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Chapter 745: Chapter 745: Great Sage Intermediate
Chapter 745: Great Sage Intermediate


Its overwhelming strength was intimidating . Wherever saber aura passed by, there would be a violent fluctuation in the space, boiling the space instantly . It was apparent how quick it was . The saber aura was still in the hands of the first Divine Lord, but it was already in front of Ye Xiwen on the next second .

Even Ye Xiwen felt that the fierce saber aura that was approaching almost lay a cut on his face . Fortunately, Ye Xiwen’s speed was not slow . He avoided the saber aura directly as the Demon Wings flapped in reflex .

“Boom!” The saber aura split the vast sky and rushed into the chaos pool . It set off an endless storm in all directions .

Chills crept upon Ye Xiwen’s back . The saber aura was too abnormal . If he was careless, he would have been cut into half by it .

The first Divine Lord had his strength escalated by one level after the bloodline awakening . He was no way inferior to the realm of Great Sage Minor Mastery .

Although this strength was inferior to the Enchant Temple Master, the pressure on Ye Xiwen did increase drastically . When he faced Soul Destruction Temple Temple Master last time, he had no way to fight back .

They were figures in Great Sage Great Mastery, which could almost enter the realm of the Great Sage Great Perfection . Such a character was not what Ye Xiwen could deal with now .

Even if it was only the first Divine Lord who just temporarily ascended to Great Sage Minor Mastery, it felt like a whole level difference for Ye Xiwen .

“Don’t think about fleeing today . It will be a massacre . Even all the ten countries in the Southeast Region will be slaughtered!” The first Divine Lord’s eyes reflected its fanatic nature . He hated Ye Xiwen the most . Hence, he was determined to eliminate everything related to Ye Xiwen .

The long saber in his hand made a beautiful trajectory, and countless gray saber aura occupied the sky . It was densely packed, enough to cut off Ye Xiwen’s path to retreat . The situation became more and more alarming .

After bloodline awakening, his strength suddenly improved a grade . With Yin and Yang Rainbow in his hands, the first Divine Lord exerted unprecedented power, far exceeding Ye Xiwen’s previous anticipation .


The saber aura in the sky bombarded Ye Xiwen, exploding in great intensity in an instant . When all the saber aura exploded, the entire sky completely collapsed . The scene was terrifying even looking from a distance .

The aftermath dispersed . Ye Xiwen who was in the center was in a troubled state, despite having the protection of Gilded Tyrant Body and Tianyuan Mirror . The saber aura just now had inflicted a huge wound directly on his body with the blood splashed around him . White bones were visible too . If it was an average person, he would have been slashed into half already .

Great Sage Minor Mastery was so powerful .

Ye Xiwen could not help but gasp in astonishment . While using the Phoenix Regeneration technique to rejuvenate the wounds on his body, he had to expel the saber aura lingering around the wound as well .

“Ye Xiwen, you can’t go on like this . Even if you have the Gilded Tyrant Body and the protection of Tianyuan Mirror, you will be soon killed by him!” Ye Mo reminded .

Ye Xiwen nodded but didn’t expect that this first Divine Lord would become so powerful after bloodline awakening . It was imaginable how difficult it was for human ancestors to compete with these Native Clans for living space .

Great Sage Minor Mastery; it had exceeded the limit that Ye Xiwen could handle .

“Let’s fight . I can try to break through to the Great Sage Intermediate on the spot . With that, I should have a chance to still fight with him!” Ye Xiwen said and licked off the bloodstain at the corner of his face . If Ye Xiwen was just a Great Sage Initial, he had no way to contend with the first Divine Lord who went through bloodline awakening . For today’s event, there was only one way . I have to break through into Great Sage intermediate .

Although Ye Xiwen had just entered the Great Sage not long ago, he had already entered the peak of the Great Sage Initial . During the retribution, he confronted Heaven’s Retribution and absorbed all the power of Heaven’s Retribution into his body . Hence, despite having just recently attained the Great Sage realm, Ye Xiwen’s strength had reached the Great Sage Realm Initial Peak . Otherwise, he had no way to contend with the first Divine Lord and suppressed the first Divine Lord at a disadvantage . Ye Xiwen originally planned to find a place to finish the breakthrough after settling down Yi Yuan Sect .

In this increasingly chaotic time, there was not enough time for Ye Xiwen to have a breakthrough in his realm . Hence, he really had to muster all he could to let himself have a breakthrough .

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Behind Ye Xiwen appeared jade-like rays, forming the shape of a tree . Ye Xiwen instantly entered the state of sudden enlightenment . In just a daze, Ye Xiwen progressed in his enlightenment as though he managed to establish with the Dao .

This was because the Mingxin ancient tree was activated . During this time, it had directly rooted in the Dragon Vein and absorbed enough nutrients . The Mingxin ancient tree grew faster and faster . Relatively speaking, Ye Xiwen’s grasp on Dao would improve over time . This was the fundamental reason why Ye Xiwen could continue the breakthrough spree .

All the wounds on his body were recovering at an exaggerated speed, and the qi in his body was strengthened as time passed .

“Hmph, let me see how many times your healing technique can save you!” The first Divine Lord also saw the abnormality on Ye Xiwen, but he did not treat it seriously . He just considered it as Ye Xiwen’s last struggle before his imminent demise . Even if you have a supreme secret healing technique, it is nothing in front of absolute strength .

Initially, he was worried that Ye Xiwen would attempt escape, but now he was not worried at all . As long as Yi Yuan Sect was still there, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to escape . When Yi Yuan Sect was crushed, then the first Divine Lord had no way to chase up if Ye Xiwen decided to escape .

Now as long as Yi Yuan Sect still exists, Ye Xiwen would be trapped here obediently .

Although the first Divine Lord seemed like a maniac, he hadn’t gone crazy .

After he finished his sentence, he had already appeared in front of Ye Xiwen; he slashed the long saber in his hand directly at Ye Xiwen .




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The battle between the two sides became more and more intense in the sky . Although Ye Xiwen fought very bravely and was not hurt, he was completely suppressed . His strength was worse than that of the first Divine Lord . Ye Xiwen was struggling in an uphill battle .

Fortunately, the first Divine Lord was also frightened by Ye Xiwen’s madness . Ye Xiwen fought as if he didn’t care about death or injury at all . Ye Xiwen just fought violently; he would injure the opponent in exchange for sustaining injuries on himself . This situation made the first Divine Lord hesitate and be more restrained in the fights . Otherwise, the first Divine Lord would be injured fatally even if he were to kill Ye Xiwen . His physical body was not as strong as Ye Xiwen . After bloodline awakening, he only improved his cultivation .

At this time, Ye Xiwen was in the state of enlightenment . Although he was still fighting with the first Divine Lord, he devoted most of his spiritual senses in the enlightenment . With the help of the Mingxin ancient tree, Ye Xiwen easily attained the existence of Dao . He was indulging in the free flow of Dao .

He even forgot that he was still fighting the first Divine Lord, and even forgot all kinds of dangers .

The power of Ye Xiwen was also advancing at a slow but consistent speed towards the Great Sage Intermediate . This was entirely due to the Mingxin ancient tree .

However, the first Divine Lord was not a fool, and soon discovered Ye Xiwen’s anomaly . He immediately understood that Ye Xiwen was in the stage of breakthrough; he was shocked and angry . He was mad that Ye Xiwen disregarded him as he decided to go through a breakthrough at this time . It was simply provocative to undergo a breakthrough while at the same time battling with him .

On the other hand, he was shocked that Ye Xiwen, who was now just the Great Sage Initial, was already so terrible . If he was allowed to break through into the Great Sage Intermediate, it would be devastating .

The first Divine Lord was determined; he had to strike when the opponent was still weak . Ye Xiwen indulged in breakthrough undoubtedly was at the weakest time . This time was a good time to kill him .

Thinking of this, he immediately pounced forward to behead Ye Xiwen . Although Ye Xiwen was in the enlightenment state, he was not unaware as he reserved a hint of spirit for the battle . This allowed the battle to happen by virtue of instinct . When fighting with instinct, he even became more agile than before .

Ye Xiwen was struck again and again, then recovered again with Phoenix Regeneration technique, and continued the battle . With the deepening of his enlightenment, his strength was also rising . The number of injuries was gradually decreasing . There were signs of fighting with the first Divine Lord already .

The first Divine Lord was inexplicably horrified . He naturally knew that this was the result of Ye Xiwen’s enlightenment . Ye Xiwen continued to perceive the Dao and continued to improve his strength . He was alarmed and could not let Ye Xiwen go on like this .

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When the first Divine Lord was devoted to delivering a full-blown attack, Ye Xiwen’s vigor escalated all of a sudden . As compared to the previous self, Ye Xiwen was entirely different . The qi in his body also instantly boiled up .

He suddenly felt that Ye Xiwen’s strength had suddenly increased by one level . He has attained the breakthrough!

After breakthrough to the Great Sage Intermediate, Ye Xiwen suddenly awakened from the state of sudden enlightenment . He felt that the qi flowed freely in his body; there was no trace of hindrance . The bottleneck he felt when he was in Great Sage Initial Peak was long gone .

Unless Ye Xiwen reaches the Great Sage Intermediate Peak again, he would come into contact with another bottle neck again .

As he broke into the Great Sage Intermediate, his entire body was undergoing rapid transformation . His body was transforming at a terrifying speed, becoming more powerful .

“Fight me!” Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, and the wounds he had sustained after fighting with the First Divine Lord by instincts were recovering at an alarming rate . The vigor in his body continued to rise .

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