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Chapter 76 - Senior disciple Shi Yi

No wonder that Main Sect had chosen such a place as its base because even with low qualifications and talent, it was possible to enter into the Xiantian realm with little practice.

Moreover, the disciples of Yi Yuan sub-schools, although one could not say that all were peerless geniuses, but their qualifications were still not so bad. And once the disciples of the Houtian ninth stage would enter into the Main Sect, they would be able to break through to the Xiantian realm within few years.

If practiced in the environment of sub-schools then they would be able to step into the Xiantian realm by the time they reach the age of 30 years old!

Resources and environment of the sub-schools and Main Sect varied greatly.

Although the difference was only a few years to enter into the Xiantian realm, but practicing for entering into the Xiantian realm inside the Main Sect and practicing for the same without entering the Main Sect were not the same things. The difference was only a few years, but the gap between them was already very big, because without competition and proper environment for cultivation, there was a high possibility for this gap to widen.

Those who had already entered the Xiantian realm before entering into the Main Sect were the so-called seed disciples, who would immediately receive various resources from the Yi Yuan Main Sect to ensure that they should be able to have a rapid increase in their cultivation in a short time.

This was also the biggest attraction for all of the geniuses and many schools would send their genius disciples to practice in the Main Sect. And since these disciples were already considered geniuses from their respective schools and once they would practice in the favorable environment of the Main Sect then they would definitely get stronger, that is why, the disciples passing out of the Main Sect or other four big Sects of the Great Yue State were never weak.

Ye Xiwen had some mixed feelings about this because he had just arrived at the Main Sect and he didn't know about the strength level of other geniuses, who had also come this year, and he also didn't know how much they had already practiced and how much they would progress after practicing in the favorable environment of Main Sect. He knew that things were going to be tough from this point onwards and he needed to work hard to surpass others.

After thinking about it, Ye Xiwen felt a kind of passionate feeling building inside his heart, because now, these formidable opponents would become a driving force for his cultivation.

However, right now, the first thing to do was to find the people of the Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School.

Suddenly, from the sky, a giant demon bird descended down and standing on its top was a decent looking man. He smiled towards Ye Xiwen and said: “Younger brother, you should be this year's new disciple from a sub-school right?"

“I am!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“Brother is very talented, so young and you are already a master of the Xiantian realm, and presumably also a seed disciple.” The man laughed and said, “My name is Shi Yi, and I am an inner disciple.”

“Greeting Brother Shi Yi, I am Ye Xiwen.” Ye Xiwen said and he could easily see through the depth of Shi Yi's breath and knew that he was completely harmless but his cultivation had already reached a very high level because unlike other Xiantian experts, who also contained a part of non converted Houtian Zhen Qi in their bodies, his breath was already complete and rich, as if he had already become one with the nature.

Ye Xiwen concluded that Shi Yi was definitely a master of Xiantian fifth stage and he could be among the top inner disciples.

Of course there was no comparison between the strength of core disciples of the Main Sect and the core disciples of the Qingfeng Mountain, because the core disciples from the Main Sect could go to the sub-schools and become their head, or sovereign.

This was the difference.

“Brother Ye, do you want to go inside?” Shi Yi said, “If you want, you may come up and I’ll give you a ride.”

“It is greatly appreciated brother, I am a disciple of the Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School and I don't know where they are because I did not come along with them.” Ye Xiwen said.

“I know where people from different sub-schools live, come on, I’ll take you there.” Shi Yi said.

“Thank you!”

Ye Xiwen jumped upon the back of the demon bird and although he had not ridden demon birds, but he knew about how to do it. He immediately concentrated an influx of Zhen Qi at the soles of his feet and firmly adsorbed on the demon bird's back.

“Go!” Shi Yi shouted and the demon bird quickly moved waving its huge wings, flying into the clouds, suddenly Ye Xiwen felt like the wind was blowing and stinging on his skin like blades made of air, but fortunately, Ye Xiwen had covered his whole body with Xiantian Zhen Qi , and therefore did not feel anything.

This demon bird was so fast that in a moment, they had already reached the inner parts of the Yi Yuan Main Sect and he could not help but feel amazed at the beauty of this place and sighed with emotion.

After careful examination, he saw tens of mountain peaks that were so high that the several palaces, atop these peaks, looked like starry sky from below.

After Shi Yi's explanation, Ye Xiwen found out that these ten enormous peaks represented ten branch-veins of the Yi Yuan School and legend said that in the past, the founder of the Yi Yuan School had handed over these 10 branch veins to 10 of his best disciples.

The first ten mountain peaks were now governed by people of the Yi Yuan School, holding the reins of the Main Sect.

Meanwhile, their strength was also unpredictable and all of them were Zhen Dao experts, possessing strengths even more terrifying than the masters of the Xiantian realm, and to what extent, even Shi Yi didn't know.

Ye Xiwen knew that Zhen Dao masters were considered the authentic disciples of the Yi Yuan Main Sect and they also possessed terrifying strength, capable enough to kill any experts of the Xiantian realm easily. Even in such a big influential Sect like the Yi Yuan Main Sect, there were only around a hundred Zhen Dao experts.

Besides first ten leaders and those other Zhen Dao disciples, in the Yi Yuan School, the disciples were divided into inner sect disciples, core disciples and outer sect disciples. With the vast resources offered by the Yi Yuan Main Sect to the inner sect disciples, they would be able to break into the Xiantian realm in just few years so the number of inner sect disciples was always more compared to that of outer sect disciples. In fact, number of inner sect disciples would be the largest of about 50,000, followed by core sect disciples and least number of outer sect disciples.

Ye Xiwen had gained a direct insight into the true strength of Yi Yuan Main Sect. Because having thousands of Xiantian warriors was really incredible for a Sect.

Shi Yi told Ye Xiwen that the new disciples from the sub-schools would go through the examination, and there, it will be decided which 'peak' they would go to.

And during the examination, if one was to give an outstanding performance, then there was a chance to get selected to study under the elder, which was a great honor for the disciple and his status would also increase.

In a very short span of time, the demon bird flew closer to the settlements of the disciples.


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