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Chapter 783: Chapter 783: Getting Slapped in the Face Again
Chapter 783: Getting Slapped in the Face Again

Ye Xiwen’s words were harsh . In the next instant, more than ten glares both shot towards Ye Xiwen from the representatives of the White Sun Sect . Ye Xiwen’s slap on this youth wasn’t an act of vengeance in their eyes . Instead, his actions just shamed the White Sun Sect .

Ye Xiwen didn’t care at all . Yes, I just slap the face from your White Sun Sect . What about it!?

This youth would only say these kinds of words in such a situation if someone instructed them to do so or was uneducated like what Ye Xiwen said . After all, he was giving out such atrocious comments in such a location .

If someone instructed him to do so, it would imply their provocation against the True Martial School in an attempt to shame the school . Everyone knew what the Supreme School Master meant to the True Martial School . On such an occasion where the ascension ceremony was happening, saying such words would be publicly shaming the Supreme School Master . It would also cause defamation towards the True Martial School .

If that were the case, it would imply an all-out war against the True Martial School . If they were to take action, the White Sun Sect’s experts would be annihilated completely . No matter if the White Sun Sect would seek revenge against them or not, they would be dead for sure .

If it weren’t, then it would merely be the conflict between Ye Xiwen and the youth .

Contempt painted on Ye Xiwen’s face . There were some matters where his senior brother – Huang Wuji, was unable to do due to inconvenience . However, he could . He didn’t have to care about the repercussions . Things had already reached such a level . There was no need to maintain a peaceful atmosphere between them .

“Could it be that you ordered him to do so?” Ye Xiwen ignored Sun Honghua’s overbearing aura . A normal person wouldn’t be able to withstand the oppression of a Transcendent Realm expert . However, utilizing the Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen was able to ignore Sun Honghua’s aura .

Song Qinghua’s nerves were popping, and he was boiling with rage deep down . However, he would never admit that he made the order such circumstances . Otherwise, things would escalate even further .

“Of course not!” Sun Honghua squeezed these words out through his teeth . Under the situation where he wasn’t able to take action, using his aura to oppress Ye Xiwen would be the simplest way to deal with him . If Ye Xiwen were to make a fool out of himself, Sun Honghua would be able to regain his pride . However, to his surprise, Ye Xiwen didn’t even budge from it, as if his aura were non-existing . He couldn’t do anything to Ye Xiwen at all .

“It’s great that it’s not your order . You’re also aware that this is my senior brother’s ascension ceremony, and everyone’s a little anxious here . It’ll be bad if we started a fight here!” Ye Xiwen smiled as if he was a despicable man that had won a fight . It immediately made Sun Honghua boil with rage . Ye Xiwen greatly angered him . “However, I still think that your White Sun Sect should educate your disciples better . Having people of such caliber around would only tarnish your reputation, isn’t that right? He can’t even withstand one of my slaps, and yet he intends to criticize our True Martial School . He doesn’t have the qualifications to do so . Understand?”

After hearing what Ye Xiwen said, everyone immediately noticed something . The youth was a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert . And yet, his teeth were shattered, and his skull was cracked open .

What kind of strength does Ye Xiwen now possess?

His strength was strong beyond comprehension . It was absolutely unbelievable!

Many people felt this way . Adding on the fact that he wasn’t affected by Sun Honghua’s aura at all, they thought, Could it be that he has ascended into the Transcendent Realm?

Many True Martial School disciples had the same thought . If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t believe it at all . However, if it was Ye Xiwen, they became uncertain of it .

Ye Xiwen was a legend in the True Martial School . In the short span of a hundred years, his cultivation had shot towards the Half-step Transcendent Realm . It was already unbelievable to begin with . Everytime when someone thought that they saw the true extent of his strength, he would explode with an even stronger combat power, which would shock everyone . It was impossible to tell how strong he was .

Now, thirty years have passed . Many people thought, He could have entered the Transcendent Realm already .

Sun Honghua’s anger escalated greatly with his heart almost burst because of it . However, he couldn’t do anything to Ye Xiwen . Of course, Ye Xiwen knew that they wouldn’t dare to harm him . After all, this was the most important location of the True Martial School . If they dared to take action, they would die a horrible death .

Although his heart was almost bursting from rage, he forcefully squeezed out an ugly smile, “Thanks for worrying . However, our White Sun Sect’s disciples would naturally be taught by the White Sun Sect!”

“I’m just afraid that your education system is lacking, and the rules of your White Sun Sect are too lax!” A smile flashed across Ye Xiwen’s mouth . Currently, he knew that the True Martial School had to stand strong against any kinds of challenges thrown towards them . A lion or a tiger might not eat a wolf . However, if the wolf was gravely wounded, they might rush towards the wolf and gobble it up .

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As Ye Xiwen was speaking, his gaze swept towards the other extraterrestrial overlords’ representatives and saw quite a few prideful youths among them . He smiled lightly and said, “I just hope that matters like these wouldn’t happen anymore . Otherwise, it would be awkward for everyone in this ceremony!”

The other extraterrestrial overlord forces felt that their faces were burning hot as if Ye Xiwen’s slap had also landed on their face . Previously, they came to a silent agreement . They wanted to wait for the youth to cause a ruckus, and they would then support him to criticize the True Martial School through oppression . They wanted the True Martial School to be in an awkward situation .

However, before their plan even worked, Ye Xiwen had already slapped them across the face . The slap made their face ache, which made them feel an extreme shame under such a situation .

“Hmph, you’re just a mere Half-step Transcendent Realm . How dare you be so presumptuous in front of us? Have you gotten tired of living?” A Transcendent Realm expert spoke . He was the elder in one of the extraterrestrial overlord forces, the Meteor Sect . “True Martial School is so arrogant . Have you forget your manners after the decline?”

“That’s right . The True Martial School is too arrogant . How dare you let your disciple insult us? Do you want to incite a war between our two factions?”

“That’s right . You must force this kid to kneel and apologize . Otherwise, the flames of our anger wouldn’t be quenched!”

In an instant, numerous extraterrestrial overlord experts spoke out as a form of agreement, and their aura increased tremendously . There were a huge amount of experts here to begin with . The ones leading each team were also Transcendent Realm experts . If this wasn’t in the True Martial School, and they were oblivious of what kinds of methods the True Martial School had prepared to deal with them, they would have caused a ruckus a long time ago .

Initially, they were shocked by Ye Xiwen’s words . After recovering from the shock, they got even angrier . Now that someone took the lead to speak against the True Martial School, they naturally went ahead to support him .

Although they were foes within the True Martial Domain, they were unexpectedly cooperative with each other when facing the True Martial School, the local force of the True Martial Domain .

The Meteor Sect’s elder smiled coldly as he walked out, “Today, I’ll let you understand how sinful it is to disrespect someone in the Transcendent Realm . If you don’t kneel by today, I’ll break your legs to let you kneel!”

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The aura of the Meteor Sect’s elder increased tremendously . Every time he walked forward, the aura became more oppressive, as if he was climbing a flight of stairs . His aura was terrifying .

However, he wasn’t able to oppress Ye Xiwen . Every time his aura got stronger, the blood-colored aura on Ye Xiwen’s body grew stronger . It was like a tit for that situation . Ye Xiwen was purposefully going against the Meteor Sect’s elder .

Two majestic auras clashed against each other midair . The fabrics of space were almost torn apart, and the aura extended towards the void . If it wasn’t because for the ancestral peak’s space being much more solid, the entire space itself might have crumbled . This was the clash of aura between Transcendent Realm experts .

Although Ye Xiwen wasn’t a Transcendent Realm expert, he had the Tianyuan Mirror to protect himself . He wasn’t afraid of the aura at all .

The Meteor Sect’s elder moved . In an instant, his palm was already landing towards Ye Xiwen .

Thousand Starlord Fist . Boundless starlights were emitted from his palm one after another . They formed into a huge net, and instantly crashed towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s expression became serious . He naturally knew of the Meteor Sect’s Thousand Starlord Fist . In fact, he even knew how to use it . However, his perception of the Thousand Starlord Fist wasn’t even comparable to the elder . The elder’s Thousand Starlord Fist was genuinely horrifying .

The net was seemingly boundless, and Ye Xiwen wasn’t able to escape it at all . The fist intent that filled the skies was endless and was about to crush him .

Just as Ye Xiwen wanted to fight back, and was attempting to activate the Tianyuan Mirror, an old hand suddenly extended from the void . With just a casual grab, the starlights that filled the skies were torn apart, as if it was merely something insignificant .

Then, the huge hand flung itself towards the Meteor Sect’s elder . Although it seemed slow, its speed was rapid as if a few centuries had passed by in an instant . The Meteor Sect’s elder could only watch the hand slapping his face .

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Another loud and clear slap resounded . It came so suddenly, and everything happened too quickly . No one expected such a change in the situation to occur . Just as they watched the Meteor Sect’s elder oppressing Ye Xiwen, another hand appeared out of the blue and slapped the Meteor Sect’s elder .

Blood was leaking out from the Meteor Sect’s elder’s mouth . With just one hit of the terrifying strength that bombarded him, his inner organs were almost destroyed . With a tremendous effort, the Meteor Sect’s elder finally managed to suppress the horrifying strength .

“Who? Who dares to attack me?” The Meteor Sect’s elder yelled . His gaze instantly swept towards the crowd of the True Martial School’s Transcendent Realm experts . In such a situation, the only one that had the reason to attack and was capable of attacking would only be these people .

The huge red mark on his face wouldn’t be gone within a short time, as if it were insulting his ignorance . He was in an embarrassed situation right now . When he attacked, he was already on guard against any attacks coming from the True Martial School . And yet, even though he had put on his guard, he was still slapped by someone .

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