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Chapter 794: 794
Chapter 794: Thoroughly Shaming

While they felt relieved, they were also experiencing extreme anger . Wei Mingyang and the others were considered as distinguished figures within their respective sects . And yet, they were thrown down by Ye Xiwen like garbage . This was just blatantly shaming them .

However, they could only display their face of anger, and couldn’t say anything else . After all, Ye Xiwen had already held back . They wouldn’t be able to do anything if Ye Xiwen were to kill them on the spot .

However, Ye Xiwen’s words were like needles that pierced through their hearts . It made them extraordinarily uncomfortable . After all, they weren’t used to being looked down upon by others . If the one speaking was anyone else, they might instantly refute out of rage, and show the opponent the wrath of overlords .

However, this sentence was said by Ye Xiwen . The pride in their heart; the distinguished characters weren’t anything more than trash in Ye Xiwen’s hands . They had no confidence to refute against him . In such a situation, the reality was written in front of them . If they were to say anything else, they would be shaming themselves .

Although they were oppressive and overbearing, they weren’t wholly shameless!

“Since nothing’s happened to these junior nephews, then all is fine . Since casualties are inevitable during a duel, it’s better to be more careful in the future . Otherwise, it’ll be bad if you were to make a grave mistake!” said Huang Wuji in a calm tone .

His words made the representatives of the extraterrestrial overlords feel like puking blood . Junior nephew? You had just become the School Master for such a short time, and yet you already assumed higher seniority . We’re of the same peers, and you’re calling me a junior nephew? They felt extremely frustrated upon hearing the statement .

However, even if they were frustrated, they couldn’t do anything . After all, they were aware that the Supreme School Master was considered someone equal to their sect masters . There was nothing wrong with referring to himself like that .

Shameless, too shameless . They never expected the Supreme School Master that had remained silent to put them in such an awkward position the moment he spoke .

However, they never thought about what made him do so . If it weren’t for them trying to embarrass the True Martial School, things wouldn’t turn out like this . They couldn’t accept that embarrassing the True Martial School had taken a turn for them, and they ended up being shamed instead .

Everything is because of this man!

They looked at the godlike silhouette upon the sky, as if they wanted to engrave this silhouette deep within their soul .

As for those that thought further ahead, they knew that he would be an extremely famous person if descriptions of this battle were to be spread around . His future potential would be limitless . After all, he already possessed a Transcendent Tool the moment he ascended the Transcendent Realm . This was a miracle by itself .

No one knew how he managed to get his hands on it . If he was still a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert, they could think of ways to capture him and interrogate him about the secrets contained within . However, he was currently a Transcendent Realm expert and had the protection of a Transcendent Tool . He would be hard to kill . Unless if a huge killing tool like the True Martial Stone Sword or the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was used, a Transcendent Realm expert equipped with a Transcendent Tool would be tough to kill .

Another new star was about to rise .

The disciples of the True Martial School were all scornfully laughing at the overlords unscrupulously . What brought this satisfaction? This was satisfaction .

Previously, some people weren’t in compliance with Huang Wuji’s ascension, and some were even objecting to it . Now, no one was unsatisfied with Huang Wuji’s ascension anymore . Ye Xiwen was the one standing out today, and Ye Xiwen was also the one making them feel satisfied .

However, from the eyes of others, there was no need to differentiate between Ye Xiwen and Huang Wuji . After all, they were both from the same legacy . The reason why Ye Xiwen stood out was solely to prevent Huang Wuji from being humiliated . As such, there was no need to differentiate between Ye Xiwen and Huang Wuji .

In fact, some people even assumed that their new School Master – Huang Wuji was the one that had arranged these, and were merely waiting to humiliate the extraterrestrial overlords .

Huang Wuji was pleased . He understood that a huge part of the reason Ye Xiwen didn’t kill Wei Mingyang and others was because of him . If they were killed, it might incite the anger of those few extraterrestrial overlords, and result in them attacking the True Martial School . Currently, the True Martial School was merely putting on a fake front . While it might be good in scaring others off, they wouldn’t be able to withstand another invasion, especially after the Emergence School’s attack .

Letting matters settle down like this made the True Martial School’s disciples vent out their frustration and shut the mouths of the extraterrestrial overlords . After all, those people weren’t dead .

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After Ye Xiwen tossed the four of them down, he became uninterested . While a huge reason he let them go was to prevent Huang Wuji from experiencing the dilemma, part of it was also because of the fake front the True Martial School had put on .

A little part of it was also because he didn’t care about it . After this battle, he was sure that he would be an unforgettable trauma engraved deep within their mind . After all, he defeated the four of them in an instant . Unless they managed to defeat him, a weakness would always be engraved in their mind . If the trauma gets too severe, not to mention improving, even maintaining their current cultivation without declining would be considered decent .

This was the so-called psychological barrier . If they were unable to defeat Ye Xiwen after a long time, such barriers would turn into a demon of the heart, constantly haunting them . When the time comes, the so-called distinguished characters with a limitless future would turn into a huge joke .

Would Ye Xiwen give them the chance to defeat him? Of course not!

Although Ye Xiwen’s actions seemed to be rash, everything was executed with very thorough plottings .

One bolt of Earth Lightning after another bombarded his body, and the weight of a mountain was bombarding his body .

This power didn’t make him move at all . On the contrary, he absorbed it to reinforce his internal organs . To him, this Five Elements Heaven’s Retribution was an excellent opportunity to strengthen his internal organs . Within the Five Elements Heaven’s Retribution, the lightning element was used to reinforce his body, and the power of the five elements were used to strengthen his internal organs . Although the anatomy of the Star Beast Avatar and a human was different, some parts remained similar .

The heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney corresponded to the five elements, and metal corresponded to the lungs . When Ye Xiwen used the Five Elements to reinforce his internal organs, he noticed the strength of his organs reaching an extreme state .

If someone’s physical body were a boat, the internal organs would undoubtedly be the boat’s power system . Through the reinforcement of the Five Elements’ power, his internal organs experienced a huge leap in strength . It allowed this human body to advance even further .

Although the battle between Ye Xiwen, Wei Mingyang, and the others had already ended, everyone was still staring at Ye Xiwen, who was still undergoing Heaven’s Retribution . No one noticed that the ceremony had stopped halfway .

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Huang Wuji didn’t mind at all . Initially, a huge part of the reason for conducting this ascension ceremony so extravagantly was to show off the strength of the True Martial School, especially in such a situation where war awaited them . Although some accidents happened, the goal was achieved . The effects became even more outstanding because of Ye Xiwen .

He asked someone to stop the ceremony . After all, no one seemed to mind .

Beyond the skies, Ye Xiwen’s Heaven’s Retribution had reached its final wave – the Wood Divine Lightning . With the previous experience of receiving those retribution lightnings, Ye Xiwen was already extremely familiar with it . He refined the Wood Divine Lightning into his own body .

The retribution lightning lasted for two entire hours . After it really couldn’t do anything to Ye Xiwen anymore, it finally left reluctantly .

A smile flashed across Ye Xiwen’s face . Powers were surging within his body . There was even the power of Five Elements circulating within his body and were flowing within the Star Beast Avatar’s body in a profound and regulated manner .

The Five Elements’ power was a whole new type of power and was something his original body wasn’t able to form . Like the name of the Tyrant Body Scripture, it was too tyrannical and oppressive, unable to contain other powers . Being pure and domineering was the specialty of the Tyrant Body Scripture . Other forms of energy would only be converted into the energy of the Tyrant Body Scripture .

As such, the power of the Five Elements, as well as other powers, wouldn’t be able to coexist with the Tyrant Body Scripture peacefully .

Refining the power of Five Elements within his body was the most significant reward he received from undergoing this retribution . Within every single move, the power of the Five Elements was surging . Although Ye Xiwen still couldn’t control the power of the Five Elements as he wanted to, there was time for him to do so in the future . When he would be able to use the Five Elements’ power as he wished, it was imaginable how much of an increase it would be to his combat prowess .

Even if he had just entered the Transcendent Realm, his combat prowess was already comparable to the top Transcendent Realm experts with the Star Beast Avatar’s innate talents and the power of the Five Elements . In addition, the other huge reward he received was the improvements of the Lightning Wings . It increased his shifting speed to its max within a short amount of time .

Even if he were to face the original Supreme School Leader or the top-notch Transcendent Realm experts like the Emergence School Leader, he would be able to contend against them effortlessly .

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Besides, he had merely just entered the Transcendent Realm . After he reached the peak of the first level Transcendent Realm, things would be entirely different .

He could feel numerous spiritual senses sweeping around his body . However, he didn’t mind it . For others, the Five Elements Lightning Retribution might be something extremely horrifying . However, for him, the retribution his original body faced was much higher than that of the Star Beast Avatar . It even made him feel that it was inferior .

After his original body had passed the extremely weird retribution, he was much more relaxed when looking at the Five Elements Lightning Retribution . He didn’t feel that it was horrifying anymore .

Heaven’s Retribution was overcome; a brand new Transcendent Realm expert had managed to pass the retribution in front of the eye of many others . In fact, he even managed to defeat the four Transcendent Realm experts besieging him .

News of the matters that happened within the True Martial School’s ascension ceremony spread out in a horrifying speed . Within a single night, it shook the entire world .

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