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Chapter 749: Chapter 749: Life and Death Battle
Chapter 749: Life and Death Battle

In an independent small yard, Ye Xiwen held the jade pendant that Ye Kongming had given him in his hand . He played with the jade pendant in his hand while feeling the warmth of it in his grasp . It was a natural warmth that was distinctive with body heat . Only a jade pendant like this could offer such soothing power .

Ye Xiwen could feel that the jade pendant was circulating a warm power in his body .

“Even you can’t identify the origin of this pendant?” Ye Xiwen asked .

Beside him, Ye Mo stood on his shoulders, frowning and shaking his head, “I don’t have any clue . If it is from Demon Domain, there is very little that can hide from me . However, if it is not something from Demon Domain, then I’m certain that your father should not be a normal person!”

“Qishan… Isn’t that in Ancient Barrens?” The Wolf Cub beside him which nestled in the corner, opened his eyes lazily, and said slowly .

“You know something about it?” Ye Xiwen turned to look at Wolf Cub, “Ancient Barrens, where is that place!?”

Ye Mo on the side was also surprised, “Ancient Barrens, how is it possible!?”

“You all know the place?” Ye Xiwen turned to the two, “Where is Ancient Barrens?”

“If it’s really from there, then you should stop thinking about your biological father; at least in a short amount of time!” Ye Mo said with a bitter smile . “I’m not very familiar with that place . Demon Domain’s dwellers have never entered Ancient Barrens . The understanding of Ancient Barrens is naturally not as good as the Beast Clan!”

“The so-called Ancient Barrens are the origin of all universes; the highest point of all planes . It is a vast expanse of continent, almost all kinds of clans can be found in it . It is also the origin of all kinds of clans . All the clan groups who want to dominate the world would stage their battleground there!”

Ye Mo chatted a few words, and outlined the place as a barren land staged for warfare .

“How to go to Ancient Barrens!?” Ye Xiwen was faintly excited . Under this starry sky, he felt that he had almost reached the top . Although he had just stepped into the Great Sage, he could feel that the Great Sage realm was far from peak . For elite warriors, the Great Sage Realm was just the beginning . Those who were more informed were merely Transcendent Realm warriors, and they seemed to hide themselves in the dark more often . According to Ye Mo, their strength was not outstanding among the Transcendent Realm warriors . Not to mention the terrible masters in the Demon Domain whom he knew .

Ye Xiwen originally planned to enter the Demon Domain after reaching Transcendent Realm, continue to fight and continue to improve his strength . For him, this was the only thing that could interest him . Decades had passed . Even his parents on earth should die of old age already, Ye Xiwen did not have the strong feeling about returning to the earth again .

Climbing the martial arts peak had become the biggest pursuit of his life . He wanted to reach the peak, constantly defeating stronger enemies . For him, he had demon skills . With the help of aura convergence martial art, it would not be a problem to disguise as Demon Clan .

But now Ye Mo’s words had opened another stage for him . Maybe he did not need to go to Demon Domain, but could get stronger at the Ancient Barrens continent .

“At present, this starry sky does not have a path that leads to the Ancient Barrens continent . It seems to be sealed, so I did not mention it to you . I originally wanted you to visit the Demon Domain after you entered the Transcendent Realm . Then, you can reach the Ancient Barrens continent with the passage in the Demon Domain!” Ye Mo said . He originally seeked to nurture Ye Xiwen into a Demon King . But no matter what he said, Ye Xiwen was unmoved . Ye Mo could only give up .

Although this starry sky had no way to visit the Ancient Barrens mainland, Ye Xiwen was not disappointed . Anyway, it seemed viable to access Ancient Barrens via Demon Domain’s passage too .

Ye Xiwen seemed to have a further grasp on the situation . No wonder I have never heard about the Ancient Barrens continent . I’ve been in an unreceptive place for too long, so I do not have much knowledge . Luckily, I have Wolf Club with a mysterious origin and an old monster like Ye Mo . They are my only access to knowledge .

Ye Xiwen held the jade pendant in his hand, and he became more and more resolute . No matter if it was to search for his biological parents or to accomplish his dream in improving himself, he had to visit the Ancient Barrens continent .

Of course, this was not for now . The True Martial School’s crisis was not over yet . His strength was inadequate too . He had to wait until Star Beast Avatar attained Transcendent Realm .

There might have deities in Ancient Barrens continent!

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This dazzled Ye Xiwen even more!

If there were deities, then they must be on the Ancient Barrens!

After having a goal, Ye Xiwen was more motivated . He did not want to delay further . Three days later, Yi Yuan Sect had sorted out the logistics for migration . Every member and branches scattered around the world had united in the main headquarter .

To further avoid any accidents, Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and directly utilized his power to lift up the entire Yi Yuan Sect mountains . The original position of the Yi Yuan Sect mountains seemed to be missing a huge place .

Of course, although Ye Xiwen was extraordinary in strength, he could not take the entire Yi Yuan Sect mountains into the universe . He had no such capability, nor was he the legends who could move mountains and fill the sea .

But, it would not be a problem to put them in Tianyuan Mirror . After putting Yi Yuan Sect mountains in Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen flew directly into the starry sky . He found a lone star, put Yi Yuan Sect mountains on it, and placed arrays to stabilize Yi Yuan Sect mountains .

There were so many remote and unpopulated planets in the cosmic sky, but many environments were very harsh . They were not suitable for human survival . However, this was not a difficult issue for Ye Xiwen to tackle . It was entirely possible to modify the climate in a small area .

The spiritual veins were buried one by one . Terraforming was under progress .

When it was all done, it was already ten days later .

After everything was settled, Ye Xiwen and Wolf Cub would no longer stay in Yi Yuan Sect, but rushed back to the True Martial Domain directly . Now the True Martial Domain was still in turmoil . The situation was not alleviated despite ten days having passed . On the contrary, the warfare became more intense .

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In just ten days or so, Emergence School had accelerated the siege on True Martial School . The flames of war extended to many places; including the South Region .

Demon Worshipping Religion; South Barbarian’s Iron-armored Horseman . Both of them stirred up chaos everywhere .

Ye Xiwen did not return to True Martial School . On the contrary, he chose to stay outside because he could not play a key role in the direct confrontation between True Martial School and Emergence School . In such a collision, only Transcendent Realm warriors had ways to protect themself . Those who were not Transcendent Realm would be easily crushed into fragments in every battle .

The situation was chaotic . On the third day, Ye Xiwen had already met with Star Beast Avatar who had rushed from True Martial School .

Ye Xiwen still didn’t want to expose his avatar . After all, Star Beast Avatar was his secret weapon . If he had the option, he would never expose it .

Trump cards were the lost technique reserved for the critical moment . It could not be exposed until the last moment .

Ye Xiwen had used Star Beast Avatar more than once . However, in reality, no one knew Ye Xiwen’s trick .

Deep in the South Region, Ye Xiwen looked up to the direction of True Martial School . At a far away place his gaze crossed upon, dark clouds covered the sky . In the depths of the five clouds, Emergence School masters crowded the area . There were multiple light rays under their feet . From a distance, it was like a formation of a dark cloud . The Tao Soldiers of Emergence School were desperately attacking True Martial School . Various tyrannical characters appeared in it .

On the True Martial School side, countless arrays were activated due to the invasion of Emergence School . Although the overall strength was much weaker than Emergence School, they did not suffer a lower ground with the defense of the arrays . Various distinguished figures were among them too .

From time to time, the masters of Transcendent Realm confront each other either in the sky or in the universe . This large scale warfare would shake its audience to the core .

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At this time, True Martial School embodied the deep background behind the supreme ruler of True Martial Domain . Innumerable arrays were launched . Divine Lights were blasted out, penetrating Heaven and Earth . The horizon was brightly lit .

Countless masters of Emergence School and Tao Soldiers were penetrated by these Divine Light and turned into dust .

True Martial School had passed the years of constant fighting for a long time . It had been many years that it had not experienced such a fight right at their front door . However, it did not mean that they had no ways to counterattack at all .

Even the disciples of True Martial School grew stronger after many years of fighting .

True Martial School displayed no weakness in their war . They were even better than the masters of Emergence School . Although Emergence School was the boss in Emergence Domain which provided them a lot of talents and massive resources, the competition among them was much smaller . Their mancount was superior than True Martial School . But, their individual fighting power was unmatched to True Martial School .

Since True Martial School decided to go all out, the order to hunt had commenced . Those who hunted any disciple of Emergence School would gain a lot of merit points . True Martial School merit points were not easily earnt normally . Now that True Martial School granted open access to the treasury, anything was redeemable with enough merit points .

Everyone gave all they had in the warfare . It was a life-and-death battle for everyone .

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