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Chapter 778: Chapter 778: The Changes In Thirty Years
Chapter 778: The Changes In Thirty Years

“Who’s this? Why is he so arrogant?” asked someone .

“You don’t even know who he is? He’s Ye Xiwen of the Tibetan Star Summit!”

“Si, so he’s that Ye Xiwen . He’s truly a terrifying person . Although we’re quite some distance apart, I can still feel a strong oppression coming from him . I almost couldn’t catch my breath!”

“I know, right . He’s truly extremely terrifying . According to rumours, he had already killed a few Half-step Transcendent Realm experts many years ago . Now that he had cultivated in close cultivation for thirty years, who knows how strong he is now!”

“It’s impossible, right? No matter what, it’s just thirty years . Even if the school were to nurture him with utmost priority, he shouldn’t have such a terrifying advancement, right?” said that person filled with doubt .

“You’ll get it if you look at the amount of time he cultivated . Until now, it’s only been more than a hundred years . What were we doing when we were a hundred years old? We were merely standing out more than average . Even so, we were already regarded as prodigies . As for Half-step Transcendent Realm experts, they are legendary figures that we’ve never met before . According to rumours, he is going to be the next-in-line Tibetan Star Son . He would definitely be a huge figure within our school . In fact, the new School Master – Huang Wuji is his senior brother . What’s wrong with him being a little arrogant?”

“Indeed . I saw his attacks thirty years ago during the war . However, he isn’t this terrifying during that time . His strength has increased tremendously throughout the past thirty years!”

“Why do I feel like he’s only a Great Sage? He doesn’t seem like a Half-step Transcendent Realm . Are the rumours mistaken?”

“How is that possible? We don’t even have the qualifications to raise our heads to look at such an expert . It’s normal for you to be unable to see through his cultivation . If even you could tell, that would be the impossible matter!”

Everyone’s discussions were heard by Ye Xiwen . However, he chose to ignore them . It had been thirty years . Within the past thirty years, he had finally entered the Great Sage Great Perfection . For him, this was an extremely important realm . This was the end of the Great Sage Realm, and the start of the Transcendent Realm . It was the realm that would open up a completely new world to him . In this realm, the sturdier the foundations, the higher his future accomplishments would be . In fact, entering the Transcendent Realm would be much easier later on .

He knew that even the tallest buildings would require a sturdy foundation . Compared to thirty years ago, his strength experienced a tremendous growth . Based on his progress, it was naturally incomparable to the ten years of warfare he had gone through . During that particular ten years, he was always fighting with his life on the line . He used all sorts of methods he had in order to survive, and kill more enemies .

However, his accomplishments within the past thirty years didn’t pale in comparison to those ten years either . He wasn’t able to digest all the insights he had acquired throughout the ten years or warfare . During the past thirty years, he had been patching up all the flaws in his cultivation one by one . He only broke through after he completely patched up everything . Naturally, it was to prevent leaving a flaw within, and ensuring the stability of his cultivation’s foundations .

He had experienced the benefits of building a sturdy foundation . It allowed him to challenge someone above his cultivation realm .

In the past thirty years, he and the Star Beast Avatar had been in close cultivation . They continuously studied the spirit remains of the Emergence School Leader, and studied all the information regarding the cultivation realm . He used the mysterious space to study every usable information contained within . After continuous close cultivation, he was only one step away from entering the Transcendent Realm . Only a tiny bit of progress was needed for his ascension .

With the extremely strong innate powers and the innate bloodline of the Star Beast Avatar, his combat prowess when fighting a Transcendent Realm expert would increase tremendously . His original body wouldn’t have such an advantage .

Of course, if his original body broke through via the cultivation of the Tyrant Body, he would naturally put effort in nurturing it . Besides, the Tianyuan Mirror had also reached its final phase of transformation . Very soon, it would complete its breakthrough, and become a Transcendent Tool . With it, it would become one of Ye Xiwen’s major assistants .

Through the discussions of these people, only did Ye Xiwen know that his senior brother was going to inherit the position of the Supreme School Master . If it wasn’t for him coming out of close cultivation in time, he might have missed the ceremony . He had never received any news about it . It was apparent that everyone in the Tibetan Star Summit was afraid of interrupting him, which stopped them from delivering the news to him .

Hearing this news, he felt both happy and worried . Naturally, he was happy because his senior brother was about to inherit the Supreme School Master position . It meant that he had entered the Transcendent Realm . His talents were extremely high to begin with, and he even possessed extremely sturdy foundations for his cultivation after cultivating for thousands of years . In fact, it was much sturdier than Ye Xiwen’s .

In the past thirty years, it was unknown how many resources the school had invested into him . They did whatever they could to increase his cultivation .

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At the same time, the more they acted like this, the more it proves that the School Master was having difficulties in surviving . If it wasn’t because of this, they wouldn’t need to pass the School Master position away so hurriedly to Huang Wuji .

He had been in close cultivation the entire time . He could only guess what condition the School Master was in . Not only does the School Master’s condition relate to him, it was even related to the thoughts of the entire True Martial School . Unless he could enter the Transcendent Realm and become one of the powerhouse in the school, it would be hard for him to gain any support .

In fact, if it wasn’t for him entering the Half-step Transcendent Realm, and was someone treated with utmost-importance in nurturing, he might not even know the matters about the Supreme School Master’s body condition . Of course, this matter would have to be kept as a secret . Absolutely no one should get wind of it, no matter if they were the disciples of the school or an external enemy . If the news was spread around, it would definitely cause a huge uproar .

As such, they had to ensure Huang Wuji’s growth as fast as possible . If Huang Wuji managed to enter the Transcendent Realm, nothing would happen even if the news was released .

“Finally, you came out of close cultivation, Ye Xiwen!” The voice of a Wolf Cub that appeared out of nowhere resounded . It pulled Ye Xiwen away from his thoughts . As he looked at the Wolf Cub, the Wolf Cub transformed into a ray of black light, and rushed in front of him . Beside the Wolf Cub was a beautiful woman . Naturally, it was Xiao Ya .

Compared to thirty years ago, the Wolf Cub’s appearance didn’t change much . It still had the appearance of a dog, and on his face was still a despicable smile . The only thing that changed was his strength . It had ascended to the Half-step Transcendent Realm . Its progression speed was much faster than Ye Xiwen’s original body . With its bloodline and innate talent, it would be able to kill a Half-step Intermediate Transcendent Realm expert . It doesn’t pale in comparison when compared to Ye Xiwen .

A sudden sense of emotion surged within Ye Xiwen . Some creatures’ innate talents were extremely high . For example, the Wolf Club, and his Star Beast Avatar . His original body, the physique of a normal human being wasn’t comparable to it at all .

However, after seeing Xiao Ya, only did he realise that there were heaven-defying humans as well . After thirty years, Xiao Ya had also grown a little . Her appearance wasn’t that of an eight to nine years old little girl anymore . Instead, she now looked like a thirteen to fourteen years old teenage girl . Her sky blue dress was laced with silver threads, and the teenage girl’s face looked extremely delicate and pretty . Her skin was snowy white, her brows were curvy, and her mouth was tiny . As she smiled, flowers seemed to bloom . Her appearance resembled a teenage girl in her fourteens, and her silver long hair was tied into two coiled knots . Two silvery threads were hanging beneath her eyes, and were swaying lightly .

Although she looked a little different than she was thirty years ago, Ye Xiwen immediately recognized her . She had truly reached the Intermediate stage . This speed in advancement made all his pride disappear . Within the past thirty years, Xiao Ya did not let time pass in vain . Her speed had far surpassed Ye Xiwen’s advancement in cultivation, even when he had gone from a great mastery Great Sage to a Great Sage Great Perfection Realm .

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“See, little girl . I told you that Big Brother Ye would definitely come out of close cultivation today . With a mere calculation through my fingers, I can know everything that happened for the past five hundred years, and everything that will happen during the next five hundred years!” said the Wolf Club with a prideful tone to Xiao Ya . It raised its head and puffed its chest out, as if he was a fake fortune teller . Then, it looked at Xiao Ya with an expression that said – How’s that? Aren’t you in awe of my greatness? Quickly praise me!

Although it didn’t say that , Ye Xiwen was already extremely familiar with it . Just by looking at its expression, he could tell what it wanted to say . He immediately became speechless, and slapped it with his palm .

However, the Wolf Club seemed to have expected it . It immediately jumped away, and shouted in a weird tone, “Gosh, why do you want to hit someone the moment you come out of close cultivation? This is truly unscientific! Luckily, my strength is peerless . Otherwise, I would have been ambushed by you!”

Ever since Ye Xiwen had mentioned the sentence “This is truly unscientific,” it had become the Wold Club’s catchphrase . It almost had to bring it up every single time .

Although it was just a gag, Ye Xiwen felt as if he had gone back to the Earth . He was already very speechless to this despicable wolf, especially after seeing its despicable smile .

Xiao Ya was at the side, quietly staring at the two of them arguing . A smile appeared on her face, and flowers seemed to have bloomed on her face as well . However, she quickly reverted back to her calm appearance . She possessed a natural aura that pushed everyone far away from her .

Ye Xiwen sighed in his heart . As expected, after handing Xiao Ya over to the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chef, she is influenced by that ice cold woman . Last time, Xiao Ya wasn’t like this .

Although she didn’t seem any different, it actually possessed a huge difference . Although Xiao Ya was also quiet last time, it merely felt like she was a quiet girl and an introvert . However, right now, she seemed like she didn’t care for mundane matters anymore, and her expression was extremely cold .

It gave Ye Xiwen a mild headache . If Xiao Ya really became an ice cold woman, Ye Xiwen might go crazy . Luckily, she was just mildly influenced by the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chef .

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Ye Xiwen walked to the side of Xiao Ya, and pressed his hand on her small head . He rubbed her head forcefully, and made a mess out of her hair .

“What are you doing…?” said Xiao Ya angrily . Her big pair of beautiful eyes glared at Ye Xiwen . She was angry at Ye Xiwen for messing with her hair .

“Haha, you should be like this . You’re just a little girl . How old are you? And yet, your expression is so stiff . That ain’t good . You should act like this!” Yan Zhaoge didn’t care about her anger, and laughed loudly . Although Xiao Ya had grown a little, she was still the little girl that would never grow up in Ye Xiwen’s eyes .

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