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Chapter 763: Chapter 763: It’s Time To Fight Back!
Chapter 763: It’s Time To Fight Back!

Ye Xiwen did not feel any special for stepping into the Great Sage Great Mastery . For him, this was a matter of course . Stepping into the Great Sage Great Mastery was originally something that could have been done three years ago, but he simply delayed for three years in order to have enough accumulation .

If he broke through three years ago, his current combat power would not be equal to that of Half-step Transcendent Realm . But, the breakthrough had awaited three years . Furthermore, it took place in such an intense battlefield . After three years of accumulation, his combat power had an explosive development that went beyond realm limitation .

But before he could be happy, a spear came assaulting through the vast sky from the void . The spear was extremely brilliant and went straight to Ye Xiwen . The timing was excellent . At the moment of Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough, the assassination came . During the instance of breakthrough, Ye Xiwen should be the most tired and the least prepared .

One could imagine how accurate this man’s grasp on the battle was . The opponent should be a veteran .

But, he made a miscalculation on Ye Xiwen . In such a dangerous battlefield, Ye Xiwen would not let his guard down even in breakthrough . This was his habit . He broke through more than once in battle . It was a lesson learned from the cruel reality .

What’s more? He was already accustomed to multitasking . It was simply impossible to ambush him .

At that very moment, Ye Xiwen’s skin was instantly covered with golden Divinity . These Divinities were like waves, blooming in the sunshine with boundless light .

Ye Xiwen spread his hands apart, squeezed his five fingers into a fist, and launched a punch on the long spear .

*Dang!* Under the metal clanking sound, Ye Xiwen’s fist struck on the long spear tip . The spear was seemingly made out of gold, or even something that had higher tensile strength than gold . This spear had obviously reached the Great Sage tool level . White marks were left on Ye Xiwen’s fist, and that was all it could achieve .

This happened so swiftly . After the attack, the opponent instantly fled . It lived up to the quality of an assassin .

Ye Xiwen was not surprised at the presence of assassins in Emergence School because Emergence School was so grand . It was impossible for everyone to practice the same martial arts . Just like True Martial School, there were all kinds of legates from various lineages . The types of lineages were complex . The more sophisticated these lineages were, the more powerful their forces would be .

Emergence School dominated the entire Emergence World . It was no surprise that there was such an assassin legate .

“Running away!?” Ye Xiwen yelled, shocking everyone in the proximity . After stepping into the Great Sage Great Mastery realm, his strength had changed dramatically . This confidence exploded to the sky at this moment .

Ye Xiwen immediately stepped out, crossing the void directly . He delivered a shockwave that distinguished the assassin . It was an assassin in black robes . It was difficult to see the figure clearly . Half of the body had integrated into the space .

“Ye Xiwen, living up to the name of a monstrous genius in True Martial School for many years . I wanted to take advantage of your breakthrough to kill you . Who knows you are so sly? Even when it’s breakthrough, you still don’t relax your vigilance! “The assassin looked at Ye Xiwen deeply and said, “Haha, do you know how much is your bounty? You are the fuse who triggered the war after all . In just a decade, you have beheaded many Emergence School masters . As long as I kill you, I will be able to obtain massive resources, which is enough for me to attain the Transcendent Realm . How unfortunate! I still fail in the end!”

Ye Xiwen caught the assassin, but he was not nervous at all, as if he could retreat at any time . Although his face to face combat strength was still somewhat weak even in the face of Ye Xiwen who had just broken through, he was confident to flee .

“Kill me?” Ye Xiwen grinned . During this time period, he did kill a lot of masters . At the time he escaped from the hands of the Transcendent Realm master, it really shocked the high ups of both forces .

If he died in the hands of the Transcendent Realm master at that time, it would not be a surprise . However, he escaped from the hands of the Transcendent Realm master, which shocked the higher-ups of Emergence School . There were so many disciples under their sect . However, no one could achieve this feat . Despite Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief stopping the second attack, no one under their sect could survive even one attack from Transcendent Realm master .

Transcendent Realm and Great Sage Realm were fundamentally different . Their lifespan was on a whole different level too . It was a leap to develop from the Legendary Realm to the Sage Realm . It was a great vault to escalate from Great Sage Realm to Transcendent Realm .

It was a miracle in itself to be able to escape from the Transcendent Realm master . Such a person would be a huge threat in the future .

Therefore, the bounty on Ye Xiwen’s head in Emergence School was getting higher and higher .

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“You should think about whether you can save your life before you talk!” Ye Xiwen sneered . He charged his fist . It was as if a star swooshed down, puncturing the sky and shaking the world .

The assassin sneered . His body suddenly retreated, and disappeared into the sky like a line . His speed was extremely fast . His movement technique was definitely first grade . No wonder he had the confidence to escape from Ye Xiwen, but he still had a miscalculation on Ye Xiwen . What was the most prominent strength of Ye Xiwen? That would definitely be speed, and even much superior than his physical body .

“Trying to flee again?” Ye Xiwen’s mouth gleamed with a disdainful smile . There was a golden glint in his eyes . A pair of golden wings spread behind him . He morphed into a cluster of golden light and flickered forward . In just a moment, he had crashed into Emergence School’s army formation and immediately caught up with the assassin .

The assassin who had stepped into the Half-step Transcendent Realm saw Ye Xiwen catching up in a flash . A hint of terror appeared in his gaze . He dared to talk in front of Ye Xiwen, thinking that his movement technique gave him invincibility . He was not ignorant of Ye Xiwen’s brilliant record . Even the Half-step Transcendent Realm master had fallen into his hands, but he thought that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to keep up with him . Hence, the superior strength was nothing to be concerned about .

In the same power realm, his movement technique was top-notch . He never expected to be caught up . Although Ye Xiwen appeared like a Great Sage, he didn’t think much about it other than Ye Xiwen had a profound skill which stopped him from identifying further . There were many warriors who pretended to be weak to strike the “prey . ” They tend to be boastful as well . Having another person like that was within expectation . He never believed that a Great Sage Realm master could behead a Half-step Transcendent Realm master . This was even more incredible than Half-step Transcendent Realm escaped from Transcendent Realm .

But now Ye Xiwen’s performance had completely subverted his beliefs . Ye Xiwen had debunked what he didn’t believe in the past with reality .

“Poison Dragon Drill!” How could he be reconciled? He directly returned with a spear stab . It was like a poison dragon as the spear’s head spun madly, as if he could drill a big hole in the universe .

Breaking through the world, it drilled towards Ye Xiwen .

“Rippling Mountain Seal!” Ye Xiwen instantly incarnated a seal and fell down like a huge mountain .


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The Rippling Mountain Seal directly crushed the Poison Dragon Drill . The long spear instantly flew out without losing any momentum and launched directly on the black-robed assassin .


The black-robed assassin was directly hit on the spot . He screamed in agony, and was directly killed by Ye Xiwen . Although he was also a Half-step Transcendent Realm, he was only great in speed and assassination . However, in direct confrontation, he might be able to kill Great Sage .

But for Ye Xiwen, who was enough to match the combat power of Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial, it seemed too weak .

When a master has a momentary flaw, it is enough to determine life and death . Not to mention that no matter whether it was physical cultivation, speed, or combat power, Ye Xiwen was far better than the other .

In just one move, Ye Xiwen defeated him on the spot, plundering his wealth too . The Tianyuan Mirror also absorbed all of the blood essences too . He was not Ye Xiwen’s opponent at all .

Ye Xiwen fanned his Demon Wings directly and returned to the True Martial School . Sure enough, just after leaving, another big hand of Transcendent Realm fell down on Ye Xiwen’s position just now .

Over the years, such scenes had not only appeared once or twice . Ye Xiwen had been used to it for a long time . He dared not stay in the battlefield for a long time because he knew how much the Emergence School people wanted to get rid of him . Even if he stayed in the battlefield for a short period of time, he would face a surprise attack from the Transcendent Realm master .

In this regard, Ye Xiwen was also helpless . What is the problem with the Transcendent Realm master? Who do they need to hunt a mere Great Sage . Every time I appear longer, a Transcendent Realm master will definitely launch an attack .

It was as though Ye Xiwen had really pissed them off . Every time he appeared, he would attract the Transcendent Realm master . It was as though Transcendent Realm masters were not a big deal as they appeared so casually .

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“Brother Ye!” The call interrupted Ye Xiwen’s thoughts .

Ye Xiwen glanced forward . It was Qi Feifan . In ten years, Qi Feifan also entered the Great Sage . At the time, the Supreme School Master accepted him as an apprentice . Many people still felt puzzled, but as he entered the Great Sage afterwards, there was lesser gossip .

He had become a ruler at one side, leading a large army . He also made a name for himself after many battles . Ye Xiwen did not expect to encounter him here .

“Brother Qi?” Ye Xiwen was a little baffled . At this time, Qi Feifan was not safeguarding the army . Why is he here?

“Brother Ye, I finally found you . Let’s go, and follow me now!” said Qi Feifan .

Ye Xiwen frowned, and asked, “Brother Ye, what is the matter? Why are you so eager for me to go?”

“Serious business!” Qi Feifan said, “My master is summoning Half-step Transcendent Realm warriors for a meeting . It’s time to fight back!”

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