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Chapter 795: Chapter 795: Shock The World
Chapter 795: Shock The World

The True Martial Domain was experiencing the calm before the storm, and everyone within was fearful of what was about to come . Any news would be spread about very quickly, not to mention the news of the four top-notch distinguished prodigies of the extraterrestrial overlords being beaten to a half-death state . This shook the entire True Martial Domain .

Any actions of a Transcendent Realm expert would possibly become eye-catching news within the True Martial Domain, not to mention four Transcendent Realm experts being beaten without the ability to retaliate . The combat power Ye Xiwen possessed was already comparable to an experienced Transcendent Realm expert .

Due to Ye Xiwen’s exceptional performance, those that wanted to figure out the weakness of the True Martial School canceled their intentions . Ye Xiwen’s domineering strength attracted everyone’s gaze . The way he shone made it hard for the actual strength of the True Martial Domain to be seen through .

It wasn’t right to say that the True Martial School’s foundations had all been consumed, as it didn’t look like it either . After all, Huang Wuji had ascended the Transcendent Realm and became the new School Master . Ye Xiwen had also passed the Transcendent Realm retribution in front of everyone and managed to defeat the four top-notch distinguished prodigies among the extraterrestrial overlord’s sects .

Their talented younger generation was emerging . It didn’t seem like they lacked the strength to nurture more talents .

The local forces of the True Martial Domain were all also supporting the True Martial School with the intent of letting the True Martial School become the representative force of the True Martial Domain .

For the first time, everyone knew of the Transcendent Realm expert – Ye Xiwen . This was extremely different from when he was a Great Sage . When he was in the Great Sage Realm, it didn’t matter if he was strong or not . After all, in the eyes of a Transcendent Realm expert, he would only look like a stronger ant . Now, he was in an equal position with those Transcendent Realm experts . No one could truly oppress him when he had entered the ranks of the top-notch experts beneath the starry skies .

The True Martial School made another huge news . Although they didn’t voluntarily display it, it made the True Martial School shrouded in a mist of mystery .

The entire True Martial School remained silent towards the discussion of the outer world and declined the local forces’ request to convince them to be the representatives of the True Martial Domain . Outsiders might not be able to tell the real strength of the True Martial School, but they were well aware of it . While they weren’t fragile, they couldn’t possibly withstand another turmoil .

Everyone was also clear of the extraterrestrial overlords’ intentions . They had their plans . If the True Martial Domain were divided, it would be fine . In their eyes, the local forces in the True Martial Domain, especially the True Martial School, didn’t pose any threats . After all, the True Martial Stone Sword couldn’t be brought outside of the True Martial School .

Without the True Martial Stone Sword, the True Martial School wasn’t worth mentioning .

It wouldn’t meddle with their plot . However, if the True Martial School united the local forces within the True Martial Domain, it would instantly pose a massive threat upon them . When the time comes, other overlords would all ally with each other, and attack the True Martial Domain’s local forces, with the first being the True Martial School .

The True Martial School was aware . As such, even under such a situation, no one suggested doing so .

Just as the outer world was experiencing the calm before the storm, everyone within the True Martial School’s Tibetan Star Summit Hall was stunned . They were shocked by what Ye Xiwen had just said .

“Master, I am incapable, and have no intentions of inheriting the Tibetan Star Summit’s chief position!”

The Tibetan Star Summit’s conference hall was huge . Even when more than a hundred people were gathered here, it wasn’t particularly congested . Currently, everyone was staring at the green-color silhouette standing in the middle of the hall with a stunned expression .

Did he refuse?

This was something that no one in the Tibetan Star Summit had expected . After Huang Wuji became the Supreme School Master, Ye Xiwen had ascended to the Transcendent Realm in front of everyone and destroyed the plots of the extraterrestrial overlords trying to weigh how strong the True Martial School currently was . He had raised their school’s reputation significantly .

In everyone’s eyes, he would naturally be the next Tibetan Star Son . And yet, he refused .

What is happening?

In the huge hall, only Bai Jiansong, Ye Feng, and Ye Ruxue could guess his reason for doing so .

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Bai Jiansong vaguely remembered what Ye Xiwen said . He had no interest in the chief’s position, as he wasn’t aiming to inherit the position .

Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue understood their little brother . He was already like this from the start . He wasn’t interested in gaining power and authority . It was hard for one’s personality to change . Even after hundreds of years had passed, there were no changes .

The expression of the Tibetan Star Son changed slightly . He never expected Ye Xiwen to reject him . He smiled bitterly in his heart . Although the Tibetan Star Summit had produced two Transcendent Realm disciples, none of these were going to inherit the chief’s position . One became the School Master, while the other one preferred to be free . His intentions weren’t set on the chief position .

That must mean that his previous method of handling them was problematic . To search back the Tibetan Star Scripture, he dealt with the disciples just like his ancestors . He let them do whatever they wanted to and didn’t care about them at all . It slowly made these disciples used to being lazy .

Even Huang Wuji, who was the Supreme School Master, wasn’t particularly interested in authority either . Needless to say, the fanatical cultivator – second disciple Liu Yan Lan and the lazy third disciple – Bai Jiansong, were the same .

Although Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin were considered decent, they were considerably mundane compared to the few exceptional disciples . If they wanted to return the Tibetan Star Summit to its former glory, an influential chief would be necessary .

Ye Xiwen looked at the Tibetan Star Son with a resolute expression . He knew that he would become the Tibetan Star Summit’s chief as long as he nodded . He would be in an equal position with the various powerhouse figures within the True Martial school . However, this wasn’t what he desired . He had no particular interest in it at all .

The vast Ancient Barrens Continent was his real goal . His future martial path and the mystery of his own identity were all within the Ancient Barrens Continent . In truth, if it weren’t for the True Martial School facing such a dangerous situation, and were in a peaceful state, he would have left it long ago . He would directly go towards the Demon Domain and advance towards the Ancient Barrens Continent through the passageway within the Demon Domain .

After a long while, the Tibetan Star Son let out a sigh and said, “Forget it . Since you’re not willing to do so, I won’t force you!”

“Thank you, master . However, I feel that senior brother Bai would be the most suitable person to inherit the chief position!” said Ye Xiwen as he cupped his hands . He wasn’t spouting nonsense . In the past, Bai Jiansong had handled the Tibetan Star Summit exceptionally well . The Tibetan Star Summit still needed to be managed despite having so little people residing within .

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In truth, although there weren’t many actual disciples within the Tibetan Star Summit, they possessed many different industrial means of productions . After all, they were once among the top ten legacies . Even if they had declined, the industries left behind by their ancestors were still an abundance . In the Tibetan Star City alone, it was already a huge mess . Many disciples were relying on their survival at the Tibetan Star Summit . Although they weren’t the disciples of the Tibetan Star Summit, those still needed to be taken care of .

Bai Jiansong had the ability to gain the favor of the public . At the same time, he also had the capabilities to take care of the Tibetan Star Summit .

Bai Jiansong glared at Ye Xiwen . Compared to Ye Xiwen, who had no interest in becoming the Tibetan Star Son, he was merely lazy . In the past, he took care of the matters regarding the Tibetan Star Summit out of helplessness . After all, someone had to take care of it . They couldn’t just be left there to rot . As such, he was forced to do so .

He could only smile bitterly at Ye Xiwen, recommending him to be the next Tibetan Star Son .

The Tibetan Star Son was a little furious after seeing Bai Jiansong’s expression . What kind of disciple did I educate? One is weirder than the other; one is more peculiar than the other .

Initially, Huang Wuji was undoubtedly going to be the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son . However, he ended up becoming the School Master, which made a mess to his plan .

The new disciples looked at the few older disciples with a weird expression . In other legacies, the alluring chief position that others would fight for was like trash in the Tibetan Star Summit . Everyone was throwing their opportunities away . This made them realize that the Tibetan Star Summit was entirely different from other legacies . It was much different from the previous legacy they were in, filled with plottings and schemes .

Of course, many disciples had the ambition of becoming the School Master . A fire suddenly burned within their hearts . If Ye Xiwen, Bai Jiansong, and the others were snatching the chief’s position, they would naturally have nothing to do with it . Based on strength and experience alone, they weren’t a match for those few old disciples . The old disciples were extremely experienced people that had been here since its salvation . However, since Bai Jiansong and the others weren’t interested, and Huang Wuji was now the School Master, they might have a chance .

Ye Xiwen noticed these . However, he didn’t address the matter . If the Tibetan Star Summit truly wanted to return to its prime, it would require some ambitious people . If they were like Bai Jiansong, Liu Yanlan, Yang Wenjun, and Deng Shuixin, while their relationship with each other might be very close, it would take a long time before the Tibetan Star Summit would gain back its prime .

“If that’s the case, the matter of the chief position shall be discussed later!” said the Tibetan Star Son . He wasn’t in a rush . After all, he was still a vigorous youth . He had enough time to await the birth of the next Transcendent Realm expert from the Tibetan Star Summit . No matter if it was Liu Yanlan or Bai Jiansong, they had a considerable possibility of ascending the Transcendent Realm . It was only a matter of time .

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“Master, I have something I want to talk about!” said Ye Xiwen .

“What is it?” said the Tibetan Star Son with a happy expression . Even if Ye Xiwen wasn’t willing to inherit the position of the Tibetan Star Son, Ye Xiwen was still his disciple . He was thrilled at Ye Xiwen having an outstanding performance . This time, he even made the True Martial School and the Tibetan Star Summit, much more glorious .

“I want to go out on an adventure . These few days, I felt that my cultivation’s improvement was prolonged . I hope to go out for a while, and seek a way to break through!” said Ye Xiwen .

Usually, he would go out whenever he wanted to . He just had to say so . However, after the True Martial school had secluded themselves from the world, it became troublesome to go out . Only with the permission of the summit’s chief would they be granted permission to go out .

The Tibetan Star Son pondered for a moment, and said, “Indeed, although your cultivation had increased quickly, your foundations aren’t stable . It feels a little hollow . It’s fine if you go on an adventure outside, and gain more experience . Only by stabilizing your cultivation realm would you be able to improve further in the future!”

“Thank you, Master!”

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