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Chapter 753: Chapter 753: Kill Nie Han
Chapter 753: Kill Nie Han

Ye Xiwen devoted a lot to this attack . He knew if he were to launch an attack, he had to make it count . If he were to continue the fight with Nie Han in his current strength, it would be a loss for both sides in the end .

Hence, this was the only way . Ye Xiwen devoted a lot to the attack and hit him hard . He would want to set the balance of victory toward his side . Although it consumed one hundred million elixirs, Ye Xiwen wasn’t hesitant with it . For him, if one hundred million elixirs could be exchanged for Nie Han’s life, it was still worth it .

Ye Xiwen would never give Nie Han any time to escape . He dashed out and caught up instantly, taking advantage of Nie Han’s weak state to kill him!

“You hurt me! How is that possible!?” Nie Han growled with his face turned ugly . Although he had already seen Ye Xiwen’s strength, in fact, he still did not take Ye Xiwen in his heart . He still regarded Ye Xiwen simply unworthy to match with him .

But now that the ants that he didn’t put in his eyes actually hurt him . What’s more? It was a severe injury . It was like a loud slap right on his face . His aura surged vigorously in an instant .

The demon aura on his body was boiling . That signified the burning of blood essence . Murderous intent overflowed from his eyes . What was left in the world through Nie Han’s eyes was Ye Xiwen alone .

Only by killing Ye Xiwen that Nie Han had a way out from the whole ordeal . Otherwise, nevermind losing the position of Soul Destruction Temple Master, he might even be killed by those who worked for him in the past .

He had no choice . Killing Ye Xiwen was his only path .

Under the ruthless demon light which lit up the horizon, Nie Han emerged with an extreme yin and extreme sinister power . The space around him all boiled up .

Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash burst out in an instant . Under the burning of countless blood essences on Nie Han’s body, Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash also became countless times stronger .

Nie Han’s eyes were already crimson red . His hatred on Ye Xiwen was so intense . He wanted to kill Ye Xiwen so much that he resolved to burn the blood essence in his body . As long as he could kill Ye Xiwen, there would be masters from Demon Domain to empower him . He would be able to gain back any blood essence consumed .

Ye Xiwen had gone through hundreds of battles . How could he not notice the desperation in Nie Han’s eyes and the burned blood essence?

Of course, Ye Xiwen was reluctant to burn blood essence, but he was willing to burn the elixirs . For him, the wealth on his body had reached an unimaginable level for ordinary people . After so many years of accumulation, even if he had used a lot, he actually plundered the wealth of so many masters . His wealth had exceeded ten billion elixirs . Among the masters killed by Ye Xiwen, there were many masters in the Great Sage realm, and the total number should be more than thirty . They alone contributed four to five billion of wealth to Ye Xiwen, excluding that Dragon Vein . If the Dragon Vein was condensed into elixirs, his wealth would be uncountable . Furthermore, the Law Enforcement Hall had not given the compensation yet to Ye Xiwen . Due to the invasion of Emergence School this time, this matter would be postponed until the end of the war .

However, Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry . Anyway, he had a lot of elixirs now . He could consume one billion with no attachment . As long as he could defeat the strong enemy, it didn’t matter how much he consumed .

Ye Xiwen immediately bombarded the Shattered Star Fist . It was a scene of star destruction; extremely terrifying . Ye Xiwen burned ten million elixir . Although it was not as good as the attack just now, it was still powerful .




The two sides collided many times . One of them burned blood essence and the other burned elixir . Their strength increased to a horrific level in an instant . The attack power at that moment was no inferior than Great Sage Great Mastery .

A large amount of spiritual energy had poured into Ye Xiwen’s body, making his body feel soaked in a world of spiritual energy . All of his meridians opened up which excited Ye Xiwen the more he fought .

On the contrary, Nie Han’s side was completely opposite to Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen was backed by ten billion elixirs . He could afford to continuously burn elixir . Moreover, he could utilize the Dragon Vein if it was necessary .

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Not to mention Great Sage, even Transcendent Realm’s master would probably not be as rich as him .

In this evenly matched situation, Ye Xiwen constantly bombarded terrible attacks with the support of elixirs .

Nie Han was burning his blood essence . As a character of Great Sage Minor Mastery, blood essence was quite abundant but it could not support a consumption rate like this . If there was none left, Nie Han would die because of it . By that time, death was his only way out .

As the battle became more and more fierce, the two went all the way from the South Region into the starry sky . The South Region had too many limitations imposed by the world . Despite being able to puncture the space, they would still be constrained by the power of the world so as to stop them from destroying this world .

The legendary character who could destroy a world with merely only one spear attack was just a legend . Most people couldn’t do it .

If the damage was too severe, they would be repulsed by the power of the world, so they would rather fight all the way to the universe .

As the battle continued to escalate, Nie Han gradually realized he was not as strong as he wished . Half of his blood essence was burned up . He could continue the stalemate with Ye Xiwen . Although Ye Xiwen also burned a billion elixir, it was not a big deal as compared to Nie Han .

Another murderous intent suddenly crossed in Nie Han’s eyes . I must not let Ye Xiwen survive .


He made another move . The surrounding changed its color . Innumerable spiritual energy in the universe condensed in an instant . It was all contaminated into demon aura in an instant; a long spear slowly condensed . It had the size of a mountain, emitting an unimaginable evil aura .

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“Holy Destroyer Lance!”

Ye Xiwen’s face suddenly changed . The trauma from Holy Destroyer Lance was too deep . How could he not remember that he almost fell directly from the air to his death last time due to Holy Destroyer Lance?

Nie Han seemed to have consumed endless energy . In a moment, his figure was a little crunched, his face was pale, and he seemed to be much older in an instant . This was the price he had to pay for forcibly launching this terrible demon art . Without the necessary criteria, he had to pay the price of his lifespan to forcefully manifest it . He had given all he had to slay Ye Xiwen .

He knew that his blood essence could not support his fight with Ye Xiwen endlessly . If he continued the fight, he might be the one who suffered, or even experienced a tragic death on the spot . He could only come with a final blow in an attempt to bring an ending to it .

The terrifying long spear instantly cut through the universe and shattered anything it passed through, even if it was just a phantom or a projection of spirit . However, this Holy Destroyer Lance still made Ye Xiwen feel the breath of destruction, as if it had returned to the prehistoric times in legend .

“Ye Xiwen, be careful, dodge quickly!” Ye Mo shouted quickly, “Otherwise let Star Beast Avatar stop it!”

“It’s too late!” Ye Xiwen shouted, his hands spread out, and a bloody barrier appeared in front of him . It was the power of Tianyuan Mirror .

“Boom!” The phantom of Holy Destroyer Lance slammed onto the bloody barrier in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant . It happened too fast without giving Ye Xiwen any time to react; it came to him instantly .

A terrible impact instantly swept through, creating waves of huge energy frenzy crashed onto the bloody barrier .

*Crack!* It was an alarming crisp sound . Even in that terrible energy frenzy, it was unusually conspicuous . On the spear tip of the Holy Destroyer Lance’s phantom, crack marks appeared on the bloody barrier . The crack was slowly spreading out in all directions, giving off the signs that it could collapse in any second .

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“He!” Ye Xiwen screamed . Under the direction of his spirit, one million elixirs instantly burned into flaming spiritual energy, and then all of it was instilled on that bloody barrier .

After consuming another one hundred million elixir, it finally stabilized the bloody barrier that was about to collapse .

Ye Xiwen was able to breathe a sigh of relief . If the bloody barrier broke down just now, he would probably be nailed to the ground by Holy Destroyer Lance on the spot . There was no doubt that it was his luck to escape the last time as he fell onto the land of True Martial School with someone rescuing him . There would be no one rescuing him this time around, let along Nie Han was still around .

“Roar!” Nie Han on the side suddenly roared like a furious beast after seeing Ye Xiwen actually blocked it . All the blood essence formed waves of demon aura, which was added to the Holy Destroyer Lance .

Both sides actually fell into a stalemate for a while . Ye Xiwen kept burning elixir in the numbers of one hundred million every second . However, he was still indifferent about it . Nie Han was also constantly burning his own blood essence, trying to slay Ye Xiwen .

“Boom!” Under a huge blast, that Holy Destroyer Lance could not support itself and disappeared into a cluster of demon aura . After all, it was not an entity, but just a projection of spirit .

On the other side, Nie Han was already skinny like twigs, completely missing the tall and majestic figure just now . Even though he just summoned Holy Destroyer Lance’s spirit for a little while, it extracted all his blood essence . He was desperate as he made a gamble to slay Ye Xiwen . If he succeeded, everything would be fine for him . But, he was defeated in Ye Xiwen’s hands in the end .

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