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Chapter 77 - Bullying

“This is the courtyard for disciple of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School, I will leave you here.” The wings of the Demon bird closed down and it descended on a mountain peak. This mountain peak was located in the more remote area, but several buildings were present on it.

The disciples of other sub-schools were also concentrated on several other mountain peaks, although somewhat far away in the remote areas because Main Sect valued strength, and it was obvious that disciples from the sub-school would be weaker compared to disciples of the Main Sect.

“Thank you!”

Ye Xiwen climbed up the stairs and quickly arrived at the hillside where the courtyard for disciples of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School was located.

Ye Xiwen had not reached the top yet, when he heard a loud voice.

“How can you do this, this is our Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School's courtyard, you cannot just barge in and occupy our place!”

Ye Xiwen heard the voice of the only female top core disciple of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School, Qian Wanru.

“Hey, why not, we have more people and you have so few, a total of only twenty. So what if we want to occupy your courtyard? You have come from the a small countryside school and you don't need this much space, but this time, our Shaoyang Yi Yuan School has sent 50 people, so you separate out two-thirds of this courtyard and give it to us! “

“This is not right, because this is the place where all of our forefathers from Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School once lived and practiced, why must we give this to you?”

“I tell you what, let's decide with our strengths!” An arrogant voice resounded in the courtyard.

Ye Xiwen rapidly climbed up the steps and after reaching the top, he soon saw a group of approximately thirty young people, surrounding the disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School in the courtyard.

Shaoyang Yi Yuan School!

Ye Xiwen frowned at the name of this school.

This name, for Ye Xiwen, was definitely not strange because Shaoyang Yi Yuan School and Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School had been hostile towards each other for god knows how many years. This enmity between these two sub-schools started in the ancient era and no one knew the reason behind it. However, after so many years of holding grudges and hatred towards each other, there was nothing that could be done to stop this clash between the two sub-schools.

Two groups were confronting each other where one belonged to the Qingfeng Mountain, about 20 in number and all over the middle Houtian ninth stage and were being led by Zhang Yang, Qian Wanru and Wu Hao.

Among them, Zhang Yang had already entered into the Xiantian realm and had transformed 10% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, while Qian Wanru and Wu Hao had both reached the peak of Houtian ninth stage.

The group on the other side belonged to the Shaoyang Yi Yuan School, headed by a young guy who currently had a sneer on his face. He was also a Xiantian first stage master, but with his 20% Zhen Qi already transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi, he was a lot stronger than Zhang Yang.

Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School this year's core disciples really had relatively mediocre strength.

“Huo Cheng, do not go too far with the bullying!” At this time, Wu Hao spoke.

“Bullying? You call that bullying, ha ha, a moment ago, that guy called Ye Feng, who was supposed to be the most powerful disciple from your school, easily collapsed in front of me! He is lucky that I almost stopped myself from wasting his cultivation!” Huo Cheng said with a complacent smile on his face.

In the back of the crowd, Ye Feng's complexion suddenly changed. So, that was the reason why Ye Xiwen had not seen him in the crowd because he had already been wounded.

Ye Xiwen's complexion suddenly changed. In this entire world, he loved his family the most and someone had dared to touch a member of his family and by doing so he had also invited the wrath of the emperor.

“Fuck off!” Ye Xiwen shouted.

Ye Xiwen's shout had immediately caused commotion among the disciples of the Shaoyang Yi Yuan School when they saw a seventeen-year-old boy was ferociously looking at them.

“Ye Xiwen!” When Zhang Yang saw Ye Xiwen, a sudden happiness bloomed on his face.

“It's Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye!”

All of the disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School had an expression of surprise on their faces when they suddenly saw Ye Xiwen, and now they felt relaxed because now they knew that they had survived this crisis, because in the present situation, even Zhang Yang and Ye Feng, the two Xiantian masters had been unable to do anything but in their hearts, they had already accepted Ye Xiwen as their leader.

After all, months ago, Ye Xiwen had easily beheaded a Xiantian master, although at that time, Liu Zhi’s strength had not been that much, and his transformation of Xiantian Zhen Qi was inferior compared to the current Zhen Qi transformation of Zhang Yang and Ye Feng, but Ye Xiwen was also only a Houtian realm warrior back then and had still been able to behead a Xiantian master like Liu Zhi.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had also received Xiantian Dan and Blood Yuan fruit like Ye Feng and Zhang Yang, so it was easy to guess that he would definitely have entered into the Xiantian realm and his previous tyrannical strength would have become even more tyrannical.

Indeed, as they had thought, in the last two months, Ye Xiwen’s strength had progressed by leaps and bounds and he had become tyrannically power, even though he was still at the Xiantian first stage.

He had fully consolidated his inner state within the Xiantian realm at the first stage, and half of his Zhen Qi had completely transformed into Xiantian Zhen Qi. He had experienced breakthroughs in all of his Xiantian level martial arts techniques where he had reached the peak of first layer of “Tyrant body technique”, which made his slim body to contain a total strength of 19 Dragons. And now that he had reached the peak of transformation of 50% Zhen Qi into the Xiantian Zhen Qi, he could even contend with the Xiantian third stage experts and the most important thing was that the now, ordinary warriors of the Xiantian third stage wouldn't be able to injure him.

He had finally reached the peak of the Xiantian part of “Celestial Step”, and in just two months, his speed had nearly doubled compared to the speed he had while fighting the Fire Lin beast.

“Changing muscles shrinking bones technique” had been practiced to the 'Xiaocheng' realm and even while standing beside a Xiantian master, Ye Xiwen could not be discovered and would even be able to change his appearance.

He had achieved the best benefits in the “Cold moon beheader” and had actually practiced the "Full moon beheader" to the 'Dacheng realm'.

Only the progress was not much for “Coiling Dragon palm”, which was such a difficult martial art to practice that Ye Xiwen could only grasp a little more knowledge about its first move “Hidden Dragon rising from the abyss”

Now only the masters of the Xiantian third stage who had transformed 60% of their Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi could pose a threat to him.

But with such advancements in his strength, the price naturally was very large. After entering into the Xiantian realm, the low-grade spirit stones consumption had increased dramatically and almost all of the spirit stones he possessed had already been burnt in the last two months, and now, low-grade spirit stone were simply not good enough for practicing Xiantian techniques, so he could only use spirit stones which were quite expensive.

In other words, Ye Xiwen had once again become poor!


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