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Chapter 777: Chapter 777: Thirty Years Unstable Situation
Chapter 777: Thirty Years Unstable Situation

Not only Xuan Yuan Temple, but even other forces had this hunch . After two invasions from the overlords outside the domain, everyone was well-reminded that the hidden strength beneath True Martial School was so scary . It could even defeat a force in the size of three Xuan Yuan Temple .

Emergence School’s superior strength beyond everyone’s imagination was why True Martial School had a substantial loss . Emergence School had made preparations for more than ten years, or even longer to invade True Martial School . They wanted to have the upper hand during the actual clash in True Martial Domain .

No one expected that the Emergence School would face stiff resistance from True Martial School . They were defeated in one fell swoop, suffering a hefty loss . As a result, the Emergence School was forced to hide in their domain for ten thousand years .

On the other hand, another behemoth that sat on the same level as True Martial School – Xuan Yuan Temple, failed to protect themselves even for two years . Under Meteor Sect’s attack, it collapsed utterly with countless masters slaughtered . Until now, Meteor Sect was still hunting down the remaining Xuan Yuan Temple masters .

This created a huge contrast, like a scorching slap in the face on the faces of those arrogant and domineering big shots in True Martial Domain . In the past, True Martial Domain was reserving their strength . Having accumulated enough strength, they would continue to dominate the True Martial Domain sooner or later .

This made their vigilance towards True Martial School suddenly rose to the extreme . However, although they were wary of True Martial School, they couldn’t help it . True Martial School had announced its seclusion and retreated any big-scale operation to the outside world . Of course, some members of True Martial School would still leave the school occasionally .

Right now, True Martial School was severely injured . It was within the expectation that True Martial School would not interfere with the True Martial Domain on a large scale for a long time . This should have been a good thing, but the other big shots in True Martial Domain had a horrific discovery . Without a shield like True Martial School, the overlords in the Star Region’s depths would covet them blatantly .

In the past, even if True Martial School was in decline, it was still the leading behemoth of True Martial Domain and the representative of True Martial Domain . Many times when people mention True Martial Domain, they only seem to know True Martial School .

That was still in other worlds far away in countless miles . It was conceivable how well-known True Martial Domain was . True Martial Domain was considerably at different caliber with the others .

So after the overlords turned their attention to the True Martial Domain, True Martial School was also the first target . This was also the key to why Emergence School would clash with True Martial School at the very start . True Martial School was representative . Conquering True Martial School was similar to conquering half of the True Martial Domain .

Unbeknownst to the other big shots in True Martial Domain, True Martial School had become a tree that protected them from the wind and rain . However, when True Martial School announced their seclusion in the mountain, the other big shots of True Martial Domain lost their protection . Only then, they realized that the days in the past were in great leisure . True Martial School had helped them withstand many storms and eliminated many worries .

The other big shots of True Martial Domain had to face the terrifying overlord outside the domain . True Martial School had suffered heavy losses in the previous clash with Emergence School . Although True Martial School went into seclusion in the mountain, its momentum was flourishing . There would be no overlords outside the domain who wanted to end up like Emergence School to taste True Martial Stone Sword’s power .

Since they dared not covet True Martial School, their target naturally turned to other big shots in the True Martial Domain . Xuan Yuan Temple was just the beginning .

Not long after the collapse of Xuan Yuan Temple, when the entire True Martial Domain was still in the storm, another overlord from outside the domain rushed into the True Martial Domain . It was the Bliss Ice Palace . Their target was the Northern Barbarians . Compared to Xuan Yuan Temple, Northern Barbarians’ resistance was even more unbearable . Although it ruled over the northern wilderness for countless years, it was worse than Xuan Yuan Temple in terms of the foundation . After more than a year of resistance, the entire Northern Barbarian Imperial City was destroyed . The great force ruled the northern wilderness for many years, who had armor horsemen in their disposal, was completely crushed .

In the entire True Martial Domain, many big shots suddenly lost their voices . From the time outsiders attacked Xuan Yuan Temple, these big shots realized the impending dangers . These outsiders didn’t seem interested in the True Martial School, but the entire True Martial Domain . After the collapse of two big shots in succession, True Martial Domain was full of panic . Many forces had started efforts to collaborate into alliances spontaneously . They wanted to know why the major forces outside the domain chose to tackle them one-by-one .

They even sent representatives to visit True Martial School, requesting True Martial School to stand up, speak for them, and negotiate with the overlords outside the domain .

True Martial School naturally had no resources to take care of them . Emergence School’s affairs inflicted severe injury to the school . The school was still licking its wounds .

Most importantly, True Martial School desired all these arrogant and domineering “big shots” to be wiped out . In the ten years of fighting the Emergence School’s invasion, these powerful forces had also contributed to the flames in True Martial School . They gloated and even secretly infiltrated the South Region . It was too late to ask for help from True Martial School .

Even if True Martial School was still in the peak period, the school couldn’t help out these rebellious forces . The school still recognized the win and lost in it .

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These big shots did not see eye to eye with each other . Without the lead of True Martial School, their plans to ally were all of a sudden shelved .

Time went by in chaos . Another thirty years had passed . The seclusion of True Martial School took thirty years too . Thirty years was enough for ordinary people to grow up . The South Region quickly resumed its lively scene, as if the decade ago’s turmoil was non-existent . In every turmoil, ordinary mortals would sustain huge blows . The good news was they would recover swiftly every time . Surprisingly, it was countless times faster than warriors .

Somehow there was no outsider intervention in the South Region, enabling a swift recovery . Many True Martial School’s disciples follow a tight patrol to eliminate any instability . True Martial School announced its seclusion . They might not appear in great numbers outside the South Region . But, it did not mean that the school would ignore the South Region .

This indicated the South Region’s value in True Martial School’s shoes . True Martial School would wipe out anyone who dared to infiltrate in haste .

But compared to the peaceful South Region, other places were not so lucky . After the overlord outside the domain uprooted Xuan Yuan Temple and Northern Barbarian Imperials, more than a dozen powerful forces that were initially influential in the True Martial Domain were uprooted entirely . Even the alliance formed later on was utterly crushed in the face of the overlords outside the domain .

The overlords outside the domain were way over the alliance caliber . After all, the overlords were capable of dominating the entire world .

Except for the unlucky Emergence School that suffered terribly at True Martial School, the other forces outside the domain were at the same caliber . The initially famous forces had acted all cowardice .

The difference in strength was too obvious . The more so, the more shocking True Martial School was able to defeat Emergence School .

But compared to the turmoil and panic in other places, the ​​True Martial School area had always been calm . No one wanted to stroke the tiger’s whiskers at this time .

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Under such circumstances, a message came from True Martial School . True Martial School decided to stop the seclusion to prepare for the new Supreme School Master’s enthronement ceremony . The power transfer of True Martial School would soon begin .

At the same time, it was another once in a hundred year disciple recruitment drive for True Martial School . This was also True Martial School’s old tradition . The ancient roads that remained silent for more than a hundred year had also become lively .

The disciple recruitment was supposed to start a few years earlier . However, it was delayed because of the recovery needed . Now with the initial restoration of prosperity in the mortal world, it was time to open the sect’s door to recruit disciples .

True Martial School disciples suffered heavy casualties . Now, it was the time to introduce new blood .

Compared with the fact that True Martial School opened the door to recruiting disciples, many people paid more attention to the new Supreme School Master taking over . In the True Martial Domain, there were very few people who could compare with the True Martial School’s Supreme School Master . In other words, Supreme School Master was considered one of the many giants in True Martial School . Every replacement of the Supreme School Master of True Martial School would be a major event in the True Martial Domain . Every ceremony was bound to be bustled with spectators .

RIght now, not only the big shots in the True Martial Domain were attending, many overlords outside the domain would send a distinguished representative to watch the ceremony .

It symbolized that True Martial School had regained some recognition from many overlords after countless years of decline . Although True Martial School was completely incomparable with the peak period, it would not be regarded as a small indigenous power in a certain world with its strong foundation .

Thirty years was enough for True Martial School to undergo tremendous changes . The older generation who originally held the power of the school began to gradually delegate power to the next generation of disciples . The new generation that emerged during the ten-year war had displayed a strong side too .

Huang Wuji’s succession as the new Supreme School Master was just the beginning of this matter .

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In this jubilation, silence still enshrouded the Tibetan Star Summit . After all, there were too little people compared to other lineage .

White clouds strolled the clear, blue sky . It was a serene scene .

“Boom!” An unmatched force swept out from the Tibetan Star Summit, condensing into a qi column that rushed toward the sky .

A cyan figure jumped out from the mountain . He gazed at the sky while letting out a long roar, shaking the sky and the earth .

Many disciples passing by stopped and watched .

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