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Chapter 789: 789

It was supposedly how powerful a Transcendent Realm expert was. Even if they didn’t specifically cultivate speed, they could quickly achieve lightning speed using the Transcendent Realm laws.

And yet, their attacks missed. It was apparent how fast Ye Xiwen was. After all, they didn’t hold back at all. No one wanted to remain within this Heaven’s Retribution. If this were to continue, they might not be able to withstand it. When such a moment arrives, it would result in their death.

Although they didn’t hold back, they still couldn’t catch Ye Xiwen. This made them a little surprised. They also got curious about this man that they never understood previously. His speed was breakneck. Although it wasn’t enough to deal with them, it was already shocking enough. The fact that he had a speed that was on par with theirs was shocking enough.

“Kill him. He must have some kinds of unimaginable treasures with him. After killing him, I shall take it from him!” Wei Mingyang’s eyes were already red. At such a moment, he was continuously bellowing. After being provoked by Ye Xiwen previously, he was already holding in his anger.

However, there was no need for him to say these. The other three experts were already lunging towards Ye Xiwen. Whatever Wei Mingyang thought of, they were naturally able to think of it as well. In fact, they thought of even more things. Besides, Ye Xiwen must have possessed a martial instrument. Since Ye Xiwen was able to withstand their attacks, it must be a Transcendent Tool. They couldn’t remain calm after thinking about such thoughts. Leaving the mysterious speed aside, they must snatch the Transcendent Tool. Not every Transcendent Realm expert would have a Transcendent Tool. Only a few qualified and extremely old seniors had the qualifications to possess it within their sects. There was no chance for these newly ascended Transcendent Realm experts to own it. The only exception was if the older batch of Transcendent Realm experts were to perish, or if they acquired it by chance.

It would take too long to await the perishment of those Transcendent Realm experts. The latter would be much more reliable. In their eyes, Ye Xiwen was such a chance.

However, Ye Xiwen would never give them such a chance. He instantly expanded his Demon’s Wings and was continuously flickering around. Within this sea of lightning, he moved exceptionally naturally with the second layer of Storm Wings over his Demon’s Wings.

He had already successfully cultivated the Storm Wings a long time ago. However, he had never managed to refine it to the maximum because of the lack of such pure elements.

Now, the lightning retributions were bombarding his body and were all absorbed by the Demon’s Wings. The Storm Wings were initially manifested by two parts, the Wind Wings and the Lightning Wings. This Lightning Retribution that filled the skies was like a heaven for the Lightning Wings. Every time it absorbed the power of lightning, Ye Xiwen’s Lightning Wings would grow stronger. As such, Ye Xiwen’s speed in shifting and evading would be even quicker.

Within the Storm Wings, the Wind Wings were used to control balance and endurance, while the Lightning Wings were used to control the instant explosive force. The reason Ye Xiwen’s pace in shifting around wasn’t that high was mainly because of the Lightning Wings.

As the Lightning Wings continuously absorbs the Lightning Retribution and experiences growth, Ye Xiwen’s speed became faster and faster. Although the area he was able to shift around wasn’t huge, it was sufficient to move around freely. The four Transcendent Realm experts quickly realized that Ye Xiwen’s speed in evading become quicker and quicker. In an instant, he was able to flicker towards multiple directions. He was much stronger compared to before.

The four of them were trying to chase after him. They were considered the most outstanding disciples among their peers. Anyone of them could effortlessly chase down a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert. However, even with the four of them working together to catch Ye Xiwen, it was no avail.

At first, Ye Xiwen seemed to be in a dangerous situation. After all, these four Transcendent Realm experts were attacking using their full force right from the start without holding back at all. Every single time, they were at the brink of capturing and hunting Ye Xiwen.

An uproar occurred within the True Martial School. Everyone was worried about Ye Xiwen and the dangerous situation he was in. Ye Xiwen was almost caught at every moment. However, every single time this happened, Ye Xiwen would be like a slippery fish that always escapes from its catcher’s hands and escapes from their attacks.

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However, as the time he managed to escape increases, the four of them became more and more impatient, while Ye Xiwen became much more agile.

The lightning downpour grew larger and larger, and Ye Xiwen’s Lightning Wings behind his back were also absorbing them much faster. It slowly reached a saturated state. When Ye Xiwen’s Lightning Wings reached its peak state, his shifting speed would reach a genuinely terrifying state. When the time comes, even if a Transcendent Realm expert were to be in front of him, they wouldn’t be able to catch him. His speed of shifting within a small area was comparable to others who had spatial ability.

If the Wind Wings were able to improve, his speed would truly reach its maximum unless the Storm Winds were able to evolve and reach its third state.

Without this Heaven’s Retribution, Ye Xiwen couldn’t cultivate his Lightning Wings to the Perfection. While his speed was already breakneck and gradually increased along with his strength, it wouldn’t reach the maximum. At least, it wouldn’t reach his maximum potential.

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As for the opportunity to make the Wind Wings stronger, he had no idea about it.

He only knew one thing. From the Star Beast’s bloodline lineage, Heaven’s Retribution of the Star Beast wasn’t as horrifying as his original body. However, that wasn’t just it.

It was merely just the beginning. From the eyes of others, the round lightning downpour had shrunk from its original size. Ye Xiwen had absorbed the boundless lightning energy as he was continuously shifting around.

Others weren’t fools. They would notice such a distinct change.

“We can’t allow him to continue absorbing. Otherwise, we won’t be able to catch him in the end!” said Wei Mingyang with a loud yell. He was the first to notice this and was also the person that hated Ye Xiwen the most.

Although they couldn’t catch up to Ye Xiwen’s speed, he believed that as long as the four worked together, Ye Xiwen would be defeated.

Just as they wanted to take action, the Retribution clouds within the skies started changing. They were radiating with five colors. When the five colors fused, five different kinds of thunder resounded within the clouds.

“Five Elements Lightning Retribution!”

The expression of the four Transcendent Realm experts changed, and their faces became pale. Their gaze, when looking at Ye Xiwen, were filled with hate. What kind of monster is this? How did he attract such a Heaven’s Retribution?

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Although Five Elements Thunder Retribution wasn’t as extravagant and horrifying as his Humanoid Heaven’s Retribution, it was considered an abnormal Heaven’s Tributation. It was an extremely terrible Heaven’s Retribution for someone who considers themselves lucky after successfully passing a normal Heaven’s Retribution.

If Ye Xiwen was the only one passing the retribution, they might gloat over him and hoped that he would die by it. However, they were currently dragged into it. When Ye Xiwen underwent the retribution, they would have to accept it as well. Although they had already ascended the Transcendent Realm, they could still feel how horrifying this Heaven’s Retribution was.

The four of them stopped chasing after Ye Xiwen at the same time and shifted their focus into making preparations. They weren’t like Ye Xiwen and weren’t able to receive Heaven’s Retribution with their own physical body. For them, it was like a myth.

The four of them took out their martial instruments and started laying down a formation within the void. Layers and layers of formations were quickly laid down proficiently. Although they were still new to the Transcendent Realm and were just starting to uncover its strength, their strength was already terrifying enough.

Their skills and foundations were extraordinarily sturdy. This was extremely hard for many others. However, in their hands, it became effortless. One formation after another kept being laid down.

Ye Xiwen was amazed by them possessing such strength. If it were any other Half-step Transcendent Realm martial warrior, they would be dead long ago.

“Five Elements Lightning Retribution!”

Not only the four Transcendent Realm experts, even numerous people within the True Martial School, could recognize it was the mythical Heaven’s Retribution. They immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

If normal Transcendent Realm Retributions allowed someone to have a ten percent chance of survival, such a mutated Heaven’s Retribution would be a one percent chance of surviving. As for Ye Xiwen’s original body that was a Humanoid Heaven’s Retribution, this was a destructive Heaven’s Retribution that we would never be able to luck out.

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Fortunately, Ye Xiwen was no ordinary man. Otherwise, he would’ve been dead long ago.

Even so, it was sufficient to make them shocked. Although they didn’t doubt Ye Xiwen’s talents any longer, this Heaven’s Retribution seemed to be proving it for him. Usually, the more terrifying a person was, the more terrifying their Heaven’s Retribution would be.

However, proving it at such a time yields no benefit to him. On the contrary, it would guarantee his death.

Unlike the people of the True Martial School, the extraterrestrial overlord’s experts were all clamoring. Ye Xiwen would surely be dead this time. He won’t have the chance to survive.

In such a chaotic situation, the first retribution lightning of the Five Elements Lightning Retribution finally struck down.

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