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Chapter 786: 786
Chapter 786: Come At Me Together!

Everyone looked towards the source of the sound and realized that it was none other than the Ye Xiwen that had yet to back off previously .

Ye Xiwen had a slothful attitude, and he slowly walked over to them . Everyone widened their eyes and looked at Ye Xiwen . They didn’t know what Ye Xiwen would do . If it were previously, they wouldn’t care about such an insignificant character like Ye Xiwen . However, after the previous matters, they didn’t dare to look down on such an irrelevant character like Ye Xiwen anymore .

The previous slap had already displayed his bravery . He was genuinely overflowing with audacity . He was someone that would be hard to deal with . When such a person suddenly interrupts during such a situation, it made people wary of him .

Can’t he tell what kind of situation this is?

When Transcendent Realm experts take action, an insignificant character like him wouldn’t have the chance to step into it . Or, he shouldn’t even have come out . Otherwise, he would be stepped on by others at any time . And yet, he had appeared . It made many people confused as to what he wanted to do .

“You again?” The Meteor Sect’s elder and the group glared at Ye Xiwen . It was because of Ye Xiwen that they were humiliated by the Old City Lord . However, they didn’t dare to put the blame on the Old City Lord . After all, they knew that the Old City Lord was much stronger than them . As for Ye Xiwen, they weren’t worried about him at all .

“You again . Do you want to die? If that’s the case, I’ll fulfill your desire!” Wei Mingyang, who clad in white clothes, glared coldly at Ye Xiwen as if he was looking at a corpse . He disregarded Ye Xiwen at all, as he felt that Ye Xiwen didn’t have the qualifications to speak to him on equal grounds .

Ye Xiwen was just a mere Great Sage . Even if he was in the Half-step Transcendent Realm, the disparity in strength still exists . They only understood how laughable their thoughts were after they managed to ascend to the Transcendent Realm . The disparity in strength between a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert and a Transcendent Realm expert was too huge . Transcendent Realm was an entirely different caliber .

Previously, they were looked down upon by such people . Now, they had the qualifications to look down on others .

Just like how Ye Xiwen hated them, they didn’t like this person that kept meddling with the situation either .

“I’m just telling the truth . Who are you guys? Do you think you have the qualifications to let my senior brother take action personally? It’s truly crushing a nut with a sledgehammer . I alone am sufficient in dealing with the four of you!” said Ye Xiwen as he squinted his eyes with a smile .

At such a moment, he was forced to come out . After all, no matter what his senior brother did, he would be in the wrong . Without accepting the match, it meant that he chickened out . If he took the match, he would be laughed upon by others, no matter if he won or lost . If he won, he would be said to bully others . If he lost, he would be called someone that couldn’t even defeat someone of the newer generation .

Very quickly, people would be able to determine the strength of the True Martial School . This was precisely the part which the True Martial School didn’t want others to see the most . As such, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to step out now in such a situation .

“Seems like you want to die . If that’s the case, allow me to fulfill your desire!” said Wei Yangming in a cold manner . His white shirt swayed lightly by the gentle winds; he seemed like a white god of death with the ice-cold killing intent enveloping the sky .

“It’s pointless for all of you to come one after another!” said Ye Xiwen, “The four of you can come to attack me together . After all, there’s no difference!”


“Arrogant! Is the True Martial School filled with such people?”


Just as Ye Xiwen finished speaking, the representatives of the extraterrestrial overlords immediately yelled . From their perspective, Ye Xiwen wasn’t anything special . Although his previous attack was outstanding and managed to shatter the teeth of a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert, a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert and a Transcendent Realm expert was different in terms of strength .

If provoking a Transcendent Realm expert meant death, provoking four at once simply meant speeding up the process .

“Arrogant? Am I as arrogant as you bunch? What identity do four of you have? You think you have the qualifications to challenge my senior brother?” said Ye Xiwen as he exposed these people’s intentions without any sense of formality . These people who recently ascended to the Transcendent Realm might be a powerhouse figure within their sect . However, their identity wasn’t comparable to Huang Wuji at all . In fact, among everyone present, Huang Wuji held the highest position .

Not only did these people not respect him in the slightest, they even provocated Huang Wuji . This was true arrogance . Compared to them, Ye Xiwen’s actions were nothing .

“If you’re seeking death, let me fulfill your wish!” At this moment, Wei Mingyang attacked . His anger had already hit its limits . Ye Xiwen was thoroughly shaming him right now . Who do you think you are? How dare you act so presumptuous in front of me .

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It’s been too long since someone dared to act like this in front of him . Although he was still considered a youth, he was a Transcendent Realm expert . When one reaches this stage, they tend to be prideful . They wouldn’t be able to bear with Ye Xiwen’s provocations .

His figure flickered, and he instantly reached in front of Ye Xiwen, as if he had teleported . Just as he wanted to grab Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen suddenly disappeared into thin air .

“Are you thinking of running away?” Wei Mingyang yelled towards the sky . As expected, a ray of golden light appeared, and Ye Xiwen’s silhouette appeared at that spot . Although he could guess where he was, it was useless because of how fast Ye Xiwen’s speed was . Even if he could guess where he was, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to his speed within such a short time .

“Escape? Hmph, that battlefield is merely too small . If you have the capabilities, fight together by the starry skies . Don’t come at me one by one . How about four of you come to me all at once? After all, there wouldn’t be any pressure in dealing with all of you!” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly and said in a scornful tone . He didn’t hold those four Transcendent Realm experts in high regard at all .

Ye Xiwen’s casual tone angered the other three Transcendent Realm experts . Their rage surged, like lava surging out of a flaming volcano .

“Brat, you must be tired of living!” Ran Chengtian’s nose flared from anger . With how he managed to ascend to the Transcendent Realm at such a young age, he was naturally very prideful . After being continuously provoked by Ye Xiwen, he couldn’t take it any longer and instantly chased after Ye Xiwen .

Behind Ran Chengtian, Mu Qingman and Xi Zhiyong followed after him . However, they didn’t have the intention of attacking . They merely followed him out of anger . They didn’t feel that they needed to attack at all .

If all of them were to attack together, they would be extremely shameful . A few Transcendent Realm experts can’t even deal with a Great Sage?

Wouldn’t that be a huge joke?

If words about this were spread out, they would be extremely shameful .

As for others, they didn’t even budge . They expanded their spiritual senses and were witnessing everything happening by the starry skies .

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Some people in the True Martial School were very anxious . They knew how strong Ye Xiwen was . He had slain multiple Half-step Transcendent Realm experts before .

However, everyone thought the same thing . How could a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert be compared to a Transcendent Realm expert?

The former had no qualifications to be compared to the latter at all . Ye Xiwen stood up at such a moment to assist Huang Wuji and prevent him from being shamed . However, such an act was useless . He wouldn’t be able to deal with Transcendent Realm experts, and there were four of them . Only death awaits him now .

When he dies, they would still want to challenge Huang Wuji forcefully . When the time comes, things would be hard to deal with . After all, the older generations wouldn’t be able to take action at all . If they took action, they would be classified as one that bullies others with seniority . This would imply that the True Martial School was truly weak right now .

However, the real issue here was that the True Martial School was currently very weak indeed . They knew about how vulnerable they were . Among the younger generations, other than Huang Wuji, no one else would be able to suppress the situation .

Mu Shengjie, who was a Half-step Transcendent Late Realm, wouldn’t be considered bad . However, he was a tad weaker than these distinguished overlord’s prodigies who had ascended to the Transcendent Realm . And yet, with such minuscule difference between them, Mu Shengjie was unable to deal with them .

Although they knew how weak they were, they couldn’t expose it at all . This was the biggest problem present . Everyone had an anxious expression on their face, especially the higher-ups of the True Martial School .

They knew of Ye Xiwen’s talents . He would be able to ascend to the Transcendent Realm in the future for sure . It would be a pity if he were to die in such a situation .

Hesitation appeared on many people’s faces . Even if they had to take action, they wanted to assure Ye Xiwen’s safety . It was a waste to let Ye Xiwen die just like that .

As if he had seen through the thoughts of the higher-ups of the True Martial School, the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder strode forward and said, “Since it’s a spar, there might be times where accidents happen . Hopefully, everyone will forgive such mistakes!”

Everyone in the True Martial School immediately became angry . They were taking advantage of the situation and planned to kill Ye Xiwen . They first used words to prevent the True Martial School from interfering and allow the four Transcendent Realm disciples to kill Ye Xiwen .

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Such cruelty!

Everyone in the True Martial School hated the elder badly!

Especially the disciples in the Tibetan Star Summit . Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue were both incredibly anxious . Previously, they only knew that their little brother was extremely well-known within the True Martial School and had made a name for himself . However, they never expected him to face such dangers .

He had just entered the True Martial School . Because Ye Xiwen makes things much easier for them, the experience they had was much different from the dire situation Ye Xiwen had previously faced . Everything was successful for them . However, only by now did he understood a little about the dangers that Ye Xiwen had encountered within the True Martial School .

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