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Chapter 764: Chapter 764: Emergence School Took the First Move
Chapter 764: Emergence School Took the First Move

Strike them back?

Ye Xiwen almost thought he had heard it wrong . We’re actually going to strike them back!

In fact, True Martial School had utilized many shocking trump cards and tricks under the pressure of Emergence School in the past ten years . Despite so, it was still an indisputable fact that the territory had shrunk by one third .

In other words, even though many tricks and cards were utilized, there was still a huge gap in strength with Emergence School .

In the eyes of many, True Martial School was doing somewhat of stubborn resistance, seeming to seize as much territory in its hands and force the Emergence School to retreat due to the unbearable cost .

This was also the most likely and safest way which everyone could think of . After all, although True Martial School once led True Martial Domain, they now had no command of the entire realm . True Martial School’s strength was far from being comparable with Emergence School which was now in its heyday . Of course, it had not reached the point where Emergence School could completely crush True Martial School .

In fact, even Ye Xiwen held this opinion too . After ten years, True Martial School had maneuvered every powerful trick up its sleeves .

As the True Martial School’s tricks revealed one by one, even Ye Xiwen felt that this was more or less the limit . Those on the frontline would slowly exhaust Emergence School, forcing them to withdraw from True Martial Domain before they suffer huge losses .

Ye Xiwen didn’t expect that True Martial School was planning to fight back .

Although he didn’t know True Martial School’s plan, he could feel that the current circumstance would change . Since True Martial School intended to fight back, then it must be a thunderous blow .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate and flew to the depths of True Martial School . Ye Xiwen, who now had the combat power of Half-step Transcendent Realm, could already be regarded as the top of the school .

Soon, Ye Xiwen rushed to the meeting hall where the Supreme School Master was at . At this time, a lot of Half-step Transcendent Realm masters had gathered . Most of them were the old guys indulged in close cultivation for many years .

Basically, those considered the same generation with the Supreme School Master could be ranked as the higher-ups of the school, provided that the cultivation realm was at least Half-step Transcendent Realm .

On the contrary, it was very rare to see someone like Ye Xiwen . Seeing Ye Xiwen coming over, many older generation masters in Half-step Transcendent Realm had turned their gaze over . Ye Xiwen had become famous in the past ten years .

Ye Xiwen’s age was so young . Even their apprentices might be much older than Ye Xiwen . However, it was this young man who made a name for himself in just a decade, achieving a reputation that enabled him to have the same seniority with the older generation .

Although Ye Xiwen appeared to be just a Great Sage, it was still a fact that the Half-step Transcendent Realm master died in his hands . No one would stir up trouble with Ye Xiwen . That would be simply too dumb .

It was just that although Ye Xiwen’s reputation had risen and shaken the True Martial School in ten years, these Half-step Transcendent Realm masters were all rulers at their own territory . Everyone here was rare to be caught sight normally .

Many of them had only heard of Ye Xiwen’s name, but none had seen him in person . Hence, all the gaze was directed at Ye Xiwen at the current moment .

In the eyes of everyone, Ye Xiwen was at ease . At this time, he found that there were a bunch of more than 30 masters of Half-step Transcendent Realm in the corner . The two leading experts in Half-step Transcendent Realm are Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie .

Compared with other older Half-step Transcendent Realm masters, Ye Xiwen seemed a little out of place .

Seeing Ye Xiwen coming, Huang Wuji strode forward, followed by masters queued behind him .

“Haha, Brother Ye, you have been doing well recently . I just heard that you kill another Half-step Transcendent Realm master?” Huang Wuji said with a laugh .

Ten years had brought great changes to Huang Wuji . Compared with ten years ago, he had undergone earth-shaking changes . The accumulation of the past thousand years had completely exploded in this decade . It was indisputable that only fierce battle would hone a person .

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Huang Wuji looked at Ye Xiwen and was a little relieved . The little junior finally grew up and became at the same level as him . The Tibetan Star Summit had more successors!

For him, this might be the most important thing . Of course, many people including himself also found it simply incredible that Ye Xiwen had already butchered a lot of Half-step Transcendent Realm masters .

Generally speaking, the Half-step Transcendent Realm masters were the pinnacles when the Transcendent Realm masters did not appear . They usually have their own trump card . Hence, they were tough opponents to hunt down . Hence, every Half-step Transcendent Realm master dead could shock the world for a while .

If the Transcendent Realm masters were easy to kill like the Sage Realm and the Great Sage Realm, then the Half-step Transcendent Realm master in this hall would be long dead already .

However, this rule did not apply to Ye Xiwen . Once he made a move, it would be a swift and neat kill without any sloppiness in it . The death happened instantly .

They might have higher seniority than Ye Xiwen, but when it came to killing Half-step Transcendent Realm masters, they were far inferior to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen just killed another one!

They were destined to be unmatched to Ye Xiwen!

Compared with Ye Xiwen, many of them had no means of delivering a fatal blow . Most importantly, they didn’t have the speed of Ye Xiwen . As long as they were not as strong as Ye Xiwen, they would be killed . That allowed Ye Xiwen an advantage to safely choose between both offense and defense . No one else had that .

If the other party was determined to pursue Ye Xiwen to the end, they might not be able to catch up . Those with faster speed would generally be weaker in other aspects, for example being weaker in a direct confrontation . They could completely forget about killing the opponent . Ye Xiwen was unique in being strong all-roundedly . Despite Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie having killed many more, they could not be compared with Ye Xiwen .

“I’m just lucky!” Ye Xiwen said with a smile . He was promoted to the Great Sage Great Mastery realm, and he didn’t really plan to find fault on others . It all happened coincidentally .

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On the other side, the young masters behind Mu Shengjie were a bit embarrassed . His conflict with Ye Xiwen now was over after the battle between Ye Xiwen and Mu Shengjie in addition to the current enemy . But, it was a bit awkward to meet again .

But without giving him much chance to stay in his own thoughts, soon another group of people came in with the Supreme School Master taking the lead . Those behind him turned out to be the heads of the ten legates .

These ten legate leaders would rule a territory on their own . They were always ready to resist the attack of any Transcendent Realm master alongside their disciples . It was impossible for them to gather together, but it did indeed happen .

It was really like Qi Feifan said, True Martial School was going to make a big move and summon everyone back .

Of course, True Martial School not only had these Transcendent Realm masters, but all other masters couldn’t be summoned back . Otherwise, the defense line would collapse .

The Supreme School Master frowned slightly . He glanced at everyone with a serious gaze before he spoke up, “I summoned everyone today not for anything else, but for us to fight back!”

When talking about fighting back, the Supreme School Master clenched his fists . Everyone’s heart seemed to be tense with this grip . For ten years, True Martial School was still defending stubbornly despite countless deaths and injuries . They were also forced to be in a deadlock, guarding True Martial School .

Although True Martial School had declined for many years, it was still the True Martial Domain’s ruler . When did they suffer so hard previously? They were completely suppressed by the opponent, stirring up everyone’s anger .

However, True Martial School’s strength was indeed inferior to Emergence School . They had no way to go about it .

Now it was finally time to fight back . Everyone got themself excited .

“Over the years, they have been rampaging in the True Martial Domain . It’s time to come to an end!” The Supreme School Master said lightly, “We are going to send them all to heaven in one fell swoop . The reason why I summoned you was to let you go all out and never let them escape . After they are fatally injured, you are responsible for killing anyone who might escape . None of them can be spared . It will be a mass slaughter!”

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In the tone of the Supreme School Master, there were great killing intentions . He had been used to being the Supreme School Master for so many years, keeping a poised manner . However, he was a ruthless School Master . His words were resolute . When the Emergence School demanded Ye Xiwen, he gave a similarly strong response .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Emergence School was also suffering heavy losses outside . However, it was still far away from a serious injury . It was a scary last move, confident enough to kill them all .

Has True Martial School been preparing for this last move for the past ten years?

At this time, countless spiritual energies in the sky seemed to be pumped away in an instant and gathered towards a place outside True Martial School . The qi was surging wildly . Even the True Martial School arrays had their spiritual energy taken away .

Everyone’s face suddenly changed . They launched their spiritual senses to peek on the outside . With everyone’s strength above Half-step Transcendent Realm, it was not difficult for their spiritual sense to cover the True Martial School .

What they saw was a huge long saber, like a mountain appearing in the sky unbeknownst to them . It was bursting with unimaginable light . The terrible saber aura madly formed a huge barrier in the sky . Countless spiritual energy was absorbed by this long saber in an instant . It got bigger and bigger .

Everyone’s heart was stunned . They were just plotting to fight back but Emergence School actually took the first move .

“This saber should be the garrisoned martial instruments of Emergence School, Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber!” The Supreme School Master said calmly .

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