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Chapter 746: Chapter 746: Slaying the First Divine Lord
Chapter 746: Slaying the First Divine Lord


Ye Xiwen’s Tyrant Body had a golden luster on it; he was like a battle god made of gold . Under this layer of golden light, there was a layer of blood-red luster which was hard to distinguish if one did not look for it carefully . This red luster was like golden luster’s vassals .

Stepping into the Great Sage Intermediate gave Ye Xiwen a fundamental leap in strength . Although it was only one step difference, it couldn’t be crossed by the Great Sage initial .

“You’re courting death!” The first Divine Lord took the first move . He had to take the lead while Ye Xiwen was not yet fully capable of harnessing the power of the Great Sage Intermediate . That was his only hope to defeat Ye Xiwen .

The long saber aura was transformed into a Yin and Yang catalog, which came down from the sky and suppressed all directions . The first Divine Lord finally went all-out . In the Yin and Yang catalog, every trace of Yin and Yang power contained a domineering saber aura, capable of destroying the world .

“Glad you call the shots!” Ye Xiwen shouted . He just broke into the Great Sage Intermediate, and he was in need to have an opponent to hone himself .

He launched his move . In an instant, his fist was like a huge star . He bombarded it, just like a comet hitting a planet . It brought up unparalleled momentum and stirred up vibrations in all directions .


The confrontation between the two terrifying masters instantly shattered the world . The place where saber aura and the stars collided instantly burst a huge crack . Among the cracks, countless forces boiled in it . It was twisted into a turmoil by two completely different power .

The shockwave erupted from the fight between the two swept out in all directions . Wolf Cub shielded off the shockwave from Yi Yuan Sect . Although Wolf Cub might not be the opponent of any one of the two, it was more than capable of blocking off the shockwaves . However, those Divine Legion were not so lucky . As the shock wave swept out, the whole legion was torn apart . Just this one confrontation, many warriors were killed simply because they were too close .

“Haha, what a great fight!” Ye Xiwen cheered and once again launched another attack as fast as a meteor .

The first Divine Lord was anxious . He knew he could not continue the battle among his Divine Legion again . Otherwise, the Divine Legion which he had mustered so much effort to build would be devastated .

But, the first Divine Lord had no control over it . As the saying goes, strike the opponent when he is weak . Ye Xiwen had the upper hand, hence he would definitely not show any mercy . He bombarded Shattered Star Fist repeatedly on the first Divine Lord .

In the face of Ye Xiwen’s attack, the first Divine Lord did not dare to underestimate it . Although Ye Xiwen had just stepped into the Great Sage Intermediate and the foundation was not really concrete, Ye Xiwen was still advantageous in facing the first Divine Lord who had his strength soared with bloodline awakening .

One punch!

Another punch!

Yet another punch!

The first Divine Lord was frightened to find that every punch of Ye Xiwen actually seemed to be improving . In fact, Ye Xiwen consolidated a portion of his realm in every punch . He had an increasing grasp on mobilizing the terrifying strength of a Great Sage Intermediate .

In other words, Ye Xiwen was getting stronger and stronger, and his power was diminishing . He could only temporarily possess such terrible strength by stimulating the blood of his ancestors . Even though it was stronger than the ordinary secret technique with a longer duration, the time limit was still there . He had wasted many times in the previous brawl with Ye Xiwen . Initially, it was not a big deal . He had the confidence to slay Ye Xiwen before the secret technique’s effect diminished . Contrarily to his expectation, Ye Xiwen just attained a breakthrough .

This made his original chances of success suddenly reduced to nothing . Saving his own life would be a huge challenge now . He had never expected that the situation would develop into this . He originally wanted to take revenge on Ye Xiwen . But, it turned out that he was just Ye Xiwen’s prey .

“Hahaha, Ye Xiwen . Yes, that’s it, beat him up and kill him!” The Wolf Cub below saw Ye Xiwen once again gain the upper hand, and immediately cheered .

Finally, Ye Xiwen’s every punch stopped the advancement in the power realm . He had finally consolidated his power realm .

After consolidating his power realm, Ye Xiwen did not have any reservations . He mustered all his strength in hunting the first Divine Lord .

“It’s time to end this . Divine Legion shouldn’t exist in the world, let alone the remnants of your Native Clan!” Ye Xiwen snorted . Native Clan and the human clan had been fighting for many years . It was already impossible to distinguish between right and wrong . The turmoil in the human clan, however, had something to do with the Native Clan . Of course, the Native Clan would definitely play a role in them, causing many innocent lives to be sacrificed .

Therefore, Ye Xiwen, like most people, did not have a good opinion of Native Clan .


The two exchanged blows again . Ye Xiwen’s increasingly powerful attack instantly fell down, just like the collision of stars; the huge and terrifying power swept out in an instant .

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“Poof!” The first Divine Lord couldn’t contend with the gap in strength . Ye Xiwen broke most of the first Divine Lord’s bones in the chest with the constant bombardment of punches . It appeared to be mangled . Green blood splashed in the sky . The first Divine Lord was thrown away for a distance before coming to a halt .

His vigor also seemed to break apart by this fist . The green hair on the body also fully retracted into his body in a moment, and the bloodline power faded .

His face was abnormally pale, and he knelt in the air .

“This can’t be happening! This can’t be happening…!”

The first Divine Lord growled unwillingly . He had painstakingly prepared for so long, and yet he still fell short .

“I haven’t established an enduring foundation; I haven’t revived my clan; I haven’t avenged my brother . This can’t be happening!”

“Divine Lord!”

The Divine Legion, who had never been shaken, panicked and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to save the Divine Lord in their hearts . However, would Ye Xiwen give them mercy? The Storm Wing behind him fanned around, instantly form a Storm Domain that separated them with the first Divine Lord for a distance .

Revive Native Clan?

Ye Xiwen sneered . This idea stirred up countless turmoil, but he would not say much to the opponent . He stepped out directly to the first Divine Lord .

Five fingers squeezed into a fist; it was bombarded alongside the terrifying light lingered around it .

Ye Xiwen was too fast . The first Divine Lord had no time to react; his previous injury slowed down his reaction speed .


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The first Divine Lord was blasted into the air by Ye Xiwen, screaming agonizingly as his flesh broke apart . All signs of life escaped from his body .

Ye Xiwen was relieved . After he killed the first Divine Lord, he solved a serious problem . With the death of the first Divine Lord, the entire Divine Legion collapsed like a dam break .




Those Divine Legions fell from the sky one after another . Ten thousand people died in an instant .

Ye Xiwen could not help but take a breath . The first Divine Lord had controlled them with a secret technique . As long as the first Divine Lord died, they would definitely die . This kind of malicious means was absolutely rare . Ten thousand lives were buried alongside the first Divine Lord .

The first Divine Lord was definitely cruel . Although the first Divine Lord was from a different clan, the Divine Legion was after all composed of humans . For him, they could die at any time . He disregarded their importance and imposed a secret technique on them .

No wonder these Divine Legions would rather die and rush over to save the first Divine Lord . It turns out that they knew that if the first Divine Lord died, they would also be buried with him . Death is their only path .

However, it also solved a big problem for Ye Xiwen . The Divine Legion composed of ten thousand troops were elites . It would not be easy to eliminate them . Now they all die in one shot, it saved Ye Xiwen countless efforts .

Ye Xiwen dashed out like a cluster of lights . At this time, there was a burst of cheers from Yi Yuan Sect . All the people of Yi Yuan Sect felt like a new lease of life after the disaster . They thought they were dead but they didn’t expect Wolf Cub and Ye Xiwen would appear afterward and eliminate the enemies, allowing Yi Yuan Sect to escape the calamity . Although there were still damages, it was still better than getting completely wiped out .

“Hahaha, good job!” Wolf Cub laughed exaggeratedly, seemingly quite proud as if this was his achievement . Considering its consistent shameless nature, Ye Xiwen was already used to it . “Under my wise leadership, he finally attained a great victory!”

“Shut up!” Ye Xiwen directly gave it a slap . It is all my hard work . What nonsense with wise leadership .

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“Ye Xiwen, you’re a bastard . I’m going to bite you . You just beat me when I met you!” Wolf Cub was annoyed by Ye Xiwen’s slap . It lunged itself toward Ye Xiwen . However, the only result would be getting slapped away by Ye Xiwen .

For a while, Wolf Cub flew to Ye Xiwen’s side with frustration, and said in its mouth, “Damn Ye Xiwen . Just you wait . My cultivation will exceed you one day . I will kick you around like a ball! ”

Ye Xiwen ignored this naturally . Do you want to surpass me? Keep dreaming!

“When did you come out of Thousands Demon Beasts Island?” asked Ye Xiwen .

“Just recently!” Wolf Cub said a little angrily, apparently quite dissatisfied with Ye Xiwen’s two slaps .

“Don’t you say that you will come out after attaining Sage Realm?” Ye Xiwen asked . The duo landed extremely fast . They were at Yi Yuan Sect’s door in a glimpse .

“It’s that senior . He said that the world is not going to be peaceful . He just wants to keep me in . Supposedly, I can only come out after attaining Transcendent Realm . But, I’m smart . I just escaped!” said Wolf Cub proudly .

Ye Xiwen felt helpless . This Wolf Cub never does things with logic . However, the worries in his heart were deepened . Even Senior Munu of Thousands Demon Beasts Island felt that the world was going to be chaotic, Wolf Cub could only protect itself if it was in the Transcendent Realm . It was conceivable that this turmoil would be huge, leading to many things happening . Even the unpredictable Thousands Demon Beasts Island with secret origins had sealed off its island to avoid risks .

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