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Published at 29th of September 2020 09:28:30 PM
Chapter 751: Chapter 751: An Eye for An Eye
Chapter 751: An Eye for An Eye

Ye Xiwen was pleasantly surprised by this discovery . It turned out that Soul Destruction Temple master Nie Han was not in the realm of Great Sage Great Mastery but in the realm of Great Sage Minor Mastery . He was overjoyed at the turn of events . He initially thought he had to mobilize Star Beast Avatar to suppress Nie Han .

But, since Nie Han was just at the Great Sage Minor Mastery realm, then the situation was completely different . Ye Xiwen could cope with it easily .

Although Ye Xiwen had some doubts in his heart whereby Nie Han was in Great Sage Great Mastery during the previous encounter, he knew he would not make a mistake in his senses . Since Nie Han was definitely at the strength of Great Sage Great Mastery during the last encounter, then there was only one possibility . He was critically injured by the Supreme School Master when he broke into the True Martial School by mistake . Although the injury was healed, it also left some ramifications . Moreover, Ye Xiwen remembered that Nie Han used some of a secret technique last time too .

But even so, despite him degrading from the realm of Great Sage Great Mastery, Nie Han was still stronger among Great Sage Minor Mastery warriors . He should be able to eliminate a Great Sage Minor Mastery in ease . Hence, he was practically invincible in this realm .

Any ordinary person would be unmatched even if he also attained the Great Sage Minor Mastery . Only a talent like Ye Xiwen who was also a freak would not be intimidated by him .

Ye Xiwen’s golden wings spread in an instant . His figure was like lightning, avoiding this sudden attack swiftly .

“Your strength is far less powerful than the last time!” Ye Xiwen sneered .

Although Nie Han was a little surprised by the improvement of Ye Xiwen’s strength, he was still indifferent about it . After all, in his opinion, Ye Xiwen’s speed was already ridiculously fast to begin with . When Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage, Ye Xiwen was able to escape from his pursuit . This made him rejoice for no reason despite the heavy costs that came along .

Ye Xiwen didn’t launch any attack but only showcased his speed . Nie Han was indifferent about it and was not alerted .

“It’s all because of you, little brat!” As soon as he said this, Nie Han’s eyes were fuming with anger . He ended up in this state because of Ye Xiwen . He gave it all and utilized his secret technique to improve his strength to launch an all-out attack . But, it had only critically injured Ye Xiwen .

In the end, he was struck by the Supreme School Master of True Martial School, plus the secret technique of ramifications, which directly left an internal injury that was difficult to cure . Although Nie Han did recover from the injury, his strength fell all the way from Great Sage Great Mastery to Great Sage Minor Mastery . Moreover, this injury was permanent . It would be difficult to escalate into the next realm . His decline in strength had directly caused many of his men in Soul Destruction Temple to be tempted to make a move .

After all, in Demon Worshipping Religion, they only talked about interest . All of them were bound by interests . Loyalty and respect were all bullshit for them . Without the deterrent of tyrannical strength, Nie Han’s position as a temple master became precarious . Many of his henchmen wanted to overthrow his Temple Master .

Nie Han thought Ye Xiwen died in his hands . In this case, although he paid a heavier price, it was fine and worth it . But, little did he know that Ye Xiwen did not die . Instead, he was alive and kicking . This made his original plan ruined . He originally thought that as long as he could kill Ye Xiwen even if he paid a little more price, but by virtue of the merits, he could gain personal empowerment from the masters in the Demon Domain . With that, he had great hope to break through into the Transcendent Realm . Those underlings who had ill intentions could be easily killed . They dared not resist his rule . With that, he could bring Soul Destruction Temple to an unprecedented higher level which the previous rulers had never achieved . Moreover, he would be able to contend and be on an equal level with the other ten main temples .

But, all of these were gone . Ye Xiwen hadn’t died . It was naturally impossible for him to get the empowerment from the masters in Demon Domain . If the news of death did not come out in a day, then Nie Han had no proof . There was no way to confirm his words .

So Nie Han could only spend all his net worth, and finally healed the injuries on his body . However, only the apparent injuries were healed . There was no way to heal those internal injuries . All his efforts in meeting various healing masters were also futile . It would be impossible for him to enter the next realm in his lifetime unless the senior level in Demon Domain empowered him . Only with that, he would be able to repair the internal injury in his body and had further possibilities to be promoted in cultivation in the future .

This made him helpless and frustrated . He just took advantage of this time when Emergence School invaded True Martial School and came to find the trouble of True Martial School . In his view, he would be reduced to this because of True Martial School . If there was no True Martial School, how could he end this way?

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart . There is always a way out . He actually encountered Ye Xiwen here . As long as Nie Han could capture Ye Xiwen, he would definitely be able to be personally empowered by the masters of Demon Domain . By that time, his future would be bright .

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When one door shuts, another opens!

“If it’s not you, how would I end up like this . Hmph, it doesn’t matter . As long as I slay or capture you, then I will be able to get what I want . My future is boundless . Ye Xiwen, use your head to lay the foundation for my glorious and invincible road!” Nie Han growled, almost turning the world upside down .

With that said, Nie Han suddenly launched another attack again . His attack was stronger than just now . A demon hand covering the sky suddenly appeared . It grabbed toward Ye Xiwen in an instant . This attack was much more powerful than before . Obviously, Nie Han wanted to kill Ye Xiwen in a single blow without giving him any chance to breathe .

“Old hag, didn’t I already say I will definitely let you die without a burial place if I were to meet you again!?” Recalling the tragic situation during the last pursuit, Ye Xiwen’s heart was burning with rage . With the anger flickering in his eyes, Ye Xiwen did not evade the attack but delivered his Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand .


The two overwhelming big hands met in the sky . Both sides were distinguished figures with terrible skills . As they suddenly ran into each other, a terrifying explosion swept up on the spot . The terrible air shockwave instantly flushed the surroundings .

The two combat powers had reached a level beyond Great Sage Minor Mastery . It was unimaginable . Even Great Sage Great Mastery could not take it lightly .

“Impossible, how could you be so powerful!?” Nie Han only felt that his arms were numbing, and he simply found it inexplicable .

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Nie Han couldn’t believe that the situation had developed into this . His memory still stayed when he last hunted down Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen had become so strong only in a few years .

The last time that Ye Xiwen was chased by him, he was so desperate . If he did not escape into True Martial School, he would most likely die in Nie Han’s hand . However, he could fight with Nie Han without losing any advantage . Nie Han simply found the situation simply impossible . How can he make such great progress?

Thinking of this, sinister thoughts overwhelmed his heart . He was not only seriously injured but dropped in the cultivation realm due to Ye Xiwen . Despite being invulnerable in the Great Sage Minor Mastery realm, he was far from comparable when he was Great Sage Great Mastery at that time . Even at that time, he was regarded as a person who could run rampant among Great Sage Great Mastery . Otherwise, he could not lead the Soul Destruction Temple with only Great Sage Great Mastery . After all, although Soul Destruction Temple’s strength could only be considered the bottom of the Demon Worshipping Religion Ninety-nine Temple, it was still extremely impressive .

But when he was injured and his skill regressed, Ye Xiwen actually made great progress . Isn’t that the same as hitting his face in public?

What did he do so desperately previously to kill Ye Xiwen was seemingly a joke now .

“Damn you little brat . Die!” Nie Han screamed . His big hand swooshed down . The entire arena was filled with the crying of ghosts and chilly wind . A huge demon foot stretched out from the center of the palm and stepped towards Ye Xiwen .

How is that a foot? It seems like a claw, full of scales . Each finger of the claws is like a sturdy pillar that can kill a mountain on the spot .

“Qiang!” Ye Xiwen’s sword qi surged in an instant . Every pore on his body was spitting out the sword qi . These sword qis gathered in the air and formed a terrifying giant sword . It slashed directly towards the giant claw .

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“Boom!” It was another sound of a huge explosion . Ye Xiwen’s longsword seemed to be chopped on a piece of metal . Even metal clanking sounds were made; sparks were scattered . However, Ye Xiwen increased his grasp . The Sword Qi in the long sword was seemingly stimulated . Countless elixir in Tianyuan Mirror was converted into spiritual energy and infused into the long sword .

“Boom!” In a huge vibration, the big foot was slashed open by Ye Xiwen’s sword . A mutilated demon foot fell from the sky and created a huge dent on the ground . Demon blood flowed out and directly polluted the countless land around it . From then on, normal plants could no longer grow, but only contaminated demon aura plants could grow .

“Roar!” There was a sharp roar coming from the demonic hand . Obviously this demon foot should be the foot of the demon summoned by Nie Han out of nowhere . It wanted to kill Ye Xiwen, but it was chopped down by Ye Xiwen .

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