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Chapter 792: 792
Chapter 792: Defeat One After Another

Initially, Huang Wuji was still worried about the safety of Ye Xiwen . In fact, like others, he felt that Ye Xiwen was a little too rash . He knew that Ye Xiwen would always do some shocking stuff with the guise of recklessness; he was sure that Ye Xiwen was not a reckless person . Ye Xiwen most likely had certain things firmed enough to back up the actions . However, no matter what he thought of, he couldn’t think of what Ye Xiwen had .

Even if Ye Xiwen said he could defeat a hundred experts in the same realm as him, he would believe it . In his heart, Ye Xiwen could even deal with a hundred Half-step Transcendent late Realm experts .

However, Half-step Transcendent Realm and Transcendent Realm were two entirely different cultivation realms . Even if he could deal with Half-step Transcendent Realm experts, he wouldn’t even be able to deal with a Transcendent Realm expert .

In fact, he might be killed with just one punch alone .

If Xiantian and Houtian were considered the first hurdle, then Legendary and Sage Realm would be the second one . As for the Great Sage and Transcendent Realm, it would be the third hurdle . The hurdle that exists between them was as significant, just like the distance from the skies to the earth .

He never expected Ye Xiwen’s combat prowess to become stronger the longer he fought . In fact, Ye Xiwen had even entered the Transcendent Realm after undergoing Heaven’s Retribution . Ye Xiwen broke through the bottleneck in one go and became the second Transcendent Realm expert among the peers with Huang Wuji being the first .

They were both from the Tibetan Star Summit . Despite leaving the Tibetan Star Summit after becoming the School Master, the Tibetan Star Summit was still his original home . As such, he was more biased towards the disciples of the Tibetan Star Summit .

Seeing how the junior brother that he had always been optimistic about was the second one to ascend to the Transcendent Realm, how could he not be happy? In fact, a thought even sprouted within his mind . My junior brother’s accomplishments might be more than that .

When such a thought emerged in his mind, it wasn’t able to be suppressed any longer . After all, Ye Xiwen’s performance was too shocking . When he entered the Tibetan Star Summit, he had already patched up the entire Tibetan Star Sutra . It was indeed a heaven-defying event .

For so many years, numerous generations of Tibetan Star Summit’s disciples had been trying to gain insight into the Tibetan Star Sutra . However, they weren’t able to gain any perception of the original version of it . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to waste so much effort to venture towards the extraterrestrial areas searching for the original version of the Tibetan Star Sutra .

And yet, Ye Xiwen managed to perceive it . Such luck was heaven-defying . Things such as luck exist and were non-existent at the same time . For most people, they wouldn’t feel anything called “luck” throughout their mundane life . However, some heaven-defying people might get tripped by a Great Sage Tool when they just take a stroll somewhere and thus manage to acquire a Great Sage Tool .

Can you say that they have no luck?

Most people that have great luck would achieve an incredible accomplishment .

Now, he had only cultivated for around a hundred years and had already ascended to the Transcendent Realm . His accomplishments in the future were hard to be predicted .

Seeing how Ye Xiwen possessed a Transcendent Tool, everyone in the True Martial School let out a sigh of relief . For the first time, Ye Xiwen was gaining the upper hand .

On the other side, the extraterrestrial overlord experts’ expression changed drastically, especially in the sects where the four Transcendent Realm experts belonged . Their faces were ashen . Based on Ye Xiwen’s Heaven’s Retribution – the Five Elements Heaven’s Retribution, it was apparent what kind of horrifying combat prowess he would possess after ascending to the Transcendent Realm . Even so, they weren’t worried . After all, it was four against one .

However, their expressions changed drastically when Ye Xiwen displayed the mightiness of his Transcendent Tool .

Beyond the skies, the Tianyuan Mirror’s blood-colored radiance was emitted, as if it was a vast blood-colored energy ball . Within it, laws and laws were interweaving with each other . When the Tianyuan Mirror had transformed into a Transcendent Tool, the Transcendent Realm laws were already intertwined upon the mirror . Or, the laws contained within had been awakened .

Initially, the Tianyuan Mirror was the martial instrument of the Demon Lord . Naturally, it’s strength would be incredibly strong . However, after receiving a grave wound, its strength plummeted to the pit bottom . Now, Ye Xiwen was merely doing everything he could to revive it and reactivate its functions . As such, even without ascending to the Transcendent Realm, Ye Xiwe was able to turn the Tianyuan Mirror into a Transcendent Tool . Otherwise, he would have to be like other Transcendent Realm experts . He would have to slowly craft it, until the day where he might acquire a Transcendent Tool .

Ye Xiwen attacked . As he extended his hand, boundless energies boiled within the skies . The sound of laws dancing around could be heard, without an end to it . It immediately blasted Wei Mingyang away .

Among these people, Wei Mingyang’s hostility towards him was the worst . He hated Ye Xiwen to the guts . As such, he was one of the people that Ye Xiwen had to kill .

The vast power descended . The longsword in Wei Mingyang’s hand was radiating with intense radiance and blasted upon the power . However, facing the mighty blood-colored power, it was nothing at all . Rays of blood-colored radiances bombarded upon him .

The rays of blood-colored lights were everywhere; everywhere were filled with the laws of a Transcendent Tool . It immediately suppressed him with the might of a colossal mountain and descended by wiping out everything surrounding it .

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“Boom!” With a loud bang, Wei Mingyang’s longsword instantly shattered . The Tianyuan Mirror’s blood-colored light had utterly destroyed it .

“Pu!” Wei Mingyang spitted out a mouthful of blood . He wasn’t able to bear the enormous force that landed upon him . The knelt on one knee under Ye Xiwen’s pressure .

Wei Mingyang’s expression was extraordinarily ugly . He was such a distinguished prideful character and wasn’t fearful of everything in the world . He had never knelt towards others before . And yet, he was currently kneeling on one knee in front of Ye Xiwen . To him, this was an extremely shameful act . He was so frustrated that he felt like spitting blood .

At the same time, the combined attack of the other three people was coming towards Ye Xiwen . Bolts of Earth Lightning were striking their bodies and made their bodies covered in wounds . However, they didn’t care about it anymore . Compared to Ye Xiwen, the Earth Lightnings weren’t considered life-threatening at all .

The three Transcendent Realm experts were strong, especially when they attacked with their life on the line . The attacking force of the three of them pierced through the sky and immediately reached in front of Ye Xiwen .

“Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm!” Ran Chengtian let out a loud yell and was the first to attack Ye Xiwen . His huge palm blasted a frightening radiance, reversed yin and yang, and the four elements – earth, fire, water, and wind . The most important essence of the Heavens Severing Palm was to sever a part of Heaven’s way and turn them into his strength .

The power of yin and yang and the four elements bombarded Ye Xiwen’s body .

On the other side, Xi Zhiyong and Mu Qingman had arrived shortly after .

Under such circumstances, facing the three Transcendent Realm experts’ killing techniques, even Ye Xiwen would have to give up on killing Wei Mingyang for now .

He turned around, and he clenched his fist . The Shattered Star First was instantly blasted out . A huge rumbling sound resounded, resembling the sound of a star spinning around . It immediately fell upon them .

“Boom!” An extremely horrifying loud bang resounded . When the Shattered Star Fist and the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm clashed against each other, a terrifying radiance of dao swooped outwards .

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Although Ye Xiwen’s counter-attack was done in a very hurried manner, he wasn’t panicking at all . His pace remained the same . He managed to block Ran Chengtian’s attack .

However, Ye Xiwen did not stop . Almost at the same time, the palm of his other hand shot outwards with lightning speed . It was the Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand .

Now, his grasp towards the Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand was not any worse than anyone from the Fire Cloud Cave . It was much more potent compared to theirs .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen’s palm landed on Ran Chengtian’s chest . Everything happened at lightning speed . It all happened in an instant .

Although his speed was rapid, Ye Xiwen’s strength was extremely horrifying, primarily when he used the Star Beast Avatar . Although he didn’t use the Tyrant Body, the Star Beast’s physical body was already horrific enough . It was apparent how horrifying it would be after devouring the core of a star and using the stars’ absorbed power to reinforce his own physical body .

Ran Chengtian let out a tragic scream, and a mouthful of blood was spat out . The bones within his chest were like papers and were all shattered with a “crack” sound . His body flew out like a cannonball and destroyed numerous meteorite fragments .

Although many things happened at once, everything happened in just an instant . Soon after, Ye Xiwen immediately reacted to something . He opened the Demon Wings in an instant, and his silhouette disappeared .


In the instant Ye Xiwen disappeared, Xi Zhiyong and Mu Qingman’s attacks arrived and struck the location where he previously was . It pierced through the skies, and even the chaos was showing itself .

“Where is he?” Xi Zhiyong was shocked . He wasn’t able to see Ye Xiwen’s silhouette at all . They had already witnessed how horrifying Ye Xiwen was previously . They naturally wouldn’t assume that he would be beaten into nothingness so easily . It was impossible .

“Careful, behind you!” Suddenly, Wei Mingyang’s scream arrived from a distance .

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Xi Zhiyong and Mu Qingman were both surprised . In that instant, they felt someone appearing behind them .

When Ye Xiwen reappeared, he was already behind Xi Zhiyong . Among the Storm Wings, the Lightning Wings had received a massive increase in strength . As a result, Ye Xiwen’s explosive power in shifting had increased and reached an extraordinarily horrifying realm .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen created a Rippling Mountain Seal and landed it behind Xi Zhiyong’s back . The Rippling Mountain Seal itself contained an adamant and ruthless power . When it landed with such force, it almost made his physical body disassembled . If it wasn’t for the laws of the Transcendent Realm forcefully locking his physical body into place, his body might already have exploded . His physical body wasn’t as strong as Ye Xiwen .

He flew to a faraway place and instantly fainted .

An intense panic flashed across Mu Qingman’s eyes . When she saw three of her partners losing to Ye Xiwen, she didn’t dare to remain . She turned into a ray of light and wanted to escape .

Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . He would never allow her to escape . His palm immediately enveloped the skies and landed upon her .


Another loud bang echoed . Mu Qingman transformed into a stream of light, and was slapped towards a nearby planet like a fly . The horrifying impact caused a mushroom cloud to arise .

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