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Chapter 752: Chapter 752: Severe Injury
Chapter 752: Severe Injury




A loud thud rumbled in the sky . The shockwave from the confrontation rippled out . Many mountains around Tianyu were shattered . They were incapable of facing Nie Han who was in the Great Sage Minor Mastery power realm .

Despite Ye Xiwen proclaimed himself at the top of this realm and did not put those in Great Sage Minor Mastery in his eyes, he still played safe at the start . After all, as compared to a decent Great Sage Minor Mastery realm master, Ye Xiwen entered the Great Sage Intermediate just recently .

But the Nie Han in front of him was not an ordinary Great Sage Minor Mastery, but he descended from the Great Sage Great Mastery Peak . Even an ordinary Great Sage Great Mastery master probably could not really do anything to him .

Ye Xiwen was indeed strong, but he would still struggle in confronting such an enemy . Each blow coming from Nie Han that struck Ye Xiwen was like consolidating his foundation, making his realm more stable and more powerful .

Ye Xiwen had the Tyrant Body as a foundation . It was difficult for Nie Han’s attack to cause a fatal threat to Ye Xiwen . Coupled with the Phoenix Regeneration technique, the general injury could be recovered in an instant . With that, Ye Xiwen could utilize Nie Han’s attack to hone himself . Any ordinary person should suffer greatly, even if he was also in the Great Sage Minor Mastery Realm . Only Ye Xiwen could achieve this feat .

As Ye Xiwen’s strength increased gradually, his battle became more and more relaxed, and he gradually captured the initiative in the battle .

Seeing that he failed to defeat Ye Xiwen in an instant, Nie Han gradually began to be anxious . There was a flash of anxiety in his eyes .

“Haha, Soul Destruction Temple Master, do you even live up to that title? No wonder Soul Destruction Temple is only the bottom of the Demon Worshipping Religion Ninety-nine Temple . All of it is because of you . What a pit for them!” Ye Xiwen attacked Nie Han viciously with words .

This Nie Han was also battle-hardened . He who grew up in the Demon Worshipping Religion definitely had more experience than Ye Xiwen . Despite Ye Xiwen having his strength improved at every second while consolidating his foundation at the same time, would he really be able to reach the peak and overwhelm Nie Han?

It should be extremely difficult . After all, Nie Han could already be regarded as a benchmark in the Great Sage Minor Mastery realm . The only way to be stronger than Nie Han was to attain Great Sage Great Mastery .

So Ye Xiwen utilized all the means he could muster to attack Nie Han .

“You’re courting death!” Nie Han finally couldn’t bear it, and became angry . Soul Destruction Temple ranking had always been the soft spot in his heart . He was superior among thousands of Demon Worshipping Religion members . As someone who had reached this stage, Nie Han was talented . He definitely had many fruitful adventures . Of course, he was quite ambitious, wanting to strive to the top . Crudely speaking, he would prefer to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond . Furthermore, if he had the chance to be outstanding among the distinguished figures, the “big pond” so to speak, he would definitely appreciate it .

However, due to Ye Xiwen, not only did he lose the chance to become outstanding among the distinguished figures, he even lost the chance to be a minute character among the distinguished figures . In the end, he was more probable to only be a small leader of a weak crowd .

No matter how bad the situation was, being a small fish in the big pond still had its benefits . The status associated with that definitely outmatched being a small leader of a weak crowd .

Demonic flames surged from Nie Han’s figure, instantly engulfing the sky . Behind him, a demonic figure appeared faintly . It manifested a big hand and bombarded toward Ye Xiwen again .

Nie Han cultivated in a Soul Destruction Temple martial art . A martial art that only Temple Masters could get their hands on – Soul Destruction Demonic Scripture . Despite it not being the strongest among many arts in Demon Worshipping Religion, it was enough to rank in the top 100 .

Although it was only in the top 100, its strength could not be belittled since the ranking came from hundred of thousands of Demon Worshipping Religion martial arts .

Almost at the moment when the demonic figure appeared, the attack already rushed to Ye Xiwen’s face . It almost ignored the distance of the space . The terrifying demon aura locked on Ye Xiwen firmly . It gave Ye Xiwen the feeling no matter how far he fled, he would still be targeted . A strange illusion that he would not be able to escape at all .

This was Nie Han’s full strength . The last time he chased down Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen was nothing but a Half-step Great Sage . In the pursuit, there was no other way but to escape . There was no way for Ye Xiwen to retaliate .

Naturally, Nie Han did not have the idea of going all out to deal with Ye Xiwen .

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But the situation was different . Ye Xiwen had exhibited a great threat . Not only Ye Xiwen’s presence put Nie Han at shame, this was the only opportunity for him to improve his status into a distinguished figure . He had to kill Ye Xiwen no matter what . With that, all the prices he had paid would be rewarded .

Hence, he delivered an attack with all his strength!

Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash!

As the terrifying big hand came crashing down from the sky, it became cross-shaped . Even though it was not in the Great Sage Great Mastery realm but just Great Sage Minor Mastery, it should not be underestimated .

Ye Xiwen threw a punch which manifested a big star and directly confronted the Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash . As he threw his punch, it had seemingly materialized the galaxy . Ye Xiwen had indeed gone all out without any reservation in this punch .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen could feel that there was boundless force bombarding him from the Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash . Even his Tyrant Body was shivering, and his bones were making a metal clanking symphony when the attack collided with his body .

The general physical body would crumble in Nie Han’s attack . Soul Destruction Temple Master’s strength was indeed extraordinary .

But Ye Xiwen did not make Nie Han feel any better . Nie Han retreated all the way with his face pale . The shockwave in the exchange of blows did pull a huge toll on Nie Han’s physique .

“That’s all you got . If I were you, I would choose to hide . Now your strength is nothing more than last time . God knows when you will be beheaded!” Ye Xiwen laughed out loud .

Nie Han’s face stiffened, thinking of the possibility that Ye Xiwen said . Despite him being resolute most of the time, he felt his heart tremble . If that was true, he had no say to his survival . Demon Worshipping Religion had all kinds of means in torture .

If he was ousted from the throne of Temple Master, there must be someone who wanted to replace him as the Soul Destruction Temple Master .

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Nie Han quickly reclaimed his thoughts with a cruel voice on his face, “If you want to shake my determination, it is impossible!”

Nie Han actually reacted . Ye Xiwen deliberately used words to upset Nie Han and crumble his resolve . With that, Ye Xiwen only had the chance to defeat Nie Han in one fell swoop . It was quite a vicious means to tackle someone’s psychology .

When Nie Han thought of this, he calmed down immediately . Although he was still very angry at Ye Xiwen, this anger stopped affecting his judgment . Nie Han was after all battle-hardened . He could definitely see through the trap, hence the effectiveness was not great .

“On cunningness, I have not seen a junior like you . On talent, you can cultivate from Half-step Great Sage all the way to Great Sage Intermediate in a short period of time . I am unheard of such talent . Perhaps, your achievements in the future will be limitless . However, it does not matter . As long as you are beheaded, then everything will be over!” Nie Han said with a sneer .

The Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash was once again issued . This time, it was even more terrifying than how it was previously . Nie Han’s strength was fully demonstrated; it was much more tyrannical than just now .

The entire Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash shone brightly in the sky . Even heaven and earth were seemingly cut into four petals .

Ye Xiwen’s body was immediately covered with layers of golden Divinity . From a distance, he looked like a battle god in gold casting . His figure rushed into the demon hand that covered the sky .

At the same time, Tianyuan Mirror on him also exuded an unimaginable blood-red light as it accompanied Ye Xiwen and rushed towards the big hand .

A huge cracking sound blasted . It sounded like a piece of cloth torn in half in the sky .

The Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash was torn in half by the blood-red light on Ye Xiwen . The golden Divinity on his body seemed to be boiling, countering the power from the Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash . As the golden Divinity flowed continuously on Ye Xiwen’s body, the aftermath of the confrontation was unloaded . It was the Gilded Tyrant Form .

And those Blood Light instantly tore the Soul Destruction Cross-shaped Slash .

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“What?” Nie Han was taken aback . Ye Xiwen’s power was so unparalleled, but Nie Han simply ran out of time to think further . It was because Ye Xiwen had already rushed in front of him .

Throughout the battle, it was Nie Han holding the initiative to attack . Ye Xiwen was constantly defending and shielding off his attack . Now that Ye Xiwen was actively attacking him, he was immediately shocked and angry . He could feel Ye Xiwen was making continuous progress . Such progress shocked him . He could also see that Ye Xiwen was slowly adapting to his rhythm . When Ye Xiwen decided to take the initiative to attack, it hinted that Ye Xiwen was confident to defeat him . This put him into shame which escalated into anger .

Ye Xiwen was like a sword as he broke the vast sky . In Tianyuan Mirror, one hundred million elixir was burned in one breath, all of which was instilled into Ye Xiwen’s body . Ye Xiwen’s strength was already terrifying . Not to mention the help of this sudden one hundred million elixir, it pushed him beyond the limit, allowing him to rush to Nie Han in an instant .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen struck Nie Han like a sharp sword, as if Mars hit the Earth . Nie Han suffered a severe injury . His body was terribly mangled on the spot .

Nie Han flew out in a distance amidst his agonizing scream . Ye Xiwen’s tackle almost took his life .

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