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Chapter 788: 788

The mighty Heaven’s Retribution instantly enveloped the sky . The horrifying might made the Transcendent Realm experts’ faces pale . They had just experienced Heaven’s Retribution . Naturally, they were aware that this Heaven’s Retribution belonged to that of a Transcendent Realm . Everyone’s faces became extremely pale .

For Ye Xiwen, these Heaven’s Retribution was totally capable of killing him when things got too dangerous . However, the opponent only had a ten percent chance of surviving, especially when undergoing the Transcendent Realm’s Heaven’s Retribution . It was the most horrifying Heaven’s Retribution they had ever witnessed .

Out of ten Half-step Transcendent Late Realm, nine of them had perished by the Transcendent Realm Heaven’s Retribution . The ten percent chance of survival made their faces pale upon thinking about it .

The terrifying Heaven’s Retribution was the reason why the number of Transcendent Realm experts was so scarce .

However, no matter what they were thinking about, Heaven’s Retribution still descended . The rolling clouds were announcing the arrival of the majestic Heaven’s Retribution .

It was too late for them to leave now . They realized that Heaven’s Retribution had already locked on them . Unless if Heaven’s Retribution was over, they couldn’t escape no matter where they went .

Standing within the center of Heaven’s Retribution, Ye Xiwen took a deep breath . This was the first time he was experiencing a Transcendent Realm’s Heaven’s Retribution . In fact, this was the first time he challenging Heaven’s Retribution using the Star Beast Avatar . Ye Xiwen wasn’t aware of what kind of retribution would descend upon him .

Ye Xiwen smiled as he looked at the four people’s faces that were extremely pale . His smile was extremely bright . They were tricked into being forced to undergo Heaven’s Retribution . He was confident that they wanted to scold him .

Currently, the True Martial School was experiencing an uproar . No one expected Ye Xiwen to use such a way to fight against his enemies . Isn’t this a suicidal attack?

“I never expected Ye Xiwen to have reached the phase of passing the Transcendent Realm’s Heaven’s Retribution . If we let him undergo the retribution in a quiet place, our school might have an addition of another Transcendent Realm expert . And yet, he’s going to undergo it during a battle . A Transcendent Realm’s Heaven’s Retribution is already scary enough . In such a situation, it only means death!”

“Indeed . I never expected Ye Xiwen’s talents to be so outstanding . He had just entered our school for a hundred years and already managed to accomplish such achievements . He can be dubbed as the number one prodigy of the school in the past tens of thousands of years . No, it’s too much of a loss if he dies here . When the time calls for it, we have to protect him no matter what the situation was!”

“Junior brother is too rash . Does he plan to perish together with them using Heaven’s Retribution?” said Bai Jiansong as he gritted his teeth, filled with hate . Of course, the hatred wasn’t directed towards Ye Xiwen . It was for the extraterrestrial overlords . “If junior brother experiences any casualties, I won’t let them live a peaceful life!”

He remembered it deeply within his heart . His talents were considered decent . With enough time, he would be able to reach the Transcendent Realm . When the time comes, he would have the capability of taking revenge .

“I agree!” Liu Yanlan by his side nodded coldly . Her heart was also boiling in anger . Only, she wasn’t proficient in displaying her emotions .

Currently, Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue were all panicking . Their spiritual senses were unable to reach such a remote area . They could only listen to the description of others . When they heard of the situation, their face became ashen . Undergoing Heaven’s Retribution while being in combat . Isn’t that just seeking death?

Undergoing Heaven’s Retribution was always a dangerous matter . Preparations had to be complete to entice Heaven’s Retribution . They weren’t certain as to what would happen .

Upon the stage, Huang Wuji’s face was still expressionless . However, the flickering in his eyes displayed the mess of emotions he was experiencing within his heart . He knew that Ye Xiwen stood out purely for him . Otherwise, he didn’t have to face such a risk .

Now, Ye Xiwen only needed a little more effort to ascend to the Transcendent Realm . If today’s matters didn’t happen, he could wait for preparations to complete before undergoing Heaven’s Retribution . However, from Huang Wuji’s perspective, undergoing the retribution so rashly would undoubtedly cost his life . Ye Xiwen was sacrificing himself for his sake .

That can’t happen! When the critical time arrives, I can’t ignore him even with my School Master position!

Contradictory to the True Martial School’s worrisome crowd, the extraterrestrial overlords were comparatively more relaxed .

“Naive! Does he think that he can launch an internecine attack on four Transcendent Realms with such a method? Truly naive!”

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“Indeed . What does he think Transcendent Realm experts are? How can such a method kill them?”

“Shameless, truly shameless! How could he use such a method! However, he definitely would fail!”

Ye Xiwen laughed . Utilizing Heaven’s Retribution to kill them? Nope! Ye Xiwen had never thought of using that method . In truth, it was impossible as well . Although Heaven’s Retribution was horrifying, these Transcendent Realm experts weren’t that easy to deal with . They would never be killed so easily . Of course, if they weren’t in the Transcendent Realm, they would be deeply wounded or die by it even if their numbers increase . The danger lay within the cultivation gap was indisputable, after all .

What Ye Xiwen planned on doing was to delay the opponents’ actions with Heaven’s Retribution . With enough time delayed, he would be able to enter the Transcendent Realm . With that, things would be different . The Star Beast Avatar that contains the Star Beast Bloodline would experience a burst in terrifying combat prowess .

Currently, the foundations of the Star Beast Avatar was extremely sturdy . The past few years were all used to ensure the stability of his foundations . Due to the Star Beast’s bloodline lineage, as long as he overcame the Transcendent Realm’s Heaven’s Retribution, his combat prowess would experience a surging increase . The power slumbering deep within his bloodline would also awaken very quickly . He didn’t need to enhance his combat power like others slowly .

This was his greatest advantage .

“Kill him! Kill him, and the Heaven’s Retribution would end!” said Wei Mingyang with an angry bellow . He was currently outraged . He could feel how thick the clouds were getting in the sky .

At such a moment, the other three Transcendent Realm experts couldn’t remain calm any longer . If Heaven’s Retribution were to befall, the four of them would be affected by it . They had to kill him before the Heaven’s Retribution’s power manifest at an extremely horrifying degree .

The terrifying and boundless aura enveloped everything as if it wanted to drown Ye Xiwen . It was truly horrifying .

Just as the opponent wanted to take action, numerous thunders struck from the sky . In an instant, the entire cosmos became a sea of lightning .

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At this moment, the horrifying aura of the heavens was in full display . Everything within the sea of lightning turned into nothingness and dispersed entirely within .

Just like a downpour, it instantly came down and drowned everything . The lightning sea flooded everything . Even the surrounding meteorites had turned into fragments .

Ye Xiwen felt the lightning turning into one huge dragon after another in an instant, and were all bombarding his body . With the Tianyuan Mirror protecting him, these bolts of lightning were unable to get near him .

Like how Ye Xiwen expected, the four Transcendent Realm experts withstood the lightning downpour and came to pursue him .

They were enveloped in layers of Qi and wanted to kill Ye Xiwen instantly . Whenever the lightning downpour befell upon them, it exhausted a large amount of their Qi . They weren’t like Ye Xiwen . They didn’t have the Dragon Vein buried within the Tianyuan Mirror that could be used at their disposal .

“Bang!” Ran Chengtian bellowed and made a move first . The first move he made was the Heavenly Martial Heavens Severing Palm . It was the top-notch lost technique of the Heavenly Martial Sect . His hand almost grabbed the entire world into destruction . His hand came crashing downwards towards Ye Xiwen . Within the sea of lightning, everywhere was trembling .

Even the insides of the sea of lightning were trembling . The tremble was so terrifying that it even shook the entire world . Ye Xiwen had a feeling that even the skies were going to be severed . He couldn’t avoid nor retreat from it and was forced to endure it with all his might .

The Tianyuan Mirror within his body was radiating with an even brilliant blood-colored radiance . It instantly formed a protective layer, just like a layer of armor . With his hands clenched into a fist, he went up against Ran Chengtian’s attack .


Two shocking brilliance surged from within, followed by boundless energy waves . It swept through the area with an insurmountable force . Even the boundless lightning retribution sea was swept away by this terrifying force, and nothing remained .

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As the radiance dissipated, it was instantly destroyed by the lightning downpour . Ye Xiwen’s body flew from within . Such a horrifying trembling force caused the blood-colored protection on his body to form a few cracks .

Ran Chengtian didn’t hold back at all . His intention to kill Ye Xiwen in the first move was so blatant . Ye Xiwen wasn’t able to withstand it . The strength of a Transcendent Realm expert was much more terrifying than he had imagined .

However, before he could catch a breath, the Ten Extremities Sect’s Mu Qingman arrived in front of him . She brought along a boundless and horrifying aura, which instantly bombarded Ye Xiwen .

In such a situation, Ye Xiwen couldn’t go against her attack forcefully . He immediately expanded his Demon Wings, and his speed increased by a significant caliber . He turned into a ray of golden light and disappeared within the lightning downpour . When he reappeared, he was already thousands of miles away . He immediately dodged away from Mu Qingman’s killing technique . Such a speed was considered to be heaven-defying .

Seeing how Ye Xiwen managed to dodge their killing technique, the Transcendent Realm experts were shocked . They never expected Ye Xiwen’s speed to be so quick . Although none of them had explicitly cultivated techniques that increase speed, it wouldn’t be a glaring shortcoming for a Transcendent Realm expert . Even if it was their shortcoming, it was sufficient in crushing experts below the Transcendent Realm .

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