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Chapter 790: 790
Chapter 790: Transcendent Realm


A loud explosion resounded, and a bolt of striking lightning landed upon Ye Xiwen’s body . The first retribution lightning was the Water Lightning . Among the Five Elements, water was the most gentle law and power . There was this idiom that goes, “The kindest person’s personality is just like the water . ” However, it would be wrong to assume that water only had its gentle side .

There were floods, which would destroy everything it passed through .

This Water Lightning exploded within the air and struck Ye Xiwen’s entire body to be charred black . He had already retracted the Tianyuan Mirror’s protection and wanted to face this Five Elements Lightning Retribution head-on . For the Star Beast Avatar, the Five Elements Lightning Retribution was something he had to go through . It was impossible to avoid it .

Besides, he needed the Five Elements’ power to bombard his body, which would reinforce his own physical body .

Slowly, he would also reinforce the Star Beast Avatar using the Tyrant Body . With that, in addition to the Star Beast Avatar’s superb physique, it would be extremely strong after he managed to cultivate the Tyrant Body .

Not far away from him, the four Transcendent Realm experts were receiving the first wave of attack, the Water Lightning . In that instant, it broke through numerous formations . It made the faces of the four Transcendent Realm experts pale .

The Five Elements Lightning Retribution was too terrifying . Even the Water Lightning that wasn’t the strongest had such a destructive force . It was predictable what kind of retribution lightning they would have to face later .

They were scolding Ye Xiwen within their hearts . What kind of a monster is Ye Xiwen? How could he cause such a Heaven’s Retribution!? He’s truly too horrifying . Or, how did this kind of person survive until now?

When they saw Ye Xiwen retracting his red energy barrier and was forcefully contending against Heaven’s Retribution, they had to admit that Ye Xiwen was much crazier than they had imagined .

However, the more he was like this, the more they had to kill Ye Xiwen . The more terrifying someone was, the more terrifying their growth would be . If such a person didn’t belong to their faction, they would have to kill him .

“Kill! We must kill him! Otherwise, after this Heaven’s Retribution over, we wouldn’t be able to deal with him!” said Wei Mingyang with a yell . He was aware that the more terrifying Ye Xiwen’s Heaven’s Retribution was, the more terrifying his strength would be later on .

In fact, he might even surpass them in one go . This was something they definitely wouldn’t allow to happen .

However, before they could say anything else, they were struck by the overwhelming Water Lightning .

Ye Xiwen was also being covered within the Water Lightning . Sparks were constantly appearing throughout his body, and his entire body was in no good condition . The destructive force of the Water Lightning was far above other normal retribution lightning . It bombarded his body and made his entire body covered in blood . Then, he recovered his wounds with the Phoenix Regeneration Technique .

He circulated the “Tyrant Body Scripture” and “Observing People Scripture” and absorbed the Water Lightnings’ power . This was Ye Xiwen’s special method of undergoing retribution . Normal people would think of ways to disperse retribution lightning . When the retribution lightning ends, only would they be considered to have passed Heaven’s Retribution, and their cultivation would enter a new realm .

However, Ye Xiwen was different . He just broke apart the power of the retribution lightning and turned it into his power . As he was reinforcing his Tyrant Body, he was continually breaking through as well .

Very soon, Ye Xiwen realized that after the Water Lightning had bombarded him, it would diffuse on its own into two different elements – water and lightning . He was overjoyed by it . He absorbed the lightning elements that were surging out into the Demon Wings, and his movements became much more agile, like a water element swimming around the sea .




As the Water Lightning was constantly bombarding his body, he felt his physical body more durable and stronger .

Very quickly, Ye Xiwen started his counterattack . He expanded his Storm Wings behind his back and rushed towards the sky in that instant . He continuously released the “Shattered Star Fist” towards the sky, and the retribution lightning were all destroyed by him before they even descended . They were decomposed into lightning and water elements and were all absorbed by him .

Even if the retribution lightning wounded his body, he would recover with the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

“What a monster!”

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When the four Transcendent Realm experts scolded Ye Xiwen in their heart . They were in a mess because of the Water Lightning, and yet Ye Xiwen was able to withstand it without any protection .

“How’s that possible? That should be impossible!” Seeing Ye Xiwen forcefully withstanding Heaven’s Retribution, the bunch of extraterrestrial overlord experts were all dumbfounded . This wasn’t any normal Heaven’s Retribution . It was the Five Elements Lightning Retribution . Even when facing a typical Heaven’s Retribution, they would have to be extremely careful . Otherwise, they would be struck to death by the lightning, especially by this kind of Heaven’s Retribution, which they were sure would kill someone in the Transcendent Realm .

They were all dumbfounded . Contrary to their dumbfoundedness, the entire True Martial School faction was laughing . Initially, they felt that Ye Xiwen was too rash . However, from the looks of it now, Ye Xiwen was already extremely confident, to begin with .

They were also astonished by Ye Xiwen’s act of forcefully withstanding the retribution lightning .

Mu Shengjie was exceptionally astonished . Seeing this scene, his remaining thoughts of fighting against Ye Xiwen were gone . Initially, he wasn’t sure how Ye Xiwen was able to achieve such strength in such a short amount of time . Now, he understood the reason .

If Ye Xiwen had been experiencing such hardships throughout his life, it was natural for him to be strong .

Even if it was him, he knew that he couldn’t stall the enemies under Heaven’s Retribution, which would only net him a ten percent chance of survival . He couldn’t act like Ye Xiwen in such a situation .

Huang Wuji, who was upon the stage, finally understood Ye Xiwen’s intentions . Not only did he want to undergo Heaven’s Retribution, but he also wanted to use it to reinforce his body, which would allow him to enter a solid realm . When he managed to enter the Transcendent Realm, his strength would be solid even among the bunch of Transcendent Realm experts .

He was planning to kill two birds with one stone . Although he knew of Ye Xiwen’s plan, he couldn’t help but admire Xiwen . After all, even if someone knew what they had to do, one that had the guts to do so was extremely little . Typically, people would use all their might just to contend against Heaven’s Retribution,

One someone like Ye Xiwen that has a physical body much stronger than his cultivation, and was extremely strong could possibly do so .

If ordinary people were to do so, they would be struck by lightning to death . Even the four Transcendent Realm experts could only be fully on defense against the Five Elements Lightning Retribution and didn’t dare to step out of the lightning field . Of course, because of them joining in, the power of Heaven’s Retribution targeting them had increased .

However, this was enough to judge how frightening this Heaven’s Retribution was .

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Within Heaven’s Retribution, Ye Xiwen’s combat prowess increased the more he fought . His silhouette became stronger and stronger within Heaven’s Retribution as if he was a Martial God fighting within Heaven’s Retribution .

The Water Lightning that filled the skies dispersed quickly, and an even more ruthless Fire Lightning descended .

Compared to how grand the Water Lightning was, the Fire Lightning was even more ruthless, and its destructive power was much stronger . If Ye Xiwen didn’t absorb the lightning elements previously, which enhanced his physical body’s state, he would be in a much more embarrassing state .

Now, he was able to move around freely beneath the sky filled with Fire Lightnings . Contrary to him, the four Transcendent Realm experts were in agony right now . The Five Elements Lightning Retribution was already extremely terrifying to begin with . Worse still, the Fire Lightning was the most ruthless among the Five Elements Lightning Retribution .

They were now panicked . Although they could forcefully withstand it, it was utterly different from Ye Xiwen, who was still able to move around freely .

However, Ye Xiwen, who was continuously absorbing the Fire Lightning to reinforce his own body, couldn’t be bothered at them . Even if he had spare effort, he could not do anything . Based on strength alone, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to defeat them as long as he hadn’t entered the Transcendent Realm . Ye Xiwen was only using Heaven’s Retribution to trap them . They were ultimately Transcendent Realm experts and were an existence that could never be underestimated .

After the Fire Lightning, another lightning imbued with metal elements sliced through the sky and descended . Different from the ruthlessness of the Fire Lightning, the Metal Lightning was much sharper . After they were absorbed into his body, it felt like an army of soldiers had entered his body . They broke through all the nerves within his body and sliced everything instantly due to how peerlessly sharp they were .

Ye Xiwen quickly adjusted the qi within his body and started suppressing the power of the metal . He slowly turned the power of metal into his strength .

Ye Xiwen realized that as the power of metal was being absorbed into his body, his physical body seemed to improve . Among the abundance of shapeless powers, the power of metal seemed extremely beneficial for the physical body, and other powers wouldn’t even come close to its effectiveness .

After two hours had passed, the Metal Lightning had finally ended its bombardment . Within the cosmos, Ye Xiwen’s Golden Divinity was thoroughly surging . His boundless domineering aura expanded as if he was a tyrant that returned from the ancient era .

As if he were preparing some kind of transformation, a surge of intense energy was brewing within his body, like a volcano about to break through its original location .

In that instant the Earth Lightning bombarded him, the power on Ye Xiwen’s body finally couldn’t be contained anymore and started surging out .

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A surge of majestic and terrifying power swept outwards, and a surge of profound strength started surging outwards, just like wave ripples . An unprecedented power started boiling within his body .


Ye Xiwen couldn’t suppress the surging power, and the ancient seals within his brain awakened at the same time . The roar of a ferocious beast resounded and shocked the entire world .

“He has ascended to the Transcendent Realm!” An insuppressible shock appeared within Wei Mingyang and the others’ eyes . Fear was written within it as well .

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