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Chapter 787: 787

Indeed. Now, Ye Xiwen was well-known within the True Martial School. However, the respect he acquired was traded with him always putting his life on the line. If it weren’t for him to continue risking his life to fight others and escape death numerous times, he wouldn’t have such status and popularity.

There wasn’t any cheating involved within.

Before they arrived here, he had never expected such things to happen. This was different from when they were in Yi Yuan Sect. In Yi Yuan Sect, he had his father to shield him from hazardous situations. Later, Ling Zhantian was protecting him as well. As such, most circumstances wouldn’t be too hazardous for him. However, after truly entering the True Martial School, everything was completely different. No one could shield Ye Xiwen anymore.

Besides, he had offended the extremely influential Law Enforcement Hall upon entering the school. For a new disciple, it was an extremely dire situation. And yet, he had managed to overcome such a situation.

After they entered the True Martial School and heard of Ye Xiwen’s glorious past, they treated it like a story. They didn’t pay much attention to it. Even if there were any situations mentioned, they would only hear how Ye Xiwen was massacring others. They didn’t know how much of danger involved within these stories.

After entering the True Martial School, they were led to the Tibetan Star Summit by Ye Xiwen. Their experience here was extremely smooth. They finally had the chance to witness how Ye Xiwen managed to force his way through dire situations.

Moreover, he had even offended the legendary Transcendent Realm experts. How could they not be anxious?

In fact, they held even less confidence than these True Martial School disciples. The True Martial School’s higher-ups had witnessed Ye Xiwen’s growth and knew that Ye Xiwen knew some powerful lost techniques. However, they were different. They didn’t get the chance to witness Ye Xiwen’s growth, and their impression towards him was still the same as the previous Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen killing a Great Sage was already a dream-like achievement for them. Killing a Transcendent Realm expert was even more of a legend in their eyes.

However, no matter what, Ye Xiwen and the other four experts were rushing outside of the True Martial Domain with lightning speed and fought towards the deep parts of the starry skies. Just like what Ye Xiwen had said, it was too constricting to be fighting within the True Martial Domain. If they weren’t careful, they might destroy the ancestral peak. Although others wouldn’t mind, people of the True Martial School would mind. As such, he brought the fight over to the starry skies.

The four experts surrounded him. Within them, only Wei Mingyang took action and came closer towards him. The other three didn’t have any intentions of attacking him. The four of them besieging Ye Xiwen was already shameful enough. If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen’s words that forced them to do so, they would never do such a thing.

It wasn’t because they were kind, nor was it for moral reasons. They merely felt contempt about it. Wouldn’t it be too shameful for four of them to work together just for dealing with a mere Great Sage?

The four of them were outstanding people within their sect. None of them would be able to shame themselves this way.

“Hmph, no matter how much you struggle, it’s futile. After all, you’re going to die. You can’t escape!” said Wei Mingyang with a cold smile. An expression of ruthlessness appeared on his face. He deeply hated Ye Xiwen for daring to shame him.

Ye Xiwen sucked in a cold breath. Four Transcendent Realm experts. Such a fanatical move.

“Ye Xiwen, have you gone mad? These are four Transcendent Realm experts. You wouldn’t even be able to defeat any single one of them. What are you thinking of by attracting all four of them here?” Ye Mo’s bellow resounded within his mind. He didn’t know what Ye Xiwen wanted to do. Even with the protection from the Tianyuan Mirror that had ascended to a Transcended Tool, he merely could go against a Transcendent Realm expert. For example, he would be able to ignore the opponent’s aura. However, this didn’t imply that he could truly defeat one. And now, he had to face four of them.

In his eyes, this was no different from seeking death. Even the Tianyuan Mirror might be destroyed in such a situation.

“I’m aware. It’s precisely because they’re Transcendent Realm experts that I had to lure them here. Otherwise, it would be impossible to deal with it. You’ve seen their attitudes earlier. They wanted to force the True Martial School into an awkward situation. It’s nothing if the school loses face. Most importantly, we can’t allow them to see how weak we are. Otherwise, the overlord alliance would come to attack the True Martial School within a short time. Such a result is much more terrifying!” said Ye Xiwen coldly. Naturally, he was unequivocal what four Transcendent Realm experts meant.

However, in such a situation, he had no choices left. There wasn’t any other way out.

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly. The aura on his body was continuously surging. He broke through the Great Sage Realm and ascended to the Half-step Transcendent Realm!

Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm!

Half-step Transcendent Intermediate Realm!

Half-step Transcendent Late Realm!

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Ye Xiwen’s aura soared till the Half-step Transcendent Late Peak Realm. With only a tiny push, he would ascend to the Transcendent Realm. The only thing he lacked was Heaven’s Retribution.

Previously, Ye Xiwen had changed his position with the Star Beast Avatar when he was flying through the cosmos, under the situation where no one knew about it. This was also why he dared to gamble. Even if he failed, it wouldn’t be an absolute fail. He still had a chance. Although his own body would receive a considerable backlash, his life wouldn’t be in danger.

“So you’ve been concealing your strength? So you’re in the Half-step Transcendent Realm. However, do you think that makes any difference? Such a laughable joke. Do you think that a Half-step Transcendent Realm would be able to deal with us, experts in the Transcendent Realm?” Wei Mingyang was shocked by Ye Xiwen’s increase in strength. He never expected Ye Xiwen to have raised his cultivation strength without him seeing through it.

Naturally, he didn’t know that Ye Xiwen’s original body only had the strength of a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm. This was his Star Beast Avatar. Naturally, their cultivation was different.

“If you only hid such a tiny bit of strength, then today is the day you die!” A cruel smile flashed across Wei Mingyang’s face as if he had seen something that sparked joy.

“Hurry up and deal with this pesky bug. I still want to assess the True Martial School’s School Master, and see whether he’s that strong!” said Mu Qingman in a slothful manner. Her tone was chilly. She didn’t even care about Ye Xiwen’s death, and even Huang Wuji as well.

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Although she was ordered to challenge Huang Wuji by her master, she had the intention to fight against him as well. Although they were around the same age, Huang Wuji was already in control of a legacy. And yet, they were just a new powerhouse figure of their sect. The vast difference between them and Huang Wuji made them feel unresigned. On what basis can he become a School Master? They were jealous of him even if he was the School Master of a rural area.

When they held the competitiveness in their hearts, they would naturally want to win against Huang Wuji to prove themselves to be stronger than Huang Wuji.

“Relax. It won’t take long. It would just take a while!” said Wei Mingyang as he moved towards Ye Xiwen. He lunged towards Ye Xiwen, and his towering body made it seem like his attack had enveloped the entire skies.

A radiating saber light instantly flashed. It slew the heavens and earth, and even chaos itself was trembling. This was the Eight Stars School’s lost technique.

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Eight-Stars Royalty Shattering Saber!

If it were fully released, it would be capable of slaying the heavens and earth.

Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to underestimate it. Wei Mingyang’s attacks were too quick. In an instant, he had rushed in front of Ye Xiwen. His saber had already approached Ye Xiwen’s face as if it was about to slash Ye Xiwen apart.

Blood colored radiance arose from Ye Xiwen’s body as if it was a blood-dyed armor. He immediately clenched his hand into a fist. With a boom, it transformed into a massive star. He punched it against the saber attack.


The long saber slashed the massive star, and a horrifying clashing sound resounded as if two powerful forces had clashed against each other. Within it, blood-colored power was splashing out, which made it terrifying. The long saber slashed through the massive star and landed on Ye Xiwen’s fist. However, his attack was blocked by the blood-colored energy. He wasn’t able to kill Ye Xiwen.

However, the enormous force’s ripples passed through the blood-colored armor and affected Ye Xiwen’s body. Ye Xiwen was forced backward by three steps and finally managed to dissipate the enormous force.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes glinted in excitement. In the previous duel, he had lost. His fist intent was slashed apart by Wei Mingyang’s saber aura very thoroughly. If it wasn’t for the Tianyuan Mirror protecting him, he might have been sliced into half on the spot. The disparity in strength between him and a Transcendent Realm expert was huge.

Even so, the enormous force had managed to reach his body. If it wasn’t for the Tyrant Body being sturdy, he might be deeply wounded by such a force alone.

It was conceivable when he had to step back three steps to dissipate the enormous force.

Fortunately, Wei Mingyang’s strength was miles apart from the Emergence School Leader. He wasn’t comparable to the Emergence School Leader’s terrifying strength in the slightest. Even when the Emergence School Leader was gravely wounded, the feeling he gave Ye Xiwen was much scarier than the aura Wei Mingyang emitted. With the combat experience, it was undoubtedly extremely beneficial to him.

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Although he was shocked, Wei Mingyang was in even more of a shock. He let out a “what” sound. Ye Xiwen was merely shocked by the Transcendent Realm expert’s strength, which he was fighting against.

However, Wei Mingyang was genuinely shocked. He didn’t understand how Ye Xiwen didn’t die and managed to block his strength.

Could it be that he’s able to fight against a Transcendent Realm expert? That’s impossible!

However, before he could think of anything else, he suddenly felt the world’s pressure swiftly expanding fanatically. Within the vast starry skies, dusky clouds started gathering together.

Is someone challenging a Retribution?

This thought instantly flashed across his mind!

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