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Chapter 793: 793
Chapter 793: Intensified Confrontation

The extraterrestrial overlords couldn’t remain calm anymore after witnessing Ye Xiwen continuously defeating four of them in one go, especially the sects in which the four were in . At first, disbelief flashed across their eyes when they saw Ye Xiwen defeating these youths with limitless potential one after another . Then, they became angry .

“Stop!” The Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder roared . His silhouette resembled that of a catapult, and he was about to shoot towards the cosmos . However, a loud bang resounded . He knocked against a barrier, and his horrifying momentum caused the barrier to tremble fanatically .

“True Martial School!” The Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder let out a roar and looked at the True Martial School’s crowd . At such a moment, he naturally knew that someone of the True Martial School had taken action to prevent him from saving others, “If something happens to Ran Chengtian, your True Martial School shall perish along with him!”

“What you said isn’t right . When dueling against each other, casualties are inevitable . Didn’t you say so yourself?” Huang Wuji’s calm voice resounded . It was peaceful, and there were no ripples of emotions within his tone as if he was merely mentioning something insignificant .

It made the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder extremely furious . Previously, he was the one that said casualties were inevitable . However, he was merely trying to find an excuse for Wei Mingyang and Ran Chengtian to kill Ye Xiwen . He never expected that it would be used against him .

The current situation was completely reversed . Not only did they not manage to kill Ye Xiwen, but they were also all thoroughly brutally defeated by him .

In truth, when Ye Xiwen took out the Tianyuan Mirror, he already knew that they wouldn’t be able to defeat Ye Xiwen . After all, with the Transcendent Tool, Ye Xiwen’s combat prowess would be expanded to a horrifying degree .

As for the few others that didn’t hold any Transcendent Tool, they would suffer a lot .

Since he was the one who started it first, he couldn’t say anything anymore, and all his emotions of reluctance were pent up .

They never expected the situation to take such a huge turn so quickly . It completely exceeded their expectations .

“Indeed, didn’t you say that casualties are inevitable? Why are you attempting to save him now? Are our True Martial School such easy targets to be picked on?”

“That’s right, casualties are inevitable . It’s inevitable for one to get hurt or perish when fighting!”

Numerous experts from the True Martial School were all scornfully laughing at the extraterrestrial overlord experts . From the time when the ceremony started, they were already holding in their anger . After all, these extraterrestrial overlords had came here to provoke them . Most importantly, they even wanted their youths to challenge the School Master . Their intentions to shame there were undisguised in the slightest .

If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen standing out, the True Martial School would be shamed no matter if Huang Wuji won or lost . Now, the tables had turned . Ye Xiwen managed to fend off the four Transcendent Realm experts that joined forces with each other, and he even managed to defeat them at lightning speed . This truly made them aspire in pride . The anger that they had been penting up finally got to be released .

As for the extraterrestrial overlord experts, their faces were all pale . Today, they came here to shame the True Martial School and wanted to test how strong the True Martial School was . However, not only did they not manage to do so, they even humiliated themselves . Four against one and Ye Xiwen was previously only a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert . No matter what excuse they mustered to explain such a situation, there was only a suitable explanation . They were merely trash . Otherwise, things wouldn’t turn out like this .

Only by now did everyone know why Ye Xiwen was able to go against a Transcendent Realm expert despite being in the Half-step Transcendent Realm . He had a Transcendent Tool to back him up . However, it meant nothing . After all, it was four against one . They had already gained an unfair advantage right from the start . They were destined to be humiliated .

In truth, they were all feeling shameful right now . The words of the True Martial School’s disciples were like one slap after another, slapping on their faces . It made their faces red and felt intense pain from it .

However, they couldn’t do anything .

“Even so, these people are the youths that our sect’s higher-ups care deeply for . If anyone of them were to perish, your True Martial School wouldn’t be able to deal with the consequences!” said the Heavenly Martial Elder coldly . Since there was a way to rescue them forcefully, he decided to threaten the True Martial School .

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Currently, although they had numerous Transcendent Realm experts, they weren’t united at all . They wouldn’t be devoted to going against the True Martial School together .

Besides, this was the True Martial School’s territory . Even if they tried their best, it would be useless . If they thoroughly angered the True Martial School, they would only await death even if they were strong and capable .

After hearing the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder’s words, all the elders of the Ancient Origins Sect, Ten Extremities Sect, and the Eight Stars School voiced their agreement . These people were indeed the disciples that their sect’s higher-ups were nurturing with utmost priority . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have ascended the Transcendent Realm at such a young age . The effort they put in was more than the True Martial School’s nurturing of Huang Wuji .

The entire True Martial School was extremely angry when Huang Wuji was merely provocated . It was imaginable how much of a ruckus the four sects would cause if something were to happen to the four of them .

While they had the capabilities to smash the True Martial School flat, they weren’t certain of how strong the True Martial School was . They didn’t want to suffer too huge of a loss and end up like the Emergence School . In truth, they weren’t afraid of the True Martial School at all .

As for the elders of the White Sun Sect and the Meteor Sect, who thought that they were humiliated by the True Martial School, they all voiced their agreement . All of a sudden, they were all being rowdy . It was as if all the extraterrestrial overlords were all agreeing with them as well .

However, that wasn’t the case at all . The extraterrestrial overlords were already competing against each other . When these four exceptional youths were nurtured, how could the other overlords not be worried? They wished for Ye Xiwen to take care of them . No, they would prefer heavy casualties on both sides . With that, they would be able to reap the benefits from it .

After hearing the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder’s provocations, numerous experts of the True Martial School were all extremely angry . Do they think that the True Martial School is such an easy target to be bullied?

Do you think that you can bully us without caring for our thoughts? Thinking about this, everyone got angry .

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“While your extraterrestrial legacies are strong, do you all think that our True Martial Stone Sword is a mere decoration?”

“Arrogant, too arrogant . Just kill those four people . If anything, let’s go against them and let us all perish together! I’d rather do so than deal with their arrogance!”

The True Martial School’s side was all burning with anger as well . The other forces of the True Martial Domain were all supporting the True Martial School . After all, the True Martial School was representing the True Martial Domain . They were the banner figures of the local force of the True Martial Domain . Facing these extraterrestrial overlords that might destroy their sect at any time, they would naturally support the True Martial School . It would be for the best if they could chase these extraterrestrial overlord representatives out . At the very least, they wanted to use the True Martial School as a shield to deal with extraterrestrial overlords’ anger, which would allow them to survive longer .

All of a sudden, the conflict between the four legacies and the True Martial School had ascended to the conflict between the True Martial School’s local forces and the extraterrestrial overlords . The situation came to a deadlock, and everyone else became silent .

The extraterrestrial overlords’ strength was undoubtedly horrifying . Even if they weren’t united together, the strength they possessed was far more robust than the local forces of the True Martial School .

However, the local forces of the True Martial Domain temporarily siding with the True Martial School made the extraterrestrial overlords wary . They merely wanted to reap the benefits from this situation . They didn’t desire a deathmatch with these local forces . If such a moment arrived, they believed that the local forces of the True Martial School would choose to fight them to death .

As such, the situation came to a deadlock .

Huang Wuji, positioned atop the stage, was now in an awkward position, as he didn’t know what to choose . Although this situation looked advantageous to him, he was aware of everyone’s decision and was also aware of the comparison of strength between the two sides . Anyone of the extraterrestrial overlord factions was much stronger than the True Martial School . And yet, the remaining local forces of the True Martial Domain didn’t have any good intentions . They merely wanted to make the True Martial School their shield to contend against the wrath of the extraterrestrial overlords, which made doing things in private much easier for them .

As such, he was currently facing a dilemma . If he were to cause a conflict with four massive forces just because of four people, it would be hard for the True Martial School to remain alive . On the other side, the entire True Martial School were all displaying intense anger . They were determined to go against these extraterrestrial overlords . These opinions should not be neglected, as well .

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If the hearts of everyone are lost, it would be hard to lead them!

Only now did he truly experience the difficulties of being a School Master . Most of the time, it wasn’t just glorious alone . He had many complicated matters to attend .

Just as he was facing a dilemma, Ye Xiwen’s cold voice resounded from the sky, “Since all of you prioritize these four trash so much, bring them back . I never expected a sect that could govern over a world only to have such trash . Your sects are lacking in talents!”

Immediately afterward, four streams of lights came crashing down from the sky, and four large craters emerged on the ancestral peak . After the dust faded, only did everyone makes them out to be the four Transcendent Realm experts . However, they currently didn’t possess any demeanor of a Transcendent Realm expert anymore . They were like four corpses that were lying down on the ground .

Everyone was in an uproar, especially the extraterrestrial overlord factions . The elder of the Heavenly Martial Sect and the others hurriedly went towards the experts of their respective sect and analyzed their condition, and finally weren’t worried anymore . Although they were all heavily wounded, they had lost their consciousness . Luckily, they weren’t dead . After undergoing recovery for a certain amount of time, they would naturally be healed back to their original condition .

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