he silently remained within Dao Kong City while waiting . While he was cultivating, he was waiting as well . The Star Beast Avatar required time to reach the Transcendent Realm first level . His original body also needed time to ascend into the Half-step Transcendent Realm . When his original body ascends to that realm, he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone beneath the Transcendent Realm any longer .

This wait took an entire year . Within the year that passed, new news was continuously being sent out from within the Dao Kong Mountain . Every time a news report arrives, it would tease the hearts of the martial warriors that were observing .

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