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Published at 29th of September 2020 09:28:02 PM
Chapter 759: Chapter 759: Lucky? What a Joke. That’s Strength!
Chapter 759: Lucky? What a Joke . That’s Strength!


In just a moment, Ye Xiwen felt the horror of that big hand . It was seemingly attached to his body, rendering him unable to escape .

At this time, Ye Xiwen had flown out from the Emergence School army formation . Although the Emergence School’s army position was now vast which stretched out in miles, his current strong cultivation rendered him great speed . Crossing a hundred miles in just a moment was not an exaggeration at all .

However, the big hand behind him was still tightly approaching . It was getting closer and closer . Ye Xiwen knew he would get caught before he rushed into the True Martial School . He decided to gamble his fate .

I won’t be able to flee this time!

I have to fight!

Ye Xiwen let out a huge cry in his heart .

“Dominate the world, rebirth the golden body in me!”

Ye Xiwen incarnated Tyrant Golden Body’s scripture . There was a surge of Divinity in his body, which formed a tall golden body . This was Ye Xiwen’s golden body divine manifestation . However, it could only be regarded as a fake and inferior counterfeit, imitating the Gods and manifested the divine golden body .

Despite it being a fake and inferior counterfeit, the divine golden body manifestation formed by countless Divinity had a defensive power that was terrifying . It could even firmly sustain the attack of a Half-step Transcendent Realm master . Although it couldn’t last for a long time, it was very useful for Ye Xiwen now . Even if it was only activated for a short while, that would be enough .

What surrounded Ye Xiwen’s body was countless spiritual energy; all of them poured into this huge gold body manifestation to support it . Although this golden body was powerful, it also consumed a large amount of spiritual energy . Just to support it, it would have consumed one hundred million elixirs .


The palm fell directly from the depths of the sky . Any obstruction to it seemed so ridiculous . Ye Xiwen’s current strength was not weak, but he was fragile like an infant in front of this big hand .

The big hand instantly grabbed toward his golden body .




With a series of cracking sounds, Ye Xiwen’s golden body shattered inch by inch in front of this terrible attack . It was like sand grains, gotten annihilated inch by inch .

“Keep going!”

“Keep going!”

“Keep going!”

Ye Xiwen was resoluted to fight back . Countless elixir in Tianyuan Mirror burned madly, pouring into the golden body fanatically, repairing the golden body that was obliterated by that big hand little by little .

Under that horrible big hand, Ye Xiwen did not consume elixir little by little at all but burned one hundred million elixir as every second passed . He was really going crazy, this big hand locked the space almost instantly, giving him no chance to escape .

I can only confront it until the end!

At this time, there was no other way . The only hope was to fight it till the end!

A long while had passed . It was either for an instant or a long time . Ye Xiwen’s mind went into a blank state . The Mingxin ancient tree behind him suddenly exuded a series of colorful Divine Light, engulfing him . Ye Xiwen’s mind got clearer .

Ye Xiwen only felt a mysterious and unfathomable feeling, a feeling that was a little difficult to understand . This was the dao of Transcendent Realm . The Mingxin ancient tree activated at this moment, granting Ye Xiwen the state of empowerment .

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But, Ye Xiwen’s gap from the Transcendent Realm master was too distant . No matter how hard Ye Xiwen tried to resist, the big hand bombarded on Ye Xiwen .


Blood splattered out in the vast sky .

At the same time, on the battlefield, the eyes of countless masters firmly lay on Ye Xiwen’s side . There was no other reason than the emergence of the Transcendent Realm master .

Transcendent Realm master . They could still be regarded as a ruler even in this chaotic battlefield . Every time the Transcendent Realm masters make a move, they would attract countless people’s attention . The matter of Ye Xiwen causing a Transcendent Realm master to personally make a move and disregard his or her identity was something unlikely .

But now it really happened!

“Is this guy dead? He should be dead, right? Although he is already a Half-step Transcendent Realm, there is definitely no way to survive against a Transcendent Realm master!”

Among the disciples of Emergence School, countless people think so . In their view, this was just a bold disciple in a True Martial School . They did not feel anything special about his death .

“Is that Ye Xiwen? I don’t think I’m wrong . I have seen him once before when he was fighting Mu Shengjie . He is definitely a distinguished character . But, I can’t believe some like like him is dead . Transcendent Realm master is indeed horrifying . We can only dream of reaching that realm!” A True Martial School disciple said sadly in empathy . No matter the tension of internal conflict within True Martial School, they would still be united together in a life-and-death situation . Any contradictions would be deteriorating at this time .

Seeing that a Half-step Transcendent Realm master was directly fanned to death under one palm of a Transcendent Realm master, it was inevitable that they sympathized and grieved .

The other True Martial School disciples nodded .

“This is the power of the Transcendent Realm master . Fortunately, there are relatively few Transcendent Realm masters in this world . Otherwise, there is no room for us to intervene in this battle . But, it is a pity that Ye Xiwen has fallen here . With his talents, it is possible for him to become a Transcendent Realm master in the future!”

“In this chaotic world, any genius is ridiculous . It is those who can survive a genius . Who will remember the prestige of those who die early? I thought that Ye Xiwen would make a name under the sky . I didn’t expect that he would follow suit the path of death!”

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When everyone was talking, shockwaves emitted in the sky . A burst of golden light suddenly appeared, Ye Xiwen’s figure appeared alongside the light . Right now, he was almost like an airplane with lost power . He fell down directly with his body badly mangled . At that very moment, he still avoided the deadliest attack . However, even so, his body had already collapsed . His flesh was badly mutilated . It could be said as extremely bleak . It was so badly mangled that white bones could be seen in the larger wound .

His face was abnormally pale; had lost the vigor that he usually had .

Everyone exclaimed . He didn’t expect that at this most critical time, he had evaded the deadliest attack and escaped a catastrophe . His luck was simply heaven-defying .

However, some people took in a breath of cold air . Their eyes were very sharp, especially those Half-step Transcendent Realm masters, who saw the wound on Ye Xiwen . All of them breathed in cold air . Although Ye Xiwen escaped the most terrifying attacks, the wounds on Ye Xiwen’s body portrayed how terrible the attack Ye Xiwen had sustained . There was hardly any piece vigor left on his body .

Even if Ye Xiwen evaded the most terrifying attack, there was still crazy energy that was constantly destroying the cells of his body . If they were put in the same sport, they would definitely die if they were caught like this . Even though Ye Xiwen escaped out of luck, there was no way to suppress the crazy destruction in the body .

Such terrible forces were not something they could resist at all . Even if they were lucky enough to escape the attack, they would be killed by the crazy destruction force .

Moreover, being able to escape from the hands of the Transcendent Realm master, could that be called luck?

How many people have had such luck since ancient times? Anyone was welcome to try to challenge their luck!

What kind of eyesight do the masters have? The so-called luck was non-existent . As a matter of fact, the Transcendent Realm masters had gone through so many battles . They wouldn’t make such a petty mistake . There was only one possibility to escape from the masters of Transcendent Realm . That would an escape based on pure strength and capability .

The Great Sages, Sages, and Legendary Realm master could not notice any hint of it .

It was really a shocking movement technique that allowed him to break free from the space locked by Transcendent Realm masters . No one would believe that it was not great .

Many masters of Half-step Transcendent Realm Late couldn’t help but admire this scene . This person’s survivability was far beyond the ordinary level . He was like a cockroach . If anyone else took Ye Xiwen’s position, they would be long dead already . It was a miracle that Ye Xiwen as a Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial could survive until now .

At this time, Ye Xiwen didn’t even know what other people thought . The horrible impact almost made his Star Beast Avatar fall apart at once . What a tyrannical bloodline! Any bloodline talent was illusory in front of this absolute tyrannical strength .

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In the face of a power realm gap, his Star Beast Avatar was unmatched .

At this time, his head was almost blank . There was still a little bit of Transcendent Realm information captured through the Mingxin ancient tree and mysterious space . Even if there was only a little bit of Transcendent Realm master’s dao, it was still a huge gain .

If Ye Xiwen’s main body who was still in Great Sage Realm could grasp it, it would bring huge empowerment .

But this was not the key . The key lay in the terrible energy that constantly destroyed his Avatar . Although it was just a mass of energy, it was like someone leading it as if the energy was self-conscious and was constantly destroying the muscle tissue in his body .

Even with his Phoenix Regeneration technique, there was no way to completely suppress his physical body collapsing, let alone to repair the injuries in his body constantly . The horror behind Transcendent Realm master could be imagined .

“You want to flee?” There was a cold snort seemingly coming from the depths of the universe .

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