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Chapter 747: Chapter 747: Riddles in Origin
Chapter 747: Riddles in Origin

Thousands Demon Beasts Island was already an unpredictable place in Ye Xiwen’s hearts . This still applied despite him already attaining the Great Sage Realm . The powerful Beast Emperor was intimidating every time he thought about it .

Even if Ye Xiwen was a Great Sage now, he knew he would be easily defeated in the face of Beast Emperor .

Although they said Beast Emperor was dead for countless years with its last spiritual senses shattered on Thousands Demon Beasts Island, who knows if there was any backup plan .

But, for such a distinguished place like Thousands Demon Beasts Island, they treated this turmoil seriously as though it was a great threat . It was conceivable how this situation was much more serious than what Ye Xiwen anticipated .

But in any case, Ye Xiwen was very happy when he resolved the threat in Yi Yuan Sect and reunited with Wolf Cub again .

The duo entered Yi Yuan Sect . Upon seeing Ye Kongming was among the Yi Yuan Sect seniors, they quickly stepped forward to greet each of them .

Although Ye Xiwen’s strength was far greater than these people, these people were also his teachers and colleagues of his father . There was no need to make them bear ill-feelings because of petty matters . They might not be able to do anything to Ye Xiwen, but it wouldn’t do good if they vent it on his father .

Ye Xiwen followed the seniors and went straight to Yi Yuan Sect’s innermost meeting hall . Ye Xiwen’s migration of Yi Yuan Sect still required the consent of many seniors from Yi Yuan Sect .

In the meeting hall, all attendees were seated .

“Father!” Ye Xiwen said, “The situation is too chaotic right now . Anything could happen!”

Ye Kongming nodded . Although they were far away from True Martial School, they still knew the Emergence School was about to invade . After all, despite this matter being sudden, the omen was also very obvious . It had been a few years, which was enough to spread the news from True Martial School throughout the South Region .

Just like everyone else, the Yi Yuan Sect was caught off guard by the unexpected Emergence School’s invasion .

“There are many masters of Emergence School, as well as armored horsemen from South Barbarian . I don’t think it will take much longer for the villains in Demon Worshipping Religion to make some moves . It will be super chaotic!” said Ye Xiwen . “Hence, I propose Yi Yuan Sect to move to the outer Starry region first to avoid the war . We will only come back when peace returns!”

Ye Xiwen’s words carried another hidden meaning . If True Martial School had no way to calm the situation down, then the Yi Yuan Sect wouldn’t come back . Everyone was somewhat agreeable to it in their mind . Yi Yuan Sect was also a subordinate force of True Martial School . Emergence School might decide to recruit them or possibly eliminate them .

But now Emergence School’s attitude was not obvious . Everyone had no insights about it . Most importantly, this strategy was to allow them to survive until the war ends .

If there was another force like Divine Legion and decided to besiege the Yi Yuan Sect like just now, it would most possibly be a complete annihilation for Yi Yuan Sect . Yi Yuan Sect was fragile; just a mere Great Sage or even a Sage master could eradicate the Yi Yuan Sect . They could protect their foundation only during peaceful times . When the chaotic flames of war struck, True Martial School wouldn’t be able to take care of them .

Everyone heard Ye Xiwen’s opinion and it came to them as a good decision . They did actually think about it . However, the situation in the starry sky was unlike True Martial Domain . Only the Truth master could survive in the starry sky . Furthermore, the most important prerequisite was to not encounter any powerful star beast . Unfortunately, among the hundreds of thousands of Yi Yuan Sect disciples, there was a scarcity of Truth disciples . Although the presence of Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan got a lot of resources for Yi Yuan Sect from True Martial School, the number of Truth disciples was only about a thousand people . Although Yi Yuan Sect was much stronger than the past, there were still many people not attaining the Truth power realm yet . They had no way to leave unless they threw away their foundation and abandoned hundreds of thousands of disciples .

But now if Ye Xiwen played a role in it, it would be different . Ye Xiwen’s strength was clearly in the Great Sage realm . In the starry sky, Ye Xiwen could sit at the top among the forces stationed with the Great Sage master . It would be no problem to build up a territory . No matter which star they looked for or which territory they marked, it would be easy without any trouble at all . For Ye Xiwen now, it was not difficult to create a space suitable for human survival just like Wind Dragon City or the like .

The opinions put forward by Ye Xiwen were fully accepted by the crowds in Yi Yuan Sect . The entire Yi Yuan Sect immediately started its operation . Countless branches of Yi Yuan Sect disciples all over the Great Yue Empire began to gather together . All goods that could be carried were brought along . Ye Xiwen would take the entire Yi Yuan Sect mountains and move them away . For them, it was unimaginable and god-liked ability . For Ye Xiwen, it was something doable .

After finalizing some details, Ye Xiwen did not leave but followed Ye Kongming back to his home in Yi Yuan Sect . Right now, the Ye family had become a big clan in Yi Yuan Sect .

Decades had passed, Yi Yuan Sect Headquarters had also taken root .

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“Mother!” Ye Xiwen followed Ye Kongming back to the courtyard . Mother Xia Chunxue, who had received the news, had already been waiting for him . When she saw Ye Xiwen, she was immediately excited and tears fell . Decades of time did not leave any traces on her face . It was just difficult for her to suppress the excitement to see this young boy who she had not seen for decades .

The last time Ye Xiwen came back was decades ago . For such a long time, even her grandchildren had become adults, let alone Ye Xiwen .

Although Ye Xiwen’s temperament had long been different from the past, there had been no change in her heart .

Ye Xiwen quickly approached and gave his greetings .

“You stupid brat finally comes back!” Xia Chunxue was excited and suddenly gave her lecture .

In this regard, Ye Xiwen could only give a bitter smile, listening to the mother’s lecture .

He glanced at the eldest brother, Ye Feng, and the eldest sister-in-law, Sun Yuyin . Second sister Ye Ruxue had her husband, Qin Yan – a tall and handsome warrior who stood beside her . Yi Yuan Sect had undergone major changes when Ye Xiwen last came back, so the wedding had been delayed . Now that decades had passed, they had all married already .

Although Ye Ruxue was a housewife, she was as naughty as ever . She pulled a comical face as she saw her brother forced to admit defeat in front of her mother . It was just like she returned to the years of her youth decades ago, without much difference .

In these decades, their strength had also greatly improved . All of them had basically stepped into Half-step Legendary . They were also eligible to join True Martial School . However, True Martial School hadn’t opened the mountain gate yet for many years . With another decade, they could also be among the top experts .

Ye Xiwen was supposed to be with them, but Ye Xiwen went to True Martial School one step ahead . Over the past few decades, he had fundamental changes as though he went through a reincarnation, which was naturally completely different from the past .

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Then, Ye Xiwen moved his gaze to Ye Shu, the book demon beast . It had also entered the Legendary realm quite early, reaching a point where it never dared to imagine before . At this time, the book demon beast looked at Ye Xiwen who returned with excitement .

If there was no Ye Xiwen, it would still live a passive life in the library as a little book demon beast . How could it attain the status right now? With its strength and its relationship with Ye Xiwen, it had long been ranked as Supreme Elder in Yi Yuan Among the Sects . Right now, it managed the entire Yi Yuan Sect’s library .

Then, Ye Xiwen glanced at the two juniors – Ye Ning and Ye Ningxuan . Over the past few decades, they had also grown into young masters from the original little brat . They had entered the Truth power realm after becoming the true legatee disciple in Yi Yuan Sect . They were labeled geniuses in Yi Yuan Sect . They were very talented and stronger than their elder brother and second sister . Plus, with the help of the dragon marrow left by Ye Xiwen, their breakthrough in cultivation was smooth . In the future, their achievements might be higher than that of the elder brother and second sister .

The second sister and the second brother-in-law did not bear any children in recent years . Hence, the youngest junior of the Ye family were still these two little brats .

At this time, they obediently came to greet Ye Xiwen .

On that night, the Ye family had a banquet . Due to its nature being a family banquet, only the Ye family members were present . However, the atmosphere was very lively . It was especially true for Ye Xiwen, who had not returned for decades . He missed his family members a lot . Everyone seemed to have something to say at every moment .

Not to mention Wolf Cub was like a jester who livens up the atmosphere of the whole family banquet .

After the banquet, Ye Xiwen was called into the study by Ye Kongming .

Ye Kongmingdeities said seriously, “There is one thing which I think I should tell you now!”

Ye Xiwen was surprised . He sat upright and still on the ground with his ears opened . Although Ye Kongming was unsmiling usually, there were rarely such serious moments .

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“Actually, you are not my blood-related child . You should already know about it, right?” Ye Kongming looked at Ye Xiwen and said .

Ye Xiwen nodded . He was not Ye Kongming’s biological son . At that time, many people at Mountain Qingfeng knew about it, let alone Ye Xiwen . It was not a secret . Basically, the whole family knew it .

Of course, Ye Xiwen knew that . It was just that he had not come here for so many years, and he almost forgot about it . For him, the parents in this world were Ye Kongming and Xia Chunxue . As for the biological parents whom he had never met, he felt no attachment at all .

“Although we have been treating you as a biological son over the years, you are still not blood-related in the end!” Ye Kongming said, obviously he also knew that Ye Xiwen already knew . “Originally, I think your talents are mediocre, and your future achievements are limited . For some things, I just want to bury it for a lifetime!”

Ye Xiwen raised his ears, and he came into a shock deep down his heart .

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