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Chapter 768: Chapter 768: Emergence School’s Defea
Chapter 768: Emergence School’s Defea

That huge sword shadow suddenly burst into brilliant light, rushing straight into the sky, flashing the world with blinding light . The sky was filled with sword aura; it went into all directions while seemingly under meticulous control .

The world changed its color . There was a loud noise; the terrifying sword qi split the vast sky . A huge shadow crashed down towards the main Emergence School’s army formation .

Countless Emergence School disciples were terrified . Compared with this terrifying force, the collision of the two unmatched forces just now was nothing . It was not that the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was more powerful than the True Martial Stone Sword . Rather, they couldn’t lay out the blood sacrifice in the same ten years as True Martial School, turning all the blood essence of the fallen masters into blood sacrifices . Moreover, they were the self-destruct of seven Transcendent Realm masters as sacrifices . The power of this True Martial Stone Sword was also escalating at the same time . The transformation had become unparalleled and terrifying .

Slaughter painted the scene!

“It’s the True Martial Stone Sword . Retreat! Retreat!”

There were also people in Emergence School who recognized the origin of this stone sword . Not only True Martial School would study the origin and trump card of Emergence School, but Emergence School would also study it . After all, True Martial School was not an unknown entity . Even though it had declined from being the supreme leader who dominated the True Martial Domain, any opponent would need to be extra careful in the face of such a terrifying force .

Naturally, they also knew about the legendary True Martial Stone Sword, but wasn’t the legendary True Martial Stone Sword broken?

At this time, it was resurrected again .

At this time, it was too late to retreat . Suddenly, among the Emergence School’s army, the arrays were laid out instantly, bursting with terrible light . It formed a peerless array to shield off the sword aura that rained all over the sky .

What came first was the phantom of that huge long sword, which was the projection of the True Martial Stone Sword .


Under a loud thud, this sword shadow instantly broke through countless large arrays . The arrays that were meticulously prepared were like small children in front of this sword shadow . The array formed in a hurry was broken in an instant; they were totally unmatched




Countless Emergence School masters who presided over the array spat out blood in an instant, and they flew out directly out of the recoil . The array was naturally torn apart . Many of the Emergence School disciples in the array were annihilated under this horrifying blood shadow, turning into a mass of blood essence and absorbed by the sword shadow . It actually further increased the power of the sword shadow .

The larger the arrays he broke, the more blood essence he absorbed . With the amount of blood essence absorbed increased, the sword could break more arrays . It became a cycle . Confronting the Emergence School was just like cutting butter with a hot knife .

Suddenly, the array arranged by the Emergence School’s army suddenly broke into two pieces .

Countless sword qis bombarded like a torrential rain, and plunged straight into the completely broken phalanx . Those Emergence School disciples resisted with their weapons, but they were totally unmatched . The stronger ones could wipe away the sword qi . The weaker one would be pierced by the sword qi and nailed to the ground on the spot .

There was an agonizing scream everywhere, echoing endlessly .

The Emergence School army which was initially mighty, was in complete chaos . Many disciples died under sword qi rain-like bombardment, and their deaths were extremely miserable .

“Kill . Kill all these Emergence School people . Avenge our dead brothers!”

Someone yelled, countless True Martial School disciples were like tigers that went down the mountain, killing the opponents in all directions . Originally, they still needed to rely on arrays to maintain their balance with Emergence School . However, with the arrays in Emergence School torn apart, there was no need to wait .

Ye Xiwen rushed out in the midst of it . A sword whistled through him in the sky, and many of the Emergence School disciples who were about to attack Ye Xiwen were nailed to the ground on the spot .

Those sword qis killed people ruthlessly . It was a bloodbath .

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The True Martial School disciples, who had been holding back for a whole ten years, completely vented their anger . The already chaotic Emergence School’s army formation collapsed completely .

Suddenly, many powerful Transcendent Realm masters appeared in the sky . The leader of the group was the Emergence School’s leader . He held the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . His vigor surged to the sky . All the existing sword qis in front of him dissipated with none capable of approaching his body .

Many powerful Transcendent Realm masters from Emergence School this time had gathered here . It couldn’t be helped . The strength of Emergence School was really strong and unimaginable . Just the number of Transcendent Realm masters already reached more than ten . If the masters guarding the Emergence World were included, wouldn’t there be hundreds of them?

The strength of these top behemoths was really unimaginable behind them . If it weren’t for True Martial School who once commanded True Martial Domain, having a profound and terrifying background . If it weren’t for True Martial School’s countless cards, the True Martial School had already been completely wiped out .

“Everyone do your best . We can’t let this stone sword continue to wreak havoc . Otherwise, we really are in danger of annihilation!” The Emergence School’s leader yelled . All the qi on his body was instilled into the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . The people behind him also input all the qi on their bodies into Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber at this time .

Any Transcendent Realm master had the ability to destroy the world, not to mention that so many masters had gathered together to deliver qi into Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber .

Suddenly, the boundless light on Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber surged into the sky, forming a terrifying saber qi . It slashed toward the saber shadow in the True Martial School .

“Boom!” Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber’s saber qi’s slash emitted a loud whistling sound, followed by a series of explosions . It bombarded in a thunderous manner .

On the other side, the Supreme School Master moved . It was just a vague figure . The one meter long green sword was slashed, seeming strenuous and yet it moved .

A sword qi that seemed to be able to destroy the stars slashed out in an instant, and slammed into the Saber Aura .

The world went silent as if all sounds had disappeared . Only this loud noise echoed in the battlefield . This was the collision of two absolutely terrifying forces .

“Huala!” Sword qi broke through saber qi in an instant . It bulldozed all the way . After all, the power of countless blood essence sacrifices in the past ten years had surpassed the attacks jointly issued by these Transcendent Realm masters .

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Under a swift sweep, the sword’s momentum was like cutting a butter with a hot knife . A force powerful enough to split the word bombarded into the Transcendent Realm masters formation . The collision of two unmatched forces created yet another explosion .




Those Transcendent Realm masters suffered heavy losses one after another . In the face of this destructive sword qi, their power was still minute . The Transcendent Realm masters closer to the front were killed on the spot . They used their power to confront such power capable of destroying the world . Only the leader of Emergence School could save his life with the help of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber .


The head of Emergence School was shaky in the sky as if he might fall directly from the sky at any time .

The remaining twenty-odd Transcendent Realm masters heard the words and hurriedly flew in all directions, all suffering severe injuries . At this time, they did not understand how they were powerless to reverse the situation . It took ten years to face the True Martial School . They were helpless against True Martial School’s last move involving countless blood essence sacrifices . It was as difficult as defying Heaven .

At this time, they were not thinking about how to crush and destroy True Martial School, but how to escape one by one .

The rain-like bombardment of sword qi continued fanatically . They could ignore these sword qi rains, but the other disciples had no such good luck . They were nailed to the ground . Seeing this scene, their eyes opened widely in agony . They wanted to help, but they had no way . At this time, they could not even protect themselves .

Many Transcendent Realm masters in True Martial School emerged one after another . There were more than twenty True Martial School Transcendent Realm masters pursuing Emergence School’s Transcendent Realm masters who escaped .

“There’s no chance for you to flee!”

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The True Martial School’s disciples were angry . They watched with their own eyes on the elderly predecessors sacrificed for True Martial School . When they were self-destructing, their hearts were already fuming with anger . How could they let them go?

In the sky, the Supreme School Master of True Martial School was shrouded in a shimmer of light, but his face was extremely pale . He kept mobilizing his qi to suppress the backlash of the wraiths in the True Martial Stone Sword . These wraiths were not short of Transcendent Realm masters . They all died under the True Martial Stone Sword . At this time, these wraiths all began to bite their masters .

But he couldn’t stop . He had to control the True Martial Stone Sword, and constantly released more sword aura . He absolutely couldn’t let those Emergence School disciples flee . None shall be spared .

“Unexpectedly, the situation turned out to be like this . True Martial School is not wiped out . Instead, Emergence School collapsed . It is an unexpected reversal!”

“Is this the True Martial Stone Sword in the True Martial School legend? The power is really terrifying . No wonder it was able to suppress the Star Beast chaos back then!”

“The real horror is not True Martial Stone Sword, but True Martial School’s scheming plan . In order to attain today’s battle and wipe out Emergence School, they have tolerated it for ten years . In the past ten years, countless masters have fallen and blood essence is absorbed by them . What a grand scheme!”

The masters of the major forces who watched this battle far away were all stunned by this sudden change, or in other words, there were too many surprises today .

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