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Chapter 776: Chapter 776: One Wave After Another
Chapter 776: One Wave After Another

The warfare between the True Martial School and the Emergence School finally ended . The Emergence School disciples that managed to escape the siege of the True Martial School disciples weren’t even one in a hundred . Adding the fact that there were other factions ambushing them, only one Transcendent Realm expert remains from the group . He brought the few hundred disciples back to the Emergence Domain in a hurried manner .

This matter had thoroughly caused an uproar within the Emergence Domain . The experts that remained within the Emergence Domain knew for the first time that their armies had lost . In fact, they had lost very thoroughly .

This was something they hadn’t thought of before . They had undergone many years of preparations, and were prepared to crush the True Martial School in one swoop . In all actuality, they did not ever underestimate the True Martial School .

Everyone knew that the True Martial School had governed over the True Martial Domain before . Even if they’re weak now, they still had the foundations of a past governor . Besides, the True Martial School was an existence that had been equal with them in terms of position previously . Even if a tiger is dead, their demeanor still remains .

Due to this, they had made sufficient preparations even if the disparity in strength in them was large . They had made perfect preparations, and gathered numerous troops . However, they still suffered a great loss under the True Martial School’s hands .

The thing that truly hurted their foundations greatly was the death of the Transcendent Realm experts . Only one managed to escape back . Even the School leader died in the True Martial Domain . Besides, after the expert returned back to the Emergence Domain, he didn’t manage to suppress the wounds on his body, and had perished after a while of returning .

In other words, their troops were annihilated completely during this conquest . This thoroughly made them go crazy . Afterwards, when more news were released, they finally got wind of the revival of the legendary True Martial Stone Sword that was broken . The True Martial School had used it to deeply wound their troops, and every single troops were wounded . This was the reason why only one in a hundred troops managed to return back alive .

When they heard this, they could only smile bitterly and take in a deep breath . They had such backup methods as well . Not only does the True Martial School possess such methods .

If they utilized the True Martial Stone Sword right from the start, there wouldn’t be much problem . After all, they had the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Sword to fend off against the True Martial Stone Sword . However, the thing that made it truly terrifying was that the True Martial Stone Sword had absorbed the blood essence of the perished experts for the past ten years . With the seven Transcendent Realm experts together, the True Martial Stone Sword had thoroughly won over the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Sword, in which its full strength was unable to be utilized .

It struck them when they weren’t expecting it which caused their troops to almost experience total annihilation .

Not long after the batch of people escaped back to the Emergence Domain, the Emergence Domain started retracting their influences over other areas . They immediately announced the seclusion of the Emergence Domain for ten thousand years . Within ten thousand years, they would never appear within the public .

After this news was released, it caused the entire starry skies to tremble . Originally, they only knew that the two factions had both suffered great losses within this war, with the Emergence School suffering much more greatly compared to the True Martial School . Nobody could weigh how much of a loss this was towards the Emergence School, especially after the troops of the Emergence School had been annihilated by the True Martial Stone Sword .

However, with the announcement of seclusion coming from the Emergence School, some people immediately caught onto something . This time, the Emergence School must have really suffered a great loss . If it wasn’t for this, they wouldn’t have to announce the seclusion for a thousand years with how strong they were .

Ten thousand years was enough to nurture two Transcendent Realm experts . It was apparent how great of a loss they must have suffered .

Contrary to the Emergence Domain that made the announcement in a low-key manner, the True Martial School’s disciples were going around without masking their presence at all . They were continuously assaulting the South Barbarians and the Demon Worshipping Religion that were exceptionally active for the past ten years, as well as the forces of some other factions that tried to extend their influence within the True Martial Domain .

Originally, the South Region was the True Martial School’s land which forbade outsiders from entering . It was viewed as their very last land, and they didn’t allow outsiders to have any influence over it . As a result, the South Region was only governed by the True Martial School which they had absolute authority over . However, for the past ten years, the situation had changed completely . Every huge faction took advantage of the fact that the True Martial School weren’t free to deal with them, which allowed them to extend their influence within .

After the True Martial School had defeated the Emergence School, they immediately started dealing with these intruders . They presented a very resolute attitude . No matter who it was, or which faction it was, those that dared to affect the benefits of the True Martial School would be targeted by the entire True Martial School .

In fact, the battles between Transcendent Realm experts occurred because of this . It should be known that Transcendent Realm experts were a core factor in intimidating the opponent with their strength . Under normal circumstances, they would never take action . Usually, it would be sufficient for a Great Sage to be involved within such matters . If a Transcendent Realm expert was forced to take action, it meant that their factions were raging, and the Transcendent Realm experts represented their rage .

With such a domineering attitude being displayed by the True Martial School, along with the momentum of their great victory against the Emergence School, most other factions had retreated . No benefits would be granted upon them for fighting against the fanatical True Martial School .

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They wouldn’t do so, especially when the True Martial School was displaying such exceptional strength . They had more than twenty Transcendent Realm experts taking care of the situation . It was twice the amount compared to the Xuan Yuan Temple . The True Martial School had yet to turn into a weakened cat, and were still ferocious tigers . This made all other factions afraid of them .

With another three years, the True Martial School managed to chase these factions out of the South Region . However, the South Region was already in shambles .

The death of those normal citizens might be nothing . While tens of billions of citizens might have died within this havoc, it wasn’t much of a problem . After all, the reproduction speed of those normal citizens were exceptionally quick . Within just a few hundred years, the lost amount of citizens would be replenished .

For the True Martial School that had been existing for tens of thousands of years, a few hundred years meant nothing . However, the thing that made the True Martial School suffer a loss were the deaths of the martial warriors . The martial warriors with lower realm of cultivation like those in the Legendary Realm or the True Way Realm might be nothing . With just a few hundred years, the amount can be replenished . However, the one that made them suffer a huge loss were the experts above the Sage Realm . They were the main force within this warfare . With the death of a large batch of Great Sages and Sage Realm experts, it lowered the domineering effect of the True Martial School by a significant amount . However, the greatest loss was the seven Transcendent Realm experts that had perished .

Among them included the chief of the Dangyang Peak . He was still in his prime, and could protect the school for a few thousand more years .

While they had managed to make themselves domineering, their loss was much greater with these messes . For so many years, the True Martial School had always been thinking of taking over the True Martial Domain again . With such havoc, their dreams were shattered .

The huge forces within the True Martial Domain who were already hostile towards the True Martial School had also became more vigilant towards them .

Of course, if they were to compare losses, the Emergence School had suffered a much greater loss . The Emergence School had hurt their foundations, and had to seclude their domain from the world for ten thousand years . Naturally, the True Martial School didn’t require such a long time . However, after clearing out the other forces, they did not hunt them down outside of the South Region . After that, they announced that they would seclude themselves from the world in order to recover from the war . The True Martial School wasn’t able to suffer such a turmoil in its current state .

However, the True Martial Domain did not thoroughly calm down even when the True Martial school had secluded themselves . On the contrary, the battle between the True Martial School and the Emergence School was just the start of a havoc .

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During the second year of the True Martial School’s seclusion, another shocking thing happened . The Meteor Sect suddenly attacked the Xuan Yuan Temple without any warnings with an overbearing force . The battle lasted for a mere two years, and it ended with the Xuan Yuan Temple’s annihilation .

As if they had acquired the lesson from the Emergence School losing to the True Martial School, they didn’t give the Xuan Yuan Temple any time to prepare or to rest . They just attacked out of the blue, and directly invaded the Xuan Yuan Temple .

The battle happened all of a sudden, and ended very suddenly as well . With only two years, it ended with the Xuan Yuan Temple suffering a loss .

An uproar occurred throughout the True Martial World . If they didn’t feel any huge threat coming from the defeat of the Emergence School, they suddenly became much more vigilant with the defeat of the Xuan Yuan Temple . Every single faction was afraid of it happening to them .

Originally, they were shocked by the strength displayed by the Emergence School . However, seeing as to how the Emergence School had suffered a loss under the hands of the True Martial School, they only felt that these extraterrestrial overlords weren’t as scary as they thought . After all, even the True Martial School had defeated them .

Their strengths were similar to the True Martial School . In fact, if they decided to team up, they would definitely crush the True Martial School .

It was precisely because of such thoughts that they didn’t place much attention to this matter . Besides, within their hearts, they figured that things would end following the defeat of the Emergence School . They thought that the peace of the past few tens of thousands of years would return .

The extraterrestrial forces that wanted to meddle with the True Martial World’s affairs had also forgotten about everything . However, the Meteor Sect had destroyed the resistance of the Xuan Yuan Temple with a sudden assault .

The Xuan Yuan Temple had been fighting against the True Martial School for many years . However, with just two years, they had thoroughly crumbled . This made the factions within the True Martial Domain remain silent . Originally, they had underestimated the extraterrestrial overlord . Thinking back, their thoughts were extremely laughable .

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Even if the True Martial School was able to do something, it didn’t imply that they could do it as well . The reason why the True Martial School was able to heavily wound the Emergence School wasn’t because the Emergence School was too weak . On the contrary, the True Martial School was too strong .

They had governed the True Martial Domain for many years, and had many foundations left behind . If they were to truly take action, it would contain an unimaginable force .

As for the Xuan Yuan Temple, they had been in their flourished state for the past few years . They had been fighting against the True Martial School many times, and they were naturally not weak . Within the past two years, they had been using all kinds of methods . However, the disparity in strength with the True Martial school was too huge . They had been completely wiped out by the Meteor Sect .

Comparing these two together, it was apparent how strong the True Martial School was . After all, they were once overlord that governed over the world . Others wouldn’t be able to imitate such foundations .

Thinking back about it, the strength which the Xuan Yuan Temple had possessed when facing the True Martial School seemed much more like a joke . They were treated like clowns .

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