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Chapter 769: Chapter 769: Chase Down the Emergence School Leade
Chapter 769: Chase Down the Emergence School Leader

In the end, the real killer move was delivered . The True Martial Stone Sword discolored countless people, especially those forces who eyed covetously to be the final victor after both sides were exhausted in the warfare . After seeing True Martial School’s real strength, such ridiculous thoughts were immediately dispelled .

True Martial School actually had more than two dozen Transcendent Realm masters which the other forces had never expected . Everyone knew there were many Transcendent Realm masters in Emergence School because they dominate a world after all . The masters produced were far superior to the fragmented True Martial Domain .

However, what really made Xuan Yuan Temple and other forces that compete with True Martial School usually was the number of True Martial School Transcendent Realm masters . With only ten Transcendent Realm masters, they were already a terrifying force .

But now True Martial School actually had more than twenty Transcendent Realm masters . It was twice as much as theirs . This did not include the seven Transcendent Realm masters who died after laying out the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array . Otherwise, it definitely exceeded thirty, being three times as many as any of them .

If True Martial School was not suppressed by their joint efforts previously, it would be inevitable that they would be wiped out . After all, once True Martial School found a small window, they would take the shot .

Even so, the strength of the True Martial School after the war was still much stronger than them . It really shuddered them .

After experiencing this war, everyone had a fundamental change in evaluating True Martial School’s strength . In the past, they did not feel that True Martial School was low-key . On the contrary, they felt that they had dominated the True Martial Domain in an unusually high-profile and arrogant manner .

But only now they discovered that compared with the strength they possessed, what they did before could be regarded as low-key . Many people believed that it was more than low-key, but staying hidden deliberately .

In the face of the defeated Emergence School army, many Transcendent Realm masters hiding in the dark to watch the battle sighed . Emergence School’s strength was not weak . They were well-prepared too . They even prepared for so many years to invade True Martial School . Turns out, they failed miserably, and stumbled in front of True Martial School . It was the most unexpected change of situation .

This had caused many forces that originally wanted to take advantage of the warfare to immediately put out that idea . It would be ridiculous . There were still more than twenty Transcendent Realm masters left . This alone was a terrifying deterrent, let alone they didn’t know whether True Martial School really had all the cards out . What if there were still hidden cards left .

Most importantly, even if True Martial School’s cards and tricks were exhausted, they still had no way to contend against True Martial Stone Sword .

At this time, the disciple of True Martial School was like a tiger descending the mountain, rushed out and eliminated the disciple of Emergence School who had become a bereaved dog .

But Ye Xiwen was not interested in these . Even if there was a Half-step Transcendent Realm master, he had no interest anymore .

He marked the Transcendent Realm master as his target . He just saw the Transcendent Realm master from a distance, wielding the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . Although he had never seen a Transcendent Realm master, he also learnt from the others that he should be the legendary Emergence School leader .

Emergence School’s invasion of True Martial School was personally led by the Emergence School leader . At this time, he fled like a bereaved dog .

Ye Xiwen had no hesitation . He went straight to the pursuit . The reason was very simple . The direction the opponent fled was toward him . After all, there was no Transcendent Realm master at Ye Xiwen’s side .

Those who were not Transcendent Realm masters dared not to confront him . It would simply be courting death .

So, no one expected that Ye Xiwen would dare to confront a Transcendent Realm master, or have the intention to kill a Transcendent Realm master .

But for the current Ye Xiwen, evolving the Tianyuan Mirror was the most pressing matter for him . However, it needed the blood essence of a Transcendent Realm master to stimulate the growth . The situation forced Ye Xiwen to confront a Transcendent Realm master .

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If it was in the peak state of a Transcendent Realm master, Ye Xiwen would not even dare to have an idea on Transcendent Realm master . However, the leader of the Emergence School was seriously injured . This was the best window of opportunity . It was also the only time when there was a chance . Once a master like them recovered, Ye Xiwen would not be able to get involved . If he were to wait for the Emergence School leader to recover, there was no doubt that his death would be as easy as pinching an ant to death .

Most importantly, Ye Mo had a great interest in that Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . Although Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber fell into a disadvantage in the confrontation with the True Martial Stone Sword just now, it did not mean that Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was not as good as True Martial Stone Sword . They were both classified as garrisoned martial instruments . Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was not bad . True Martial Stone Sword had absorbed all the blood essence of all the masters who died in battle over the past ten years, which had increased its power to an unimaginable degree .

Otherwise, the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber would not be in a disadvantage .

After all, they were also the garrisoned martial instruments sent by the Emergence School . If it weren’t for the protection of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, the Emergence School leader would be slayed long ago by the True Martial Stone Sword .

It was impossible to survive .

The Emergence School’s leader was extremely fast, almost disappearing into the sky like a stream of light in just a moment . It was impossible for ordinary people to catch up . Even in a state of serious injury, it still outmatched ordinary people .

But, that was limited to the others . For Ye Xiwen, it was not the case . He directly called out the Star Beast Avatar that was already in the power of Half-step Transcendent Realm Late Peak . The Avatar was obviously better than his own main body . His Avatar utilized the second level of Demon Wing . It transformed into a cluster of light instantly, flickering non-stop . Each flicker travelled many miles .

“Ye Xiwen, this is a great opportunity . After killing this Emergence School leader, not only can Tianyuan Mirror be promoted, but this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber is also extremely powerful . With this Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber, even if you are a Transcendent Realm master, you may have a chance to kill a Transcendent Realm Master!” Ye Mo said excitedly, “Haha, this is a martial instrument that can kill Immortals . In the hands of these Emergence School people, that’s a waste!”

Ye Xiwen nodded . Even the current Ye Xiwen couldn’t bring the power of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber to its fullest . Even after he stepped into the Transcendent Realm one day, he couldn’t completely control the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . He might be put in the same shoe like Emergence School whereby many preparations were required to wield it . However, it was another option in his sleeves . Another option to kill the opponent in one blow .

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As for the saber art, Ye Xiwen was never worried about it . If he really intended to use saber as a weapon, it was not difficult to obtain a saber art . There were such saber arts in True Martial School . With his current status, it was not difficult to learn a set of top-notch saber art that was not inferior to Shattered Star Fist .

This was the advantage of being a legatee . Compared with the individual cultivators who had to work hard to learn martial techniques, this was not a problem at all as long as he had enough points in addition to his current status .

Coupled with his mysterious space and countless wealth on him, even if he had to learn some saber art, he could quickly get it done . This was not a big problem for him at all .

Of course, the premise was to obtain the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber first .

The Avatar was already at the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late Peak . It was only one step away to enter the Transcendent Realm . Of course, there was the help of the Demon Wing movement technique .

It was only a moment’s effort that he was approaching the Emergence School Leader . Both of them had already flown out of the True Martial Domain and rushed directly into the starry sky .

“What are you? You dare to chase me!” Soon, the Emergence School leader noticed Ye Xiwen who was chasing up . He was extremely irritated .

His face was extremely pale . Ye Xiwen finally saw it clearly at this time . He was a handsome middle-aged man dressed in a Chinese robe without a beard .

At this time, his majestic face was filled with anger . As the Transcendent Realm master and the Emergence School leader, there were less than ten characters that could stand at his level even in the vast starry sky . He could be said to be the highest peak among hundreds of millions of people .

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But, he was pursued at this time . If the other party was also a Transcendent Realm master, he could find it acceptable . At any rate, that would also be a character who could sit on an equal footing with him . However, a mere Half-step Transcendent Realm ant dared to pursue him .

Although the Half-step Transcendent Realm master was only one step away from Transcendent Realm, this step set a great distance from the Transcendent Realm master . The two sides were not at the same level at all .

Having a minute character pursuing him was a blatant humiliation .

But he still didn’t stop . At this time, it was not just the bold Half-step Transcendent Realm who was chasing behind . There would probably be Transcendent Realm experts chasing behind . If he was slowed down here, it was very likely that he would get besieged by many Transcendent Realm masters, then death would be approaching .

Thinking of this, instead of stopping, he started to burn more blood essence, speeding up and fleeing .

Ye Xiwen yelled, “They said that the Emergence School’s leader is a hero . I don’t think so . You’re fleeing like a stray dog?”

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