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Chapter 755: Chapter 755: Invincible
Chapter 755: Invincible

The two figures dashed into the Emergence School’s army like bombshells . Wherever they passed, the disciples of Emergence School screamed in agony . Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub were simply too powerful .

Ye Xiwen had stepped into the Great Sage Intermediate . His combat power allowed him to kill Great Sage Minor Mastery easily . Even though Wolf Cub was a little weaker than Ye Xiwen, it was not a problem for it to defeat those in Great Sage Peak . This pair was famous in the South Region; their name would terrify the South Barbarian and Demon Worshipping Religion . With that, Ye Xiwen had also made a name for himself as a strong talent in the True Martial Domain .

Although Ye Xiwen was well known in the past, it was to the extent of the Sage Realm at that time . Sage Realm might be a king in a place like Yi Yuan Sect, but it was not a big deal in True Martial Domain . Such a person in the True Martial Domain was so abundant like the sand of the Ganges River .

Ye Xiwen’s name was finally praised when he had demonstrated his tyrannical strength in the Great Sage realm .

Although his Star Beast Avatar was not commonly utilized, it would be a great battle every time it was dispatched, especially after killing someone in Great Sage Great Perfection . Great Sage Great Perfection composed of heroes like Huang Wuji, Mu Shengjie, and many other distinguished figures . They were famous for many years, signifying an absolute strength that terrified people .

But in the end, they were all defeated in the hands of Ye Xiwen . All their wealth fell into Ye Xiwen’s hand . At the same time, they also established Ye Xiwen’s current fame in their defeat .

In the Emergence School’s army, there were traces of various arrays almost everywhere . They said, human powers are limited, but it will be limitless to utilize the power of heaven and earth . These arrays were set up by utilizing the power of heaven and earth to defeat the enemy . The arrays from both sides collided with one another .

Especially those Legendary warriors . They could contend with Sage Realm masters by just relying on the arrays . This simply went against common sense . Moreover, those who came into contact with the arrays later would be greatly suppressed too .

But for Ye Xiwen, it was nothing . The Heaven’s Might released on the array was a stimulant to growth . Ye Xiwen covered his whole body with Divinity . The suppression brought by the array was ineffective to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen was indifferent to those arrays . A long sword appeared in his hand; he thrust it to his enemy directly . The sword glinted here and there every time it was slashed . In every slash, it marked the fall of a Legend . Even a Sage Realm master was directly stabbed to death in one attack .

Ye Xiwen’s movements were so simple that it was not even an intimidating sword art . Only the most basic sword art was utilized . It was not complicated at all . However, unimaginable power exuded in Ye Xiwen’s hands .

A set of basic sword art had become the supreme art for mass slaughter . It was also helpful to temper Ye Xiwen . Sometimes for a master who is strong enough, everything is no avail in front of its pure strength . Whether it is a powerful martial technique or even an ultimate technique, in front of his absolute strength, they became illusory .

Beside him, Wolf Cub was psyched up . It had grown to the size of a small hill . After a small pause, its figure grew bigger at a rate faster than how it grew bigger previously . He moved like a gust of swift wind . Any place he passed by despite not doing much, the disciples of Emergence School were already dead . All of it happened as it charged around violently .

Tao Soldiers phalanx were shattered at once . They were unable to stop it .

The two cooperated very well . First, Wolf Cub directly rushed into the phalanx of the Emergence School’s disciples or Tao Soldiers . After terrible chaos, it directly destroyed the formation . During the time when they were in great fear, Ye Xiwen would arrive . Blood splattered everywhere with Ye Xiwen’s most basic sword art .

Each blood splatter marked the death of a master in the hands of Ye Xiwen . Although Ye Xiwen did not have a distinguished sword art, his killing speed was not slower than Wolf Cub, but even faster . His physical body was too strong, so the speed was extremely fast . In just a split second, Ye Xiwen had thrust his sword hundreds of times . Anywhere the sword crossed, there would be another corpse piles of Emergence School disciples .

The vast majority of them didn’t even know how they died, and they couldn’t know how Ye Xiwen made a move . The sword tip had thrust in their throats, and a splendid blood flower bloomed . They were killed just like that with their wealth completely robbed at the same time .

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In the past few months, the two cooperated many times . Facing a similar situation again, they cooperated very well .

Their blood essence was absorbed by Tianyuan Mirror in an instant . Bloody Light was surging in the sky . It was quite peculiar at first glance . After all, Tianyuan Mirror itself was a treasure of demon attributes . Hence, it was horrifying . If not because of Ye Mo taking control, even the owner, Ye Xiwen might get affected .

This was also the case of many demonic treasures . Although it was powerful, it often came along with great aftermath . This was also the way that Demon Domain worshipped . Power was always pursued . Anything was acceptable with absolute power . Anything would be impossible without absolute power .

Tianyuan Mirror attained growth by absorbing blood essence, which was basically a common thing for Ye Mo . In Demon Domain, there were many Demon Clan members who died under Tianyuan Mirror under many years of campaigns led by Demons .

Ye Xiwen wasn’t bothered with it . He would keep hunting down these people from Emergence School . They were all enemies in his heart . Each death was his gain .

The cooperation of the duo was like a giant bulldozer . Any Emergence School disciple’s formation collapsed in the encounter .

Wherever the battle went, the formation of Emergence School collapsed . Tao Soldiers were crushed . One master after another was killed in their hands . Even if there was a Great Sage coming to retaliate while leading the Tao Soldiers Legion, they were not afraid at all .

After the Great Sage was defeated by the duo, the army had no leader . Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub crushed them completely .

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A lot of blood essence was infused into Tianyuan Mirror, making Tianyuan Mirror’s aura more and more powerful . This was a rare opportunity . Not only because Ye Xiwen could plunder the wealth of these masters, but it was an opportunity for Tianyuan Mirror to absorb those blood essence for a breakthrough . How would there be so many Legendary warriors to be killed during peaceful times? They were like fertilizers waiting in line to be killed .

Even a few months ago, there were often teams of South Barbarian or Demon Worshipping Religion masters in the South Region . However, it did not arrive in a situation like this . The huge army should be at least ten million . No one knew the actual number of Emergence School Army . Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub were just like a stone thrown into the sea . After setting off a wave, they were quickly swarmed .

No matter how many they killed, there would always be more masters coming . So, Ye Xiwen did not utilize his Shattered Star Fist . Although Shattered Star Fist had great power, it also consumed a lot of energy . Facing the infinite Emergence School disciples, Ye Xiwen would die for running dry on qi first before the fight would end . Of course, the possibility of it was highly likely .

Even if Ye Xiwen tried to conserve qi as much as possible, the battle took place at a fast rate . It was conceivable the consumption would be large if Shattered Star Fist was utilized .

Anyway, as long as he could achieve the purpose of killing the enemy, he would not care about what move to use .

However, with the combination of Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub, they continued to penetrate into the depths of the Emergence School army . Of course, the resistance they encountered was getting more intense . The chances of encountering Great Sage masters were getting higher too . Of course, the death count of the Great Sage under Ye Xiwen’s hands also increased accordingly .

Finally, it attracted the attention of the experts in Emergence School . After Ye Xiwen bombarded a Great Sage disciple of Emergence School, he was surrounded by many Great Sages before he could continue his pursuit on the ordinary Tao Soldiers and disciples who were scattered . These Great Sages had a terrifying aura even if they were far away . It was an aura born from numerous campaigns and wars . The leader of the group had already entered the Half-step Transcendent Realm too .

It was an elite team from Emergence School . A Great Sage Great Mastery, or a Great Sage Great Perfection realm master was adequate to lead a huge army . Right now, all of them were gathered in a small team under the lead of Half-step Transcendent Realm . The status of this team was apparent .

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Now this elite team had rushed to Ye Xiwen . It was conceivable that the mass killing of Ye Xiwen had already attracted the attention of the experts in Emergence School .

“What a kiddo from True Martial School . You actually pushed your battle to here . I wonder how many disciples of Emergence School died in your hands . Now, it’s time for your death . It is rare for True Martial School to have a bold disciple like you!” said the Half-step Transcendent Realm master with a sneer . He was a middle-aged man of ordinary appearance, but with a bit of arrogance . For him, Ye Xiwen was nothing . He was already a Half-step Transcendent Realm master . Even if he was only Half-step, it still took on the words of Transcendent Realm . He was already different from Great Sage . Although he marveled that Ye Xiwen dared to rush here, he was just a little surprised .

“But your good luck should stop here . Die!” The Half-step Transcendent Realm master yelled all of a sudden as his punch moved toward Ye Xiwen .

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