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Chapter 779: Chapter 779: Another Year of Recruitmen
Chapter 779: Another Year of Recruitmen

Humans were conservative people . In the eyes of parents, their child would never grow up . No matter how many years had passed, this point of view would be extremely hard to change .

Just like Xiao Ya . No matter how much she changed, she would still be that little girl in Ye Xiwen’s heart .

Xiao Ya looked at Ye Xiwen speechlessly . Naturally, she knew that he was discriminating against her master . Although Ye Xiwen was extremely respectful towards the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chef, he was extremely troubled with her ice cold attitude . She was originally ice cold to begin with . It wasn’t much of a problem . However, the main issue was that she might educate Xiao Ya into acting like her . This was the part that Ye Xiwen couldn’t accept the most .

One side was her own big brother, while the other side was her master . It wasn’t appropriate to be biased to neither side . A troubled expression appeared on her delicate face, which made Ye Xiwen burst out with laughter .

“Come, let’s go to Ying Xin City!” said Ye Xiwen with a wave of his hand . Naturally, he was going to the Ying Xin City now to welcome his brother, sister-in-law, his second eldest sister, and his second eldest sister’s husband . Previously, they didn’t have the qualifications to enter here after the mountain doors opened . Now, it was different . They had already entered the Half-step Legendary Realm . They naturally had the qualifications to enter the True Martial School now .

Similar to Ye Xiwen, they chose to enter using the ancient road . Originally, they could just be brought in by Ye Xiwen . With his current identity, no one would dare go against it . However, they rejected the offer .

Ye Xiwen didn’t mind it either . Although battle would be inevitable within the ancient road, it had its own benefits . In the past, he had gained many benefits from the ancient road, and thus didn’t have a reason to stop them .

Through a rough calculation of time, they should be reaching the Ying Xin City soon . Ye Xiwen decided to wait there first, and cultivate by the meantime . After all, cultivating anywhere was the same to him . There were no differences .

“That’s boring . I don’t wanna go . Go by yourself!” After knowing Ye Xiwen’s intention, the Wolf Club pouted to show that he wasn’t interested . For someone so hyperactive like him, he would rather be killed than to wait for someone in the Ying Xin City quietly .

“Then suit yourself . Xiao Ya, how about you?” asked Ye Xiwen .

“I’ll go!” Xiao Ya nodded .

The Wolf Club transformed into a stream of black light, and disappeared somewhere to play around . Fortunately, everyone in the True Martial School treated the Wolf Club as Ye Xiwen’s spiritual pet, and were somewhat respectful towards it . Besides, there weren’t many capable of taking him down, considering how strong he was . Even if they wanted to deal with him, they could only glare at him without doing anything else .

Ye Xiwen and Xiao Ya transformed into a stream of light, and reached the Ying Xin City very quickly . It was located by the most external location of the area . As such, it was invaded once during the ten years of war . Scars, blood marks and burnt marks were left all over the city walls . Although the formation inside the city was already repaired, they didn’t touch anything outside of it . It served as a reminder to others about what kind of war the school had experienced, and how they managed to survive through the hard times . Its main purpose was to motivate the younger generations .

Most of the time, the Ying Xin City was much more quiet . Other than the few disciples that were on duty, nobody could be seen . However, the amount of people present in the city would reach its peak whenever it was time to recruit disciples . Many senior disciples would come here out of curiosity . Even if only one out of a hundred disciples were curious, it was an extremely large number, considering how large of a quantity of disciples the True Martial School had .

Naturally, there would be talented prodigies in every recruitment session . The ones where the senior disciples cared about the most were these people, who would be regarded as a distinguished character . These distinguished character’s strength usually surpasses a normal person, and would become an elite within the True Martial School .

In fact, they might chase up to the senior disciples in a short amount of time . Of course, other than these people that were merely spectating, there were many legatees who were observing the new recruits . If they saw someone that absolutely had talents, they would naturally attempt to interact with them .

The rules of the school was to wait for everyone to be present, and allow the new disciples to decide on their own . However, the school didn’t forbid the legatees from interacting with the new disciples early on . As such, most of the talented distinguished figures were reserved by the ten great legatees . Even if someone were to enter the top hundred legatees, no one would exceed it .

Other than these distinguished figures, the second-rate disciples were also desirable by many legatees . In the past, when Ye Xiwen had just entered the True Martial School, he was considered one of the second-rate disciples . Although the competition for him wasn’t as big as those distinguished figures, he was still a target to be competed for . He wouldn’t have to worry about not belonging in any legatee . However, he had offended the Law Enforcement Hall by the city gates . With how terrifying the Law Enforcement Hall was, those that offended them, and those that they ordered to be dealt with wouldn’t be accepted by most of the legatees . After all, they weren’t willing to offend the Law Enforcement Hall because of one second-rate disciple .

As a result, he ended up being deserted by the legatees . If there wasn’t such a weird legatee like the Tibetan Star Summit, he might have to quietly draw out from the True Martial School .

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Thinking back about it, his impression in other people’s hearts would be idiotic and daring . A new disciple that had no foundations or backgrounds dared to go against the Law Enforcement Hall . With his current understanding of the Law Enforcement Hall’s true strength, he would definitely be crushed to pieces if the Law Enforcement Hall was serious in dealing with him .

For every legatees that desired to make their lineage flourish, the recruitment period would be the most important period of time . In fact, it was directly related to its outcome during the hundred years in the future .

For the previous Tibetan Star Summit, most of their time and efforts were used on finding the complete version of the “Tibetan Star Sutra . ” After all, it was the foundations of the Tibetan Star Summit . If even the “Tibetal Star Sutra” wasn’t complete, they wouldn’t be able to return back to their prime . As such, they weren’t interested in the new disciples during every recruitment . If one voluntarily entered, they would be accepted . After all, they had only been passing down the legacies to one person for a few generations . Other than someone like the senior brother that was being nurtured wholeheartedly to become the next Tibetal Star Son, other disciples were left to rot on their own . In the past, there were people that entered the Tibetan Star Summit, only to quit it soon after entering . After all, they couldn’t bear the attitude of the Tibetal Star Summit that left their disciples to rot, and let them do whatever they wanted to .

As such, Ye Xiwen called the Tibetan Star Summit a weird lineage . The few of them that remained were also pretty weird, as they were able to bear with the school allowing them to do whatever they wanted to . For others, they wouldn’t accept such a teaching method . However, for those that remained in the Tibetan Star Summit, this was a great method of teaching for them . After all, no one was constricting them, and they had all obtained a decent accomplishment .

However, those were in the past . Previously, Ye Xiwen had already patched up the whole “Tibetan Star Sutra . ” Without needing to worry about it anymore, the Tibetan Star Summit naturally started moving towards its prime . This was the last wish of the last few generations’ Tibetan Star Son .

Now was the best time for them to do so . After all, the senior brother – Huang Wuji was appointed as the next Supreme School Master . Although he had to take care of the grand scheme of things, as long as he was acting a little biased towards the Tibetan Star Summit, it would be extremely beneficial for them .

There were also the two Great Sages, Liu Yanlan and Bai Jiansong, as well as Ye Xiwen, a monstrous Half-step Transcendent Realm expert . Yang Wejun and Deng Shuixin were already in the Sage Great Mastery Realm, and was about to enter the Sage Great Perfection Realm . Sooner or later, they would enter the Great Sage Realm .

Compared to the pitiful Tibetan Star Summit lineage in the past, the current one would be considered having many talented people within .

Ye Xiwen reached the Ying Xin City . Other than welcoming his brother and sister into the Tibetan Star Summit, he was responsible for the task of interacting with the talented disciples, and recruiting them into the Tibetan Star Summit as soon as possible .

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If it was in the past, the Tibetan Star Summit wouldn’t have any specialities . However, no one would dare to belittle the combat power of the Tibetan Star Summit now . After all, it was the next-in-line School Master’s lineage . How could it be bad?

Besides, there were Ye Xiwen, Liu Yanlan, Bai Jiansong and the others that had performed exceptionally well during the ten years warfare, which made themselves famous .

The new disciples obtained within this recruitment period would be considered their junior brothers . However, after two more periods of recruitment years, when the authority of the True Martial School was all rightfully distributed, those that enter would regard them as the Master Uncle .

Yi Xiwen and Xiao Ya quietly waited by an inn . No one spoke, and they were only waiting . This was considered quite normal between them .

Ye Xiwen retrieved his own aura . With his cultivation, it was easy to not attract any attention . As long as he wasn’t willing to, no disciples here would be able to notice him .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen realised that a silhouette appeared by the table beside him . It appeared without him noticing at all . Suddenly, his heart palpated . After turning his head around, he realised that it was the Old City Lord of the Ying Xin City .

With his current cultivation, no one beneath the Transcendent Realm would be able to mask their cultivation . There was only one possibility . This Old City Lord was a Transcendent Realm expert . In the past, he assumed that he was just an average Great Sage . Thinking back, his knowledge was quite shallow back then .

Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to act high and lofty . He immediately stood up and cupped his hands, “Greetings, senior!”

Ye Xiwen had always respected the Old City Lord . When he first arrived, he was oblivious of various matters, and had killed someone of the Law Enforcement Hall . If it wasn’t for the Old City Lord protecting him, he might have been killed by the people of the Law Enforcement Hall . He wouldn’t even have the chance to join the Tibetan Star Summit .

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Otherwise, with how forceful the Law Enforcement Hall was, they wouldn’t simply restrict Ye Xiwen from entering any legatees if they weren’t afraid of the Old City Lord who was a Transcendent Realm expert .

Xiao Ya beside him also quickly greeted him . She wasn’t the ignorant little girl beside Ye Xiwen who didn’t know anything anymore, especially with her master being much more responsible than the Tibetan Star Son . Naturally, her master would point out every huge figure within the True Martial School . She was much more clearer on whoever was a Transcendent Realm expert compared to Ye Xiwen .

A warm smile appeared on the Old City Lord’s face, “You’re the most talented person I’ve ever seen through so many years . Someone that’s able to reach your current cultivation is close to none . In the future, the school would have to rely on you!”

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