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Published at 6th of October 2020 06:00:10 PM
Chapter 785: 785
Chapter 785: Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nu

“I heard that the True Martial School’s new School Master is a heroic youth . He’s able to ascend to the School Master’s position at such a young age . Our Heavenly Martial Sect has a heroic youth as well and intends on challenging the School Master . Do you have the courage to agree to it?” said a middle-aged Transcendent Realm expert with a mustache on his face .

The True Martial School instantly experienced an uproar . The reason was straightforward . The Heavenly Martial Sect wanted to challenge the School Master with one of their disciples .

Anger instantly painted everyone’s faces . It was a blatant challenge while belittering the True Martial School Master . Nevermind Huang Wuji’s cultivation strength, his status was already equal to the numerous overlords that held high authority . In reality, based on the positions of everyone present, no one could match up to him .

Even these extraterrestrial overlord elder’s status was lower than Huang Wuji’s . Naturally, the youth of their sect would have an even weaker status . It wasn’t just lower by a few levels . Even the seniority was entirely different . There was no way to compare the two of them together .

And yet, the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder wanted to let their “young talents” challenge Huang Wuji . Wasn’t he just planning on shaming the True Martial School?

Do you see this? The True Martial School’s School Master isn’t worth anything . He’s just comparable to the youth in our sect .

This sentence made Huang Wuji enter an awkward situation . If he accepted, it would disgrace his seniority . If he rejected, he would be considered to have chickened out . Even if he won, nothing beneficial would happen . After all, it was expected that the School Master could defeat a youth . However, if he lost, the entire True Martial Domain would know that the True School Master had lost to a youth .

Everyone understood what kind of dangerous intentions they harbored and displayed an angry expression on their face .

He was purely humiliating the True Martial School . Even if he didn’t do anything, he would be able to degrade the True Martial School . As such, the True Martial School’s disciples were furious .

For so many years, although the True Martial School hadn’t been governing the True Martial Domain, they were still a huge force . Even a vast force of the True Martial Domain wouldn’t have the courage to act so presumptuously .

However, ever since these extraterrestrial overlords arrived, the True Martial School felt an apparent pressure from them . They were more potent than the True Martial School . Even the various forces that were going against True Martial School were annihilated by these extraterrestrial overlord forces, which had shocked the entire world . They didn’t even hold the True Martial School in high regard and were scornful towards them .

They treated the True Martial Domain as the indigenous people of a rural area!

Thinking back to the glorious state of the True Martial School, and how these people would belittle them like they were some indigenous people, the disciples of the True Martial School held a deep rage within their hearts .

Now, these extraterrestrial overlords wanted to use this method to shame them . It made everyone throughout the True Martial School rage .

Even Ye Xiwen’s expression was gruesome . These extraterrestrial overlords are persistent . Even God would get angry .

However, the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder’s gaze traversed through the void and looked at Huang Wuji, who was on the stage, along with his ethereal voice . He didn’t care about the True Martial School’s rage .


Nope . For him, this wasn’t counted as shaming them . He merely wanted to test the strength of the True Martial School .

The True Martial School suddenly changed their School Master, which caused the outside world to ponder what had happened . Some people said that the True Martial School’s School Master had exhausted all his vigor during the last ten years of warfare and was about to perish soon .

There were also many kinds of rumors . For the extraterrestrial overlords that had been coveting on True Martial Domain for many years, they wanted to know what had happened .

Since it was impossible for them to challenge the original School Master, they would challenge the new School Master . Based on the strength of the new School Master, they would be able to guess if the ascension was rushed, or if it had already been in preparation for a long time . If it happened because they were in a rush, the extraterrestrial overlords would have a vague understanding of True Martial School’s strength .

If the ascension of the new School Master happened too rashly, and Huang Wuji was merely a replacement for the empty spot, it would imply that the formal School Master was deeply wounded during the last ten years of warfare . The Supreme School Master had only attacked once during the ten years of war . If so, then he was receiving backlash from the True Martial Stone Sword . It would also imply that the True Martial Stone Sword couldn’t be used continuously, and there were specific reasons for such a strength to be unleashed .

In other words, without the pressure of the True Martial Stone Sword, the True Martial School would be like a small white rabbit, while the extraterrestrial overlords would become a pack of hungry wolves and tigers . Without any protection, it could only await its fate of being massacred .

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Although the True Martial School was much stronger than the forces within the True Martial Domain, it was useless . Without the protection and pressure of the True Martial Stone Sword, forces in True Martial Domain might get defeated by the oppression of the extraterrestrial forces .

After all, the True Martial School was now considered the local representative force of the True Martial Domain . If the True Martial School were to be destroyed, the other True Martial Domain forces would have to contemplate whether they should leave the True Martial Domain . Even if they left the True Martial Domain, their future was uncertain . But, it was still much better than being annihilated .

However, such actions were undoubtedly considered blatant provocations to the True Martial School’s disciples .

“This untalented Ran Chengtian would like to be given pointers by the School Master!” At this moment, a youth martial warrior stepped out at an appropriate moment . His figure was huge, had thick eyebrows, and huge eyes . His aura was sharp and domineering, and he was exuding the aura of a Transcendent Realm expert .

He had just entered the Transcendent Realm very recently and had yet to stabilize his cultivation . And yet, he was dragged here . It was apparent how urgent the situation was .

At the same time, it was apparent how much of a difference in strength the True Martial School and these overlords possessed . Within the True Martial School, other than the senior brother – Huang Wuji, who was being nurtured with utmost priority, no one else had entered the Transcendent Realm . Even Mu Shengjie had only reached the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm . He was still far away from ascending to the Transcendent Realm .

The disparity in strength was extremely apparent .

“I’m Wei Mingyang of the Eight Stars School . I’m also willing to accept pointers from the School Master!” said another white shirt man that walked forward and cupped his hands . He was from the Eight Stars School, one of the extraterrestrial overlords . His strength wasn’t any different compared to that of Ran Chengtian .

“Mu Qingman of the Ten Extremities Sect would like to challenge the School Master as well!” It was an extreme beauty that looked like she was around twenty years old . Her long red robes highlighted the perfect outline of her body . On her delicate face was a few hints of coldness . Although she had just ascended to the Transcendent Realm, she had ascended after all . She was still a powerhouse figure that was a little lower in terms of seniority . Her body was already surging with the demeanor of a Transcendent Realm expert .

“Xi Zhiyong of the Ancient Origins Palace would like to join in as well!” This was a middle-aged looking martial warrior . His body was leaking with a mature aura that was much thicker than the sharp character that others possessed .

The faces of everyone in the True Martial School instantly turned pale . This is pure provocation . It is a provocation that is planned for a long time . They had most likely already discussed these beforehand . Otherwise, how could they have four new Transcendent Realm experts at such an “appropriate” timing? Isn’t this purely for shaming us?

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Some people were thinking much deeper into it . They realized that they were miles apart from the extraterrestrial overlords . At least, their nurturing of the Transcendent Realm experts were much weaker . If it weren’t for them nurturing Huang Wuji with utmost priority during the past few years, which allowed him to enter the Transcendent Realm, there wouldn’t be anyone in the Transcendent Realm within the youth .

However, these overlords had such talented youth . Although they were considerably younger, each of them possessed an unparalleled strength .

A Transcendent Realm expert would be respected no matter where they go . As for a young Transcendent Realm expert, they wouldn’t be underestimated no matter where they are .

They gave in all their efforts and finally managed to nurture one . And yet, these overlords had casually found four of them . For the True Martial School, this was an unimaginable amount of pressure .

The four of them attacked at the same time, and their terrifying auras connected as they lunged towards Huang Wuji, who was by the stage . Even the skies seemed like it was about to fall from the oppression of such a terrifying aura .

Any one of their attacks would wipe out an area . With the four of them, it was terrifying even if they were just leaking their aura .

Many True Martial School’s disciples were already feeling a little despair . The four of them were too strong . Even the aura that they leaked out alone was already so terrifying . It would be unimaginable if they were to attack .

Although Huang Wuji had been famous for many years, it wasn’t enough to curb their worries . If his opponent was merely in the Half-step Transcendent Realm, everyone believes that he would win . After all, he had been famous for many years, and his strength was extraordinary . However, among the Transcendent Realm realm, Huang Wuji was just an amateur that had just ascended very recently . It was hard for others to believe him .

The row of Half-step Transcendent Realm youthful experts below stared at the four experts in an unresigned manner . Mu Shengjie was already not far off from the Transcendent Realm, yet he felt helpless . He was just half a step away . However, even with this half step alone, it made the disparity in strength between him and these four top-notch experts as huge as the distance between the skies and the earth .

Can a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert be compared with a Transcendent Realm expert?

Of course not!

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As such, they had no choice and could only watch these four people shame the True Martial School . After all, even if they went up, it would only result in their death . They wouldn’t even be able to withstand an attack . Even if they had just ascended to the Transcendent Realm for a short while and have yet to stabilize their cultivation, it was simple enough to kill them .

At such a moment, they could only tighten their fist with a pale face . They wouldn’t even be able to stand up against them .

Everyone looked at the Supreme School Master and wanted to see how he would react . In truth, in such a situation, he would be in the wrong no matter how he dealt with it, whether he accepted the challenge or not .

“What a joke! My senior brother has to take action to deal with all of you? There’s no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut!” A clear voice resounded from the side .

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