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Published at 29th of September 2020 09:28:05 PM
Chapter 754: Chapter 754: Return to True Martial School
Chapter 754: Return to True Martial School

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen slashed out directly . The sharp sword qi burst out and killed Nie Han on the spot, splattering blood everywhere .

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying aura locked on him . What kind of aura is this? It’s like the beasts from Ancient Barrens .

Spanning time and space, the aura locked on Ye Xiwen from a distant empty area . Ye Xiwen did not dare to delay further . He immediately fanned his Demon Wings and rushed toward the True Martial Domain . In the blink of an eye, he had already fled back into the True Martial Domain .

Not long after he left, a skinny old man suddenly appeared here . He was almost as skinny as Nie Han when all his blood essences were consumed . It was originally a close-fitting outfit, and yet it seemed like a big coat after being worn on him . His face was pale, and a pair of ghost-like eyes glinted in doubts .

“Huh, I felt the battle just now . How come it is gone?” The skinny old man was puzzled as he looked around . “There was the aura of Holy Destroyer Lance . How come it is gone?”

“It should be Nie Han’s aura . My senses will not be wrong . Nie Han actually died here… I wonder who is the expert behind it? The expert actually killed him . This is unbelievable!” The old man obviously knew Nie Han, but he was not sad about it at all . “However, now that the True Martial Domain is in chaos . Any kind of master may appear . I should go back to the Saints Altar first!”

There was a ripple in his surrounding space . His body entered the ripple and disappeared in the blink of an eye .

Ye Xiwen didn’t know what happened after he left, but when he was locked on by that terrible aura just now, it made him feel like he was stabbed; a hunch that big troubles were coming .

It was the so-called sixth sense . He almost felt his back drenched with sweat at once . Even the black-robed man in Half-step Transcendent Realm did not give off such a hunch, there was only one possibility . It was a master in Transcendent Realm .

Only the Transcendent Realm master could make Ye Xiwen, who was able to kill Great Sage Minor Mastery, feel that the world was collapsing .

With the thought of being spotted by the Transcendent Realm master just now, Ye Xiwen felt he was lucky that it was over .

“It was definitely a Transcendent Realm master just now . I’m sure!” At this time, next to Ye Xiwen, Wolf Cub started to jump up and down . When Ye Xiwen and Nie Han were fighting, it just entered the Tianyuan Mirror directly to rest . It was not that it did not want to help, but Ye Xiwen would not let it participate . Ye Xiwen wanted to kill Nie Han personally . Moreover, in his view, even if he wasn’t confident with his main body, he still had his Star Beast Avatar .

No matter how Ye Xiwen sees it, this Nie Han was dead for sure . It was just a matter of time .

But the horrible aura just now passed into Tianyuan Mirror at once, woke Wolf Cub up from its sleep, and it instantly jumped out .

After Ye Xiwen was sure that he had escaped the range of perception from the horrifying aura, he finally slowed down .

“That scares me to death . Fortunately, you escaped really fast . If you were to be any slower and got caught up by the Transcendent Realm master, none of us can flee!” Wolf Cub said with a lingering fear . Compared to Ye Xiwen, it knew better about how terrifying a Transcendent Realm master was . It was hard for most people to imagine . “I think you should hurry back to True Martial School . Although the fighting there is fierce, there are some Transcendent Realm masters protecting the area . As long as you don’t encounter any Transcendent Realm masters, it is easy to escape without harm using your Star Beast Avatar!”

Ye Xiwen nodded . Initially, he wanted to wander outside to kill the masters invading South Barbarian or Demon Worshipping Religion . However, after this matter, he changed his mind because Transcendent Realm masters were too scary . Once they were noticed, it was simply a dead end . Even if they wanted to flee, it would be difficult .

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Although there were more Transcendent Realm masters at True Martial School in the number uncountable with two hands, True Martial School also had Transcendent Realm masters . With just the head of the top ten legatetes, there were ten Transcendent Realm masters already . No to mention there were other masters like Tibetan Star Son, etc . These masters could completely protect him . Hence, True Martial School was safer as compared to wandering outside .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub flew away in the direction of True Martial School . Both Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub had already made a name for themselves . Many masters of South Barbarian or Demon Worshipping Religion, who were about to make a move, saw Ye Xiwen and fled in fright .

Despite Ye Xiwen heading to True Martial School, how could he let those people who troubled the South Region off? Everywhere he passed, these rebellious organizations and masters were purged like how fields were plowed .

When Ye Xiwen returned to True Martial School, he discovered that the entire True Martial School had become a huge battlefield . Under the support of countless arrays and the underground spiritual veins, a fierce light was exuded . The Divine Light blasted out and destroyed an army of Tao Soldiers in an instant .

However, Emergence School were not cowards either . They spreaded out their scrolls infused with arrays that had been sealed in advance . With that, they launched a fierce confrontation with True Martial School .

The two sides were competing for almost every piece of land . Countless screams could be heard . Even Ye Xiwen could see that there were Great Sages participating in it . At this time, some geniuses on both sides had finally shone their strength .

Only in this chaotic world could offer a stage for the genius to show their talents to the fullest . Under the impetus of this chaotic world, even if the war lasts only a few years, it would be enough to spawn a large number of young talents . Many people were approaching breakthroughs in these few years . The potential of people was endless, but it depended on the circumstances .

This was the opportunity to hone them .

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Ye Xiwen could see the figure of senior brother Huang Wuji . Huang Wuji was towering and powerful . His aura seemed ruthless . It seemed he had already stepped into Half-step Transcendent Realm . He was now leading the army and guarding one side .

“Go . Let’s join the fight!” Ye Xiwen noticed and said . For him, he also needed such a battle to sharpen his strength . Only by having enough strength could he stimulate the rapid growth in cultivation .

Ever since he learned about the Ancient Barrens continent from Ye Mo and Wolf Cub, his heart was overflowing with yearnings . Such a high plane might be his final stage .

“I don’t have any opinions, but if any expert of Transcendent Realm gets involved, we will be crushed on the spot!” Wolf Cub said, raising its eyelids . It was different from Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s talents were mediocre . Everything gained originated from battle . He paved his path from continuous killing . On the other hand, its talent was extremely strong, and it had a noble bloodline . Cultivation was as easy as a piece of cake for it too . Even if it slept all day long, the speed of its progress would still be shocking . Hence, it was far less eager for fighting than Ye Xiwen . It knew that risk came with rewards . But, in his opinion, there was a safe way to sneak into the True Martial School . There was no need to take risks to break into the restricted area .

“Even if the Transcendent Realm master makes a move, this place is so close to True Martial School . I still have a great chance to escape!” Ye Xiwen said, “Most important thing is that our True Martial School side also has a Transcendent Master!”

“Yes, this is the best way to hone yourself . Even if a Transcendent Realm master is there, you have the opportunity to escape . This is the best training for you . Don’t you see Huang Wuji? How long hasn’t I seen him that he has already stepped into Half-step Transcendent Realm Initial while your progress is still behind him? It is all because you haven’t encountered any real danger previously . If you can continue to fight under Transcendent Realm master’s eyes, then your progress can reach an extreme speed!” Ye Mo said aloud . He strongly supported Ye Xiwen .

“Okay, I don’t mind . Since I’m here to stir trouble, then let’s turn the world upside down . Hahaha!” Wolf Cub laughed . Its bloodline power was awakened . It was not as attached to using battle to hone himself like Ye Xiwen but it was not a peacekeeper .

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Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub did not take any pause at all . They rushed directly into the army of Emergence School . Emergence School had committed all they had this time . Tao Soldiers that were trained for many years were fully revealed At this time, embodying the profound and terrible background of Emergence School .

Their worst would be Legendary . Truth power realm had no rights to be present among them despite Truth warriors could kill thousands of ordinary fighters in this battlefield .

However, for Ye Xiwen, these were the foundation of his wealth in his plunder . Although each of them did not have a lot of wealth, it would be a huge wealth to gather them together .

“Haha, I’m here!”

Wolf Cub laughed wildly .

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