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Chapter 767: Chapter 767: Start Fighting Back
Chapter 767: Start Fighting Back

With such earth-shattering power, neither of the two parties could easily release it anymore . In order to mobilize the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, Emergence School made plentiful of preparation and effort to be able to succeed . This time, the operation failed . They had no way to launch the next attack in a short time .

On the other side, the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array representing the True Martial School was unable to continue . The Seven-star Qi Breaking Array, which had just resisted the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, was exhausted . At this time, the seven masters had already collapsed, especially Dangyang Peak Chief who took the lead . He suffered the worst repercussion . He was originally a man in his prime years . Right now, he suddenly became a few thousand years older and became a scrawny old man .

The True Martial School disciples below cried bitterly . Many people had recognized these masters who laid out the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array . They had given everything for True Martial School and they were still fighting .

“Kill, kill those bastards from Emergence School . We can’t let the Grandmasters die in vain!”

“Yes, kill all of them . None to be spared!”

The True Martial School’s disciples immediately roared out in indignation . Maybe anyone of them couldn’t turn things around, but it would evolve into a mighty force when there were thousands, ten thousand, or hundreds of thousands of people united .

The will of the people represented heaven’s will!

Ye Xiwen could faintly see that the spirit of many school disciples had changed . The gloominess for being stagnant for a few years in addition to the worry of getting wiped out by Emergence School were all gone . All the disciples soared with even more terrifying combat power .

But the seven masters who placed the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array in the sky did not stop . Although the few people were old with their faces beyond recognizable at this moment, they all smiled .

“Hahaha, Emergence School bastards, welcome our gift . Hahaha, let me be the last sacrifice!” Dangyang Peak Chief suddenly laughed wildly . The heroic laughter spread, shocking the opponent to its core .

“Huh? Beware of any tricks?” There were a slight confusion and cold snorts coming from the Emergence School army .








After a consecutive seven explosions sounded like thunder, the seven masters, including Dangyang Peak Chief exploded directly . They had directly self-destructed, turned into a ball of blood essence, and entangled together in the air . Like a cannonball, they fell directly into the mountains of the True Martial School at lightning speed . In just a moment, the Blood Sea surged in the True Martial Mountains . Consecutively, a large formation that was hidden for many years in the True Martial Mountains was resurrected . A blue light rose into the sky . The Blood Sea was absorbed in an instant .

Everyone was stunned by this shocking change, even Ye Xiwen was no exception . However, they immediately became excited . It was the last move from True Martial School .

Sure enough, a surge of shocking sword qi rushed into the sky as expected . A boundless halo obscured the sky and the earth; a huge and sharp roar swept in all directions from a mountain peak .

The whole scene was gorgeous and terrifying at the same time .

In the endless sword qi, a figure slowly stepped out . The whole person was enveloped by this boundless halo .

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But Ye Xiwen could see clearly that this person was none other than the Supreme School Master . At this time, the Supreme School Master had a calm face . There was no sadness or joy, but his gaze became colder and colder . His sight on the Emergence School army became more ruthless .

In his hand, there was a primitive stone sword . It was one meter long and green in color . No one knew when it was forged . The style was entirely different from the present . The boundless sword qi and the radiance were all emitted by this primitive sword .

Under the Supreme School Master’s body, monstrous Blood Waves flooded but it was not spreading . All of them rushed into the primitive stone sword . Every time the blood wave was absorbed, the power of the stone sword increased by one level . It gradually accumulated to a terrifying level . The radiance was blinding . No one could see the Supreme School Master clearly .

What is this?

It’s so scary!

Ye Xiwen was shocked . It was already so terrifying before it was launched . If it were released, the damage would be terrifying . It would be countless times more terrifying than Ye Xiwen’s previous encounter on Transcendent Realm master’s attack .

“This is… True Martial Stone Sword…” Huang Wuji couldn’t hide his surprise in his eyes . “It’s not a legend . Isn’t the stone sword cracked during the suppression of Star Beast? How… was it repaired!?”

With Huang Wuji’s reminder, Ye Xiwen suddenly remembered the legendary founder of True Martial School who once got a boulder outside the region . The boulder recorded various amazing martial arts, and he took them as the foundation . He founded the True Martial School lineage . That piece of a boulder was said to be forged as the garrisoned martial instruments of the True Martial School – the True Martial Stone Sword .

Back then, the ancestor of the school wielded the True Martial Stone Sword . He was invincible as he defeated the king of demonic beasts and drove out the Native Clan masters steadily . Many masters were beheaded . He had killed many creatures and eventually established the prestigious name of True Martial School .

However, after the founder, no one could drive this True Martial Stone Sword alone . They said due to a higher number of kills, this stone sword had acquired some demonic properties, which would make the user go frenzy . It was all due to the backlash of countless resentful spirits who once died under this stone sword .

In addition, among the descendants of True Martial School, there had never been a character who could match the school’s founder . Therefore, this True Martial Stone Sword was gradually forgotten . It was enshrined in the depths of True Martial School .

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In the following True Martial School’s crises, the True Martial Stone Sword was utilized to suppress the turmoil . However, the last time it was dispatched, it was the battle that suppressed the Star Beast . The battlefield collapsed and countless masters were sacrificed . True Martial School masters launched their attack consecutively non stop, and yet they weren’t Star Beast’s opponents at all . The difference between the two sides was far too much . Star Beast was far better than the average Transcendent Realm master . Finally, the True Martial Stone Sword was utilized . The Supreme School Master that time wielded the True Martial Stone Sword and fought a bloody battle with the Star Beast . In the end, the Star Beast was severely wounded and finally sealed .

In the end, the Supreme School Master was also killed on the spot due to the overwhelming backlash . Later on, news spread that the True Martial Stone Sword was broken and could not be restored .

Sure enough, after that, no matter how many crises True Martial School encountered, or even being nearly wiped out by the major forces, it had never appeared again . It was as if it was true that the True Martial Stone Sword was broken .

“This sword is demonic . Look at the blood essence in the Blood Sea . It becomes more and more terrifying!” Ye Mo’s voice appeared . It said while frowning, “Where the Blood Sea is coming from?”

“Could it be…?” Ye Xiwen suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility .

“Yes, if I’m not wrong, this Blood Sea flood is formed by the blood essence of the disciples on both sides who died in the past ten years . True Martial School has such a grand plan . This is a blood sacrifice . Ah, in the past ten years, I wonder how many masters have fallen . Their blood essence has become a sacrifice . That’s why they endured it for ten years . Even True Martial School suffered heavy losses in these ten years, they did not make a move . Apparently, the sacrifices are enough now . We can fight back!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a bit of a cold on his back . It was really terrifying . No one could figure out how many masters had fallen in the past ten years . Not to mention that they were all martial arts masters, but even if they were just ordinary people, one could also exert the power capable of annihilating the Transcendent Realm masters after the sacrifices of enormous blood essence . Moreover, these were all martial arts masters . That power was indeed terrifying . Besides, there were seven Transcendent Realm masters who self-destructed themselves just now . All blood essences were used as sacrifices . How terrifying the power of this True Martial Stone Sword would be? No one knew the answer but it must be at an extreme level .

“Haha, Ye Xiwen . Let’s forget about the others . It is a great opportunity for us . Right now, the Tianyuan Mirror needs an opportunity . There is a lack of blood essence of a Transcendent Realm master to complete the Tianyuan Mirror’s evolution . The more chaotic the scene is, the easier it is for you to fish in troubled waters . You probably will be able to gain a lot!” Ye Mo cheered .

Ye Xiwen suddenly shuddered . Indeed, the current Tianyuan Mirror had already reached the peak of the great sage tool . It absorbed the blood essence of a few Half-step Transcendent Realm masters, but it was unable to carry out the evolution, which required actual Transcendent Realm master’s blood essence .

But, the stake was Transcendent Realm master . Even though Ye Xiwen’s strength had been fundamentally improved compared with ten years ago, he was weak as an ant in comparison to the Transcendent Realm master . He dared not to think about obtaining the blood essence of a Transcendent Realm master .

But, the situation was different now . The scene was so chaotic . Once the True Martial Stone Sword was wielded, the opponent’s Transcendent Realm master would die for sure . Thinking of this, Ye XIwen got excited . If Tianyuan Mirror can transform into a Transcendent tool, then he would be able to at least save his from Transcendent Realm master whilst not being able to defeat them . It would be a dead end .

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This was important to him . If even the Transcendent Realm masters couldn’t kill him, then his ability to secure his life would be upgraded to a new level .

The sky was still changing color . Light that was a thousand feet long obscured the sky . A bright light rose slowly in the sky . It was a shadow of a huge sword in the size of a mountain . On top of that shadow, True Martial School’s Supreme School Master’s figure was looming . The one metre long green sword was so dazzling .




Series of loud shrieks came from the sword . The giant sword was surrounded with sword qi, like a world of swords .

All of sudden, something was activated

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