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Published at 29th of September 2020 09:27:59 PM
Chapter 766: Chapter 766: Unmatched Power
Chapter 766: Unmatched Power

Although the current True Martial School had suffered heavy losses, it did gain something . At least the younger generation of elites had grown up as a result . A group of Half-step Transcendent Realms headed by Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie was formed . These people would be the pillar of True Martial School in the future . In the next few hundred years, they would enter the Transcendent Realm sooner or later . Then, they could protect True Martial School for thousands of years, and maybe even longer .

Just like the flower . As one generation grew, another generation declined . True Martial School passed their lineage across generations from ancient times until today .

Taking this event as an opportunity, the upgrading of the power hierarchy that was already in preparation would also be accelerated .

Whoever could be the first to break into the Transcendent Realm might become the first person to sit on the True Martial School throne, holding the highest power while becoming the leader of True Martial School for thousands of years in the future .

Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie were undoubtedly the two most promising people so far . Under the circumstance that Mu Shengjie would inevitably succeed as the Law Enforcement Hall Master, Huang Wuji might not only be the Tibetan Star Summit Chief but might even have a heavier responsibility placed on him .

After all, the Tibetan Star Summit was quite limited . It would take a long time to revive . Putting Huang Wuji on the Tibetan Star Summit was somewhat wasteful, even though in the shoes of the Tibetan Star Summit, the Tibetan Star Summit’s revival might be the utmost important matter . For the entire True Martial School, the Tibetan Star Summit was only a small part of it .

Huang Wuji’s talent naturally required him to take a more important responsibility in the future . Although the Tibetan Star Summit was not big, there were many talents . Liu Yanlan and Bai Jiansong were also very likely to enter the Transcendent Realm . At that time, any one among them could become Tibetan Star Son, let alone there was a monstrous Ye Xiwen in the group .

The huge long saber in the sky was madly absorbing the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth . At this time, many True Martial School disciples outside also knew the lethality laid in this weapon . All of them attacked one after another . None of the attacks could hurt Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber; all of which were absorbed by it, and became stronger .

Several Dangyang Peak Chief knew that they could no longer wait like this . They hurriedly stepped out of the void, into the sky, and formed the formation of Seven-star Qi Breaking Array . All seven of them were holding each other in their hands . The complicated seal tactics were uniform, and they chanted a series of inexplicable and obscure spells .

The blood in their bodies were boiling with all their blood energy surged to the sky, tangling into a big net . It became stronger and stronger as time passed .

A Transcendent Realm master’s move could shock the universe, let alone when seven of them were making a move at the same time . The scene could be described as shocking heaven and earth .

On one side was Emergence School’s peerless weapon, Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber; on the other side was the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array lay out by seven Transcendent Realm masters . Two powerful forces began to rise .

“Immortal exterminating? It’s still a long way ahead!” Ye Mo’s voice appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind . “It is far from enough to be able to exterminate an immortal . But, it’s probably because there is no one who could really maneuver this saber!”

“Immortals, is there really such a character?” Ye Xiwen asked . Emergence School’s goal was to attain Immortal Ascension which made the world gasp in surprise .

“Yes, it’s merely a stage in the path of cultivation . It’s nothing in itself . Many people just worship them like deities!” Ye Mo continued, “However, this saber is a bit interesting!”

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“Everyone listens!” At this time, the Supreme School Master took command . His voice was a bit cold, suppressing his anger, “All of you scatters . Wait for our counterattack . Then, we will give all we have to to chase down the defeated soldiers . We cannot allow them to escape!”

After saying that, the Supreme School Master had disappeared in the hall . Many Transcendent Realm masters who disappeared with him had gone to prepare for a counterattack . As for the battle in the sky, they had ignored it or simply put, they had full confidence in these seven Transcendent Realm masters .

In an instant, the sky and the earth changed color . There was a loud noise with hints of hurricane approaching . A horrifying saber intent fell from the sky as if to chop up the world . The colorful saber aura was like a rainbow, gorgeous and charming, but death aura came along with it .

As the slash approached, the entire True Martial School was seemingly about to be annihilated . A stronger force soared . The Blood Light skyrocketed as the Seven-star Qi Breaking Array boiled . A vast force confronted the terrifying saber aura .


Two majestic forces suddenly collided in the air . A destructive force swept out from the middle, sweeping everything in all directions like sea waves . Wherever that force passed, the various arrays that densely covered the sky were all annihilated; the space collapsed completely, revealing the terrifying void and darkness as chaos poured out .

A huge mushroom cloud rose slowly .

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Two terrible forces were locked in a stalemate at each other in the sky .

“Puff!” Among the seven Transcendent Realm masters, someone had started to struggle in maintaining the array . A mouthful of blood spurted out . His figure swayed slightly . Luckily, he managed to stabilize his figure again, and more blood energy was consumed .

The world changed its color, and the mighty power was boiling .

Everyone was discolored in front of this stalwart power . Either one of these two powers was enough to destroy a piece of the world . Even the Transcendent Realm powerhouse was vulnerable to these two powers . They wouldn’t be able to sustain even a hit before getting completely annihilated .

It was like the feeling of helplessness when facing the terrible power between heaven and earth; it manifested the unstoppable and irreversible power .

Ye Xiwen watched the collision of those two terrifying forces in the sky . Even if he was far apart with many arrays protecting him, he could still feel the power capable of collapsing the heaven and the earth contained in those two forces . If he were to confront them face to face, only death awaited him!

There was no force capable of resisting them .

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He couldn’t help but feel discouraged . It was unstoppable by manpower .

No one knew how long the stalemate lasted . Maybe it was a moment, or maybe a century . The two terrible forces finally dissipated .

The huge long saber gradually shrank, turned into a cluster of light and fled back into the formation of Emergence School .

On the other side, the previous Tibetan Star Son and others were already skinny . All of their blood essence was consumed .

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