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Chapter 781: Chapter 781: The Ascension Ceremony Begins
Chapter 781: The Ascension Ceremony Begins

After everyone saw Ye Xiwen recruiting, they immediately knew that it would be hopeless .

Ye Xiwen was definitely going to be the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son . They didn’t know what Ye Xiwen was thinking . They only felt that if nothing happened to him, he would become the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son . This much was certain .

His invitation was equal to the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son’s invitation . Even if top ten legates were here, unless their current chef personally came to recruit the new disciples, they would be unable to surpass Ye Xiwen’s weight of invitation .

However, that would be impossible . What kind of identity does the top ten legates have? They were the powerhouses within the True Martial School . Although distinguished characters would appear in every recruitment event, they wouldn’t personally come out to recruit the new disciples .

As expected, after Ye Xiwen proposed his invitation, Ying Bubai was already displaying a heavy interest in joining the Tibetan Star Summit . Although the Tibetan Star Summit wasn’t part of the top ten lineage, they were once among them . With such foundations, and the fact that the next-in-line Supreme School Master was from the Tibetan Star Summit, it was extremely alluring .

When the news of Ye Xiwen recruiting Ying Bubai into the Tibetan Star Summit was spread around, the disciples of the top ten lineages pounded their chest . Originally, they wanted to act a little more prideful . In the end, Ye Xiwen was the one that got Ying Bubai instead . Although he had yet to enter the school, the fact that he had made his choice wouldn’t change .

In the past, they wouldn’t be so anxious about recruiting . After all, the top hundred lineages weren’t comparable to them at all . As a result, they wouldn’t be anxious at all . Before those distinguished characters chose which lineage they would like to enter, they would have to consider it very thoroughly . Situations like these had occurred many times . In truth, it’s always been like this in the past . As the top ten lineage, they held their own advantage . However, everything was different now . With Ye Xiwen here, the situation had been changed completely .

No matter if it was the charisma of the next-in-line School Master – Huang Wuji or Ye Xiwen’s, they shouldn’t be underestimated . It became much more apparent after the ten years of warfare that happened not too long ago .

They didn’t dare to be arrogant anymore with the interference of Ye Xiwen . They personally went ahead to recruit the new disciples . They fought for the recruitment of the disciples that they had viewed in high regard before . The prodigies, and especially the distinguished talents were all being recruited by them .

Time passed during the fight for recruitment . Very quickly, the open day for the True Martial School was over . Compared to the past years, this year’s competition was much more intense . After all, many lineages had suffered during the ten years of warfare, especially the top ten lineages . After all, they were the main forces of the war . Due to their exceptional losses, they had to quickly replenish their forces .

Adding the fact that there was a meddler like Ye Xiwen, the competition became extremely intense . Every disciple among the top ten lineages were secretly scolding Ye Xiwen for being so shameless . After all, he didn’t care what kind of position he possessed, and still personally came out to recruit the distinguished characters .

In the end, the top ten lineages became extremely furious in snatching the new disciples, and quickly sent out their higher-ups to join the fray . In the end, six distinguished characters among thirty were snatched away by the Tibetan Star Summit . In the past, the distinguished characters wouldn’t be classified as one so quickly . After all, there was only one qualification one needs to meet to be called a distinguished character, and that was whether they could cultivate till the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm . In the past, numerous distinguished characters would still be secretly cultivating . However, the standards of this batch of new disciples were much higher compared to before . Before they even entered the school, they had already reached the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm .

In fact, there would be even more people that would enter the Great Perfection Half-step Legendary Realm in the future, and ultimately become a distinguished character, just like Ye Xiwen in the past .

The thing that surprised Ye Xiwen was that his elder brother and second eldest sister had both entered the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm, and their names had became well-known within an ancient road . His sister-in-law and brother-in-law were also of the Ninth Level Half-step Legendary Realm . With only a little more effort, they would then enter the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm . The four of them worked together, and almost killed everything hindering their path within the ancient road . Their performance was much stronger compared to Ye Xiwen in the past . The arrival of this group had even surprised the higher-ups of each lineage . However, seeing how they were all related to Ye Xiwen, they could only choose to give up .

Many people’s interests were also piqued . Is the Great Yue Empire such a good place? How did so many distinguished characters appear from there? In the last batch of disciples, there were Ye Xiwen, Qi Feifan and Hua Menghan . Now, there were two more of them . Five distinguished characters had emerged from just two batches of disciples . Its efficiency in producing distinguished characters was unimaginable .

Even if someone said that a Dragon Vein was buried deep under the Great Yue Emperor, people would believe him . Otherwise, how could so many talented people emerge from there?

However, compared to another grand matter, the recruitment of disciples was negligible . After all, the ascension as the True Martial School’s School Master that everyone was waiting for was about to start .

The True Martial School had secluded itself from the world for thirty years time . Within these thirty years, nobody knew how much changes had undergone . Now was a rare chance to have a clear look . No matter if it was the extraterrestrial overlords or the remaining forces within the True Martial Domain, they both sent their distinguished figure over to have a look . Naturally, they wouldn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity .

All of a sudden, the True Martial School became very lively . The old figures and seniors that secluded themselves from the world from many years arrived one after another . The ascension as a School Master was a huge matter . No matter what, they would have to attend the ceremony as a form of respect .

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Most importantly, almost all these huge figures of each force were Transcendent Realm experts, and had even brought a huge bunch of experts along with them . This alone would cause the True Martial School to be at an unrest state . Normally, they wouldn’t be allowed to get close to the True Martial School . Even if they had some activities, they would conduct it in other small worlds .

However, it was different this time . The ascension of the True Martial School’s new School Master was a grand matter . Even the spectating arena was by the Ancestral Peak .

The entire Tibetan Star Summit became exceptionally busy, especially when the new Supreme School Master was from their Tibetan Star Summit . They also shared the glory with Huang Wuji’s ascension .

Early in the morning, everyone in the Tibetan Star Summit had all gathered around . With Ye Feng, Ye Ruxue, Ying Bubai and the hundreds of new disciples that entered the Tibetan Star Summit, the desolated Tibetan Star Summit suddenly became very lively . In the eyes of other lineages, the amount of disciples they had very still considered very little . However, for the Tibetan Star Summit that only had one person for a few generations, it was an unprecedented amount .

Now, the Tibetan Star Summit was in a joyous mood . With the second senior sister – Liu Yanlan in the lead, everyone stood up, and lined up according to the sequence of whoever joined the Tibetan Star Summit first . They were awaiting the arrival of their master, the Tibetan Star Son .

Beside Ye Xiwen, Bai Jiansong elbowed Ye Xiwen, and sent him a voice transmission secretly, “Little junior brother!”

Although many disciples had entered, Bai Jiansong was still calling Ye Xiwen his little junior brother, just like how he used to . As for Ye Xiwen, he didn’t mind it either .

“Hm?” said Ye Xiwen .

“I’m afraid that it won’t be so peaceful today!” said Bai Jiansong . “It’s been a long time since these extraterrestrial overlords had been eyeing us . Previously, they were merely frightened by our attacks after defeating the Emergence School!”

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Ye Xiwen nodded . The current True Martial School was merely a paper tiger [1] . It bared its fangs, and attempted to frighten the strong enemies surrounding it .

Compared to those extraterrestrial overlords, the True Martial School was too weak . Even with the True Martial Stone Sword suppressing them, it would be useless . If they were to team up with each other, the annihilation of the True Martial School would only be a matter of time .

However, it was precisely because of this that the True Martial School couldn’t bear to show their weak side . They had to act tough, and misguide their perception towards the True Martial School .

“Previously, they didn’t have the chance to do so because we secluded ourselves . However, now that the senior brother was going to ascend to the position of the School Master, it might be the best chance to do so . They wouldn’t give up on such a chance so easily . When the time comes, I’m afraid that problems might arise one after another!” said Bai Jiansong with a sigh . Although his improvements during the past few years had been quick, he felt powerless . Many matters weren’t able to be settled by him . If he entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm, he might have some uses .

“Hmph, if they dare to cause havoc, I’ll show them that we aren’t weak either!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . No wonder those old monsters that had been in seclusion for years had come out . Not only do they want to show respect for the senior brother, they also wanted to show off their powers in order to shock the extraterrestrial overlord forces .

During this period of time, he had placed all his attention into recruiting new disciples, and never paid attention to such matters . He never expected things to escalate into such a serious state .

Currently, the True Martial Domain was in a panicked state . As the True Martial School who was like a representative figure for the True Martial Domain, it was hard for them to make any actions, as they had to worry about the repercussions of every action they made . Only by secluding themself would they be able to avoid such conflicts .

“I’m just afraid that they would cause havoc during the ascension ceremony!” said Bai Jiansong . “If that happened, clashing against each other might be unavoidable!”

Ye Xiwen remained silent for a while . Just as he wanted to speak, he felt a surge of energy painted in the color of blood fanatically surging upwards from his body . It almost seemed like it was about to pierce through the sky . Seeing this, he felt very happy . He immediately used his martial arts to suppress this blood coloured energy .

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He was bursting with happiness . He never expected the Tianyuan Mirror to complete its changes in such a crucial moment, and successfully transformed into a Transcendent Tool .

With a Transcendent Tool as a form of protection, he would dare to fight against even a Transcendent Realm expert . After all, not every Transcendent Realm expert possessed a Transcendent Tool . If he were to fight against a Transcendent Realm expert without a Transcendent Tool, he stood a chance with the protection of the Tianyuan Mirror . With this tool, he had the confidence to do so .

After putting in quite an amount of effort, he finally suppressed the energy that leaked from the transformation of the Tianyuan Mirror . Just as he wanted to speak, a silhouette appeared from the skies . It was the Tibetan Star Son .

The Tibetan Star Son stood in the air, and swept his gaze around everyone present . He said in a clear voice, “Let’s go to the ascension ceremony!”

[1] Someone that claims or appears to be powerful or threatening, but is actually ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge .

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