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Chapter 758: Chapter 758: Emergence of Transcendent Realm Warri
Chapter 758: Emergence of Transcendent Realm Warrior


In the outskirts of True Martial School, Huang Wuji led a legion to defend a territory . Transcendent Realm masters existed as a general reserve team and would not make a move in general situations . They were only dispatched with the emergence of another Transcendent Realm master . Otherwise, it might really escalate the battle too intensely, which would directly lead to the fall of a large number of Transcendent Realm masters . This was unacceptable to both parties . For True Martial School, they would need to conserve their forces even if they were to emerge victoriously . That was of utmost importance to cope with the many other forces that eye covetously on True Martial School .

At the same time, it was the same for the Emergence School . The loss of Great Sage was not a big deal . However, sacrificing too many Transcendent Realm masters for the victory would be pyrrhic . It didn’t make much sense .

“Boom!” Huang Wuji was like an emperor among the mortals . He was domineering . The sword in his hand was even bigger than his body . Between each slash, horrifying golden long dragons were formed directly, whistling and rushing out . Any Sage Realm warriors and Legendary Realm warrior warriors were torn apart in an instant . There was no way for them to contend with his existence . Huang Wuji had stepped into Half-step Transcendent Realm . It was a piece of cake to slaughter these Sage Realm warriors and Legendary Realm warriors . At the same time, he knew there wasn’t much opportunity for this slaughter . He did leave a fatal injury on the Half-step Transcendent Realm of the Emergence School whom he was facing . Although he did not manage to kill his opponent, it gave a window of opportunity . Sure enough, he would take this chance to kill more enemies . Sooner or later, another Half-step Transcendent Realm master would be dispatched to protect this place . He would then lose the opportunity to continue the slaughter like this .

Suddenly, he noticed a commotion in the large formation of Emergence School far away in the distance . The Emergence School formation completely collapsed as two figures commenced their slaughter . One person and one wolf cooperated very well . Even as they directly penetrated into the center of Emergence School’s army formation, their speed was not hindered .

In the end, Half-step Transcendent Realm master led an elite team to come in person . While Huang Wuji was still thinking about who it was, he suddenly found out that the person was too familiar . That’s my junior brother, right?

“It turns out to be my junior brother?” Huang Wuji was a little surprised, looking at the invincible presence in the large formation of Emergence School .

But what he didn’t anticipate was that Ye Xiwen could even kill a Half-step Transcendent Realm master . Under Ye Xiwen’s attack, the Half-step Transcendent Realm master suffered numerous defeats .

In the past few years, it was clear that Ye Xiwen had greatly improved . However, his achievement was far beyond the past . When Ye Xiwen defeated Mu Shengjie previously, the opponent was only in Great Sage Great Perfection . It had a stark difference with Transcendent Realm . It hadn’t been a long while yet Ye Xiwen attained Half-step Transcendent Realm .

Huang Wuji also stepped into the Half-step Transcendent Realm not long ago, so he was very sensitive to that aura and was certain that he would not be mistaken about it . What a disciple! Ye Xiwen actually develops into this stage . It is really fortunate for Tibetan Star Summit . Did heaven send my junior brother to revitalize the True Martial School?

But after seeing Ye Xiwen surrounding, there were a few Half-step Transcendent Realm masters who came from far to surround Ye Xiwen . If they were not concerned about the middle-aged man who was held hostage, Ye Xiwen would already be killed .

Huang Wuji understood what they were thinking . These masters intended to treat Ye Xiwen as a prey – a prey with a lot of wealth . However, they did not want to shoulder the middle-aged man’s blame .

Thinking of this, Huang Wuji felt that he could not continue to wait . Although Ye Xiwen was powerful, it was very dangerous to dive so deep into Emergence School’s army formation . A master of Transcendent Realm might come out to kill Ye Xiwen at any time .

Huang Wuji turned around and flew towards the interior of True Martial School . He wanted to ask for help from the seniors in the sect .

On the other side, Ye Xiwen’s speed was so fast . He had already caught up with the middle-aged man in a moment . When his fist swooshed down, it instantly blocked any escape path .

“Damn . Go to die!” Ye Xiwen forced the middle-aged man into a dead end . Since he could not escape this time, he decided to fight with his life . He already knew the gap between him and Ye Xiwen was great enough to harm his life . He no longer wanted to kill Ye Xiwen to earn points . The thoughts in his mind were simply . He had to drag the time until after Half-step Transcendent Realm came in aid or even better, a Transcendent Realm master .

By that time, he would be able to kill this damn guy!

In his heart, he hated Ye Xiwen very much . If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen, how could he be in such a poor state? Not only was the team he elaborately trained destroyed in Ye Xiwen’s hands, but he was being pursued and put under such shame . After all, he was supposedly Half-step Transcendent Realm master who was above countless people .

He even burned his blood essence . The power in his whole body surged in an instant . He blasted out another Emergence Godly Fist on Ye Xiwen .

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However, Ye Xiwen was unfazed . He was much more tyrannical than previously . He launched another move and shattered the middle-aged man’s attack . The Emergence Holy Kingdom formed under the Emergence Godly Fist collapsed directly .

Then, it came another punch from the void .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen’s fist was like a huge star as it collided upon the middle-aged man .

The middle-aged man screamed in agony . His physical body disintegrated and was absorbed by Tianyuan Mirror .

After absorbing this Half-step Transcendent Realm master, Tianyuan Mirror suddenly rose into the sky . Tianyuan Mirror finally began to change a little bit on its inner quality .

For tools which had already reached the great sage tool peak, the next step was on qualitative changes . This process would go slowly, taking an enormous amount of time . Killing Great Sage masters and absorbing the blood essence would not bring much progress . Only the death of the Half-step Transcendent Realm master could stimulate Tianyuan Mirror’s qualitative change .

But how could such a master be killed so easily? Worse still, a mere one or two kill count was insufficient . The only way to allow Tianyuan Mirror to evolve at once was the death of the Transcendent Realm master . However, Ye Xiwen would not dare to even think about it . Such masters were the top experts . The most appropriate prey right now was Half-step Transcendent Realm master . Although the speed was slower, it was still evolving .

“Come on, Ye Xiwen . Leave here quickly . You attracted enough attention already!” Ye Mo quickly reminded . Even though he was in the comfort of absorbing the blood essence of a Half-step Transcendent Realm master, he had not lost his cool . He would not be able to digest the blood essence of this Half-step Transcendent Realm master in a moment and a half . They should leave after attaining the gains to prevent any losses .

Although Ye Xiwen had killed a lot of Great Sage previously, it was still in small scale . The duo was quickly swarmed by the crowd . The situation had escalated when a Half-step Transcendent Realm master died on the spot . It was conceivable that it would shock the higher-ups of Emergence School . Ye Xiwen was not afraid of general warriors . However, if the higher-ups came,it would be disastrous .

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“Where are you going!?” A thunderstorm-like sound rippled in the universe . It was as if the holy realm had descended . A terrifying aura instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen .

Transcendent Realm!

Ye Xiwen was shocked . This feeling was too familiar to him . When he killed Soul Destruction Temple Master previously, he was locked on by such a terrible aura . He fled in time back then, and he was not relentlessly pursued . However, Ye Xiwen was aware that it was definitely a Transcendent Realm master . Right now, it must be the Transcendent Realm master in Emergence School .

He could only be regarded as a petty kid in the smaller-scale fight . Even if Ye Xiwen killed many Great Sages, it would be nothing for Emergence School . In such a collision of super powers, the death of a Great Sage would occur almost every once in a while . But the fall of a Half-step Transcendent Realm master was a big deal . It really caught the attention of the Transcendent Realm master .

A Half-step Transcendent Realm master actually got into the core position of Emergence School’s army formation . It definitely stirred the anger of Emergence School’s higher-ups . A Half-step Transcendent Realm master was worth the emergence of a Transcendent Realm master .

Immediately afterwards, a big hand covered the sky and collapsed from it . In front of such mighty power, it seemed that Immortals, deities, and demons were illusory concepts . Only this power was eternal .

Under normal circumstances, a Half-step Transcendent Realm master was not worth dirtying their hands . Their opponents would always be only those masters of the same level .

But Ye Xiwen’s killing still alarmed the Emergence School’s higher ups . The death of a Half-step Transcendent Realm master still angered them .

For Ye Xiwen, this was a big test, but it was not a dead end . Since entering the large formation of Emergence School, Ye Xiwen was ready to face the intervention of Transcendent Realm masters anytime and anywhere . Even when dealing with the Half-step Transcendent Realm master, Ye Xiwen was still alerted, ready to escape at any time .

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Now, the Transcendent Realm master had arrived .

The pair of golden wings behind Ye Xiwen instantly unfolded . He infused the Storm Power, madly flew in the direction of True Martial School . At this time, he had no other way but to escape . Although his Star Beast Avatar had already stepped into Half-step Transcendent Realm, he didn’t even think about going against the Transcendent Realm master . That was simply courting death .

He could feel that the big hand behind him was getting closer and closer . This is terrifying .

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