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Chapter 760: Chapter 760: Big Harvest
Chapter 760: Big Harvest


Even his Phoenix Regeneration technique could only forcefully suppress this energy and contend with this energy little by little for control . Every time that energy destroys certain parts, his Phoenix Regeneration technique would need to repair the wound .

The ramifications of this destructive energy alone would be enough to kill any other person completely .

But even so, Ye Xiwen had no way to rejuvenate his injury . On the flip side, this was also a rare experience for him . After all, not everyone could survive the attack of the Transcendent Realm master .

He rushed into the True Martial School like an airplane crash .

“You think you can flee?” Suddenly, a cold sneer appeared behind Ye Xiwen again . The sneer was as if coming from the depths of the universe . The tone contained some anger . As a matter of fact, he was a Transcendent Realm master, and yet he failed to slay Ye Xiwen . Even though there were various reasons, it was a shame and humiliation for him . Thus, a calm Transcendent Realm master would still turn angry, wanting to erase Ye Xiwen completely .

Another big hand descended from the sky . It wanted to grab Ye Xiwen directly and turn Ye Xiwen into a ball of minced meat .

“It’s over!” Ye Xiwen wailed . He no longer had the strength to face the attack of the Transcendent Realm master . The strength gap between him and the Transcendent Realm was clear at a glance . He was only able to take a blow from the Transcendent Realm master once .

Moreover, there was still some fluke in escaping this attack .

But he was not in despair yet . Unbeknownst to others, this was just his Star Beast Avatar . Although it would explode and incur serious damage to Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen would not really die per se .

But if Star Beast Avatar really exploded, then his strength would suddenly regress from being able to attack and retreat in this battle to become an insignificant little person .

His current main body was also quite powerful – being able to defeat the Great Sage Minor Mastery Realm and the Great Sage Great Mastery Realm . However, it was unmatched to the real tyrannical master . Even in the Great Sage, there were many who could beat him, not to mention Half-step Transcendent Realm master .

In this chaotic battlefield, if one was not careful, he or she would really die . Ye Xiwen was so bold this time that he decided to penetrate the formation with brute force instead of sneaking in . In fact, it was due to the mightiness of Star Beast Avatar .

This Star Beast Avatar was really powerful, making him almost invincible . However, in the face of the Transcendent Realm master, it was defeated at once, let alone his main body .

If it was not the last moment, he was also reluctant to give up, but there was no other way this time around . He could only watch the Star Beast Avatar get beaten to death without being able to do anything . At the same time, the Tianyuan Mirror revitalized it at once . He mobilized it in order to brace himself for another critical blow .


But, Ye Xiwen heard another soft yell coming from Tianyu . A plain white fist pierced the void and instantly hit the big hand .


It seemed like two huge stars collided suddenly . A huge mushroom cloud suddenly rose up . The terrible shockwave swept out in an instance . Many disciples of Emergence School and True Martial School were pushed away .

Countless people were horrified . Another Transcendent Realm master made a move . Everyone stared at the sky . As a matter of fact, even after fighting for several months, they rarely saw Transcendent Realm masters exchanging blows .

This was because the Transcendent Realm master was too tyrannical . Most people could not imagine how strong they were . Once they fought all out, the entire battlefield would be destroyed .

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At that time, the disciples of both sides would suffer heavy losses . Both sides did not want to see it . Despite no one pointing it out clearly, the Transcendent Realm masters on both sides still put the battlefield deep in the universe . Over there, it didn’t matter how they fight . They could go all out .

Due to the obstruction of this white fist, Ye Xiwen finally fell safely on a hill within the control of True Martial School . He collapsed on the ground . The previous encounter was really too dangerous . Ye Xiwen could die on the spot so easily .

Ye Xiwen smiled a bit bitterly at the moment . It seemed that he was too arrogant . He originally thought that even if he could not beat the Transcendent Realm master, there was still a certain possibility of escape . But, the result said otherwise . If Ye Xiwen was not rescued in time on the second attack, he would be long dead already .

At that time, Ye Xiwen really didn’t know he was pushing his luck . But, if he was given another chance, he would choose the same path . After all, he had a big harvest despite approaching death . In the energy which brought crazy destruction, there was Transcendent Realm master’s dao .

If Ye Xiwen could grasp it, then he had more confidence to step into Transcendent Realm in the future . In other words, this was a wealth that was hard for ordinary people to obtain .

Even if others wanted it, it was impossible to resist the blow of the Transcendent Realm master . Only Ye Xiwen could do it .

As long as he could gain some insights, his main body as well as Star Beast Avatar would obtain great benefits . Their cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds . Some good comes out of a setback

“It’s really dangerous this time . I was almost killed by the Transcendent Realm master!” Ye Xiwen still had lingering fear despite it really was just a little bit .

“Hahaha, although dangerous, your gain is also great . This is not what those elixirs can make up for- the Transcendent Realm master’s dao . Right now, you can seal it into your part of your body, By then, your cultivation will have rapid progress!” Ye Mo laughed and cheered for Ye Xiwen .

“You both are lunatics . Do you know how dangerous that was? We almost got caught!” Wolf Cub in the Tianyuan Mirror complained . If they weren’t saved, the Tianyuan Mirror would not escape the fate of destruction . Hence, Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo were simply crazy in his view?

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But in conclusion, in his tone, there was a little excitement . Although this event was dangerous, it was undoubtedly very exciting .

Ye Xiwen nodded, but with a bitter face . With the Phoenix Regeneration technique, it could only suppress the injury . It would take a long time to attain the full suppression and utilize it for his own use . Transcendent Realm master’s power was not so easy to be assimilated .

Of course, he could also request Master Titan Star Son to do it . In that case, the Transcendent Realm’s power in his body would be quickly cleaned up . However, Ye Xiwen did not want that to happen . He would rather assimilate it slowly . Later, while amidst assimilating this power, his cultivation would continue to advance by leaps and bounds .

If Ye Xiwen wanted to completely heal the injury and suppress the destructive energy, he would need to help from elixir consumption . The amount required would be unpredictable . For others, this was an unimaginable loss, but it was not a big deal for Ye Xiwen .

Despite him failing to block off Transcendent Realm master’s attack, it had already consumed a billion elixir .

For him, the price of this gain was nothing compared to this harvest .

With the constant burning of elixirs, Ye Xiwen finally suppressed the injuries on his body bit by bit . The original terrible injuries were recovered bit by bit . Although this was caused by the Transcendent Realm master, it was not too difficult to rejuvenate other than the constant energy destructing his body .

As long as the energy was suppressed in the body, then the rest would be much simpler . In a few moments, most of the injury was healed .

Ye Xiwen could feel the gaze around him . There was curiosity, awe, disdain, and all kinds of complicated gaze lay on him .

But Ye Xiwen didn’t care . He knew it was inevitable . It was definitely shocking to escape from the Transcendent Realm master . It would naturally attract the attention of countless people . This was not surprising .

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Suddenly, a burst of light shone from the sky . A beautiful lady in a palace dress stepped in . She wore a green dress, but her pretty face was cold . It was none other than Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief .

Ye Xiwen quickly got up and saluted, and said, “Thank you for saving me, chief!”

He heard the familiar voice just now . He knew that it was none other than the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief who rescued him . Ye Xiwen had to be respectful . Firstly, the chief had rescued him . Second of all, she was a senior and the masters of Xiao Ya .

Ye Xiwen had seen the exchange of blows just now clearly . The gap between him and the Transcendent Realm master was so unimaginable that he would need to be respectful .

“You’re destined to survive . You can recover 80% of the injury in such a short amount of time . No wonder you can escape from the other opponent!” Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief had a cool face . It was like this ever since Ye Xiwen’s first encounter with her . It did not change after so many years which worried Ye Xiwen a little that Xiao Ya would be taught into someone like this .

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