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Chapter 756: Chapter 756: Directly Tore It Apar
Chapter 756: Directly Tore It Apar

It was Emergence Godly Fist which instantly formed the Holy Kingdom on the battlefield . In Emergence School, this Emergence Godly Fist was widely spread . Many masters more or less knew something about Emergence Godly Fist, but there were some differences . Masters of different levels would be taught in Emergence Godly Fist of different calibers . The Half-step Transcendent Realm middle-aged man had almost attained the complete version of Emergence Godly Fist .

He committed an all-out attack at his first move, trying to kill Ye Xiwen in one blow, so as not to waste time . As a matter of fact, his elite team existed to deal with this sudden situation . All of the efforts were to prevent True Martial School’s experts from suddenly breaking into their line, disrupting their formation .

For real masters, the number of people could no longer be regarded as an influencing factor . The battle between real masters would shock the world . Any number of Legendary masters sent were just cannon fodder . Any effort in adding man count would be futile . Dispatching another master would be the only way .

There was more than one elite team like this . Many of such elite teams were dispersed around the main attacking force .

Ye Xiwen was obviously a dangerous enemy, which required him to deal with personally . However, it was only a little troublesome in his eyes . After all, he felt condescended to personally deal with a Great Sage . As a matter of fact, he was in Half-step Transcendent Realm . He felt Ye Xiwen’s death was too honored .

Ye Xiwen instantly felt a horrifying punch . It enveloped him from all corners at once . The Holy Kingdom seemingly broke through the gap in time and swooshed down .

This Half-step Transcendent Realm master accumulated a few inspirations that allowed him to exert the power of Emergence Godly Fist . Thus, bringing out the real horror behind it .

“Retreat back to Tianyuan Mirror!” Ye Xiwen shouted, and shot out a Blood Light . The Wolf Cub was retrieved into Tianyuan Mirror . He had a tacit understanding with Wolf Cub . When Ye Xiwen encountered an overwhelming master who was difficult to deal with, it would enter Tianyuan Mirror to take refuge and call out Star Beast Avatar .

When that Blood Light waves were over, Ye Xiwen was still standing, but Star Beast Avatar had replaced his main body .

At this time, Ye Xiwen finally made his move . He squeezed his five fingers into a fist and bombarded it . Shattered Star Fist, the boundless fist, instantly blasted out a huge star . The surrounding space suddenly became a cosmos . It was shrouded by Ye Xiwen’s fist will . In a split second, it came crashing down and slammed into the Holy Kingdom .


The terrible fist of both sides collided . Two completely different fists crushed the space in between while kept devouring each other . A huge mushroom cloud bursts out . The terrible impact swept out and countless Legendary Realm warriors were directly bombarded by this terrible force . All their physical bodies completely collapsed . They eventually turned into a mass of blood mist under their agonizing scream .

When Half-step Transcendent Realm masters had a fight, the shockwaves emitted from it were not something they could withstand . With merely this confrontation, it created a huge empty space . The Great Sage Great Mastery masters and the Great Sage Great Perfection masters in the team had to muster all they could to protect themselves from the shockwaves . They retreated all the way from their original spots . Those who were closed had no way to dodge it . They were all inflicted with internal injuries . However, they were still better off than those Legendary masters who turned into masses of blood mist due to the shockwave .

“Half-step Transcendent Realm?” The middle-aged man saw that Ye Xiwen turned out to be a Half-step Transcendent Realm master . Not only did he not have any fear, but he was excited .

Just like True Martial School, the situation at Emergence School was the same . As long as one could kill a master of True Martial School, he or she could get a lot of benefits . However, was the True Martial School’s master easy to be killed? Most of them situated themselves in the arrays, as if hiding in a turtle shell . Unless the arrays were broken through, there was no way to kill them . Even if there were some rare talents who fought next to the arrays, once there was anything that was not right, they would hide into the arrays immediately . Any attempt from Emergence School’s warriors would be futile efforts . All in all, the benefits of geographical advantages were fully displayed .

True Martial School fought in their home ground . When Emergence School launched a campaign from a faraway place, this itself was already a huge disadvantage . If it was not the strength of Emergence School that had an overwhelming advantage, they simply couldn’t afford a campaign to conquer True Martial School .

Generally, Sage Realm masters and even the Great Sage masters were not attractive to the middle-aged man . Although there were many rewards, these rewards were very ugly for him . After all, he was already a Half-step Transcendent Realm . The resources and wealth he needed were far beyond what Great Sage could imagine .

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Although many a mickle makes a muckle [1], most people in the True Martial School were hiding in arrays . The Emergence School could only kill all the disciples of True Martial School in one breath if they managed to break into the arrays . Otherwise, there was no way to accomplish it .

Even if the Emergence School broke into the arrays, the middle-aged man might face competition from other experts of Emergence School while at the same time face the attack of the Transcendent Realm of True Martial School .

So for him, this system was not in any way helpful . However, the emergence of Ye Xiwen made him feel excited . With the emergence of Ye Xiwen, the situation would be completely different . Beheading a Half-step Transcendent Realm master definitely offered massive points . The points were completely different from killing the Great Sage and Sage Realm masters .

So what occupied his mind now was to kill Ye Xiwen before the other Half-step Transcendent Realm masters noticed it . With that, he could redeem enormous points . Most importantly, the wealth of a master of Half-step Transcendent Realm must be at an unimaginable level . He could make a fortune by killing one .

As for the possibility of Ye Xiwen’s escape, he didn’t even think about it . In this place, there was no way for Ye Xiwen to escape . He was surrounded by people from Emergence School in all directions .

As for the situation where Ye Xiwen might kill him, it would never appear in his mind anymore . A warrior who could cultivate to the level of Half-step Transcendent Realm was definitely a talent . They definitely were a distinguished genius which made fame for themselves in battle . Naturally, they were the most confident in themselves and firmly believe that they were invincible . At this time, he would naturally not think about the worst situation that could happen .

“Hahaha, I really didn’t expect you to be a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior . You actually disguised as a Great Sage . You’re really cunning . I guess you’re probably trying to deceive our Emergence School disciples . It’s a pity that you met me, and your good luck ends here . Since you actually made it into the most central area, I think your luck is still not that bad!” The middle-aged man had delightful emotions on his face .

He squeezed his five fingers into a fist . As he launched his fist so swiftly, the flutter of the clothes was aloud . The terrible fist was crushed down and turned into the Holy Kingdom . The kingdom of immortality; the kingdom of Holy Realm Dwellers . Countless Holy Realm Dwellers lived and played in it, and countless Holy Realm Dwellers troops were practicing in it . The system was strict like a country .

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In the sky, there were countless Holy Realm Dwellers singing in Sanskrit, singing songs that blessed eternal life . It appeared beautiful, but behind it represented a terrifying fighting power .

Ye Xiwen sneered . As soon as the middle-aged man said his words, Ye Xiwen knew what the middle-aged man was thinking . He even wanted to behead Ye Xiwen in exchange for points before the other masters arrived .

But, this was a good sign . It enabled Ye Xiwen an opportunity to fight with the middle-aged man alone . With that, he could retreat fully after killing the middle-aged man . If there were several other Half-step Transcendent Realm masters at this time, Ye Xiwen could only flee immediately and spread his Demon Wings without hesitation . Otherwise, he might actually be beheaded on the spot . This was not what he wanted . He just wanted to hone himself .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen chanted his battle cry . His body stood upright suddenly . It was covered with golden Divinity as if he was a gold casted battle god . He rushed towards the middle-aged man in everyone’s surprise .

This move allowed him to fight with the middle-aged man solely on physical quality . In the battlefield led by Emergence School, Ye Xiwen had to be wary for his every move . Any hindrance would lead to big trouble . Despite this middle-aged man not wanting the other Half-step Transcendent Realm master to join in, it would be inevitable that the other Half-step Transcendent Realm masters would participate in the fight sooner or later . By that time, even if Ye Xiwen defeated him, it would still be difficult for him to escape . Ye Xiwen would need to defeat the middle-aged man before the situation turned bad .

Ye Xiwen’s most prominent strength would be his physical body . Although he did not use his real body, Star Beast Avatar’s physical body was so powerful without question . It was not worse than his Tyrant Body . Of course, when his Tyrant Body steps into Half-step Transcendent Realm in the future, it might be even stronger than Star Beast Avatar .

But even so, this was a horrifying body that could compete with the Dragon Clan .

Ye Xiwen even rushed directly into the Holy Kingdom . With his tyrannical strength, Ye Xiwen tore the Holy Kingdom into half . The profundities in the middle-aged man’s fist will were torn apart in an instant . Emergence and Holy Ream Dwellers were simply illusory . It perished without leaving any trace behind .

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The countless Holy Realm Dwellers screamed in agony . Their defeat painted Ye Xiwen like a bloody demon .

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