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Chapter 765: Chapter 765: 殇 Sacrifice
Chapter 765: 殇 Sacrifice

Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber!

Everyone on the spot was shocked . This weapon was well-known as a lethal weapon . In fact, True Martial School knew a lot about Emergence School . In the past, when True Martial School was still in its heyday, its forces also expanded beyond the starry sky . True Martial School had interacted with various major forces and launched many wars .

They would know a lot about the major forces . In particular, during the time when Emergence School was about to invade True Martial School, they had also consulted various materials and classics in regards to Emergence School . Although it was ancient books and materials recorded many years ago, it was much better than staying blind .

Hence, True Martial School was still aware of this legendary garrisoned martial instrument of Emergence School . Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was said to be obtained by the founder of Emergence School from a secret ruin . According to rumors, Emergence School’s ancestors once relied on the Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber to behead the Holy Realm Dwellers . No one knew whether this rumor was true or false, but the legend of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was passed down .

Even in Emergence School’s turmoil many times, this weapon was dispatched to settle the unrest . For Emergence School, it carried a special meaning . This weapon was enshrined in the deepest part of Emergence School . No one expected that Emergence School would dispatch this lethal weapon during the attack on True Martial School .

Exterminate Immortals!

These words alone were enough to make countless people frightened . It was the legendary Immortals . How terrifying this Saber was to slaughter Immortals?

The Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber was naturally powerful, but it was obviously not easy to be expedited . Otherwise, Emergence School would probably have used it long ago . With such a weapon, True Martial School had probably been breached long ago .

Everyone had panic painted over their face, whether they liked it or not .

“It seems like we still have to take action, Senior Brother Supreme School Master . It just so happens to be a good chance to eliminate the Emergence School entirely!” At this time, Dang Yangfeng who was behind the Supreme School Master stood up and said . His tone seemed desolated .

“I will shoulder it by myself!” The Supreme School Master said lightly with no doubt in his tone .

“We can’t do that . You still have to take on the work of rebuilding the school afterward . I’m not good at such a task . This is a good chance to extricate myself . Let me go!” Dang Yangfeng said . “It’s alright for the school to lose me, but not senior brother!”

Everyone was at a loss, but they could hear that this was obviously not a good thing .

“Senior brother, didn’t we agree? Since the True Martial School was founded, many ancestors have thrown their sweats and blood for the schools . Since ancient times, the number of sacrifices did not drop, let alone what happens today . Let those fuckers who have a covetous intention on us to recognize the truth . If I can ensure the safety of the school for thousands of years, I’m willing to head to the underworld . I can die with peace of mind!” Chief Dang Yangfeng said . The vital energy and blood all over his body suddenly escalated to a whole new level . His face covered with beard stubble was even more determined and shocking .

“The nephew of our master once said that True Martial School has no cowards fear of dying . I’m already old with not many days left . My lifespan is prolonged with the medicines in school . I struggle on whilst at death’s door . Right now, I can finally do something for True Martial School . Supreme School Master, don’t stop me on this . I think we are all well-aware of the power of Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber . There is no way to stop this lethal weapon except for the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array!” At this time, six more gray-haired, skinny old men walked out from the back of the hall .

“Master’s Uncle!”



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As soon as these six gray-haired old men came out, many of the Half-step Transcendent Realm masters who were present suddenly shouted out . These veteran masters had lived for thousands of years . When they saw these gray-haired masters, they couldn’t help crying out in exclamation, and cried bitterly .

These masters turned out to be those who still survived for ages in the True Martial School . They were the Elderly Predecessor, having higher seniority than the Supreme School Master who now ruled the True Martial School . Two among the group was the predecessor chief among the top ten legatees .

“Grandmaster!” By Ye Xiwen’s side, Huang Wuji prostrated himself, feeling despondent to one of the white-clothed old men like a heartbroken child, “I am Wuji . I didn’t expect to be able to meet you at this time!”

Ye Xiwen then knew that the old man in white was actually the previous chief of the Tibetan Star Summit; the previous Tibetan Star Son .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen was shocked . The Tibetan Star Summit had only one heir even until Ye Xiwen’s generation . Ye Xiwen had never heard of the chief from the previous generation ever since he joined . Hence, he thought the previous generation had already died of old age . He didn’t expect that the older generation was still alive, having the chance to meet such a person again .

In shock, Ye Xiwen also knelt down quickly, not daring to be rude .

“Good boy, I didn’t expect that you have grown to this stage in the past one thousand years . Hahaha, God really bless Tibetan Star Summit!” The previous Tibetan Star Son laughed loudly in delight, “You master did an excellent job . It is better off to hand Tibetan Star Summit to him rather than me . When I first met you, you were just a child, but now you are grown up . My True Martial School indeed has a successor now!”

“Disciple is blessed with the master’s grace . Otherwise, I won’t have such an achievement today . I don’t know that Master is still in the world . Otherwise, I should have paid my respect and be filial!” Huang Wuji cried out extremely sad . He had faintly guessed why these people from the Elderly Predecessor generation who he initially thought were dead or missing appeared now .

Seven-star Qi Breaking Array! When they mentioned this array, everyone understood the plan . This array was not really well-known . It was not because it was not powerful . On the contrary, this array was extremely powerful and malicious . It would not be utilized in the critical moment . Once the array was set up, the person who placed this array would inevitably die in the end, and no one would be spared no matter what the result was .

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At this moment, these six Elderly Predecessors and Dangyang Peak Chief stood out . They were obviously going to put up the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array to stop the attack of that peerless weapon . Not to mention how terrifying that peerless weapon was, but there was also the severe backlash of the Seven-Star Breaking Elementary Array . They would inevitably die even if they survived the confrontation . All of their blood essence would be exhausted . The death would be extremely miserable .

Therefore, although this large array was extremely powerful, it was not well-known . Every time it appeared, it must be the time when True Martial School was at stake . This array had an extremely harsh condition . Only Transcendent Realm masters could operate it . If it weren’t for the time when it was a matter of life and death, how could seven Transcendent Realm masters be sacrificed like this?

That was why Huang Wuji couldn’t help crying . Even if the master didn’t die previously, but now once he stepped up, he would definitely die for sure . It would really be the last time to see him .

“Stupid boy!” The previous Tibetan Star Son didn’t care . “I was seriously injured in a battle . If I hadn’t stayed in the depths of the Dragon Vein all these years and nourished by countless spiritual energy, I would have died already . Even so, I was in a coma most of the time . You knew it a long time ago, and it was impossible for you to look for me . Right now, I could see that you are becoming more and more prosperous, I felt relief . I can face the Tibetan Star Summit ancestors . The inheritance of the Tibetan Star Summit has never been interrupted in my hands after all!”

“Grandmaster!” Huang Wuji cried even more sad . Ye Xiwen had never seen Huang Wuji cry like a child . Although he and his senior brother Huang Wuji didn’t have many chances to meet each other, their relationship was great . Seeing him like this, Ye Xiwen felt uncomfortable . What’s more? He also figured out that the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array would be the last sacrifice these seniors could give . It reminded him of the Old Sect Lord at the beginning . The situation was the same . It was rather challenging . During the last battle, it sparkled like a brilliant firework, dedicating his life to Yi Yuan Sect .

Perhaps, True Martial School had all kinds of internal struggles where many people within fight for power . However, there were always these people who were willing to give everything for the school, and even their lives . It was precisely because these people kept fighting for True Martial School that True Martial School could continue having legatees countless years .

“You are Ye Xiwen, right!?” Suddenly, the previous Tibetan Star Son looked at Ye Xiwen; his gaze was filled with kindness .

“Grandmaster . I am!” Ye Xiwen quickly replied .

“Your master told me about you two years ago . Tibetan Star Sutra is also completed by you . For our Tibetan Star Summit, the most important inheritance has also been completed in your hands . I can finally rest assured that I put no shame to the ancestors . The hope of the Tibetan Star Summit in the future depends on Wuji and you!” The previous Tibetan Star Son smiled with satisfaction and felt relief in his heart . Perhaps, the nightmare of the Tibetan Star Summit would end . Fates would allow them to soar . “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to witness that scene anymore!”

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“Grandmaster, rest assured, you can definitely see the disciples carry forward the Tibetan Star Summit!” Huang Wuji whimpered .

“I won’t . We old guys have finished off our lifespan . I have everything I wanted in this life with no regrets . Unfortunately, there are only six of us in this generation . If there is another one, we don’t have to sacrifice Master’s Nephew Dangyang . Master’s Nephew Dangyang is in his prime years . You shouldn’t step on this path with us, six dying old guys!” The previous Tibetan Star Son sighed, but gazed towards Chief Dangyang .

“Master’s Uncle, don’t need to say that . Even if we don’t operate the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array this time, our generation should retreat behind the scenes . I won’t be able to contribute much . Being able to see the younger generation growing further, I have no more worries . Now, just welcome these Emergence School bastards shortly!” Dangyang Chief said in awe-inspiringly .

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