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Chapter 78 - Like a dead dog

However, Ye Xiwen was quite used to his special way of cultivation and he needed to arrange for surplus spirit stones to continue practicing in the 'Special Space'.

After entering into the Xiantian realm, the crazy consumption rate of spirit stones had led to a rapid increase in his strength and speed, to a terrifying extent.

People of Shaoyang Yi Yuan School were also giving somewhat strange looks to Ye Xiwen, because they did not know why disciples of Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School looked so overjoyed after the sudden appearance of this young man.

“Who are you?” Huo Cheng asked.

“Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School's Ye Xiwen.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said, “Who wounded my brother?”

“It was him, that Huo Cheng!”

“Yes, it was him!”

Many of the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School immediately said while pointing towards Huo Cheng.

“So what if it was me!” Huo Cheng looked at Ye Xiwen with disdain and said, “Are you that Ye Feng's younger brother?”

“That Ye Feng is a guy with an undeserved reputation and mediocre strength, that's all he is.” Huo Cheng said indifferently. (NT: with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame)

“You are just an ignorant dog who has actually dared to venture into our territory.” Ye Xiwen looked maliciously at Huo Cheng and said.

At this time, the conflict between the two sub-schools had also attracted many onlookers consisting mainly of disciples living on the neighboring mountain peaks. Both Qingfeng Mountain and Shaoyang Yi Yuan Schools were one of a dozen or more sub-schools and the disciples from these sub-schools had settled on dozens of mountain peaks.

Although more than a dozen mountain peaks were occupied by the disciples of these sub-schools, but for the entire Yi Yuan School, this was still a small and insignificant area and nothing more.

The key figures of Yi Yuan School, the elders, the high-ranked disciples and others, all of them had their own separate mountain peak as personal domain.

It was difficult to imagine, how big Yi Yuan School actually was!

“You actually dared to abuse me!” Huo Cheng shouted with an angry look on his face.

“Abused? That was just the beginning because now I will beat the crap out of you!” Ye Xiwen sneered and in just a step, using Celestial Step, he arrived in front of Huo Cheng in a flash.

“Did you think you can just come here and run wildly and no one will punish you?” Ye Xiwen mercilessly shot his big hand towards the face of Huo Cheng.

Until a moment ago, Huo Cheng had been feeling triumphed when he suddenly saw Ye Xiwen's hand coming towards him. He wanted to dodge but simply couldn't because Ye Xiwen's speed was incredibly fast, almost like a whirlwind, and in an instant, Ye Xiwen's hand had approached Huo Cheng's face.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's big hand slapped maliciously on the face of Huo Cheng. He suddenly screamed and spat out a mouthful of blood and along with that, some of his teeth flew out.

All the people present there had their jaws dropped. They knew about Huo Cheng's strength because being able to convert 20% of Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi was rare for masters at such a young age.

However, this Ye Xiwen was simply too terrifying. His palm was so fast that Huo Cheng had been unable to dodge it and had suffered a severe slap on the face.

Moreover, from the look on Ye Xiwen's face, it seemed as if he hadn't put any effort at all. Shaoyang Yi Yuan School's disciples broke out in cold sweat, and Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School's disciples were cheering for Ye Xiwen because his strength really had become even more unfathomable and tyrannical.

“You …” Huo Cheng looked at Ye Xiwen with a look of disbelief.

“What you!” Ye Xiwen again slapped him on the other side of his face and suddenly, a few more teeth went flying out.

There was a huge difference between their strengths. Although Huo Cheng could be considered as an outstanding genius in the crowd of this year's disciples, who had already transformed 20% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi. If he had faced someone else then he would not be so miserable, but to his bad luck, he had dared to provoke Ye Xiwen.

“I’ll kill you!” Huo Cheng was extremely furious in his heart and mind, because from infancy to adulthood, he had always been called a cultivation genius and had already gained fame at a young age by getting attention from everyone, but just now, he had received such humiliation.

Both of his eyes had reddened and one could see hatred for Ye Xiwen in his eyes who had humiliated him in front of such a large crowd, consisting of disciples from many sub-schools.

When he had come to bully the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School, Huo Cheng never thought that he himself would be bullied instead.

Huo Cheng drew out his sword blade and it brandished a dazzling Swordlight that instantly rushed towards Ye Xiwen with lightning speed. (NT: Huo Cheng's weapon is a 'jiàn shēn' which is a sword blade)

Although Huo Cheng did not have the strength to hit back in front of tyrannical Ye Xiwen and had been slapped twice that had made him face such a disgrace in front of everyone. But, he was strong and was indeed a genius of Shaoyang Yi Yuan School and at this time, the strength of a master of peak Xiantian first stage completely unleashed in this sword attack.

Ye Xiwen sneered and used Rushing thunder hand to instantly grasp Huo Cheng's sword blade.

“Dang!” A loud metal clashing sound resounded everywhere and Ye Xiwen actually firmly grabbed Huo Cheng's sword blade in his hand.

“Bang dang!”

“Bang dang!”

“Bang dang!”

Ye Xiwen kneaded that sword blade as if it was made up of clay, and its size decreased section by section.

After entering into the Xiantian realm and practicing “Tyrant body technique” to such a profound level, not only his strength had increased dramatically, but the toughness of his body had also increased to such an extent that now, it had become difficult for weapons like spears and swords to hurt him.

Ye Xiwen kneaded the sword blade along with the Swordqi and directly snapped it.

“How is this possible!” Huo Cheng simply couldn't believe his eyes when his sword blade snapped in the grip of Ye Xiwen's hand.

Ye Xiwen sneered and without giving any chance to Huo Cheng, he rushed like an Azure Dragon rising out of the abyss and instantly trod on his chest!

“Bang!” Huo Cheng couldn't respond and his body was sent flying like a broken kite, upside down, directly towards the several disciples of Shaoyang Yi Yuan School with such a forceful impact that made them to fly out and most of them fainted immediately.

“Get the hell out of here!” With a cold look in his eyes, Ye Xiwen said, “You absolutely cannot barge into this place because it belongs to our Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School, keep that in mind!"

All of the disciples of Shaoyang Yi Yuan School were giving angry looks to Ye Xiwen, but did not dare to say anything, after all, a powerful Xiantian master like Huo Cheng had been beaten so easily and they were not even in the Xiantian realm. So, how could they dare to say anything to a tyrannical Xiantian master like Ye Xiwen?

Although they were at the peak of Houtian ninth stage and Xiantian realm was only one step across, but the difference was like heaven and earth between the Houtian realm and Xiantian realm.

At this time, the disciples of other Yi Yuan Schools started talking about Ye Xiwen among themselves.

“Who is he? Why haven't I seen him before?”

“Quite fierce, that Huo Cheng was definitely not weak, but he still couldn't hit back like a dead dog!”


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