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Chapter 757: Chapter 757: Catch A Turtle In The Jar
Chapter 757: Catch A Turtle In The Jar

It was quite an intimidating scene . Emergence Godly Fist besieged Ye Xiwen, and yet it did not manage to leave a scratch . The Divinity on his body was resurrected in an instant as though he had become a deity . Despite it being the deity of Beast Clan, each one was towering and mighty . They were all imposing divine .

All of them protected Ye Xiwen’s body from being hurt by Emergence Godly Fist will . Moreover, Ye Xiwen had the physical body of a Star Beast . A terrifying creature that feeds on the universe, and even hunted Dragon Clan’s members .

All of these enabled Ye Xiwen to tear apart Emergence Holy Kingdom on the spot .

This made the middle-aged man suddenly depressed and wanted to vomit blood . Everyone at Emergence School who cultivated Emergence Godly Fist had different calibers of Holy Kingdom . All of them incorporated their dao in it . All his understanding of the dao and Emergence Godly Fist were integrated, leading to the illusory scene . However, when it was torn apart, it was equivalent to tearing his dao apart . This feeling was disastrous .

“How can you be so powerful?” The middle-aged man simply found it unbelievable . He couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen could tear his fist will apart so easily .

But he didn’t know that although Ye Xiwen’s Star Beast Avatar had just entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm not long ago, he was definitely not a novice . With the blood essence and power transmitted by the adult Star Beast, he had reached the peak of Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial . With the terrible fighting talent of Star Beast Avatar, he was akin invincible . Even the Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate master couldn’t kill him, he could handle it calmly . This was his biggest card after all .

Although this middle-aged man was also quite powerful, he even cultivated the Half-step Transcendent Realm, but how could he compare with the unique clan like Star Beast .

“Hmph, what’s impossible? You are too ignorant!” Ye Xiwen sneered . With the blood essence and power passed by the adult Star Beast, he could even step into Half-step Transcendent Realm Intermediate at any second . He was only a tiny gap away, making it possible to happen very soon . In this realm, he was not fearful in the battlefield . But, he might get defeated after getting besieged by a couple of Transcendent Realm masters .

Ye Xiwen had rushed in front of the middle-aged man amidst the exchange of words .


Ye Xiwen struck the middle-aged man with a punch . A huge star was manifested and it exploded on his body . A terrible and unparalleled power was rushing in it, boiling up, and constantly raising a vertical air flow .

The middle-aged man suddenly spat out blood, and his figure flew out, unable to withstand such a force . Ye Xiwen’s full blow was terrible . Moreover, the middle-aged man did not have such a strong physical body as Ye Xiwen . He was seriously injured after sustaining the full attack .

“Kill him!”

At this time, the Great Sage Great Mastery masters and Great Sage Great Perfection masters couldn’t sit still . They were the middle-aged man’s underlings who were put under the lead of this middle-aged man for a long time . All of them had the potential to step into the Half-step Transcendent in the future . They couldn’t sit idle and see the middle-aged man get killed .

At this time, all of them launched their attack . More than a dozen Great Sage Great Mastery masters and the Great Sage Great Perfection masters launched their attack collectively . It was a terrifying force . Their mighty vigor covered the sky in an instant . It was not weaker than the middle-aged man just now .

If Ye Xiwen’s main body was here, he could only escape desperately at this time, and might even fail in doing so . However, with the Star Beast Avatar, he was indifferent to it . The gap between Half-step Transcendent Realm and Great Sage sufficed for him to ignore these attacks .

As Ye Xiwen’s hand grabbed forward, a mirror appeared in his hand . It was Tianyuan Mirror . The endless red light on Tianyuan Mirror burst out suddenly . In Ye Xiwen’s hand, Tianyuan Mirror, a great sage tool, burst out in great vigor . The terrible power was far from being comparable in the hands of the main body .

This was like a Great Sage using a sage tool . Even if it was not his own sage tool, it might exert the terrible power that even the original owner of the sage tool did not think of . This was the role of cultivation strength .

Moreover, Ye Xiwen was the owner of Tianyuan Mirror .

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In the hands of Ye Xiwen, Blood Light exuded from the Tianyuan Mirror, which condensed into a Blood Pool . It was the projection of the Blood Pool in Tianyuan Mirror that appeared in the sky .



A Great Sage Great Mastery master was struck by the Blood Pool on the spot; he was drowned directly in the boundless blood waves . With the addition of Ye Xiwen’s own power and Tianyuan Mirror’s power, this Great Sage Great Mastery screamed in agony on the spot . His entire figure was vaporized . All of his blood essence was absorbed by Tianyuan Mirror .

“Hahaha! What a wonderful feeling . Only the blood essence of such a master is useful!” Ye Mo’s rampant laughter appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind, “Ye Xiwen, go all out and slaughter them . I have a hunch . As long as the slaughter continues, the promotion of Tianyuan Mirror is not a problem at all . When the promotion of Tianyuan Mirror is completed, even if you meet the master of Transcendent Realm, you can escape with ease . Hahaha!”

Ye Xiwen nodded . He also knew that the current Tianyuan Mirror had reached a bottleneck . Tianyuan Mirror had become a great sage tool many years ago . For many years, it had absorbed many blood essences from different masters . In the past few months, it had absorbed many Great Sage’s blood essence . It could be said that it had already entered the peak of the great sage tool, but it was still unable to evolve .

Ye Xiwen knew that quantitative changes caused qualitative changes . Right now, he lacked enough quantitative changes . Hence, he would need to kill more blood essences of Great Sage and even blood essences of Half-step Transcendent Realm to feed Tianyuan Mirror and upgrade it .

However, Ye Xiwen’s actions were not slow at all . Under the control of Ye Xiwen, the Blood Pool kept suppressing the enemy . The Great Sage Great Mastery masters and the Great Sage Great Perfection masters were all under Ye Xiwen’s pressure . They exploded on the spot and turned into a cluster of blood mist one by one . Then, the Tianyuan Mirror absorbed them into it . Ye Xiwen extracted all of their wealth at the same time too . These Great Sage masters were tyrannical . They obviously accumulated many wealth . Just because of them, Ye Xiwen harvested more than five billion elixir . If it was in the past, it would be an astronomical figure for Ye Xiwen . But, Ye Xiwen treated it much calmer now .

He finally understood why those people with higher cultivation did not care about the so-called wealth because they could be plundered at will . As long as one participated in constant killing, he or she could obtain as much wealth as they wish .

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Of course, Ye Xiwen also knew that this opportunity might only happen once in this life . If it was not the case of the invasion of Emergence School, how could there be such a large group of Great Sage supplemented for him to kill? If Great Sage was killed one at the time like during the past, the plundering speed was unmatched to the current speed .

Those Great Sages turned into blood mist in agonizing screams . They couldn’t imagine how tyrannical Ye Xiwen was; he did not bat an eye on the tyrannical strength of Great Sages .

After all, they were only one step away from Half-step Transcendent Realm . Unfortunately, this step had a stark difference .

After absorbing the blood essence from these Great Sages, the Tianyuan Mirror shone even brighter . Ye Xiwen could even feel that the space in the Tianyuan Mirror was also continuously expanding . At this rate, the space inside the Tianyuan Mirror could be developed into a size closed to a domain sooner or later . A domain which might not be inferior to a big world like True Martial Domain . It was a bright path . Ye Xiwen didn’t know if he had the opportunity to wait until that day just like he didn’t know whether his life span permitted him to witness a fully grown Mingxin ancient tree .

In the Tianyuan Mirror, images of Demon Clan began to appear on the original quaint patterns . It included the Great Demon Clan, Asura Clan, etc . All the famous clans in Demon Domain appeared in the image . This was the scene when Tianyuan Mirror was about to evolve .

When the time comes for the Tianyuan Mirror to complete the evolution, it would become even more terrifying . It would be the real commandment in the Demon Clan world . None of them could defile it . With that, it was entirely possible for Ye Xiwen to become the king of Demon Domain .

Ye Mo is so confident that he wants to lift him to the Demon King throne, naturally he also has his confidence .

“Damn, how could this be!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were about to bleed, and he looked at his carefully trained team . In front of Ye Xiwen, it was like a pig and he was easily beheaded and turned into a group of blood mist . “How could he be so powerful!”

In his eyes, the fire of hatred almost surged to the sky, but he did not dare to be hesitant . He immediately turned around and fled . With just one exchange of blows, it made him understand that Ye Xiwen’s strength was far beyond his imagination . It was unattainable to him . If he were to contend with Ye Xiwen, let alone his well-trained team, even he himself must be sacrificed .

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Thinking of this, he did not dare to delay . He immediately turned into a cluster of light and fled away .

“You want to flee!” Ye Xiwen sneered . He immediately sensed it, but how could he let go of this Half-step Transcendent Realm master . The Tianyuan Mirror was going to evolve . The blood essence of a Great Sage master was no longer useful . Ye Xiwen could only rely on the Half-step Transcendent Realm masters .

He immediately stode out in pursuit . Tianyuan Mirror exuded the boundless blood barrier, and locked the space all at once . The middle-aged man who wanted to escape suddenly became a turtle trapped in the jar . Tthere was no way to escape .

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