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Chapter 761: Chapter 761: Ten Years Later, Improvement In Stren
Chapter 761: Ten Years Later, Improvement In Strength


This Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief was so cold like an iceberg ever since Ye Xiwen’s first encounter with her . There was no sign of the cold attitude melting .

Ye Xiwen also worried that Xiao Ya would be taught into someone like this . Although Xiao Ya was somehow quite introverted and rarely spoke, she was still a normal child . If she was taught into an iceberg, then there might be a big problem .

Ye Xiwen smiled a little embarrassedly . Although the other party was not quite polite, Ye Xiwen could hear that she was not malicious .

“You don’t have to thank me . Your brother Huang Wuji just saw you and asked me to help . You are really bold . You dare to break into the Emergence School . I dare not do it!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief said lightly, but a hint of surprise could be caught in her eyes . She was not just surprised with Ye Xiwen’s means to escape, and also for his courage .

Although the Transcendent Realm master had the strength to maneuver freely in the army, no one dared to rush into the army and cause such a rampage . It was because once he or she rushed in, the person would have to face a group of Transcendent Realm masters coming in from all directions . In that case, even a tyrannical master would be run down .

Ye Xiwen was able to kill all the way, largely because the other party didn’t care about a great Sage . It was only after Ye Xiwen killed a Half-step Transcendent Realm that it really attracted the attention of the upper levels .

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized that he still had his senior brother backing him up . No wonder he was saved in time .

“However, you have quite some means . Don’t be reckless in the future . This warfare has just begun . In the future, the reconstruction of the school will need people like you . Time flies really fast . Even your generation is growing up!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief sighed and commented . Although True Martial School had a one-hundred-year term, it was not a big gap for those of them who had lived for thousands of years . In their hearts, they only regarded people as either their generation or junior .

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen cupped his hand .

“Although you encountered great danger this time, it is also a good opportunity . In this chaotic world, someone will rise up . Whether you are a minor figure or a distinguished one, it depends on your own!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief finished her words . She was about to turn around and leave but was stopped by Ye Xiwen .

“Chief, how is Xiao Ya doing now?” Ye Xiwen asked, but it was a little embarrassing . In the past few years, he was so busy that he left Xiao Ya aside . On the contrary, he actually put it in his heart . If it was not because Ye Xiwen was too busy, he would go to Fair Maiden Peak already . Now that Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief was in front of him, he would definitely ask about it .

“Hmph, it seems like you do care . Xiao Ya misses you every day!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief threw him a rare smile, and then returned to the cold attitude, “She is great . She just attained the Sage Realm some time ago . If it all goes well, she can step into the Great Sage Realm within thirty years’ time . She is a good talent!”

Speaking of Xiao Ya, Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief’s attitude was not so cold . She had an occasional smile which was rare . For a talent like Xiao Ya, everyone would adore her .

Hearing this, Ye Xiwen was slightly speechless . Xiao Ya had already stepped into Sage Realm . How much effort did Ye Xiwen spend in order to step into Sage Realm? Xiao Ya was the resemblance of genius . Any genius was unmatched to the speed of Xiao Ya’s progression .

“Now that Xiao Ya is well, then I can rest assured . Thank you chief for taking care of Xiao Ya!” Ye Xiwen bowed in sincerity .

“Xiao Ya is my apprentice . I will take care of her even without your comments!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief replied . She turned around and stepped into the void . She disappeared in the blink of an eye .

After Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief left, Ye Xiwen’s injuries were almost recovered . As for the destructive energy, he could not repress it and digest it slowly . It would take some time before he could eliminate it . After all, it was helpful for Ye Xiwen’s cultivation since the energy contained the Transcendent Realm’s dao . As long as Ye Xiwen utilized it well, the breakthrough to Transcendent Realm in the future would be much simpler .

At this time, he directly swapped out his main body and joined the fight . He didn’t even have the time to return to the Tibetan Star Summit . Last time, when Star Beast Avatar came back, he already went for a visit . Originally, there were two or three people in Tibetan Star Summit . Right now, that place was completely empty since everyone was fighting outside .

He was once again involved in the battle . He could go all out to fight this time because he didn’t have to worry about being suddenly killed by the Transcendent Realm master from the void . He was now in the border separating True Martial School and Emergence School . If there was anything wrong, he could retreat into the True Martial School . The geographical advantage allowed him to attack and retreat as he wished .

Looking around, there were a lot of masters slayed at every moment . Legendary, Sage Realm, and even Great Sage . Their death count increased from time to time . In this warfare, everything seemed extremely cruel .

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The blood essences of Sage Realm masters and Great Sage Realm masters were extremely precious . These blood essences might incur people to fight over it usually, but they were treated like garbage in this situation . Their corpse scattered everywhere on the ground with no one batting an eye at them . Blood painted the whole battlefield .

Countless masters had their downfall in this warfare . At the same time, many masters were still fighting, improving from time to time . In a large scale warfare, many people learnt many experiences and became veterans in battle . It was difficult for many people to make sense why there were many horrifying masters in the distant era when True Martial School was just established? If anyone of them was in the present time, their emergence was enough to shock everyone . Right now, they all realized such fame was paved with slaughter .

In those distant eras, the ancestors of True Martial School had to face the masters of countless Native Clan, and the demonic beasts of the wilderness era . The situation was more tragic than the current time by a hundred fold .

People who had survived in such an environment were naturally stronger than the disciples of True Martial School who dwelled in peace for a long time .

This was a tragic war . The masters of Transcendent Realm on both sides were restrained . They were all waiting . In the battlefield, both sides were on equal ground . Once one side collapses, the Transcendent Realm master would make a move .

Just like the emergence of Ye Xiwen which broke the balance just now . When no one could stop him and even the Half-step Transcendent Realm master was slayed in his hands, the Transcendent Realm master had to do something .

Both sides were probing slowly as if the two sides were vicious beasts, intimidating each other . They would bite each other from time to time, but it was not yet the time to go for an all out attack .

The war between these two behemoths would take a very long time . It would be impossible for a victor to emerge in a short time .

Both sides had exerted their strength and were quietly preparing to give each other a fatal blow .

Time also passed by in such constant fighting . In the blink of an eye, ten years of time fleeted .

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The two behemoths had been fighting for more than ten years . The territory retained by True Martial School was only two-thirds of ten years ago .

Although ten years were a long time, it was nothing for the warriors that had a lifespan close to hundreds of years and even thousands of years . Even the warfare among mortals could last for decades .

In this decade of fighting, both sides had suffered heavy losses . Many masters were slayed, but neither side stopped, or even showed their fatigue . At this time, if they show fatigue, they might be attacked to their death .


Ye Xiwen killed a Great Sage Great Perfection realm master with a punch, and defeated a whole Tao Soldiers Legion . He was like a peerless fiend . Wherever he passed, the Emergence School’s army would collapse .

His momentum shot like a rainbow . His vital energy and blood boiled like a sea wave . Ye Xiwen was like a bulldozer as he eliminated his enemy .

Ten years!

For a whole decade, he was in constant battle . There was no stagnation in his cultivation at all . Even with his strength, he often faced the situation of walking between life and death . Although he was basically active at the border between True Martial School’s forces and Emergence School’s forces, this battlefield was too chaotic . He could not take control of everything . There were surprise raids sometimes which incur a great injury to True Martial School . Sometimes, Half-step Transcendent Realm masters would participate in the raid too .

At that time, he could only summon Star Beast Avatar to help .

However, countless killings and injuries were not unrewarded . The real reward was to let his cultivation escalate from the Great Sage Intermediate Realm to Great Sage Peak Realm . He was only one step away to attain Great Sage Minor Mastery . He could even defeat opponents in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . Compared with ten years ago, he had fundamentally improved . If he were to fight Mu Shengjie again, he didn’t even need to summon Star Beast Avatar . Regardless of Mu Shengjie’s numerous means, Me Shengjie would be defeated in his hands .

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Moreover, Ye Xiwen’s main body ten years ago was only able to beat the Great Sage Minor Mastery . This showed how great the progress was in his strength for the past ten years .

Not only that, his Star Beast Avatar progressed even faster . It had already entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late . With the blood essence and power of the adult Star Beast that sealed in the body and the destructive energy left by the Transcendent Realm master in his body, he progressed like a rocket . Also, the Star Beast Avatar did not need to experience countless killings like his main body . By just absorbing all this energy, the Star Beast Avatar would naturally enter the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late . He would be truly ranked among the elite under Transcendent Realm .

However, after entering the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late, there had been no such rapid progress . As for Transcendent Realm, it seemed too distant .

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