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Chapter 748: Chapter 748: Gratitude for Giving Birth? Gratitude
Chapter 748: Gratitude for Giving Birth? Gratitude for Upbringing!

An uncontrollable shiver spread instantly from the heart to the whole body . It was the tension and tremor that came from the depth of the soul . The memories of the predecessor before Ye Xiwen took over the body had resurfaced .

Now with the passage of time, Ye Xiwen and the predecessor had become more and more integrated . The understanding of the predecessor’s memory was no longer limited to the form of just watching a movie . Rather, the two had fused together .

He was his predecessor . There was no difference; the two of them had already integrated into one .

Typically, Ye Xiwen would prioritize his own memories, but at certain specific moments, the emotions that were pressed to the bottom of the heart would explode all of a sudden .

For example, when it came to the mystery of the predecessor’s origin, the sour feeling instantly occupied all of the heart . All of the childhood memories surged into the mind .

His predecessor had long known that he was not Ye Kongming and Xia Chunxue’s biological matter . Although everyone in the family treated him well, he was not the biological son .

Sometimes when he saw Ye Ruxue, Ye Kongming, and Xia Chunxue playing around, he would still feel uncomfortable . Although he also wanted to ask about his biological parents, he could not bear to ask every time, fearing that this would ruin this warm family .

Ye Kongming never mentioned this matter in front of him, so that even if Ye Xiwen wanted to ask, he had no way to start . However, Ye Kongming finally decided to talk about this matter .

“I’m acquainted with your biological father incidentally . At that time, I was in my twenties . I was traveling in the Great Yue Empire, and I met your father and mother unexpectedly . They also seem to be traveling, seemingly adventuring the world!” said Ye Kongming .

Ye Xiwen listened quietly . He opened his mouth abruptly and asked, “Can I ask, what kind of people are they?”

This was the deepest desire in his heart, hoping to know what kind of person his father and mother were .

“Speaking of it, I only know that your father and I have the same surname Ye . He is named Ye Junshan . This is what brought us together . I just entered Xiantian not long after . Your father and mother were like immortals for me . I can’t even identify their cultivation!” Ye Kongming smiled a bit bitterly . When he had just stepped into Xiantian, he was spirited and felt that he was number in the world . He did not expect that he was nothing in front of Ye Junshan . He didn’t even see through Ye Junshan cultivation from beginning to end . He could only generalize their cultivation in the stage of Immortals .

Ye Junshan!

Ye Xiwen was deeply shocked in his heart . Ye Junshan, this is the name of my biological father . Ye Junshan…!

This was the first time he heard about his biological parents .

“We talked a lot . Although your father’s cultivation is really high, he is not arrogant . Later, after we said goodbye, I returned to Mountain Qingfeng and married your mother!” Ye Kongming whispered .

Ye Xiwen knew that the mother he said here was Xia Chunxue, not his biological mother .

“After another few years, when we all forgot about this matter, your father suddenly found us and brought along you, who was a baby at that time . He asked us to take care of you . Then, he left in a hurry!” Ye Kongming continued . “A lot of people saw this at the time, so Mountain Qingfeng actually knew that you weren’t my own . You have suffered a lot of grievances over the years . You must be desperate to ask it!”

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that his nose was itchy, and the tears in his eyes instantly flooded . All the grievances in these years had suddenly flowed into his heart, but Ye Xiwen was not the former young man now . His mood calmed down in just a moment .

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“Do you know why I never talked about it? Because your father seemed like an Immortal to me . Even now that I have entered Legendary, I still think your father’s cultivation is really profound despite thinking about it currently . At that time, he left in a hurry . Although he didn’t say anything, I knew something . He encountered a very difficult matter that might threaten the life of the whole family, so he had to give you up to me . ” Ye Kongming said, “A thing that even your father’s cultivation can’t cope with, not to mention for us, it must be very dangerous . Moreover, after that, your father never appeared again . Hence, I think something definitely happens to your father!”

Ye Kongming slowly speculated . Ye Xiwen’s heart trembled again . When he heard Ye Kongming just now, he had figured out a thing or two . Since Ye Junshan handed him over to Ye Kongming to raise him, then something must have happened to him since he did not come back after so many years have passed . Otherwise, the situation would not end up like this .

But when Ye Kongming finally heard this, he still felt very uncomfortable .

“Your talent seemed mediocre in the past . Xiantian seems to be your final stop, so I plan to bring this secret into the coffin, and never tell you in my life . Although it is cruel to you, your father must hope that you can live a good life . Even if I tell you, nothing can be solved!” Ye Kongming said, “I never thought that you are his son no matter what . You even completely surpass us old guys, and become famous . You also reached the cultivation of the Great Sage realm . Your future is even more limitless . I thinkI can no longer hide some things from you like this . You have the right to know your father’s matter . If you have the ability in the future, it will be great if you can find your parents!”

“Are there any clues left by them?” Ye Xiwen asked, if he only knew that his biological father was called Ye Junshan, then it would be tantamount to finding a needle in the sea .

Under the sky, there were trillions of human beings . Not to mention, there would be duplicate names . If Ye Xiwen wanted to find a person with only names, it would be better off for him to just give up .

“Your father didn’t say anything, but just left a jade pendant . He only said if you can find Qishan one day, then naturally you can find him with this jade pendant!” Ye Kongming grabbed a jade pendant from void and handed it to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen took the jade; it was as big as a palm . Its whole body was green and round, but it was just one finger thick . There was an unknown vicious beast carved in the center of the jade . Although it was only a jade carving, it was seemingly alive . Ye Xiwen glanced at it, and almost felt like a vicious beast rushed into his mind .

Ye Xiwen only felt that an inexplicable force suddenly boiled all over the body .

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The qi in Ye Xiwen’s body was as though it had been invaded . In reflex, they formed a barrier . The Mini Universe in Ye Xiwen’s Dantian shone with unimaginable light . It instantly suppressed this inexplicable power down .

Just a moment later, the power retreated into Ye Xiwen’s body . Ye Xiwen was drenched with cold sweat all of a sudden . The uncontrollable power just now scared him and he didn’t know where it came from . He never felt this power before .

It felt enormous and boundless .

Ye Xiwen scanned the whole body with his spiritual senses again, but never found the sudden burst of energy just now, as if the incident had never appeared .

Is that just an illusion?

No, this is definitely not an illusion . Ye Xiwen could feel that the power just now had completely overwhelmed him . Although it was violent, it felt very dear which gave off a tender vibe later on . Hence, it should not hurt Ye Xiwen in any way .

Since Ye Xiwen couldn’t identify it further, he could only put down the idea of ​​finding the energy source . It was really not suitable to pursue this matter at this time . Fortunately, Ye Xiwen could sense that the energy had no intention of hurting him . With that, Ye Xiwen put this matter aside .

“Little Wen, what’s wrong?” Ye Kongming asked with concern . The changes in Ye Xiwen’s body were too fast just now . Ye Kongming could only feel a terrible power explode in Ye Xiwen’s body for a moment, but he didn’t know what happened? Moreover, he also did not know that the power disappeared in an instant, rendering him even more puzzled .

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“It’s okay . It’s fine!” Ye Xiwen said reluctantly with a smile, but he had more doubts in his heart . He made up his mind and wanted to find Ye Mo later on . Ye Mo was a knowledgeable old monster . He could have it to help identify the origin of this jade pendant, and also how could it suddenly awaken the energy in his body that was never noticed .

On this kind of problem, Ye Xiwen’s lack of knowledge was the greatest weakness . This kind of knowledge and insights needed time to accumulate . It was completely irrelevant to the increment in strength . Fortunately, Ye Xiwen was always accompanied by a well-informed and knowledgeable Ye Mo . With its reminder, Ye Xiwen would not miss many adventures .

“Hey, this thing may stimulate your cultivation!” Ye Kongming said, seeing Ye Xiwen’s down mood . He thought Ye Xiwen acted as such right now because of his biological parents’ story . With that, Ye Kongming felt concerned in his heart . No matter Ye Xiwen’s origin, he had long regarded Ye Xiwen as his own son .

“Father, I’m fine . Whether I’m your own or not, you and my mother are my eternal parents in my heart . Your kindness in my upbringing will never be forgotten!” Ye Xiwen stood up, cupped his hand and said . Regardless of who his biological parents were, Ye Kongming and Xia Chunxue, who raised him, were far from important in his heart .

They said blood is thicker than water . However, Ye Kongming and Xia Chunxue were of utmost importance in Ye Xiwen’s heart .

“Okay, okay!” Ye Kongming said happily, “Your mother will be happy knowing that you resolves the knot in your heart!”

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