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Chapter 762: Chapter 762: Step Into Great Sage Great Mastery
Chapter 762: Step Into Great Sage Great Mastery


This was different from the previous breakthrough from Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm to Intermediate then Late . For the breakthrough process, Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar largely depended on the absorption of blood essence and energy . But, this would not work for the Avatar to attain Transcendent Realm . It had to rely on various inspirations and cultivation to keep up .

With that, Star Beast Avatar was constantly immersed in the brand of blood, comprehending some of Star Beast’s innate magical power and realm perception . That was in preparation for the ultimate breakthrough to become a Transcendent Realm master .

This required accumulation over time and opportunity . Ye Xiwen didn’t know how long it would take . He could only be prepared as much as possible . If the opportunity comes, the breakthrough would take place immediately .

There was the element of Tianyuan Mirror too . In this decade, Tianyuan Mirror had absorbed many blood essences . It had already reached a critical point to evolve . As long as it could absorb the blood essence of a Transcendent Realm master, the evolution would immediately occur .

Over the past ten years, not only Ye Xiwen had made progress, but also survived many battles . In this world, warriors who survived many battles would have improvements in their foundation . On average, they could attain one level of breakthrough . Just like Huang Wuji and Mu Shengjie, both of them had stepped into Half-step Transcendent Late Realm . This would be impossible usually . If they were able to step into Half-step Transcendent Realm under normal circumstances, they were already considered to be cultivating at rocket speed . With the situation now, they had stepped into Half-step Transcendent Late Realm .

Relying on thousands of years of practice and accumulated knowledge, they were no slower than Ye Xiwen . If Ye Xiwen did not have many fruitful adventures, he would be unmatched to be brought up as a comparison .

In addition to these two people, the progress of other people was also very obvious . The second senior sister – Liu Yanlan had finally entered the Great Sage Great Perfection, and Bai Jiansong had also entered the Great Sage Minor Mastery . Their progress was rapid .

Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin had also stepped into the Sage Minor Mastery Realm one after another . It could be said that the juniors and seniors of the Tibetan Star Summit experienced a huge transformation because of this warfare .

Most of the distinguished Ye Xiwen’s peers had crossed the Great Sage Realm one after another and achieved breakthroughs in their foundation .

In ten years’ time, True Martial School had suddenly emerged with a large number of masters, and the potential of many talents was groomed under pressure .

Of course, this positive picture disregarded masters that were killed in battles . Although there were a large number of masters emerging, the figures of masters died were ten folds or even one hundredfold . The loss was great . All in all, the emergence of those talents were paved in the path filled with countless corpses .

The only path to becoming strong was to kill many enemies!

Over the past ten years, this rule was further proven in warfare!

For ordinary martial art warriors, this decade was just as usual and passed without anything eventful . However, for Ye Xiwen, this decade was basically spent in the battle . On one side was the behemoth that once ruled the True Martial Domain . On the other side was the invincible sect of the current Emergence World ruler . The collision between the two sects could be described as shocking . The cards between the two parties were exhausted . Various cards and tricks that were on hiatus were utilized . Even if it was Ye Xiwen and even many disciples of True Martial School had higher seniority than Ye Xiwen didn’t know that True Martial School still hid so many tricks and trump cards .

Ancient arrays and divine tools had all come to life without warning, causing great damage to Emergence School . This was also the reason why Emergence School that was more enormous than True Martial School had only advanced by one third in terms of territory . It was conceivable that the further the Emergence School advanced, the fiercer the resistance of True Martial School would be, and the more serious the Emergence School’s losses would be .

Many other forces, especially those that had been eyeing on True Martial School for a while, had taken notice of it . Only then did they finally understand that True Martial School – the South Region ruler for so many years, had such a profound background . True Martial School was holding themselves off for the small skirmish in the past . If it was not the Emergence School which invaded quite deep into True Martial Domain, the True Martial School would not retaliate in full force . All of them were simply shocked in their hearts . Both Emergence School and True Martial School had unimaginable trump cards . If they were put into warfare like this, they would be completely destroyed . However, both sides still sustained till this stage .

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True Martial School was also worthy of the name as the Omni existence that ruled the True Martial Domain . Although the Star Beast invasion had incurred a heavy loss where the vast majority of the masters from the five regions and four wilderness sites were lost, the South Region which was established as the starting place and a fundamental place of True Martial School still had numerous backups . The True Martial School’s predecessors had laid many trump cards behind . Once all of them broke out, no one could stay calm to it .

The warfare had entered a state of stalemate, both sides seem to be waiting for an opportunity; an opportunity to reverse the situation .

However, these were things that the high-level needs to consider . Ye Xiwen himself did not need to consider these . The only thing he would need to consider now was how to truly break through to the Great Sage Great Mastery Realm . With that, his combat power could escalate to Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm level in one fell swoop . At that time, he had both the option of offense and defense without relying on Star Beast Avatar .

Ye Xiwen’s position in True Martial School was considered elite class already . In True Martial School, Transcendent Realm masters and Half-step Transcendent Realm masters were Supreme Elder in each legatee, holding a high authority at their own side .

For Ye Xiwen, he had attained the Great Sage Minor Mastery Peak . He was only one step away, but he was not in a hurry . Now that the battle was so intense, there were numerous opportunities for him .

Ye Xiwen had a much more enormous wealth now . After killing the Emergence School’s masters, he could plunder the wealth of them, and even exchange them for points . These points would allow him to get more wealth . In the end, he had two folds of harvest . Those masters who survived also made a fortune . This was also the reason why those who were still alive had a great leap in their cultivation progress . It was all due to the supply of many resources and wealth that was hard to comeby usually .

A large number of elixir started to burn wildly as Ye Xiwen’s mysterious space absorbed them . The glory of mysterious space became more and more dazzling . More and more information was deduced and instilled into Ye Xiwen’s mind .

Now that the accumulation of Ye Xiwen was long enough, he could catch up with the realm perception and step into the Great Sage Great Mastery Realm in one fell swoop . He reached this point three years ago, and he could break through at any time . However, he had been waiting . If it was just an ordinary breakthrough, his combat power would only escalate by one level . He could only become invincible among Great Sage Great Perfection Peak and could not contend with Half-step Transcendent Realm opponents .

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He did not stop burning the elixirs, absorbing them, and deduce various realms perception, so that he could fight with Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm master once he obtained breakthrough .

Although it was only Half-step Transcendent Initial Realm, the fact was the words Transcendent Realm were gotten closer . It was already extraordinary and hard to achieve under normal circumstances .

His actual realm perception must be able to really match up with the Half-step Transcendent Realm, which was something that other people couldn’t do at all . They only had realm perception of the realm they were in . They did not have a mysterious space like Ye Xiwen . As long as there were enough elixir, the realm perception could be continuously derived . In the meantime, Ye Xiwen was not short of those elixirs .

Despite the resources required for deducing the realm of Half-step Transcendent Realm were also massive, Ye Xiwen could still supply it . With him killing Emergence School master non-stop and continuing the plunder, he was willing to invest it all .

This was why Ye Xiwen’s realm of perception was always faster than his cultivation speed . Ye Xiwen deduced realm perception at every moment . Hence, even if Ye Xiwen progressed in cultivation lightning fast, the foundation of the realm was well consolidated . All in all that was the real benefit .

It was also the fundamental reason why Ye Xiwen could fight someone beyond his cultivation realm .

Although Ye Xiwen eliminated a wave of Tao Soldiers, the Emergence School’s Tao Soldiers Legion was still as endless as ten years ago . With another wave killed, another wave came . It was endless .

The shadow of the Mingxin ancient tree appeared behind Ye Xiwen . Colorful Divine Light bloomed in which the light engulfed him . Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that his spiritual senses were empty, and all the misunderstandings disappeared without a trace . Only the information from the mysterious space branded into the depth of his spirit bit by bit . The efficiency suddenly escalated by ten folds . This was the perk of the Mingxin ancient tree . Those under the Mingxin ancient tree’s blessings would improve overnight .

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Compared with ten years ago, the Mingxin ancient tree had also grown a bit higher . During this decade, the spiritual energy generated on Dragon Vein had basically supplied to the Mingxin ancient tree . Ye Xiwen himself only used elixir . The spiritual energy of elixirs was really incomparable with the spiritual energy released in Dragon Vein .

Ye Xiwen was once again among the masters of Emergence School . The battle had taken place for a long time . The vital energy and blood in his body were also surging . Ye Xiwen could feel that the barrier of the realm was just in front of him . It was the barrier which he had a glimpse of three years ago, but he had not chosen a breakthrough . The breakthrough was approaching now . The closer it was, the calmer Ye Xiwen became, the more empty his heart was .

“Boom!” All the aura within his body seemed to break free of all restraints and rushed out .

At last, Ye Xiwen stepped into the Great Sage Great Mastery Realm!

A spear pierced through the vast sky from the void coming straight to Ye Xiwen . It was extremely brilliant .

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