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Chapter 782: Chapter 782: Is this the Way You Treat Your Guests
Chapter 782: Is this the Way You Treat Your Guests?

In the True Martial School, the ascension ceremony of the new Supreme School Master was a grand occasion that would only happen once every few thousand years . Naturally, the event’s decorations would be very grand as well . Lights were hung up everywhere, and almost covered the entire ancestral peak where the School Master’s Manor was located at .

No matter what identity the School Master previously had, they would automatically quit their original legatee after becoming the School Master . The ancestral peak had its own underlings that possessed absolute loyalty to the School Master, and were all his to be ordered around .

Of course, the School Master’s original legatee would become a solid backup for the School Master, just like how it worked with the bridal family . Of course, the School Master would also help the bridal family to gain some benefits . These were unavoidable .

As a result, the battle for the School Master title was always extremely intense . Not only would the battle involve the candidates, it also involves the legatees behind them . In the past, such a clash would only happen among the top ten legatees . This was the first time that a School Master doesn’t belong to any of the ten legatees . However, after thinking about the foundations the Tibetan Star Summit had, everyone didn’t object anymore . After all, the Tibetan Star Summit was once among the top ten legatees . Most importantly, a Transcendent Realm expert would appear in every generation of the Tibetan Star Summit . If it wasn’t for them focusing on the “Tibetan Star Sutra”, they might have already produced a School Master a long time ago .

Numerous legatee representatives were by the enormous ancestral peak . Due to the abundance of the True Martial School’s disciples, it wasn’t possible to fit them all into the ancestral peak no matter how large it was . Besides, many representatives of the extraterrestrial overlords factions and the True Martial Domain’s factions were sent here . As such, every legatee would only be allowed to dispatch a few representatives ahead . Naturally, the Tibetan Star Summit didn’t have many people to begin with, and the next-in-line School Master could bring his own family and his bridal family members along .

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the senior brother . I wonder how he is now . Haha, he had became the Supreme School Master . He must be extremely domineering now!” said Deng Shuixin and she tilted her head in a cute manner . She already had such a personality to begin with . It wouldn’t change even if she had became the senior sister of many other disciples . While she was Ye Xiwen’s senior sister, she acted more like a junior sister .

“Of course! The Supreme School Master will definitely be very domineering!” said Yang Wenjun . Originally, he expected the senior brother to only become the next Tibetan Star Son . He never expected him to become the next School Master . After all, the School Master’s position had always been chosen among the top ten legatees . As for the Tibetan Star Summit, they had been out of that category for many years .

In the Tibetan Star Summit, they were all treated as actual younger generations . As such, they acted very casually, and wouldn’t put other matters in their mind .

When the Tibetan Star Summit group arrived, they were led into a plaza by the ancestral peak . Today’s ascension ceremony would be conducted within this plaza .

The plaza had been divided into three parts . One part was naturally for the representatives of each linages within the True Martial School . It occupied the most space . As for the other part, it was for the extraterrestrial overlords’ representatives . Those that occupied some parts in the True Martial Domain had all sent their representatives over . The last part was for the representatives of other forces within the True Martial Domain . As for the representatives that didn’t belong to these huge factions, they didn’t even have the chance to enter the plaza .

As soon as the Tibetan Star Summit group entered, they saw many of the True Martial School’s lineage’s disciples . The Tibetan Star Summit’s group was arranged to be beside the top ten legatees . As the new School Master’s bridal family, along with a Transcendent Realm expert – the Tibetan Star Son leading them, they naturally had the qualifications to remain there .

However, the Tibetan Star Son didn’t sit together with them . Instead, he sat by the very first row . More than twenty Transcendent Realm experts of the True Martial School had all appeared . They swept their cold gaze across the crowds, and prevented anyone from doing anything that would bring harm to the school .

After Ye Xiwen sat down, he didn’t care about anyone else’s actions anymore . Instead, he peacefully entered the Tianyuan Mirror . Within the deep parts of the little cosmos within his body, the Tianyuan Mirror was emitting a blood coloured radiance, and a majestic power surged from within . It was the power of a Transcendent Realm expert . Until now, Ye Xiwen had yet to come in contact with that power .

Although it was the power of the Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen could use a part of it as his own power . With that power, he wouldn’t be so powerless when facing a Transcendent Realm expert, just like how he was last time .

Even if a Transcendent Realm expert’s attacks with full force were to befall upon him, the Tianyuan Mirror would block it for him . With this, he would have the qualifications to battle against a Transcendent Realm expert .

The disparity in strength between the Half-step Transcendent Realm and the Transcendent Realm was like the heavens and earth . No matter how strong a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert was, he would be like a suckling in the eyes of a true Transcendent Realm expert .

However, with the assistance of the Tianyuan Mirror that had evolved into a Transcendent Tool, everything would be different . He could utilize the power of the Tianyuan Mirror to temporarily deal with the Transcendent Realm expert’s attacks . Although the power released by the Tianyuan Mirror was related to Ye Xiwen’s strength, there was a Dragon Vein deep within the Tianyuan Mirror . He could just utilize the power of the Dragon Vein, which would allow him to achieve the power level of a Transcendent Realm expert in a short amount of time .

However, it would only be temporary . Even the power contained within the Dragon Vein was unable to continuously allow the Tianyuan Mirror to explode with the power of a Transcendent Realm expert .

This was just a temporary strength . If he wanted to fight against a Transcendent Realm expert, it would depend on when his Star Beast Avatar would enter the Transcendent Realm . When the time comes, only would he be classified among the top-notch experts .

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When the time comes, no matter how big the world was, he would be able to go anywhere he wanted to!

As he thought about this, Ye Xiwen suddenly thought of when he should let the Star Beast Clone undergo retribution . Currently, the Star Beast Avatar was about to enter the Transcendent Realm . Within the past thirty years, he had built an extremely sturdy foundation for his cultivation . The only thing left for him would be to undergo retribution .

After passing the retribution, he would naturally become a Transcendent Realm expert . The Star Beast Avatar was already a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm, so it would never undergo Heaven’s Retribution before reaching the Transcendent Realm . However, it was different now . If he wanted to enter the Transcendent Realm, he would have to face a grand Heaven’s Retribution . Under normal circumstances, the more mutated one was, the more horrifying the Heaven’s Retribution they would undergo .

After contemplating for a while, he decided to find a quieter place to pass the Heaven’s Retribution after this ceremony ends .

He could feel that the anxious atmosphere had not been dispersed yet . On the contrary, as time passed, it was slowly growing more and more . Although he wasn’t sure why the extraterrestrial overlords wanted to enter the True Martial Domain, he knew one thing for sure . If they hadn’t seen something that they desired to witness, they wouldn’t leave . In fact, it might even cause a huge clash .

“The True Martial School is nothing special . If it wasn’t for that True Martial Stone Sword, they would’ve been crushed flat ages ago!” Just as Ye Xiwen was deep within the Tianyuan Mirror, a sudden burst of fanatical laughter resounded from far away .

Everyone present had an extremely high cultivation . Although it wasn’t very loud, this voice wasn’t masked at all . In the end, almost everyone present heard this voice .

All of a sudden, the entire plaza became quiet . Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, and saw someone speaking loudly within the extraterrestrial overlords’ area . He wasn’t afraid of anything, and never placed such a situation in high regard .

Ye Xiwen let out a sigh, and quickly pulled his mind out . The one that wants to insult us is here .

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He knew that those extraterrestrial overlords would never let go off such a chance so easily . Although no one would dare to infiltrate the True Martial Domain so easily, they were willing to do other things like shaming the True Martial Domain, as long as they were able to pressurise them .

Everyone’s gaze quickly shifted to the direction of the True Martial School . They wanted to see what kind of response the True Martial School would have .

The Supreme School Master – Huang Wuji was sitting by the stage . There weren’t any expressions written on his face, as if he didn’t hear the man’s comment .

Everyone knew that he must not simply say anything . After all, his words would decide the actions of the True Martial School .

Everyone was watching at the True Martial School’s reaction . What kind of reaction would they have after such an insult?

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath, and stood up . He strided forward towards the man that shouted with a smug smile .

Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen . They didn’t know what he was about to do .

Ye Xiwen walked up to the youth with a smile . Then, he suddenly took action . He slapped the arrogant person’s face with lightning speed .

“Pa!” A clear slap resounded . The arrogant youth that spoke was slapped away . Everyone on the spot was shocked as they just watched Ye Xiwen taking action . No reactions were shown by them . Maybe Ye Xiwen’s actions were too quick, or maybe they never expected Ye Xiwen to suddenly take action, especially when there were so many Transcendent Realm experts around .

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“Ah!” The youth suddenly screamed like a pig being butchered . It wasn’t because his endurance was bad . Instead, Ye Xiwen was too strong . His flesh was as tough as metal . After receiving the slap, the youth’s head was almost torn apart . Even so, his entire row of teeth were crushed . He fell onto the ground, and let out a tragic scream .

“Why did you do that?” Beside him, a Transcendent Realm expert leading a group suddenly burst with anger . A terrifying aura oppressed Ye Xiwen’s body with the intention of crushing his body entirely, “Is this how you True Martial School treat you guest?”

He was the Transcendent Realm expert of the White Sun Sect, Sun Honghua . He had been cultivating for god knows how many years . Currently, his aura was all oppressing Ye Xiwen, as if it intended on crushing him .

A blood coloured brilliance arose from his body, and protected him . The overbearing Transcendent Realm power’s oppression instantly vanished into nothingness .

“How we treat our guests? Are you acting like a guest? Why don’t you look where you are at right now? Didn’t your parents teach you manners?” said Ye Xiwen coldly .

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