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Chapter 791: 791
Chapter 791: Transcendent Tool Displaying Its Migh

For a long time, Ye Xiwen remained still . Numerous marks and the legacies within the bloodline had all awakened at the same time . Numerous Star Beast’s mark instantly awoken; the ancient majestic strength almost rendered him unable to control himself and almost turned back into the true form of the Star Beast .

He finally understood why a Star Beast in the Transcendent Realm was regarded as an adult . After reaching the Transcendent Realm, he had awoken an innate magical power that truly belonged to the Star Beast, which allowed him to devour the stars . He would be able to experience a growth spurt after devouring a star’s core . When a Star Beast reaches adulthood, only by then would his growth speed truly surge tremendously . As long as there were enough star cores, he wouldn’t have any bottlenecks in cultivation . He would be able to break through continuously .

In fact, he would ultimately even be able to devour an entire star, and acquire an insurmountable strength!

However, despite being very strong, the Star Beast wasn’t unparalleled . Similar to the Star Beast, it was suppressed despite being absurdly strong . In fact, it would continue to be suppressed in the future .

When Ye Xiwen remained still, Wei Mingyang and the others didn’t move as well . They could feel the terrifying power surging from Ye Xiwen’s body, and forgot to attack .

When they came back to their senses, Ye Xiwen had already calmed down his surging aura .

“Slash!” A ray of terrifying sword-light swept throughout the world . Everywhere the sword-light passed by, the world became like water that was being boiled . A long sword immediately came slashing downwards .

Laws condensed this ray of sword-light and even that long sword . Whenever he attacked, it implied authority . For Transcendent Realm experts, even a small little retreat would result in their perishment . If they attacked, they would have to exert their strength to the fullest .

The sword-light sliced through the skies and instantly sliced the world into two parts .

Ye Xiwen extended his palm . His palm filled the skies as if he wanted to cover the entire cosmos as well . The immeasurable sword-light landed upon his golden palm, and the sound of metal and iron clashing against each other resounded .

“Clang!” The huge noise resounded everywhere throughout the area . The terrifying sound waves instantly annihilated numerous meteorites, and the area surrounding them immediately became a vast vacuum area .

The other three Transcendent Realm experts were shocked by this turn of events . They all knew how terrifying Wei Mingyang’s Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber was . As his competitors, they knew about it very clearly .

They still couldn’t be considered as fighting against each other . However, if they were to defeat numerous opponents within their sect and become their leader one day, they might immediately become enemies . This was extremely cruel .

However, they had no other choice . Even though they were working together, they were wary and on guard against each other . As a result, they somewhat knew of each other’s backup lost techniques .

The Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber was the Eight Stars School’s secret technique that wasn’t open to others . If it were cultivated to a high enough state, it would be capable of slicing through the stars . Even they would have to use all their efforts to withstand its might . And yet, Ye Xiwen blocked it with his palm .

Do metal and stones forge his body?

To them, this was undoubtedly a miracle .

However, although they were surprised, it didn’t delay their actions at all . This time, three Transcendent Realm experts attacked together to kill Ye Xiwen in one fell swoop .

Any attacks of a Transcendent Realm expert would destroy the world . Now, it was three of them . Their attacks were genuinely terrifying, as they were all using their killing techniques .

They could feel that the Ye Xiwen, who had ascended to the Transcendent Realm, was exceptionally horrifying . The battle between any Great Sage Realm experts was incomparable to this .

This was the start of an extremely horrifying situation . Numerous waves of fanatical energy were sweeping their way towards Ye Xiwen .

Within the True Martial School, almost everyone was holding their breath . When they saw Ye Xiwen ascending to the Transcendent Realm, everyone within the True Martial School let out a joyous shout . Contrary to them, the extraterrestrial overlords’ representatives were all silent .

They never expected someone to withstand the siege of four Transcendent Realm experts . He was still able to pass Heaven’s Retribution under such circumstances peacefully, and ascend to the Transcendent Realm .

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Such a miracle was way beyond their imagination .

Facing these horrifying attacks, Ye Xiwen did not remain still . He instantly controlled the Tianyuan Mirror and erected four blood-colored energy walls around him .

The Tianyuan Mirror on Ye Xiwen’s hand was bursting with a terrifying radiance . Although the Tianyuan Mirror had already become a Transcendent Tool, it was undoubtedly still considered a waste in the hands of Ye Xiwen . Only in the hands of a Transcendent Realm expert would a Transcendent Tool be able to display its mighty power . It would merely be a waste for a Half-step Transcendent Realm martial warrior to use it .

At this moment, the Tianyuan Mirror was truly displaying the terrifying mightiness of a Transcendent Tool .

“Boom!” The terrifying attacks landed upon the blood-colored energy wall and caused great windstorms . Upon the blood-colored energy wall, many formations and laws were interweaving with each other and were reviving .

The Star Beast Avatar that had entered the Transcendent Realm already possessed an unimaginable amount of force, to begin with . The amount of qi within his body was extremely thick due to his extraordinary innate talent . The thickness of his qi was ten folds more condensed than his original body . Even without utilizing the Dragon Vein, he could already use the Tianyuan Mirror . Compared to the previous state he was in, the difference was insurmountable .

Many kinds of terrifying attacks turned into nothingness in front of the Tianyuan Mirror’s blood-colored energy wall .

In the skies, the Earth Lightning became more and more intense . Every single Earth Lightning was as heavy as a hill . When they struck the ground, it would even cause a huge crater to appear . It was extraordinarily horrifying .

If this had happened previously, the threat it posed to Ye Xiwen would be huge . He would have to use all his might to contend against it . However, it was considered nothing for Ye Xiwen now .

After all, this Heaven’s Retribution was specifically designed for people who have yet to enter the Transcendent Realm . After entering the Transcendent Realm, his strength increased by more than ten folds . To him, the attacks weren’t anything now .

“You have a Transcendent Tool!” Wei Mingyang instantly felt fear . He never expected Ye Xiwen to have a Transcendent Tool .

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Even among Transcendent Realm experts, those that possessed a Transcendent Tool were extremely little . Usually, only extremely old experts would own one . Only with a high enough qualification would they be able to acquire enough wealth, and craft a Transcendent Tool .

For Transcendent Realm experts, Transcendent Tools must be compatible with one’s own body . As such, they would have to craft one personally . Transcendent Tools like Tianyuan Mirror – Ye Mo was an extreme case .

As such, they never expected Ye Xiwen, someone that had just ascended to the Transcendent Realm, to possess a Transcendent Tool . It was too illogical .

Indeed . If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen being able to evolve the Tianyuan Mirror continuously, it would be impossible for him to have acquired a Transcendent Tool .

To Transcendent Realm experts, possessing a Transcendent Tool would be equal to having an assistant of the same strength by their side . On some occasions, their combat prowess would even multiply .

Their strength was already inferior compared to Ye Xiwe’s strength . Now, it made them fearful .

With the Star Beast Avatar’s extremely high fighting talents and the Tianyuan Mirror, his strength exceeded the older Transcendent Realm experts that had ascended to the realm for thousands of years .

“Transcendent Tool?” The expression of everyone within the True Martial School changed . They never expected Ye Xiwen to possess a Transcendent Tool .

In truth, although minimal Transcendent Realm experts possessed Transcendent Tools, it didn’t mean that Transcendent Tools were extremely little . The truth wasn’t like this .

No one knew very clearly about the number of experts who appeared throughout the history of the True Martial School . Among these experts, there were many Transcendent Realm experts and had left behind numerous Transcendent Tools . Although some of them died through combat, while others perished through old age, their Transcendent Tools were left behind . However, even so, it was useless .

After all, Transcendent Tools had to be crafted by one’s self . As such, these Transcendent Tools could only be activated using specific methods during a particular time . They would be treated as trump cards . This was one of the main reasons why despite not having as many Transcendent Realm experts than the Emergence School, the True Martial School was able to contend against them . They possessed sufficient Transcendent Tools and activated them during a crucial time . As long as the control over it went well, the attacks of these Transcendent Tools would even be comparable to the attack of a Transcendent Realm expert .

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Some damaged Transcendent Tools could even be torn apart, and melt them back into raw materials . They would never be wasted . After all, every kind of material that could craft a Transcendent Tool would be costly and precious .

Only with the strength of a group would one be able to do such things . Ye Xiwen had just entered the Transcendent Realm . Even if there were sufficient materials for him to craft one, there wasn’t any time for him to do so .

Crafting a Transcendent Tool would require an extended amount of time .

And yet, they didn’t have to worry about him . After all, Ye Xiwen already possessed a Transcendent Tool . This was something that no one else had ever expected .

“Since when did he possess a Transcendent tool?” Huang Wuji was surprised . He didn’t expect it as well . However, he immediately followed up with a laugh, “This brat . No wonder he dares to receive them . So he has such a trump card!”

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