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Chapter 780: Chapter 780: Recruiting Distinguished Talents
Chapter 780: Recruiting Distinguished Talents

Even he never expected Ye Xiwen to reach such a level when he merely helped Ye Xiwen with one sentence in the past . This might just be fate .

“You don’t pale in comparison either . Based on talents alone, yours far surpasses his . The only problem is that your experience is not as great as his!” said the Old City Lord to Xiao Ya . Those that had entered the Great Sage Realm had mostly experienced thousands of years of cultivation, participated in more than hundreds of battles, and experienced many mortals affairs .

Someone like Xiao Ya that could easily enter the Great Sage Realm was close to none .

Ye Xiwen smiled brilliantly . If it was talent alone, any random person within the True Martial School would have an extremely high chance of being more talented than him . Besides, Xiao Ya was an outstanding prodigy that shook the higher-ups of the school .

“Would the Tibetan Star Summit make any huge move this year?” asked the Old City Lord as he looked at Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen nodded and said, “Our Tibetan Star Summit hopes to recruit some talented disciples in this year’s recruitment in hopes to allow the Tibetan Star Summit to return back to its prime!”

Returning the Tibetan Star Summit back to its prime was definitely not something achievable in a short amount of time . Their current recruitment was merely to lay the foundations for it .

“This year’s disciples are quite decent . There would be more talented people compared to the last recruitment . The amount of distinguished talents would also far surpass the previous ones . It’s a great opportunity for your Tibetan Star Summit!” said the Old City Lord with a smile . “Many ancient roads going towards the West Region, the Central Region, the East Region, and the North Region are activated . Some people had also walked into these ancient roads . It’s been many years since an outer region prodigy has arrived!”

Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment . He wasn’t aware of these matters . However, after giving it a thought, he understood what the Old City Lord meant . It wasn’t anything weird . After all, when the True Martial School was governing over the True Martial Domain, the South Region was where they set their central as . However, prodigies didn’t only sprout from the South Region . There were many prodigies that originated from other regions, and even the four wilderness . A few years ago, the ancient roads were already paved one after another .

However, as the True Martial School lost its control towards the regions outside of the South Region, these ancient roads slowly became quiet again . Other region’s prodigies were recruited by their local forces .

After so many years, the situation had never changed . However, it was different now . As the overlords outside the domain continued to annihilate the remaining big shots, these prodigies lost their place of belonging . As for the overlords, their vigilance towards the locals of the True Martial Domain were extremely high . They already had their own world backing them up . They didn’t have to care for the prodigies in these lands, and had made no plans of recruiting them at all .

As such, if these local prodigies wanted to continue to cultivate, they would have to enter other forces . After the overlords’ invasion, only the True Martial School managed to fend off the attacks of these overlords . Evidently, True Martial School managed to defeat the Emergence School’s huge army .

This was what many others yearned for . If they joined other big shots, they might be defeated by the extraterrestrial overlords . When the time comes, they would have to face the situation of being hunted down by others . However, it would be different if they joined the True Martial School . After all, their safety inside here was guaranteed . The situation would be completely different .

“Our Tibetan Star Summit only hopes to recruit one or two distinguished talents!” said Ye Xiwen with a smile . The numbers of distinguished talents were limited everytime, and they would be distributed evenly . The Tibetan Star Summit would naturally be unable to pick all of them . It wouldn’t be a waste if they managed to snatch at least one of them .

“Haha, that should be possible!” said the Old City Lord as he laughed loudly . For him, it didn’t matter which lineage acquired them . After all, they were the disciples of the True Martial School . As he laughed, the Old City Lord’s silhouette slowly disappeared .

Just like how he was when he arrived, Ye Xiwen couldn’t see his traces at all .

“They’re coming, they’re coming . A new wave of disciples are coming!”

A shout suddenly resounded from the outside of the inn . In an instant, all the disciples from different legatees that had been waiting for a long time shifted their gaze outwards .

They saw a new batch of disciples entering the inn . On their body were the auras of a bloody battle . It was apparent that they had gone through the Wooden Effigy Formation .

The one in the lead was a tough man wearing linen clothing . He looked like he was around his twenties, and his brows had reached his temples . He looked extremely handsome, and had an extraordinary demeanor around him . His gaze was extraordinarily sharp as well . His looks were certainly exceptional .

Behind him, there were around twenty new disciples . Although they weren’t as extravagant as the man in front of them, they looked rebellious and prideful .

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“Who is this newcomer? Such arrogance . What kind of place does he think this is? Or, did they come from the rural areas?” an old disciple said in a dissatisfied manner .

“You don’t even know him? Within the past year, after the passageway from the South Region to the North Region was activated, this was the person that came killing all the way throughout the ancient roads . He was someone that made a name for himself – Ying Bubai!”

“North Region? So he isn’t from our South Region . No wonder why he looks different . This year’s disciples are very strong . Look at these disciples . Almost all of them are in the seventh or eighth level of the Half-step Legendary Realm . This Ying Bubai had even reached the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm . They’re much stronger compared to the last batch of new recruits!”

“Naturally . After all, they had experienced ten years of war . Those that managed to survive would naturally be much stronger compared to before . Based on the rumours, the normal disciples are much stronger than the last batch . Many talents have emerged from the war!”

Ye Xiwen listened to their conversation silently . Indeed, this batch of new disciples were stronger than his batch, and their qualities were much higher . As for this Ying Bubai, he should be one of this batch’s distinguished talents . After all, he was able to cultivate to the Half-step Legendary Great Perfection Realm . Such talent was already extremely outstanding .

When Ye Xiwen left the Yi Yuan Sect, he had just barely touched the surface of the Legendary Realm .

Most importantly, the prodigies of the five regions would be gathering within the True Martial School . Naturally, the new batch of disciples would be stronger than the last batch .

“You’re Ying Bubai? Join our lineage! Our lineage is among the top hundred strongest within the True Martial School!”

“How about choosing us instead? We’re considered top-notch within the top hundred lineage . We only pale in comparison compared to the top ten legatees!”

The inn that was silent suddenly exploded with the voice of invitation coming from many lineage’s disciples .

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Most of the ones that spoke were within the top hundred strongest lineage within the True Martial School . As for the ones outside of the top hundred range, they didn’t even dare to open their mouths . After all, it was too shameful . The scornful gaze of others was enough to stop them from speaking .

Most importantly, unless something was wrong with them, they would rarely pick the top hundred lineage . It was impossible for them to pick the lineage that was outside of the top hundred range .

Any distinguished talent that came to the True Martial School naturally hoped for a better environment, and more resources for their cultivation . There was no doubt about it . As for those that could provide an environment for the growth of these distinguished talents, they would be the top ten lineages . There were some lineages among the top hundred lineages that were able to provide such resources as well . However, only a number of them could .

This would be mere human nature . Just like Ye Xiwen, if it wasn’t because he had no choice, he definitely wouldn’t choose the little Tibetan Star Summit . After all, the Tibetan Star Summit’s condition during that time was quite bad . If it wasn’t for the fact that it was extremely hard for him to raise his cultivation any longer in the Yi Yuan Sect, Ye Xiwen would never make this choice .

This could be considered an unintentional development .

Ye Xiwen noticed that the recruiters of the top ten lineage had not appeared yet . Or, they were pridefully waiting for the new disciples to choose them . After all, no matter what, they were the top ten lineage . There was no doubt about how strong they are .

Without any hesitation, he went forward and said, “Ying Bubai? You’re very talented . Are you interested in joining our Tibetan Star Summit?”

The moment Ye Xiwen appeared, the crowd exploded with noise . No one expected Ye Xiwen to be hiding among them . After all, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was extremely high . As long as he wasn’t willing to, these Sage Realm experts wouldn’t be able to see through his disguise . It wasn’t that they would be unable to see him . However, they would subconsciously choose to ignore him . This was the most powerful part of Ye Xiwen’s aura convergence martial art . Even if they saw Ye Xiwen, they would just view it as a common object that they have seen throughout their daily lives .

“What? Is that Ye Xiwen? He is here? How didn’t we manage to spot him?”

“That’s him alright . Isn’t that Ye Ya beside him? We’re done for . If he wants to recruit, how would we have any chances? This Ying Bubai would most likely be entering the Tibetan Star Summit already!”

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“That’s unfair, this is unfair . The Tibetan Star Summit already has a next-in-line School Master like Huang Wuji, and even had a monster like Ye Xiwen . And yet, they want to snatch with us now?”

“Indeed, indeed . However, I heard that the Tibetan Star Summit had announced their plan of returning back to their prime . It is natural for them to recruit new disciples . With these people’s strength, the Tibetan Star Summit would reach its prime soon enough . In the past, the Tibetan Star Summit is already among the top ten lineages . Who knows to what extent would they reach in the future!”

“You’re Ye Xiwen?” Ying Bubai’s expression changed a little when he heard Ye Xiwen’s name . He never expected Ye Xiwen to recruit himself personally .

Ye Xiwen wasn’t a little nobody anymore . After the ten years of warfare, his name became extremely famous throughout the True Martial Domain . After the rumours that the Emergence School Leader had died in his hands were spread, it added a few highlights to his legends despite him clarifying that the Emergence School Leader had self-destructed because of the wounds inflicted by the True Martial Stone Sword, and the School Leader’s death having nothing to do with himself .

His name still shook throughout the world . Even if the Emergence School Leader had perished by the wounds inflicted by the True Martial Stone Sword, an average person wouldn’t be able to chase after him . After all, he was a Transcendent Realm expert . He could just kill whoever chased after him with a slap .

As such, even if Ying Bubai was arrogant, an excited expression appeared on his face . Although Ye Xiwen had entered the True Martial School earlier than them by one batch, the disparity in strength between them was like the heavens and the earth .

As he thought until here, Ying Bubai immediately said, “I’m interested!”

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